The Sims 4 : Left Behind Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Olive11K, Mar 4, 2016.

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    Hello! This is Sims 4 : Left Behind Challenge by ME!

    I'm not english speaker(my sims is not english version too) so It might be little awkward.

    Tell me if there's something wrong. :)


    * Background

    - This Challenge is playing 5 sims who left alone with different reasons.

    - These sims have there own distinct goals after they left behind.

    - They met each other at the club 'Left Behind' and they starting to live together.
    (It doesn't mean that you need 'Get Together Pack'.)

    - They will try hard to achieve their goals before death.

    * Getting Started

    ** DLC : None (But if you have, you will get some options)

    ** Cheats : No Cheats (Except Build Mode - See below)

    ** Mods : No mods that give you an advantage in gameplay. (CAS mods are okay, like custom hairs)


    - Now we need to make 5 sims.

    - Make any gender of one elder sim, one adult sim, one young adult sim, one teen sim, one child sim.

    - They are just housemate.

    - They can't have same traits. (See below)

    Here's a detail!

    1) Elder sim - 'I can't die like this'

    This Elder sim had big family and wealthy life. But after his/her spouse died elder sim get abandoned by their children. They think elder sim can't live longer because of his/her health. So they send him to the small nursing house(no offense) and sold the house. Elder sim was disappointed in the sense of betrayal, but elder sim thinks 'I can't die like this'. Elder sim decide to made a club to find new family and to become healthy.

    ** Set muscle to 0 and fat to 100 .

    - Aspiration : 'Bodybuilder' => health is first!

    - Traits : 'Lazy' + random (or you can choose)

    *Why lazy? => This sim have bad health because of laziness.

    2) Adult Sim - 'After all, money is the one'

    This adult sim married at young adult and have a baby. They were happy before their baby taken away. They were too busy to take care of their baby enough. Adult sim's spouse put the blame on adult sim about this situation. So adult sim divorced and left house. After divorce, adult sim can't do anything by sorrow, and even he/she is homeless. Suddenly the phone rang. it's from ex-workplace, and they said they need adult sim. Yes, that company was the reason of all this situation. But adult sim need money, and they need adult sim. Adult sim thinks 'After all, money is the one'. Adult sim accept the job and starting to find a place to live.

    ** Set walk style as sleepy walk
    >>( if you really don't want to.. well don't do this:) )

    - Aspiration : 'Renaissance Sim' => Work! Work! and... Work!

    - Traits : 'Noncommittal' + random (or you can choose)

    *Why noncommittal? => After divorce, this sim can't believe anyone easily.

    3) Young Adult sim - 'I always knew that I'm special'

    This sim grown up at the orphanage when he/she is young. This sim adopted many times but came back every time. This is the reason that this sim is little crazy.Well.. keep talking to self is little.. creepy. And suddenly, this sim realize that talking to self is not normal thing. So young adult sim was trying really hard not to talk to self. By this effort, finally this sim met a perfect family. But oneday, this sim read a article about alien abduction on small newspaper. At that moment, young adult sim finally realized why he/she is so different with other sims. Yes, Alien! Young adult sim is starting to talk to self "I always knew that I'm special!". Young adult sim left home right away and finding a new place to hide his/her new special identity.

    ** Set walk style as goofy walk
    >>( if you really don't want to.. well don't do this:) )

    - Aspiration : 'Public Enemy' => I'm not them! Sims are my enemy!

    - Traits : 'Insane' + random (or you can choose)

    *why insane? => well.. you know..

    4) Teen sim - 'Why you left me?'

    This teen sim's parents were fighting a lot. But teen sim doesn't know why they are fighting. Always same repertoire. Even teen sim thinks it's because of him/her. And oneday in the morning, teen sim found a note 'sorry' and quite empty house. They left house. They left teen sim alone in this big house. Few minutes later, teen sim made a conclusion that it is because of him/her. because he/she is not a good kid for them. But teen sim can't find what is wrong with him/her. Few days later, teen sim decide to stop thinking about his/her problem. Teen sim didn't eat or drink for long. Teen sim need to eat and drink first. And makes his/her head clear. He don't want to know what is his/her problem anymore. That really doesn't matter, because teen sim will make brand new strong points. So, teen sim will make no ones can leave him/her. Sims like funny sims. So teen sim decide to become a funny sim. And teen sim grab a note. There is 'sorry' on it. And under the ' sorry', it written 'Why you left me?'. Teen sim tear it apart. Now new days are coming. But first, he need to pay bills. So, he is looking for new housemates.

