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  1. ToraTheDemigod


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    Required Packs
    Cats and Dogs


    Own and operate a 5 star Vet Clinic purely by using funds from breeding pets.

    Getting Started

    * Sim can be any gender, age (I recommend YA), or species (vampire adds to difficulty).

    *You may have no more than 1 sim in household until challenge is completed.

    * You may either make a pet in CAS, or adopt one afterwards, but you may only have 1 to begin with.

    * Pet may be unneutered/spayed.

    *Sim must be dressed in bland/ragged clothing, pet must have no clothing.

    *Sim may only have enough money to buy empty lot. All additional money must be deleted.

    *Lifespan must be set to normal or long.


    *Breeding pet is main source of income.

    *1 All other funds can only come from collecting frogs/minerals/plants/fish/collectables.

    *2 May not start breeding pet until all necessary items are obtained (e.g. food bowl, litter box, toy, pet bed.)

    *Must always select mate (done through 'Encourage to mate with...' interaction).

    * May have 2nd pet (adopted as either stray or through agency) as permanent mate.

    *May not have more than 2 adult pets (breeding pair).

    * Must sell all offspring within 2 days of birth.

    *May never move household from original lot.

    *If pets become elders before completion of challenge, keep last offspring born and continue on.

    *Once you obtain a vet clinic, transfer all household funds except 100 simoleons. You may extract money from business in amounts of 100 simoleons per week to sustain yourself. All extra funds are obtained through breeding/collecting. You may only purchase items over 100 simoleons by breeding your pets until the amount of money needed is acquired. Amount of allowance raises by 100 simoleons for each full star.

    * If your rating drops below 1 star, you are not permitted an allowance.

    *Once you raise the rating of your vet clinic to 5 stars, all rules and requirements are null and void.


    *No cheats allowed other then removing household funds and fixing sims.

    *If you break any of the rules you lose the challenge.

    *You may not purchase anything with satisfaction points.

    *If a kitten/puppy ages up, you lose.

    Difficulty Enhancers

    *Having your sim as a Teen (Not recommended)

    * Having your sim as a vampire (not recommended)

    *Starting out with no pet. (Not creating one in CAS).

    *Starting with a puppy/kitten

    *Starting with your pet neutered/spayed

    *Starting with male pet.

    *Not being able to select a mating partner (your pet will have to happen upon one itself, and only while in heat).

    * May only mate with stray.

    *May only mate when in heat.

    *If pets become elders, you lose.

    *Must transfer all household funds to clinic without allowance.

    *Lifespan set at short. (Not recommended)

    *1 (under gameplay) is void after 2 is completed, making breeding your only source of income.

    (Not recomended means it would be near to impossible.)

    Just for fun!

    *You may have 4 pets and 1 sim in the household, but may only have 1 pet pregnant at a time. (This will put a strain on money but does allow for more pets.)

    Thanks, and if you have any questions I would be glad to help!

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  2. ToraTheDemigod


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    *If a kitten or puppy ages up before you sell it, you lose.
  3. Debby Evans

    Debby Evans

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    If you can never move to a different lot how do you buy a vet clinic?
  4. WiseSimmer


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