The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack: New Information Found in Code

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The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack: New Information Found in Code

The latest update for The Sims 4 introduces new information about the upcoming Vampires Game Pack to the XML code.

The tuning resource “ui.ui_tuning” contains all the loading screen strings:

  • Don’t let your Vampire get a sunburn. Trust us!
  • There are ways to tame Vampire thirst without drinking from Sims.
  • Study up on Vampire Lore to find out more about the ancient ones.
  • Vampires can turn into bats. Loveable, cuddly bats.
  • All windows come with UV protection so vampires are safe indoors!
  • Search the paths of Forgotten Hollow for a chance of finding a rare Plasma Fruit.
  • Vampires LOVE the short days in Forgotten Hollow. Other Sims, not so much.
  • Vampires gain experience, rank up, and unlock more powers.
  • Interactions with bat icons are related to Vampires.
  • Vampires take on weaknesses as they rank up. Choose wisely.
  • Vampires reveal their Dark Form when drinking from Sims.
  • Search the midnight streets of Forgotten Hollow for a Vampire BFF!
  • Pour a cup of coffee and stay up late. Vampires are called Nightwalkers for a reason.
  • Becoming a Vampire can mean enduring multiple days of unusual ailments.

There are also various other tidbits:

  • The two perk types are “Powers” and “Weaknesses” – the amount of powers you can purchase is limited by the number of weaknesses, so in order to get all the powers you want, you’ll need to balance them out with weaknesses.
    • One such weakness is that vampires will only be able to sleep in coffins.
    • There are several mind-control powers, although it’s not currently known what these are.
  • All perk sub-categories point to the same identical text string (** DEBUG **) which suggests either sub-categories have been scrapped, or the code for defining them has been moved somewhere else.
  • Vampire bats can WooHoo and Try for Baby. Furthermore, the game keeps track of pregnancies that occur by bats, suggesting there’s special functionality attached.
  • As mentioned in the loading screen strings, there is a new “Vampire Lore” skill. The skill is 10 levels, but it increases very fast – faster than Minor and Child skills, but not as fast as Toddler skills.
  • There is an entire aspiration category for vampires. This isn’t a general “Occult” category – it’s specific to Vampires.
  • There are three new lot traits, Vampire Nexus, Registered Vampire Lair and On A Dark Ley Line. Vampire Nexus causes Vampires to spawn on the lot more often, whereas Vampire Lair causes Sims living on the lot to receive occasional gifts.
    • The description for the Vampire Lair trait is as follows: “The lot registers as a vampire lair. The League will send various gifts from time to time. Through the mail, no less. Even the immortals use the public mail service. Only available on home residences.”
    • “On A Dark Ley Line” – The dark energy here has a impact on all nocturnal activities. You can expect babies conceived here to require extra care while teething.

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