The Alien Widow Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Mclladser, Sep 11, 2015.

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  1. Mclladser


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    College student, Youtuber

    Here I come with a "new" challenge! I wanted to do something fun for my channel and decided to combine the Black Widow Challenge and the Alien Takeover Challenge, since I thought making the widow an alien would be a lot more interesting, and an opportunity to explore the alien side of GTW.
    I don't claim this to be my own creation since most of the rules are from the original challenges, although I made some on my own.
    You can check the original challenges here and here!

    -Your widow has to be an alien
    -Give your widow the following traits: Materialistic, snob and romantic.
    -Her aspiration has to be Serial Romantic.
    -Life-span must be set to long. (normal life-span will make it more challenging)
    -The Widow must have 150 simoleons at the beginning of the challenge.
    -No mods or money cheats allowed. (There's an exception. Keep reading!)
    -Keep all tombstones on the lot.
    -You may use the resetSim cheat if your Sim gets "stuck" in an interaction or somewhere around town.
    -You can have as many love interests at the same time as you wish.
    -You can move in a love interest before getting married, but you will have to marry THAT sim before marrying/moving in/killing someone else.
    -You can't marry anybody else until your last husband is dead.
    -You have to have ONE CHILD per sim before they are killed, unless of course you have twins etc.
    -The widow may not have a job, all money must be earned by the men she targets.
    -The widow is allowed to earn money by selling collectibles that she finds... But only BEFORE she's married.
    -It's optional but recommended to throw a wedding party every time the widow gets married.
    -The house she will live in has to be built or bought using the 20,000 simoleons the game will give you by default.
    -The widow's home must contain a basement, this is where you will lock your victims and kill by starvation. You may build the basement with the funds the game will give you or you may use money cheats to build it. (Don't forget to set your funds to 150 simoleons before starting the challenge)
    -During the killing, try not to leave the lot. If you do, you'll have to roll a dice. (leaving the lot means traveling from the map/phone/etc.)
    If you roll 1-2: The victim escapes.
    If you roll 3-6: Nothing happens.
    -If your victim escapes there's a chance he will tell everyone what you are. If your love interest bar is half full, he won't tell anybody, if it is half empty he will tell the entire town, forcing you to leave the planet and consequently making you lose the challenge. If your relationship is high enough he will just leave, not saying a word to anybody, but you will have to go to manage worlds and delete the sim from the world.
    -If your victim escapes and your widow is pregnant/had a baby with him, you will keep the baby but it won't count to finish the challenge.
    -If someone random discovers that you are an alien you can lock them in the basement until they die or just erase their memory. But you must do one of these two options.

    -Your widow must have 10 graves and at least 10 kids before becoming an elder. (you can keep going if you wish)
    -Build a rocket (Since your alien will want to leave after she is done killing people)
    -Max out the charisma and cooking skills

    I hope you have a ton of fun doing this challenge! :oops:

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  2. directionermimux

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    Graphic Designer/Student
    Amazing!Sadly I don't have a youtube channel
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  3. G3n3qu1s

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    Sounds amazing :) I'll definitely be trying this out as soon as I have time but that'll be a while :foamfinger:
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  4. wwstone


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    "If your love interest bar is half full, he won't tell anybody, if it is half empty he will tell the entire town, forcing you to leave the planet and consequently making you lose the challenge." That's the same thing, probably too late now but you may want to rehink that statement. ")
  5. TheSims4Fanatic


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    I'd love to do this, but what do you mean "Your widow has to be an alien"? How do you make her an alien?

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