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Discussion in 'Feedback, Suggestions & Ideas' started by PrincesRosaria, May 15, 2018.

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  1. PrincesRosaria


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    I know EA may not be able to see this, but I've been inspired to share my ideas for the success of TS5 in the future. I also know that TS4 is far from finished and we're not ready for 5 yet, but I just wanted to reflect on a great game concept.

    • No more additional packs!
    - I wanted to say this first because the biggest issue bothering me about the future of The Sims is money. Why can't there just be a single game released? So much content was cut from the game based on the idea of "game packs" and "expansions". The additional content was already created before the game was released so it only makes sense to include it inside an 80 dollar game. An example of cut content was multiplayer mode. You can't play with friends if you don't have the same packs so multiplayer would have required compatible games. If the initial game include all the life stages, seasons, community lots, and interactive careers, the price will be worthwhile and affordable.
    • Playing with friends! (Multiplayer)
    -It only seemed natural to talk about multiplayer after my previous idea. Recently I had the amazing opportunity to play "The Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod" with a close friend of mines. The experience was truly magnificent. It brought back memories of playing CO-OP in The Sims 2 on PS2 with my family and friends. I miss being able to play it with others like in the past, especially with controller support, so of course it lead me to envision The Sims 5 being open world with friends. The current state of The Sims 4 feels solitary and lifeless, which is understandable since I was hooked on the series due to The Sims Bustin' Out, The Sims Castaway Stories, and TS2 on PS2. Those games had a story mode that kept the player busy. The ones with controller support made the game feel much more interactive.
    • Open World
    -You have to give a little to get, so I'd truly understand if the limitations of the game would make open world not possible, and I'm okay with that. But a loading screen to visit neighbors is truly disappointing. The spacing of the homes are so far apart from another, It makes you, the player, feel isolated and disconnected from the Sim's world. Closer homes, suburban gated communities, or grungy urban life in the slums can inspire great stories. When you first start off in the Sims, you normal can't afford luxury living. So creating the right environment will engage players with a challenging gameplay experience. I have attached a photo down below by melcastro91 who made a beautiful neighborhood using a 64x64 lot! I've been so happy when playing in it, it makes my game feel so alive. I even used the club system by "Get Together" to create neighbors. Thank you melcastro91!!!

    • More Customization
    -Some skilled players create amazing things! Bring back the ability to create your own Sim world. Most players are just as excited to play in other's communities than only the default ones.

    • Conclusion
    -In closing, I'd like to say, It will be wonderful if The Sims 5 implement more lively neighbors that the player can interact with without a loading screen (Similar to city living apartment events) Or maybe even neighbors who are actual Sim players in a multiplayer game mode. If the engine will be capable of handling an open world concept, it will be nice to bring back cars with the possibility of controller support for movement and driving. Most players, including myself, enjoy the role-play of driving to a destination. This may only be possible in console version, but hopefully it can support PC as well.

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  2. TrixForKids


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    I agree with all of this and are great ideas but I feel like it should just be added in the Sims 4 as one big update?
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  3. Devin21


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    Customization is something I wish we had more of, but I think part of the problem with Sims 3 was that you could change almost anything. My games lagged so bad that I just stopped playing it because it took an hour just to change the everyday clothes.

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