    ** Set fat to 0.
    >>( if you really don't want to.. well don't do this:) )

    - Aspiration : one of 'Friend of the world', 'Joke Star', 'Party Animal' => I won't be alone again!

    - Traits : 'Gloomy' + random (or you can choose)

    *Why gloomy? => This sim still thinks that parents are left because of him/her.

    5) Child Sim - 'That's mine!'

    This child sim's both parents are cheating on each other. So, they divorced and go to their new love. but no one want to take care of child sim. So, Child sim taken by some safety place. But child sim wasn't sad at all. Because their parents keep coming to see him. Child sim thinks they will always love me. But oneday, they bring their own babies. They want child sim to say hello to babies. But he didn't. Child sim thought they are stolen his/her parents. They are not his/her only parents anymore. Child sim don't want to share his/her parents. After that day, Child sim don't let them see him/her. And they are getting mean and greedy. Everyday child sim shouts to the other children. "That's mine!". Child sim is getting worse and worse. So, manager decide to send child sim for adoption to nice family... or just a family who can handle child sim.

    ** Equip every parts of accs. => stolen things
    >>( if you really don't want to.. well don't do this:) )

    - Aspiration : Random (or you can choose)

    - 특성 : 'Kleptomaniac'

    *Why kleptomaniac? => This sim become a greedy. This sim want to have everything.

    CAS part is done, now give them nice name and go on. :D

    *Build mode

    We need to choose household. I recommend 'Twin Oracle Point' (I'm not sure it is right name in English) in Newcrest. It is only 50x40 size in Newcrest , so you can find it easily. Or just big place is okay.

    We need to separate first. See below pic.


    Like this Photo, we need 5 different places. You can make one with different size and shape but the middle one should be biggest and others are same size. And we will use outside of that boxy buildings. Give some spaces.

    We will use 'money 100000' cheats.

    (** Ctrl + Shift + C and type 'Testingcheats on' first!)

    Basically every buildings needs bed, kitchen and bathroom. Add only necessary things in their with cheap one. Don't buy hobby stuff for now.

    (* you can buy decorative with no limits)

    - And now it's add list for each buildings

    * No. 4 is for teen's. No. 4 needs bar table, mic, TV, computer and some playing stuff.

    ( If you read all things, you can know that it is teen sim's house. That's why teen sim have a big one XD )

    * No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 , No. 5 is for others.

    Elder sim's building : 3x3 pool, sandbag

    Adult sims's building : workbench, bookshelf

    Young Adult sims's building : rocket, observatory

    Child sims's building : blarfy(that bear), Storage( build it outside of building)

    ( Place it with cheap one!!)

    After all this, if you are done with building, type 'money 10000'.

    This is your starting money.

    Now it is really done. Let's Play!


    ** Cheats : No Cheats

    ** Mods : No mods that give you an advantage in gameplay. (CAS mods are okay, like custom hairs)

    ** You can't change current aspiration.

    ** You can use anti-aging portions only once in each sim's lifetime.

    ( >> No wishing well )
    ** No restarting after bad events.

    ** You may not bring a Sim back from the dead once the reaper has taken them. You may plead with the reaper in order to save a recently dead Sim.

    ** Don't send them to the netherworld! (it's part of challenge just keep urns or gravestones)

    ** You can't invite ghost to household as a family.

    ** Can't move out or merge in other family.

    ** You can't make club or join the club. ( only for Get together )

    ** Don't fight with each other. They should be friends.

    ** Have fun :D


    1) Elder sim - 'I can't die like this'

    If you have 'Get Together', make a club.

    club name : Left Behind (Or something)

    how to join : invite only

    club hangout : your house

    requirements : Nothing

    activities : choose only one

    banned activities : choose only one

    Club perks

    - you can buy only one perk in each sections of Social Bonuses, Club Vibe Perk Benefits, Skill Boost Perk Benefits.

    - you cna't use club management boost section.

    - you can buy last things.

    >> The goal of Elder sim is Health. Achieve it before sim die!

    - Old for work : No Career

    - Gym mummy : Complete 'Bodybuilder' aspiration

    - I will use it all : Buying all gym stuff with expensive one.

