What's Happening in your Legacy Challenge?

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by SnarkyWitch, Jul 7, 2016.

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    I am obsessed with legacy challenges in Sims 2, 3, and 4. I just love them. I love all the different spins and themes people put on their legacy challenges, I love everything about legacy challenges. This thread is for all us legacy challenge players to come together to talk about what's happening in our games. Brag, rant, picture-dump, squeal over cuteness, whatever you want. If you're playing a Sims 2 or 4 legacy and want to share, you can post here, too (unless staff says no), it's just that I had to choose a specific forum to post my thread in and I happen to be playing a Sims 3 legacy challenge right now so I picked the Sims 3 challenge board.

    Right now, I'm kind of pulling my hair out with my legacy.

    I'm doing a "Going Green" legacy where my family lives in Aurora Skies and I'm playing with the optional family trait rule. I picked Eco-Friendly, so all my Sims born on the legacy lot are supposed to have the Eco-Friendly trait. My founder's first child was born with black hair even though her mom is a redhead and her dad is blond, and I hate when kids get random genes, ugh. I wanted a redhead baby so I had them have another child, hoping this one would be a redhead. Well this baby was born on Spooky Day and got both the Evil and Hates the Outdoors traits. Hates the Outdoors conflicts with Eco-Friendly, so their second child won't be able to comply with the family trait rule.

    Technically, I think that means I fail the challenge but I feel like that's so unfair. I don't have the option to choose the Eco-Friendly trait for her until she's a child and I have to randomize all the other traits so I had no control over whether she got a conflicting trait or not. I don't feel like I should fail the challenge over something I can't control so what I might do is work it into my headcanon that the younger sister ends up being disowned by her family when she becomes a young adult for not representing the family's values.


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