Business as Usual Bistro Set Guide

business as usual bistro guide

Is your Sims dining experience a bit ordinary? Is it so humdrum that it feels like they just disappear entirely when they go out to eat? In that case it’s time to spice things up by heading out to the Business as Usual Bistro for the crème del le crème of opulent dining experiences!


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It’s Business Time Industrial Oven

Do you want to start your own business and make gobs of Simoleons? How about spending a night out of the town where you have a chef waiting to make your favorite meal? If these things sound appealing, then you should get the It’s Business Time Industrial Oven, hire a chef, and start living like a boss!

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  • Make all of the executive business decisions and open your very own restaurant, be it a local burger dive or a high-class establishment serving only the most decadent food.
  • Create a menu of existing recipes, custom tailored by you, to open the restaurant of your dreams!
  • Set your Food Markup from 50% to 150%. Your customers will let you know if they think your food is worth the markup!
  • For the Line Cook that always arrives on time and will prep food for hours on end, consider showing your appreciation by promoting them to a Sous or Executive Chef, or else they may become disgruntled and find a new job.
  • Hungry while the chef is out? Fix a Quick Meal with the prepped ingredients to instantly create a delicious single serving meal!


Moodlet_WhatAValueWhat a Value!

Moodlet_PrettyGoodDealGood Deal


Moodlet_PriceyVery Expensive

User Manual:

Industrial Oven

  • Set Menu for Lot
  • Hire Chef
  • Fire Chef
  • Set Food Markup for lot
    • 50%
    • 75%
    • 100%
    • 125%
    • 150%
  • Set Chef Quality for Lot
    • Line cook ($10 per day)
    • Sous Chef ($20 per day
    • Executive Chef ($40 per day)
  • Set Hours for Lot
    • 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    • 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    • 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM
  • Fix Quick Meal


  • Place an Order


  • Sort by Room->Kitchen->Stoves
  • Sort by Function->Appliances->Large Appliances

New Animations: Yes



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New Objects

Buy Mode – 8 items

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It’s Business Time Industrial Oven

It’s Business Time Industrial Oven allows you to create a Restaurant by simply placing the Oven on the Community Lot. You don’t need to own a public lot to run your restaurant, unless you want to get money from it. After you purchase the venue that includes this Oven, you will receive money. All you have to do is place the ”Business as Usual Bistro” in your world or add the ”It’s Business Time Industrial Oven” to an existing ”Visitors Allowed” lot.

NOTE: After placing the Oven, you’ll also need to place Menu’s on dining tables so that Sims can take orders.

To hire a new Chef, click on the Oven and select ”Hire Chef”. The game will randomly select a Townie from your Town and teleport it to the oven, where he/she will start working. If you’re not satisfied with your current Chef, you can fire it and Hire a new one.

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There’s an option which allows you to make Chefs better, which means they will unlock and make better meals, but that will also cost you more Simoleons since they are not working for free!

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You can customize your Menu with all recipes there are from all Expansion Packs and Store Sets that include new recipes. Other Sims can order food strictly from the Menu.

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The quality of food also matters. Smaller quality will make food taste bad, and the higher quality will make food expensive. Sims who have ”Frugal” trait won’t tolerate high prices in your Bistro.

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Your Bistro can work at Day, Night or inbetween. It’s your choice!

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The Menu comes with this Oven, it’s just not listed as an official item since one without other can’t work.

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The Venue

Business as Usual Bistro is an amazing place to not just try out new food, but to hang out with your friends and family, and maybe even get a couple of drinks upstairs.

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