Spooky House Build Challenge!!

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by BlissBeaumont1, Oct 7, 2015.

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  1. BlissBeaumont1


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    Ok several people have shown interest in more build challenges and I've come up with one right in time for the Halloween season! The rules are laid out below and the DEADLINE is October 24 @ 12pm.

    To build a spooktacular house that any trick-or-treater would be excited (or terrified;) to walk up to. Spooky comes in all forms but the more creative and out of the box the better!

    -You must build your house in Newcrest on the Asphalt Abodes lot. (That way everyone has the same starting place and makes it easier on me to judge.)
    -You're house must be a minimum of THREE floors including at basement level.
    -You must stay with a 66,600 budget.
    -You must upload your house to the gallery using #SCSHC1 so I can find it.

    I am using the scoring template from other challenges with a few tweaks.

    0-10( ) Interior decoration
    0-10( ) Exterior decoration
    0-10( ) Usability (A sim must be able to function in the house)
    0-10( ) Budget (If it leaks over 66,600 you lose points.)
    0-10( ) Creativity (The more the better)
    0-10( ) Size (Does it meet the requirements? Go beyond them?)
    0-10( ) Theme (Does it match the spooky theme? Does it tell a story?)
    0-10( ) Landscaping (It can be expensive but can add so much!)
    0-10( ) Lighting! (Make it appropriate for the theme.)
    0-10( ) Spook Factor (Would someone get the chills in your house?)

    ABOVE ALL - Have fun and be creative!

    Don't forget all submissions are due by October 24. I will be judging all submissions using the scoring sheet and I promise to be fair. Please let me know here if you plan on submitting a house so I can look forward to it!!

    ~*~Happy Building~*~
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    I hope that having expansion packs isn't a problem.

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