survival challenge! (ts4)

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by the grilled simmer, Oct 8, 2018.

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    hello everybody, I created
    a new challenge for you to play! :)
    This is my first challenge and I am very excited for it because I love challenges and now I'm finally making one! eeek!
    Anyway, I have a nice backstory I wrote for you, so here it is: (if you want to skip to the rules it's okay, but I think it'll be nice to have some backstory)
    It was a normal day in a normal high school, when 15 year old Alaska finds herself face-to face with a zombie. As you probably imagine, she ran away screaming. She ran to the front gate just to find a whole bunch of them climbing up the gate. So she ran to the back yard, climbed over the gate and found her older sister's car (she's too young to have a license, but who cares? it's the damn apocalypse!) Luckily for her, her sister was irresponsible as usual and left the car with the keys inside (great idea... not.) so she broke the car window, entered and tried her best not to crash into anything. She crashed a few zombies that were on her way, and kept driving home when she saw a screaming toddler surrounded by zombies. She quickly ran out of the car. The zombies were close, but she kicked them away, took the toddler (she looked no older than 2 years old) and continued her way home. When she arived she saw her house... burning. Alaska was now homeless and with a crying toddler to take care of- and also escaping zombies.
    a while later, after walking in the streets for 2 weeks with water and some food she bought with the money she had left, she found a tiny house, and noises of people chatting coming from inside. She walked over and knocked on the door. A small window was opened and human eyes were scanning her worryingly. "uhh... I'm friendly?" she said. "she's saying she's friendly!" a male voice shouted. "Let her in!" a female shouted back. the door opened and a teenage boy was standing in front of her. "hi, I'm alaska" she said. "this is a toddler I saved from zombies". The boy looked at her, looking worried. "I'm Austin," he said finally "and these are my friends Frankie, James and Emerson." he pointed on a group of teens, two girls and a boy, who stood awkwardly and waved. The boy, James, looked angry, Frankie, the tallest, looked excited and Emerson, the short pale girl looked nervous. "let's make it quick. were you bitten?" Austin asked. "no."
    "do you have weapons?"
    "do you know how to use weapons?"
    "then WHAT WERE YOU DOING? you can't just walk around like that, it's dangerous!" Austin frowned.
    long story short, Alaska joined the group, they fought zombies, James pretty much hated her while Frankie was conviced they were bffs, and they survived for a long time.
    they locked the zombies in the basement in case they'll find a cure, and everything went great until... Emerson went missing.
    your goal is to lock all the zombies in the basement, find Emerson and survive- you have to take care of the toddler too (and name her).

    -you must create Alaska, Austin, James, Frankie, Emerson (Emerson is in a different household because she’s missing) and the toddler.
    -create zombies (a lot of them- at least 20) to lock when you find them.
    -you can save townies if you find them, but it isn't neccesary.
    -you can't use cheats.
    -you can have any lifespan you would like.
    -when you lock all the zombies, they're cured and you win.
    -if one of the members dies before you lock all the zombies, you fail.
    -you can't have normal furniture, only a fridge, two toilets, beds for everyone, a shower, a high chair and a potty for the toddler and a basement to lock the zombies in.
    -zombies will probably die of starvation, nevermind that.

    I can't think of anymore rules, so play like you want, you can add or remove things if it doesn't give you an unfair advantage, you can rename the characters and costumize them as you want, and most importantly, enjoy!

    goodbye for now!


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