Sims 4: Reign of the Amazon Queen Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by rawlesims, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Hey guys! This challenge is the combination of my own invention and an overhaul of previous Amazon challenges by Isaria (original) and lovejess2 (Sims 4 update). I've been playing it on my YouTube channel and it's a TON of fun. People asked for the rules so here they are. If you decide to play this challenge please let me know! I'd love to hear about it and if you're doing videos of it, I'll link you below. If you make any Sims with this challenge in mind, please tag them #amazonqueen on the Gallery!

    LPs of This Challenge


    You are the Amazon Queen. Your enemies used eldritch magic to cast you out of your homeland. Separated from your tribe in a strange new land, you have been left with next to nothing. But a queen is always a queen, and you are determined to recreate a sprawling tribe that will endure for generations.

    Set Up

    1) Create your Amazon Queen. She must be a Young Adult female with the Active and Genius traits.​

    2) Move her into one of the large empty lots. (40x50 or 50x50)​

    3) Acquire a cow plant berry. (Later skill rules do not apply at this juncture, so she is allowed to fish in the attempt to find one and garden in order to grow the cow plant for as long as there is no Hunter in the tribe.)​

    4) Now, you begin to expand your tribe. This can be done in two ways:​

    a. The natural birth or adoption of daughters.​

    b. Inviting women from town to join your tribe.​

    5) The goal is to produce as many Amazons as you can over the course of 10 generations (the Queen’s first daughter counts as Generation One) and tell lots of fun stories along the way.​

    General Rules

    1) No money cheats except to transfer or remove money for reasons outlined elsewhere.​

    2) No use of mods that make things cheaper, jobs/skills/retail/relationships/needs easier, jobs or selling pay more money, or add new traits. In general, just nothing that would make it easier for you to accumulate wealth, entice breeders, skill up, etc. than it would be for someone without those mods.​

    3) Mods that fix glitches or annoyances (walk styles, autonomy mods, etc) and custom content CAS items are fine.​

    4) Teen pregnancy mods are allowed. Kylebeans’ Cow Plant Tweaks mod, Deaderpool’s No Jealousy mod (part of the Woohoo module of MC Command Center), and Scumbumbo’s Door Locks mod are all encouraged.​

    5) Custom content furniture, objects, and build mode items you use must be priced in line with similar EA objects.​

    6) Sims may only join your tribe if they accept the Invite to Move In interaction. If you are trying to feed someone to the cow plant immediately (and you didn’t download the cow plant mod above) you may cheat to add them to the household since it can be pretty impossible to get NPCs to be eaten in an unmodded game.​

    7) This challenge is designed for play on Normal lifespan, but I’m not the boss of you, do what you want.​

    8) You may choose the traits of any child born or adopted into your household. You may not, however, change the traits of any Sim.​

    9) You may create or download Sims to populate the town/be used as breeders/join the tribe, but they must not have any pre-leveled skills. (Use the #amazonqueen tag on the Gallery to download and upload Sims for the challenge.)​

    10) Ambrosia, Potions of Youth, Life Essence, Death Flowers, and Books of Life are ALL allowed to be used on/for any Sim, but, for storytelling purposes, your Amazon Queen is the one who determines how these are parceled out.​

    11) There are no life state restrictions. If you want an Alien Ghost Amazon tribe, go for it.​

    12) Execution = fed to the cow plant. Exile = removed from the household and allowed no further contact with any Amazon.​

    Tribe Expansion


    - The same male may not be used for breeding by the same Amazon more than once.​

    - If no one else wants to or is available to breed with an outside male, he is executed.​

    - Once an outsider male has been used for breeding three times, he is executed.​

    - Tribal Sons used for breeding are exiled.​

    - You may NOT intentionally use fruit or music to influence the gender of children UNLESS the Queen’s line is about to end (she has NO natural daughters and there is only time for a final pregnancy before she becomes an elder).​

    - If an Amazon has three pregnancies that produce no daughters, she must be exiled unless she is a favorite of the Queen (at Best Friends level). You cannot have more than one Best Friend without mods, so just having the option to ‘Become Best Friends’ is the benchmark for this.​


    - Only female babies may be adopted.​

    - Adoptions are only allowed once every two sim weeks.​

    - Adopted daughters may not become Queen. They may, however, become Chiefs (see ‘Secondary Tribes’).​


    - Only the reigning Queen may invite women to join the tribe.​

    - Potential tribe members must be Young Adult females.​

    - The new tribe member must be Good Friends with the Amazon Queen before she can be added to the tribe.​

    - Any pre-existing committed relationships with men must be terminated immediately upon joining the tribe.​

    - One woman may be invited to join the tribe immediately upon starting the challenge, then one woman after one sim week, and then one woman every two sim weeks thereafter.​

