Supernaturally Mixed Child Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by WizardJeremy, Jan 21, 2017.

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    I am a massive supernatural simmer and i always play with lifestates and i love that in the sims 3 (and the sims 4 but theres only two lifestates two years between each release >_<) you can play around with genetics and geneology.

    In the sims 3 a child gets dna from being passed down as an offspring and what i came up with is a brilliant challenge idea.

    o_OWhats the Challenge??o_O
    The challenge is for you to make one super mixed child of all the lifestates, aka have a bunch of sims all different lifestates in the household all have a child together and have the children grow up to have children up til there is one last couple to try for a baby and finally that one child that will be born will be a combined genetics of every single lifestate in the sims 3,

    • Have every sim in the household be young adult or higher, can work if you have another household of different lifestates to the ones in your active household.
    • Every Sim MUST be a different Lifestate have a checklist of the lifestates.
    • Lifestates that must be used are all the lifestates except Robots (cause they can't reproduce) and Unicorns (if so then that's a federal crime in most areas)
    • Sims of any gender can try for a baby with each other such as heterosexual couples and gay couples as long it's possible in game, Alien abduction can work if you have seasons installed, and Into the Future allows same sex couples to "engineer" a baby.
    • Full List of Lifestates needed: Mummy, Vampire, Imaginary Friend (turn imaginary friend into human), Genie, Witch, Werewolf, Fairy, Alien, Plantsim, and Mermaid.
    • Lifestates can try for a baby in any order as in vampire-werewolf & mummy-genie etc. as long as lifestates don't get used more than once
    The Primary goal is to end up with one child (or twins/triplet if that happens) that in their family tree has grandparents, parents and that all the 10 different lifestates.

    I Don't Get What You Mean
    an example of the challenge is, the limit is 8 sims per household and 10 lifestates so one extra lifestate couple outside the family unless you have a mod to extend family size,.

    EXAMPLE: there is a Vampire-Werewolf couple, a Mermaid-Plantsim couple, a Fairy-Witch couple, Alien-Genie couple and a Imaginary Friend-Mummy couple, all the couples try for a baby through the many ways doesn't matter their genders figure a way. And so there is five different babies four of those babies become couples when they grow up and have a child each while the fifth child is halted, then there are three child candidates so you make two of those children grow up to have a child and that child grows up to have a child with the third child that was halted and so then the supernaturally mixed child is there.

    Heres a poorly drawn image of what the geneology tree COULD look like

    And now it's time for you all to have a try at this challenge. Send me pictures of the families you have and combined to have children and what the supernaturally mixed child will look like and what lifestate does the child end up being.

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