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Discussion in 'SC Social News & Updates' started by jovjovan, Aug 27, 2016.

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  1. jovjovan
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    Hey guys!

    I have a few busy weeks ahead of me and I may not be able to update simscommunity.info regularly, especially from 3rd of September to 11th of September as I'll be taking a vacation!

    I am looking for a helping hand who will be able to keep the site updated regularly and post any important news that may strike during the hours and days noted down below.

    News Reporter Role

    Your role is to report any news or announcements made by The Sims Team. To make your job easier, we know that announcements usually happen between 6PM and 8PM CET (9AM – 11 AM PST). Pack announcements are usually done on Tuesdays, The Sims Blog releasements on Wednesdays and The Sims 4 Updates on Thursdays. (Please note that there are always exceptions!)


    • Above average English language knowledge.
    • 18 + years old.
    • Part of the Simming Community since The Sims 4’s release.
    • Own The Sims 4.
    It would be good if:

    • You have fair knowledge of WordPress
    • You worked previously on reporting News.
    • You have all the latest Sims 4 Games.
    • You’re a part of the Simming Community for a couple of years.

    You can apply to become our staff member by messaging me here on SC Social or by sending us an email at contactsimscommunity@gmail.com! The deadline for staff member applications is 31st of August at 8PM CET.

    Please note: Any member that gets chosen will not be getting a monthly salary. However, there are other rewards and benefits for those who take their roles seriously and decide to make posts quickly in time of official announcements:
    • You will receive the latest Sims 4 Packs.
    • You’ll get a Staff Member badge on Sims Community Social with unlimited storage.
    • You’ll get to promote your Sims creations through posts.

    Looking forward to your applications!
    - Jovan
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  2. Wolfofthenyght


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    Checking in! I volunteer as tribute :) Sent you a message back on twitter. o7

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