Sims 4 Daughters Only Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Loli Pop, Jun 30, 2018.

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    This is my first challenge ever and I haven't tested it out yet, so please let me know of any problems and questions.

    Challenge Name:

    Daughters Only Challenge


    Is to raise only females and kill the male kids for each generation

    Game Packs?:

    Works with base game

    Background Story:

    Rain Rivers was the type of girl who could attract any boy with no problem. She was humble though, didn’t like going around flashing her body to the boys. Her sister on the other hand, she loved showing off. They were identical twins with different minds. Even though they were different in a way, they still loved and cared for each other. One day, Rain stumbled upon a guy who caught her eye, as well as her sister, Sunny, eyes. Rain managed to capture the guys heart and they fell in love with each other. That made Sunny very mad, so mad to the point where she plotted her revenge. She didn’t love her sister no more, in fact she hated her. She decided to try and kidnap her sister, locking her in the basement of her own home. She would then bring random guys over and force her to make her get pregnant with these men. If the child was not a female she would kill them, and if the child was a female she would brainwash them to continue on the cycle of killing the male children. She wanted to make Rain suffer. She stole Rain’s identity and kept her in the basement all her life. It turns out, Sunny was a psychopath hidden under that beautiful cover.


    • Sim lifespan must be set to normal

    • Rain, Sunny, and the husband must be young adults

    • Rain and Sunny must look alike and must have Rain and Sunny for they’re names

    • The husband must be male and can have any name

    • Relationship must be set as: Rain and Sunny Sister, Rain and Husband Roommate, Sunny and Husband Spouse or husband wife.

    • Rain must have 2 good traits and 1 bad trait

    • Sunny must have the jealousy trait, the family oriented trait, and the erratic trait

    • The husband can have any traits

    • Rain must have kids from other men

    • Sunny can sneak guys in between the hours of 5-10 am

    • The husband must be asleep or out of the house during that time

    • You can not do anything that will help Rain give birth to a specific gender, it must be 50-50 chance.

    • No cheating

    • Rain must live in the basement

    • Basement must include no rooms, the cheapest toilet, no shower, the cheapest bed, the cheapest bookshelf, a fridge, for the male kids who are down there, a crib and the cheapest bed as well.

    • The door must be locked, only Sunny can go there

    • The basement is a secret, the husband doesn't know about it.

    • Don’t get caught! If you do, you must release them all and go to jail, therefore losing the challenge.

    • Child must be female

    • If child is female you may treat her as your own child

    • If child is male, you must roll a dice and if it's 4-6 you must kill him once he’s a child if you roll a 1-3 you can help him escape as a teenager (during sneak hours), but can only be homeless(kick him out of the household).

    • The children must continue Sunny’s way

    • She must have 6 kids total but can continue having kids, you’ll just have to keep following the rule below

    • At every 2 kids you must roll the die of empathy. If you roll a 1-4 you must help Rain escape but she must find a different lover. If you roll a 5 or 6 you must leave Rain there.

    • If Rain leaves before 6 kids you failed the challenge.

    • Must continue on the generation with first born child.

    • Female kids must have the erratic trait at any point of their lives up to young adult

    • When the next generations start, you must make a second love interest as she will take the place of Rain
    Extra Info:

    Again, this is my first challenge so sorry if it sucks. I do have a second ending to this so just tell me if I should release that as well. Please do record your gameplay and post it on youtube so I can watch it! Please give me feedback on this and how to improve it, also tell me if there are parts of the rules you don’t understand or need help on, as well as something that you are curious about and I didn’t cover. Thanks for trying out my challenge and sorry if its brutal.
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    Hmmmmm this is interesting
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