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    Are you wanting to explore the jungle? Become the next world renowned explorer? Do you want to explore every aspect Selvadorada has to offer? If yes, this is the challenge for you!

    This is the road to Selvadorada Legacy challenge, a Five generation legacy which focuses on The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure game pack.

    Basic Rules:

    1. Try to explore all of Selvadorada or as much as possible.
    2. Keep the lifespan on normal. (long lifespan is optional)
    3. Money cheats can be used, but only once. I suggest using freerealestate for your first home or raising your household funds slightly ($2500) to go to the jungle for the first time, but no cheats afterwards.
    4. You cannot use any relics during the first & Third generations. You may keep the parts if excavated but they can not be assembled and used.
    5. The spouse of your sim doesn’t always have to be a Selvadorada local as they aren’t part of the challenge. Unless otherwise stated you can do whatever you please with them.
    6. If you play this challenge and want to share it, go ahead and post with #roadtoselvadorada so I can see!

    Generation One: The pioneer

    You are the first sim in your family to brave the depths of the jungle, an unfamiliar environment daunts you as the possibility of death is in the back of your mind. You are methodical and take your time before starting this anticipated adventure. You want to ensure you dabble in everything Selvadorada has to offer. This results in you being the master of few skills but a well rounded traveller.

    Traits: Hot Headed, Loves The Outdoors, Clumsy

    Aspiration: Jungle Explorer


    • Reach level 3 in Gardening & Logic before exploring the jungle
    • Camp in a tent at Belomisia Trialhead at least one time
    • Explore a temple at least three times
    • Master Logic, Handiness & Selvadoradian Culture skills
    • Get Married for the first time to a Selvadoradian
    • Get divorced and marry second spouse as an elder
    • Plant at least two Avocado trees at your home lot.
    • fill an artefact case with ancient artefacts

    Generation Two: The Archaeologists Apprentice

    Having big boots to fill from your predecessor you want to carve a path for yourself by becoming a scholar of archaeology. You have a personal mission to build an inspiring collection of artefacts and display them proudly. You seem to have a growing love for avocado’s, you have the urge to grow the families already existing orchard. Your main goal is to create your own legacy through archaeology and move out of your predecessor’s shadow.

    Traits: Perfectionist, Bookworm, Dog Lover

    Aspiration: Archaeology Scholar


    • You cannot have a close relationship with your parents
    • Master archaeology & Selvadoradian Culture skills
    • Reach level 5 or higher in Charisma skill
    • Get a small dog of your choice when your sim becomes an adult
    • After reaching level 9 in archaeology skill start to authenticate fossils for the archaeology institute
    • Complete Ancient Omiscan Artefacts & Treasures collection
    • ^^(If not able to complete continue in generation 3)^^
    • Try to purchase one of every type of item available at the Puerto LLamante Marketplace

    Generation Three: The Avocado Addict

    The love for avocado’s seem to run through the generations of your family. You appear to be addicted with every aspect of the avocado. Your desire for exploring the jungle is significantly less than that of the previous two generations due to your squeamish nature. You Travel to Selvadorada to embrace the culture that runs in your family and of course to snag those perfectly precious avocado’s.

    Traits: Squeamish, Vegetarian, Loner

    Aspiration: Freelance Botanist


    • Marry the same gender
    • Adopt Four children
    • Obtain a death flower
    • Have all three new harvestables on home lot
    • Have at least 12 Avocado trees on your home lot
    • Master the gardening, Cooking & Baking skills
    • Learn all new Selvadoradian recipes
    • Collect all MySims Trophies & Postcards from pen pals (14 postcards)

    Generation Four: The Tiger Tamer

    The king of the jungle? but who? A tiger?! After generations of exploration you have stumbled across an injured tiger in a secluded part of the jungle that needs urgent help! All alone with wounds that may prove fatal you decide to spring into action despite being weary to help. After a battle between bandages and Squirming over syringes you successfully help this regal and majestic creature. Will it attack in retaliation? No! As a token of it's upmost appreciation the tiger bows and politely asks *in a non verbal way* to join you and your endeavours. A true companion for life.

    (I recommend the tiger by maci-0404 on the gallery. If you don’t want an actual tiger just adopt a pet of your choice)

    Traits: Self-Assured, Active, Noncommittal

    Aspiration: Serial Romantic

    Career: Scientist


    • Your sim has a fear of commitment but a tiger doesn't help! Complete the serial romantic aspiration
    • Leave someone at the altar (Wedding interaction)
    • Never get married but have children
    • Take your tiger to Selvadorada at least three times
    • Master both Fitness & Photography skills
    • Attempt to complete both elements & Fossil collections
    • Have your sim join the Scientist career & attempt to reach level 5 or above

    Generation Five: The Skeleton Summoner / Stay At Home Parent

    You now posses relics that can both bless and curse. Your curious nature wants to experiment to see just how mysterious these relics are. Will you be cursed?
    Will you be blessed? Will you be turned into a bone rattling skeleton? Only time and lots of experimentation will tell. Just try not to die. If you receive the blessing of the skeletal assistant you can use them freely as this generation has emphasis on these specific blessings.

    Traits: Hates Children, Foodie, Ambitious

    Aspiration: Angling Ace


    • Master Angling Ace aspiration
    • Master Fishing, Parenting & Mixology
    • Catch all new fish types
    • Use a death flower
    • Marry a Selvadorado local
    • Use at least one curse relic
    • When the adult life state is reached you are forced to get become a loving parent (*fun considering you hate kids*), limiting your trips to Selvadorada.
    • Have a skeletal assistant & be turned into a skeleton at least one time
    • Have two children and try to be as close as possible to them
    Have one of your children master one of the Charisma & Mischief skills after growing into teens, and the other mastering Gardening & Archaeology. Place one child in the criminal career and give the other the Jungle Explorer Aspiration. (you may wish to continue exploring the jungle freely.)

    Explorer Child's Story: You have a great interest in your ancestor who first explored the jungle. You aspire to follow in their footsteps, however, you take more risks in attempts to reap more rewards. Will this be costly? Will it result in tremendous treasures? who knows.

    I worked really hard on this challenge and am thrilled to finally share it with you. Happy Simming!
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    This so cool, I have been playing this a day or so. I hope there nothing for Seasons in this, because I don't have that one yet.

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