    - New tribe members may not bring in any money. (Use the money cheat to remove anything they add to the household.)​

    The Amazon Way of Life

    Once a woman has joined or been born/adopted into the tribe, there are certain rules she must abide:

    - Amazons should limit interaction with outsider males to what is required for breeding purposes. No Amazon, excepting Nurturers, should be closer than Friend level with Tribal Sons or the son and the Amazon will be punished.​

    - Amazons may not have any manner of committed relationship with a male. This is punishable by death or exile at the Queen’s discretion.​

    - Amazons may have committed relationships with each other or outsider women, but any outsider woman must be inducted into the tribe before she can marry an Amazon.​

    - Amazons may have any Aspiration, but they may not change Aspiration until completing their current one. (If their aspiration requires career advancement and they are not and will never be allowed a job, that requirement can be ignored and you can use the aspirations.complete_current_milestone cheat as soon as they’ve finished all the other requirements for that level.)​

    - Amazons may purchase potions and traits using their Aspiration points as they like, EXCEPT the Potion of Youth. Amazons may purchase the Potion of Youth, but it must be immediately relinquished to the Queen to be used as she sees fit. All Essence of Life from the cow plant is also entirely under the Queen’s control. As are all other life-extending or death-stopping items, as outlined in the General Rules.​

    - No Amazon is allowed an outside job, with the exception of the Queen and Princess.​

    - If you have Get to Work: You may pursue the active Doctor, Scientist, or Detective careers and/or use Zerbu’s Turbo Careers mod as you like, but rules about interaction with outside males still apply.​

    - If you have Get to Work: The tribe may own and operate up to three retail stores of any kind. If outsider employees are hired to work in a store, they must be female.​

    - Amazon children and teenagers may attend school, but this is not a requirement.​

    - If you have Get to Work: You may use Zerbu’s Go to School mod as you like, but rules about interaction with outside males still apply.​

    - Unless otherwise indicated, Amazons may only leave the tribe’s lot/neighborhood to: a) find men with which to breed, b) attend tribal gatherings as sanctioned by the Queen, or c) go to school.​

    - If you have Get to Work: Amazons may also leave the tribe’s lot to work in one of the tribe’s retail stores.​

    - Every Amazon must take up a role in the tribe, each with its own skills and duties, before the end of Young Adulthood. They may decide on their role as early as Childhood. Certain roles require an early decision. The roles of Queen and Princess are automatically decided by birthright. All other Amazons may fill any role whether they are a Daughter of the Queen, a daughter of the tribe, or an outsider brought into the tribe.​

    - To officially be inducted into a role an Amazon must reach level 3 in at least three of the skills associated with that role.​

    - Each role should have certain colors and styles of dress associated with it.​

    - Amazons may not intentionally study any skill outside of those allowed by their role unless otherwise indicated. (If a Sim autonomously does things that increase a disallowed skill, that’s fine, but you cannot tell them to and should try to stop them where possible.)​

    - Amazons may not change roles unless they have maxed ALL FIVE skills pursuant to their current role. They may then begin learning the skills of their new role and be inducted into it upon reaching level 3 in three of them, as normal. However, they must meet any other requirements of a role as well or else they may not switch to it.​

    Tribal Roles

    Amazon Queen

    The leader of the tribe. She MUST have both the Genius and Active traits. Her allowed skills are Handiness, Fitness, Logic, and Charisma. However, upon maxing those skills she may pursue any additional skills she likes. The Queen may have an outside job and leave the tribal estate whenever she likes. If a job requires her to learn skills she’s not currently allowed, she must wait until she may learn those skills to advance in her career. The Queen determines all punishments, rewards, the level of luxury (or lack thereof) in which both Amazons and men of the tribe live, along with the general ethos and attitude of the tribe and who is allowed to belong to the tribe. The Queen may also call for tribal gatherings (any social event or vacation) to be held on the home lot or elsewhere and to be attended by all members of the tribe unless their role forbids it. In other words, she da boss.​

    Amazon Princess

    The eldest living Daughter of the Queen and next in line for the throne. Like her mother she MUST have both the Genius and Active traits. Her allowed skills are also Handiness, Fitness, Logic, and Charisma. However, upon maxing those skills she may pursue any additional skills she likes. The Princess may have an outside job, but only upon maxing her allowed skills. She may also leave the lot whenever she likes, though as a child she may only visit Museum, Park, and Library lots. The Princess is second only to the Queen in authority, though she may not hand down any major rewards or punishments without the Queen’s consent, nor can she make any determinations about membership or call tribal gatherings without the Queen’s backing.​


    An Amazon of the tribe, including any outsiders invited by the Queen, any younger Daughters of the Queen, and any daughters of the tribe. An Initiate has not been inducted into any other official tribal role. Initiates may learn any skills they like since they must work to meet the requirements of a tribal role. However, they may not pass level 3 in any skill without first choosing a role. If they have not successfully been elevated to a role by Adulthood, they are exiled.​


