Sims 4 University/College Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by simslover12, Jun 18, 2018.

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  1. simslover12


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    Hi Guys!

    I randomly thought of this challenge about a month ago whilst I was playing the Sims I came up with an idea for a challenge! I just finished trying it out and I really enjoyed it! I usually get bored with long challenges such as these but I stayed really into this one the whole time so I decided to share it with you guys! Please let me know what you think and if you have any feedback or things you think would be good to add in or things that weren’t great and would have liked taken out! Thanks again!


    To get 14 Sims’ skills maxed out in the area needed for their career in 5 weeks!

    SET UP:

    · Set lifespan to Long

    · Chose a world to be the campus. (I highly recommend Newcrest because you will have to bulldoze the world and re-build it. It also has well laid out neighbourhoods. You can chose any though)

    · Find the biggest Lot- This Neighbourhood will be one of the 2 study neighbourhoods. The other one will be for the dorm houses.

    · Create a Main campus- Chose the Library type. Top Left corner> Residential>Library. This is where you will spend most of the time with your Sims. There is no open world (YET!!!) so you have to be with all of them at once. Make sure this lot has all the skill building items needed for all the different careers.

    · Create The Housing- Create housing dormitories for your Sims. (Make sure to choose a neighbourhood with 5 lots when doing this!) There should be 2 girl’s houses and 2 boy's house + an apartment complex for teachers. So in total 5 houses. Each student house should include- at least 4 Bedrooms (Roommates are a good idea) 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining, Supervisor Retreat*, Lounge, Dining Room, Study Space. *A separate area for the supervisor of the house to sleep, bathe and relax.

    · Create the rest of the Campus- Create various lots around the world that will help your Sims study away from the main campus. Arts Centre, Gym, Wellness Centre, Museum, Park etc. Make sure to include places for your Sims to hang out during their days off and places to party into the night!

    · Create the Sims- Create 5 Households in Total. 2 of the households should be all female YA with the exception of the supervisor who can be either adult or elder but must be female. The other 2 of the households should be all male YA with the exception of the supervisor who can be either adult or elder but must be male. The last of the households is the teacher household. The Sims can be YA or older. They must have mastered the skills for the class they specialise in.(This can be done in the cheat bar in live mode etc. stats.set_skill_level major_Painting 10 REMEMBER: Some skills cap at 5 or the cheat may be different! Check the web for detail!) CATS AND DOGS UPDATE OPTIONAL: Your Sims may be attached to a pet and try to sneak it into their room to live with them! Just make sure you don’t get caught and your roommate doesn’t snitch! It’s against the rules to have pets on campus!


    · Study and work on your skills whilst switching between any 2 student households.

    · Once you have completed the required skills for a certain career, that sim is “Ready for their Exam” This essentially means you can focus your time and energy into other Sims and give them a social life for once. ;)

    · The term is 5 Sims weeks long. I highly recommend setting lifespan to long so no one randomly dies or ages up.

    · You are free to have a relationship with another sim during this challenge! Drama makes life interesting!


    To graduate, each Sim must complete the level of study required for each career. Details are as follows. Some of these are not official careers just things you can study and make money off!

    ASTRONAUGHT- 10 Logic, 10 Rocket Building

    ATHLETIC- 10 Fitness, 10 Wellness

    ARCHEOLGIST- 10 Archaeology

    BUSSINESS- 10 Charisma, 10 Logic

    CRIMINAL- 10 Logic, 10 Mischief

    CRITIC- 10 Charisma

    ART CRITIC BRANCH- 10 Painting (As well as Charisma)

    FOOD CRITIC BRANCH- 10 Gourmet Cooking (As well as Charisma)

    CULINARY- 10 Cooking, 10 Baking, 10 Mixology, 10 Gourmet Cooking

    DETECTIVE- 10 Logic, 10 Fitness

    DOCTOR- 10 Charisma, 10 Logic

    DOG/CAT BREEDER- 10 Dog training, 10 Vetinary Skill



    COMEDY BRANCH- 10 Comedy, 10 Mischief

    NANNY- 10 Parenting

    PAINTER- 10 Painting

    POLITICS- 10 Charisma, 10 Logic

    SCIENTIST- 10 Logic,

    SECRET AGENT- 10 Logic, 10 Fitness,

    SELVADORADA TOUR GUIDE- 10 Selvadoradian Culture Skill, 10 Archaeology, 5 Gardening, 5 Fishing, 5 Charisma

    TECH GURU- 10 Programing, 10 Video Gaming

    VETINARIAN- 10 Vetinary Skill

    WRITER- 10 Writing Skill


    Once you have Maxed the correct skills for each career of each sim OR if the 5 week Term period is up, you can move out Sims that graduated! If they did not graduate, they can stay at the college and try to complete it next semester or move on with their lives elsewhere. If a supervisor dies, you may need to make a new one before the next term starts. You can start the next term any time after or finish the challenge there! When I did the challenge, I kept playing with my fav Sims and had their children go to the college! PLAY YOUR WAY! J

    Anyways, I know this has been super long but thank you to anyone who made it this far! Once again, I welcome feedback and I hope you enjoy this challenge! Thanks again!

    Melissa xoxo
  2. Zylria


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    This looks like something fun to add to another challenge!
  3. Sims2SNFKGGH


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