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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by lavosa, Nov 10, 2015.

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    This is an everyday life challenge. So many unhealthy and inactive people. I am not trying to shame anyone. I believe all shapes and sizes are beautiful. This is just for fun and I hope you enjoy. (^.^)/

    Quite a lot to read but here we go..........

    6 Contestants (3 Males & 3 Females)
    100% weight 0% muscle
    1 Trainer
    1 Cook/Chef

    1. All contestants must have glutton trait (if you want it to be more challenging, you can also add lazy trait for all).

    2. No athletic trait for contestants.

    3. To make it fair, all equipment that increase athletic skill (even pool) must be locked unless it's WORKOUT TIME!!!

    4. The bedrooms for contestants should be gender based. (Can be optional).

    5. Anything that produces food, such as fridge, microwave, grill etc, must be locked. (Coffee and tea machines are okay).

    6. The first sim to stop working out, when everyone is still going, must push the limit (do it again) till everyone stops. Or, if all other sims stop before that sim gets back on the machine let them do it till they have accomplished half a bar of activity, otherwise 30 min.

    7. No sleeping in the day. Napping is allowed.

    8. No computers for contestants (the trainer and the chef are allowed).

    9. No watching sports channel, unless working out,

    10. Only 2 healthy meals a day.

    11. No fitness books (However you can use them in play, like on break days. If so, then it’s only fair that all contestants get to read).

    12. There should be minimal control, especially on interactions with other Sims. You can increase their skills & other needs, BUT NOT social. (This is to see who becomes friends on their own).

    13. No brisk showers unless they do it anonymously.

    Optional Rules:

    -Only have showers available for contestants. When someone does well or you want to treat them, open the bath to them. (If you have Spa Day it can be sauna, massage stuff, etc)
    -No Television
    -Points can be decided by who cleans up the most. NO NEAT SIM IS ALLOWED IF YOU DO THIS RULE.
    ~Their own dish (one dish) 1/2 (.50) point.
    ~several dishes 1(1.0) point.
    ~take out trash 1 (1.0) point.
    ~Mopping 3/4(.75) point. If more than 1 puddle then 1 (1.0) point.
    ~cleans a dirty object 1 (1.0) point.
    ~Empty coffee or tea machine 1/4 (.25) points.

    Other Notes and Tips:

    -They can sleep in on break days.
    -Make the chef cook many meals in advance and then store them.
    -Use the motherlode cheat for bills and replacing broken items.
    -Times can be shifted around. For example, the Sims can wake up earlier or later. However, keep in mind there's meant to be a morning workout.
    -Have enough toilets and showers for everyone. Even extra if you like.


    -First person to reach Fitness level 10 is the WINNER of 1 million.
    -Second Sim wins 500k.
    ~Most points wins 100k or one day vacation (if you have outdoor retreat).

    You can change the challenge anyway you like, just give me credit or a shout out. Let me know what you think in the comments section. I am open to more ideas, and would also like to know if you did this Challenge and how it went.


    First Sunday
    - Is meet and greet day. Everything can be opened apart from the athletic equipment, unfortunately that includes the pool ( #Rule3)

    Monday and Wednesday

    Workout Day
    6:00am - wake-up any contestants still sleeping, and make needs as high as you can.
    ~ I used treadmills till everyone got off at roughly the same time. NB: don't forget about #Rule6.
    10:30am - If they are still working out STOP THEM. They can go take a shower and up their needs.
    ~ I used weights machine. Same rule as before (9:00am). However, this time everyone must try to reach level 2 (next level)
    5:30pm - STOP THEM, even if they didn't reach the next level.
    Rest of day Sims can chill.
    9:00pm - 11:00pm BED TIME

    Tuesday and Thursday

    Chill Day
    Remember The Rules.
    They can sleep in on this day.
    You can work on their other skills like painting, gardening (don't store fruits or vegetables in their inventory #Rule10).


    Change the workout equipment/activity. For example trading in treadmill for boxing (1hr 30min Max) or weights machine for swimming laps (2hr Max).

    (Time subjected to change since it takes time to get everyone on fairly all green bars)
    12:00pm - All contestants must have High Energy Protein plate for that extra boost. (Made when the chef is energetic)
    Make sure their bladder is FULLY Green or at least 70% green
    1:00pm - Contest begins
    Must do all 3 equipment in this order: treadmill, weights and boxing. (As soon as they get off one machine it’s on to the next. That's why all Sims have to have fairly green bars so there are no shower or toilet breaks).
    ~ First 2 contestants to give up gets a punishment on Sunday (go to the Isolation Room, like a dungeon).
    ~ Winner is the sim that takes the longest and finished all three equipment. They get a Reward on Sunday.
    However, some Sims take longer on first third of equipment and never make it to boxing. They can still win if they are the last sim standing, but the reward will not be as special as someone who did all three and was the last sim standing. (Explained below on Sunday)
    If two sims stop at the same time and you have difficulty deciding who stopped first, check their level and percentage.
    NB: Rule 6 doesn't apply on this day, for as soon as they stop make them go to the next equipment (queue up the machines). Don’t let them continue working out if they complain about being sore from over working. If they stop because of other reasons then they must continue.

    Continue the day as usual.


    Day Out
    Lounge, bar, game place, library (comps) etc, anything but the gym since it's their Relax Day.I am pretty sure that's the last place they will want to be.
    If you have Spa day take them to the spa for relaxation.
    You can also throw a party.
    Just make sure to keep #Rule3 in mind when placing a community lot


    Punishment and Reward day
    8:00am, or as soon as they wake up, quitters get to be locked for the whole day in the dungeon with an uncomfortable bed, a sink for self-grooming, and a toilet. Here they ONLY GET ONE MEAL.
    They are let go next morning.
    ~Winner gets to enjoy access to luxury room that contains a TV, computer, gaming pad, best bed, awesome bathroom, and private fridge. Luxury ends next morning as well.
    If the sim did not complete all three activities but was last sim standing then remove fridge and computer.
    NB: Rule 3 still applies for Luxury room.

    Week starts again. Mix up activities, for example:
    Activities on new week:
    Mon: First activity go jogging for 1hr or till they get the happy moodlet "Good Workout". If someone stops before this, make them jog for 30-40min. If they still don't get the moodlet then stop.
    NB: if you took the more challenging one and they have the lazy trait, moodlet will be different.
    Swim for 2hrs for evening workout.

    Final Day:
    Throw a party. Everything can be unlocked even athletic equipment. At this point everyone is a winner and are free to use anything.
    NB: They can reach level 10 at any time.

    Enjoy (^.^)/
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    I like this idea! This might he something I would try with even a couple of my sims in my households.
  3. Saffize

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    Professional Procrastinator
    This sounds like a fun challenge, definitely something I'd love to try once I'm finished with my other challenges. Great idea!
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  4. directionermimux

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    Very creative.I maybe will try this. :)

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