    - Mental-health Care : Throwing a party at least 2 times

    (if you have 'Outdoor Retreat' going to Granite Falls at least 2 times)

    - Very first picnic : Reaching 10 lvl in fishing skill

    (it can be replaced in herbalism skill if you have 'Outdoor Retreat')

    - Rehabilitation Therapy : Make a boyfriend or girlfriend

    2) Adult Sim - 'After all, money is the one'

    >> The goal of Adult sim is Money and Work. Achieve it before sim die!

    - Working Class Hero : Always have a career

    => Available careers : ( Doctor, Detective, Scientist ), Tech Guru, Secret Agent, Business, Painter

    (You can follow your sim once a week for 'Get To Work' careers)

    - Busy is new sexy : Complete 'Renaissance sim' aspiration

    - Here for you : Reaching 10 lvl in handiness skill

    - Vacation is for students : Don't use vacation

    - What just happened? : Make woohoo with stranger at least 2 times

    - Sorry, I have a boyfriend : Don't make a lover and a baby

    3) Young Adult sim - 'I always knew that I'm special'

    >> The goal of Young Adult sim is... Aliens! Achieve it before sim die!

    1. Get To Work version

    - Stupid Sims, Stupid Jobs : No Careers

    - Homesick : Collecting every Space Prints with observatory

    - Do you have license? : Reaching 10 lvl in Rocket engineering

    - Thanksgiving and Christmas : Travel to Sixam at least 2 times

    - Can I take it? : Collecting every Space Rocks, Aliens and Geodes

    - District 9 : In Adult age, Get married with Aliens with ceremony, and have a baby
    (Both spouse and baby can be a household)

    2. Original (No Get To Work)

    - Brace yourself sims : Get Criminal Careers

    - Are you a Sim? Or not? : Complete 'Public Enemy' Aspiration

    - Why? I'm just kidding : Complete 'Chief of Mischief' Aspiration

    ( You can switch both aspiration in play)

    - Homesick : Collecting every Space Prints with observatory

    - Sims Space Project : Using Rocket Ship at least 2 times

    4) Teen sim - 'Why you left me?'

    >> The goal of Teen sim is Being Popular! Achieve it before sim die!

    - Actual householder : Get any part-time job

    - Smart is new Sexy : Graduate school with A

    - Simbook Star : Complete 'Friend of the world' aspiration

    - Last friday night : Complete 'Party Animal' aspiration

    - You don't need TV : Complete 'Joke Star' aspiration

    - Twilight ver.sims : Complete 'Serial Romantic' Aspiration

    (You can switch aspiration in play)

    - You can Play : reaching 10 lvl in mixology or playing one of instruments skill

    ( if you have 'Get Together' you can choose Dancing or DJ skill )

    - Who's Child? : In adult age, having a baby without get married

    ( Spouse can't be a household / baby can be a household)

    5) Child Sim - 'That's mine!'

    >> The goal of Child sim is Possesion! Achieve it before sim die!

    - Young Dreamer : Any career is okay in any age

    (You can follow your sim once a week for 'Get To Work' careers)

    - A is for Awesome me : Graduate all school with A

    - Is it real gold? : Success swiping at least 30 times. place them into the storage.

    - That's mine : Complete 'Curator' aspiration

    - Brand new therapy : reaching 10 lvl in painting skill

    ( 'Outdoor Retreat' = > Herbalism skill )

    ( 'Spa Day' => Wellness skill )

    ( Both => Wellness skill )

    - That's mine, too : Complete all collections

    (Other sims can help this goal)

    - 'My' family : Become a good friend with other 4 sims

    - Predictable Symptoms : Having traits 'Jealous' and 'Hates Children'

    - Not this time : if new family bring spouses or babies, become a enemy with that spouses and babies.

    - Foul Play : If sim died who bring spouses or babies to household, kick out that spouses and babies.

    - No Left Behind : After All sim dead except this child sim, bring all 4 sims to life again.

    (Now you can invite ghost to household / Using ambrosia or Book of life / No wishing well )

    If you complete No Left Behind ta-da!!

    Challenge complete!!

    Thank you for reading! Let's play together~!!
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    Ummm, the photos you embedded from show as invalid. Would you mind uploading them here and embedding them from here? It seems that the files from that site are private.
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    I'm going to give this a go!
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