    The Hunter is in charge of all collection, gardening, and general outdoorsman-ship for the tribe. Hunters are allowed to leave the tribe’s lot to collect items. They MUST NOT have the Lazy or Squeamish traits. Their allowed skills are Handiness, Fishing, Herbalism, and Gardening.Once they have maxed ALL of their initial allowed skills, they may learn Fitness OR Logic.​

    (If you do not have Outdoor Retreat: Hunters MUST NOT have the Lazy or Clumsy traits. Their allowed skills are Handiness, Fishing, Fitness, and Gardening. Once they have maxed ALL of their initial allowed skills, they may learn Charisma OR Logic.)​


    The Scholar is the purveyor of art and culture for the tribe, along with being its historian. They must write a biography of each queen before the queen’s death. They MUST have the Bookworm or Art Lover trait. Their allowed skills are Painting, Writing, Photography, and Logic. Once they have maxed ALL of their initial allowed skills, they may learn Programming OR Rocket Science.​

    (If you do not have Get to Work: Scholars’ allowed skills are Painting, Writing, Programming, and Logic. Once they have maxed ALL of their initial allowed skills, they may learn Video Gaming OR Rocket Science.)​


    The Nurturer is the tribe’s domestic caregiver tasked with keeping house and tending children. They must be the primary caregiver for all children born into the tribe and cannot leave the lot for ANY reason if there is an infant present. They MUST NOT have the Hates Children or Loner traits. Their allowed skills are Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Baking, and Mixology. Once they have maxed ALL of their initial allowed skills, they may learn Gardening OR Fishing.​

    (If you do not have Get to Work: Nurturers’ allowed skills are Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Charisma, and Mixology.)​


    The Priestess is in charge of the physical and emotional wellbeing of the tribe which they maintain by determining the tribe’s fitness regimen and entertaining them. Priestesses must not interact with males in ANY WAY and must live cloistered at the tribal lot, never leaving for any reason. ANY YA/Adult/Elder male that interacts with a Priestess must be executed. A Priestess must be chosen in childhood to ensure that she remains cloistered. They MUST have the Good or Cheerful traits. Their allowed skills are Wellness, Guitar, Violin, and Piano. Once they have maxed ALL of their initial allowed skills, they may learn Cooking OR Fitness.​

    (If you do not have Spa Day: Priestesses’ allowed skills are Comedy, Guitar, Violin, and Piano.)​

    Men Among the Amazons

    All men, regardless of origins, must have their own separate barracks, away from the main living area.

    Men are only allowed to join the tribe in two ways:

    1) A man may be an outsider brought in by any Amazon. He must be immediately assigned a role.​

    2) A man may be a Tribal Son, born to an Amazon and raised in the tribe.​

    a. Tribal Sons may not attend school.​

    b. Before they become Young Adults they may be included in tribal gatherings off lot, though they may not leave the lot otherwise.​

    c. You must randomize their traits.​

    d. They may learn any skills, but only if the Queen has decided to provide them the means to do so.​

    e. Upon becoming Young Adults, Tribal Sons must immediately choose a role or be exiled.​

    Tribal roles for men are as follows:


    A Servant functions primarily as a helper for the Queen, Princess, and Nurturers. He is allowed into the main house solely for the purposes of cleaning, repairing, cooking on rare occasions, and doing any kind of minor errands or grunt work the Queen or Princess requires. Servants are not allowed to have jobs. Servants are never allowed to leave the tribal estate unless accompanied by a Queen or Princess. Servants may have any traits and may learn any skills, though the opportunity to do so is entirely at the tribe’s discretion. Only two Servants can be kept in the household at any given time. Servants may be chosen as Breeders, but if not, they must remain a Servant until they die of old age.​


    A Breeder’s sole purpose is to impregnate Amazons. Once selected, he is not allowed to leave the breeding pen until either he has impregnated up to three Amazons or no Amazons who are willing or able to be impregnated by him remain. Once this duty is dispatched, the Breeder is executed if he was originally an outsider, or exiled if he was originally a Tribal Son.​

    Secondary Tribes

    Due to the large number of roles to fill and the necessity of having many children, the normal Sim household will fill up pretty quickly. Since there is currently no way to have more than eight Sims in a household without game-breaking glitches (i.e. inability to use CAS or Manage Families), if you like, you may have your original tribe splinter into any number of secondary tribes. As long as the following rules are abided:

    - Upon founding a secondary tribe, you may change aging to Only Active Household if you wish to play rotationally.​

    - You do not have to play a secondary tribe at all if you don’t want to. You may simply put extra Sims there and leave them. BUT for every Sim week you DO play a secondary tribe, it must offer 10% of its household’s worth as a tithe to the Queen and the primary tribe.​

