Brunch at the Old Mill Guide


Harken back to a rustic era of cozy charm with the Brunch at the Old Mill set. Finish working the fields by your mill house just in time for a second breakfast of tea and scones.


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New Objects

Buy Mode – 24 items

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Build Mode – 5 items

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Grandma’s Canning Station

Grandma’s Canning Station lets you expand your cooking abilities by Making Jam and Preserving Fruits and Veggies.

You can Preserve any Fruit or Vegetable that you have installed in the game (EP’s, Premium Store Content). Preserving helps you keep the food with it’s quality being unchangeable.

To Preserve, make sure you have 3 same Fruits/Vegetables in your Inventory. Click on Grandma’s Canning Station > Open Inventory > Drag 3 same Fruits/Veggies > Select ”Make Preserve”.

After your Sim is done, you’ll be able to find Jars of your preserved food in your Invemtory. You open those Jars whenever you want and Normal Quality Fruit/Veggie will appear in your Inventory.

Screenshot-2508 Screenshot-2509

Making Jam is a similar process. You’ll need 3 Fruits/Veggies and you make it by dragging them to Grandma’s Canning Station from your Inventory. Then, click on the Canning Station and select ”Make Jam”.

Your Sim will get a special Moodlet while and after making Jam.

TS3W 2014-07-04 23-10-11-04

That’s not all though. If you have Bohemian Fruit and Nuts Premium Content, you can create Strawberry Jam which will give you a rare Moodlet. You can experiment with other Fruits and Vegetables from various Premium Content and Expansion Packs as well, they all work great with this Canning Station!

TS3W 2014-07-05 00-59-55-58

Jam can be used on Scones and Toasts. You’ll be able to make those by clicking on a Jam Jar.

Screenshot-2545 Screenshot-2546 Screenshot-2548

The Canning Station Premium Content also comes with 2 new Plants (Seeds): Cucumber and Corn.

Screenshot-2542 Screenshot-2541

Old Miller Tea Time Tea Set

Tea Time Set is a table which contains all things needed to make an excellent Tea.

This table supports up to 4 Chairs, which allows up to 4 Sims to sit together and socialize while drinking Tea.

You can Serve Tea for multiple Sims or prepare Tea just for yourself. While drinking tea, your Hungy and Energy Need Bar will rise, while the Bladder Bar will slightly decrease.

Screenshot-2514 Screenshot-2539 Screenshot-2513

Old Mill Water Wheel

The Mill Water Wheel is a beatiful decor piece which moves!

Your Sims are allowed to fish in it, and it seems that they’re more likely to catch rare fish.

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