Sims 4 - Perfect Genetics Challenge!!!!

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by GeekyPants, Jul 30, 2015.

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    Hai Everyone! I have been wanting to do a perfect genetics challenge in the Sims 4, but I came to the conclusion that it is impossible to do it. But I came up with a way for the Perfect Genetics Challenge to work! All credit goes to Gurra09 and Henkla for creating this challenge for the Sims 3. Most of the rules come from their post.

    SORRY if these rules aren't that specific. You just use the rules for the sims 3 and mine to see all the rules that would work for the Sims 4.

    Create A Sim:
    ~Your founder has to be a YA or A.
    ~Your founder has to have a unnatural hair color. (pink, purple, blue....)
    ~Your founder also has to an unnatural hair color. (pink, bright green, bright blue....)
    ~Your founder has to have the dislikes/hates children trait. The other 2 traits and aspiration can be whatever you wish.
    ~Your founder can be male or female.

    ~Your sim can live in whatever house you made or house that you got off the gallery. But make sure that you do not use any money cheats.

    Partner (Husband, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, etc):
    ~You can create your partner in create a sim and make them how you want them too. But he/she is not allowed to have an unnatural hair color or eye color.

    ~Your sim is allowed to have any job they would like! ^-^

    ~The heir is the sim that is going to be taking over the legacy from the previous heir.
    ~The heir must have the same unnatural hair color and eye color as the previous heir (Perfect Genetics)
    ~You are not allowed to dye a normal sim's hair the same color as the heir.
    ~When it comes to which sim you choose to be the heir, if your have multiple genetics, it comes down to the basic legacy rules. Just check out the rules for a normal legacy for that.

    ~You can name the baby whatever you like! But you aren't allowed to make your sims have a higher chance of having a certain gender or amount of kids. For example, you aren't allowed to eat carrots so you can intentionally have a baby boy. No pregnancy Mods that affect the gender and amount are allowed.
    ~Once aged up up, their traits must be randomized. You can use this trait randomizer.
    ~You are allowed to adopt but if they happen to have the perfect genetics, they don't count.

    ~To have perfect genetics through as many generations you would like. For the Sims 3, you were suppose to do 10 generations. But I don't know how many generations Sims 4 allows. NO CHEATS ALLOWED

    ~Don't use custom content alpha hair unless you want this challenge to work. I have tested all the alpha hairs that I have and none of them tend to work. It is best just to use base game hair, but I don't know if non-alpha custom content hair works. So if it does work for you, please notify me.
    ~Also try not to use custom content eyes because most of the time children won't have the option to be born with those eyes.
    ~IN ORDER FOR THE CHALLENGE TO ACTUALLY WORK you need to download certain custom content children hair. I usually get all of mine from . Most of the time these hairs are adult to children conversions which means they have all the normal colors that adults would have.

    Additional/Optional Goals:
    ~Complete the lifetime wish of the heir/founder before he/she passes away.
    ~Master one skill/hobby.

    ~If this challenges doesn't seen to work please notify me on twitter.
    ~If you are planning on doing a let's play, please credit me and the original sims 3 perfect genetics creators.
    ~If you want to see a video on the rules and demonstration on what I mean in the rules see my video. In my video I show you that it is possible to have children with perfect genetics! Youtube channel:

    Have A Good Day,

    P.S. Sorry if there is any grammar or spelling errors. ^-^
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    An Actor in my dreams .-.
    This seems quite challenging. I might attempt it :)
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