    - A secondary tribe’s founding must be entirely paid for by the primary tribe. In other words, the cost of a secondary tribe’s initial lot, home, and furnishings must be deducted from your main household’s family funds and it MUST be a fully functional tribal estate (see ‘Construction Guidelines’).​

    - After its establishment, a secondary tribe may be given more money from the primary tribe at the Queen’s discretion (this must always be deducted from the main household’s family funds) or survive on its own.​

    - A secondary tribe may have a single retail store of its own that it maintains. This may be purchased by the Queen during the initial founding of the tribe, subsidized by her later, or purchased entirely with the secondary tribe’s own money. In any case, its worth is included when calculating the secondary tribe’s tithe.​

    - A secondary tribe may ONLY spin off from the primary tribe ruled directly by the Queen. A secondary tribe may not split its household and make another secondary tribe.​

    - The Amazon Queen, the Amazon Princess, any Initiates, and any current Breeders are NOT under any circumstances, allowed to move to a secondary tribe.​

    - Any number of Nurturers, Hunters, Scholars, Priestesses, and Tribal Sons may move to a secondary tribe. Up to two Servants may move to any given secondary tribe.​

    - A secondary tribe MUST contain at least one Daughter of the Queen. The eldest Daughter of the Queen in the secondary tribe is the secondary tribe’s Chief. She keeps her previous tribal role and limitations, EXCEPT:​

    o She is in control of all Potions of Youth, Life Essences, etc. produced in her tribe.​

    o She is allowed to call Amazon gatherings for her tribe.​

    o It is an Amazon in her tribe’s relationship with her that determines whether they are exiled for having three pregnancies that produce no daughters.​

    o All other day-to-day decisions about her tribe also fall under her purview.​

    - Secondary tribes may continue to find Breeders and Servants as normal and give birth, but they are NOT allowed to invite outsider women into the tribe directly or to adopt.​

    - Tribe members may be transferred back to the primary tribe, or to another secondary tribe, at any time provided it does not break some other rule. The Chief, however, may only leave her tribe if there is another Daughter of the Queen available to take her place as Chief.​

    - When the original Chief of a tribe dies ONLY a Daughter of the Queen may succeed her, not any other Amazon, including her own daughters. It can be the daughter of the reigning Queen or a daughter of the previous Queen, but it must be a woman given birth to or adopted by a Queen. If there is no Daughter of the Queen to become Chief, the secondary tribe is considered in rebellion against the Queen and is thus disbanded. All who can may rejoin the main tribe (or another secondary tribe if one exists). If you run out of space, anyone remaining is exiled (Amazons, Tribals Sons) or executed (Servants, Breeders).​

    All other rules apply to secondary tribes as normal.

    Tribal Estates

    When you first begin with your founding Queen, you do not have to have all of these things before starting your tribe. You must however have all of these things before your original Queen dies and before you found any secondary tribes. Secondary tribes must have a fully functional tribal estate from the beginning.

    Your estate will need:

    - Queen’s Quarters (must have a bed, some place to sit, and its own bathroom)​

    - Princess’s Quarters (must have a bed and its own bathroom)​

    - Initiate’s Quarters (you may separate these into spaces for child initiates, teen initiates, and young adult initiates, or in any other fashion, but every initiate must have a bed)​

    - Amazon’s Quarters (you may separate these by role or in any other fashion, but every Amazon must have a bed)​

    - Nursery (must have enough space to fit the bassinets for all children born or adopted into the tribe; Nurturers may choose to live here instead of in the Amazon’s Quarters in which case it must have a bed for every Nurturer)​

    - Temple (must contain a yoga mat, incense, and a meditation stool; Priestesses may live here instead of in the Amazon’s Quarters which case it must have a bed for every Priestess)​

    - Kitchen​

    - Dining Area (there must be a seat for the Queen, Princess, every Initiate, and every Amazon)​

    - Meeting Area (there must be thrones/honored seats for the Queen and Princess along with normal seats for every Initiate and every Amazon)​

    - Breeding Pen (must have a double bed, toilet, and shower)​

    - Men’s Barracks (all Servants live here and Tribal sons move here after they become children; must have enough beds for all Servants and Tribal sons, and at least one bathroom; Nurturers may leave food for them or they may be given a cooler or even a kitchen to cook their own food at the Queen’s discretion)​

    - Execution chamber (a cow plant and a locked door)

    And that's it! If you have any feedback or questions, I'd love to hear them. This is my first time making a challenge so any feedback is invaluable.

    Remember, if you decide to make Sims for this challenge, don't forget to tag them #amazonqueen on the Gallery. And if you do videos of it, let me know and I'll link them at the beginning of the post.
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    So much information to remember xD
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