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    The Arena Challenge is a challenge I'd made up with my friend,Bubbles', help. We were talking about putting a bunch of sims into a fighting arena and so I did. ^^ I used to do this a lot when I was on SimsAmino and I'd love for more people to hear about it. It's, actually, really fun! :3
    It's a Get Together challenge, so if you want to try it and don't have GT, I'm sorry. </3

    My Rules:

    -Put them all in the Arena and make sure there's nothing in there but a pool

    -Club perks are aloud! I prefer to add the anger club perk, so they'll fight more.

    -You can't control them, just watch c:

    -Make two reward houses, one for each team.

    -The pools are there so they can die off. If they don't earn rewards, they die of starvation or drowning.

    -Anyone who dies is put at the bottom of the list. For example: We have 8 sims, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. 4 dies, 6 dies and, then, 2 dies. 1 got the reward house first and 3 got it second. 7 just was left in the Arena and was lucky enough to be saved. In this case, this'd be it:
    1st place: 1
    2nd place: 3
    3rd place: 7
    4th place: 2 (died last)
    5th place: 6 (died second to last)
    6th place: 4 (died first)

    -If someone's already been to the reward house, anyone who fights them takes their place. For Example: Let's say that no one's died and 1, 3 and 7 are in the reward house. 2, 6 and 4 are left and, then, 1 returns after his hours are up. 6 takes on 1 and, so, 6 wins. In this case, 6 would take "1st" place and 1'd lose it. 1 would have to fight to earn a place, die or be left in the arena with last place. I hope that was clear enough.. xD
    Reward Challenges:

    -If you want, you can give them reward challenges. Reward challenges are like this:

    -You'd place 6 seperate rooms in the Arena. three rooms would have a fridge (or something that'd only give one person something at a time), one would have a toilet, one would have a shower and one would have a bed

    -Each sim gets to use one object once. When they use an object, it gets sold and they can't enter any other rooms.

    -If you want, you may block off the pools after 3 deaths. You don't have to, though!

    -The reward challenges can only happen once a round.

    -You can also have someone from a reward house, who's eating, leave enough servings of food, in a meal, that everyone, but one person, can eat. Then, you can place it in the Arena and they can eat.

    -The purpose in reward challenges are to inspire your sims! How can they fight when they can't stay focused enough to be angry? :eek:

    Round 1:

    -Anyone who wins a fight gets to go to the reward house for 24 hours. If they're still in the reward house when the round ends, they move to the next one.

    -There are two teams, which are against each other. Set their "do"s and "dont"s so they do nothing but fight each other. Do not make it so swimming is against the club rules!

    -When all, or all but one, are out of the Arena, the round is over. Anyone remaining has to be placed in the reward house. The next day, when their needs are all refilled, they have to be put back into the Arena for round 2.

    Round 2:

    -They can only be put in the reward house for 12 hours, this time.

    -You still have two teams, who can be nice to each other, but you have to make them all fight against each other. Now, they're desperate for the rewards! So, they all hate each other. Set the "do"s to "fight" that team and the other.

    -This time, you can only block off the pools after 2 deaths.

    -You have to win two fights to get into the reward house, this time.

    Round 3:

    -They can only be put in the reward house for 6 hours, this time. You see the pattern, right? xD

    -Free-for-all! During round 3, the remaining sims are completely against each other! Kindness is unacceptable. They need food, not friends.

    -No blocking off the pools, this time!

    -The one who was able to get through round 3 moves to the second game. Only one person can come out of round 3! It's a fight to the death.

    Round 3 (Alternate Ending):

    -If you want, you can end the match depending on the victors, not the deaths. I got this idea from Mavis. ^^

    -Everything's the same except for the number of sims you'd add would depend on how many live

    -Depending on how many sims you have left, only a certain amount can move on to the next game.
    8-5 sims: The top 3 fighters
    4 sims: The top 2 fighters
    3 or 2 sims: The one with 1st place

    e19d6ede968135caa26a979e43759cab7d58bccc_hq.jpg cd347312b22e84de91dce628a3f34031ac7ee82b_hq.jpg
    If you'd like to see an example of this, I wrote about it on SimsAmino! I didn't finish, though, because I quit. xp

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