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If you’re looking for The Sims 4 cheats, you’ve come to the right place! Maybe you’re new to The Sims 4 and looking for some basic cheats to help you with your Sims’ motives, skills, or careers. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran in search of more advanced cheats. Either way, Sims Community has you covered! You’ll find the largest Sims 4 cheats resource right here on this page!

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The Sims 4 Cheats Resource

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How to Use Cheats (PC)

For most basic cheats, you’ll activate the cheats by opening up the cheat console and typing in a cheat code.

To open up the Cheats Console, press CTRL + Shift + C keyboard buttons!

  • The Cheat Console can be found on the upper left corner of your screen.
  • To copy-paste a cheat from this page, select the cheat, press CTRL + C on your keyboard and paste in the console using CTRL + V.
  • You apply the cheat by pressing ENTER.
  • The Cheat Console can be closed by pressing the ESCAPE keyboard button.

There are other Sims 4 cheats, commonly called debug or testing cheats, that require you to enable testingcheats. Doing so will open up more powerful cheat options, allowing you to SHIFT+Click various things in the game to bring up a number of debug cheat options. In some cases, certain cheat codes will only work with testingcheats enabled.

To enable these more advanced Sims 4 cheats, open up the cheat console and type in testingcheats true, then hit Enter.

How to Use Cheats (Console)

If you play The Sims 4 on console, many cheats will be locked behind the testingcheats true cheat. They will not be activated unless you input that cheat, first, and then confirm that you want to enable cheats. Using any cheat that requires the activation of testingcheats will permanently disable trophies and/or achievements on that save.

To open up the Cheats Console, press all four back triggers at the same time.

  • The Cheat Console can be found on the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Make sure to type the cheat exactly as it appears on our page into the cheat console.
  • You apply the cheat by pressing X (PS) or A (Xbox).
  • The Cheat Console can be closed by pressing all four back triggers at the same time again.

There are a handful of Sims 4 cheats that are safe to use on console without disabling trophies and/or achievements. These cheats do not require you to enable testingcheats in order to use them. Any cheats in this guide that are “console safe” will be indicated as such. However, all cheats in our guide that don’t require a mod can also be used on console if you are willing to activate testingcheats and disable your trophies/achievements to use them.

Basic Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

You’ll find all the Sims 4 cheats you could ever need right here on Sims Community! Just copy and paste or type in any of the cheats listed below into the cheat console and confirm to start cheating your way to success in The Sims 4!

Keep in mind that some of these cheat codes may require you to have testingcheats enabled before they will work. If any of these cheats are not working for you, try using this cheat first.

testingcheats true/falseEnables certain cheats and debug options when pressing Shift on Keyboard + clicking on an object or a Sim. For console players, access these options by hovering over the Sim or object and pressing X+O (PS) or A+B (Xbox) at the same time.

Sims 4 Money Cheats

freerealestate true/falseMakes all homes free to purchase. Use true/false to turn this cheat on and off
kachingAdds $1,000 to the household funds
rosebudAdds $1,000 to the household funds. This cheat is more of an easter egg from past Sims games but it is also a working cheat.
motherlodeAdds $50,000 to the household funds
money [#]Sets the household funds to the desired amount. Any number between 0 and 9999999 can be used. Useful for rags to riches gameplay or for instantly maxing out the household funds.
sims.modify_funds [#]Adds the desired amount to the household funds
households.autopay_bills true/falseEnable or disable automatic payment of household bills
households.force_bills_dueMakes household bills due immediately
households.toggle_bill_notificationsToggles bill notifications on or off
bucks.update_bucks_by_amountAdds the specified number of bucks to the household. Bucks refers to non-simoleon currency like bits and pieces from Eco Lifestyle

For more info on these cheats, see our Sims 4 money cheat article.

School and Career Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

The following Sims 4 career cheats can be helpful in getting ahead in your Sim’s career or school life quickly. You can also use these cheats to demote your Sims.

careers.add_career [career]Adds the career to the selected Sim
careers.add_performanceImproves Sim’s work performance
careers.promote [career]Promotes the selected Sim to the next level of their career
careers.demote [career]Demotes the selected Sim to the previous level of their career. Using this cheat at level one of a career will get the Sim fired.
careers.retire [career]Retires the selected Sim from their career
careers.remove_careerQuit the selected Sim’s career

Full-Time Careers

For most careers in the game, you can just type the name of the career when using Sims 4 cheats for them. However, there are some careers that use a different name for cheats than what is shown in-game. Here’s a list of all those careers.

Any careers not listed can be written the same way they appear in-game when using cheats for them.

CareerCheat Code
Freelance Artistadult_freelancer_artist
Freelance Makeradult_freelancer_maker
Freelance Programmeradult_freelancer_agency_programmer
Freelance Writeradult_freelancer_agency_writer
Freelance Fashion PhotographercareerTracks_Freelancer_Fashion_Photographer
Freelance Paranormal InvestigatorcareerTracks_Freelancer_ParanormalInvestigator
Interior Designerdeco
Style InfluencerInfluencer

Part-Time Careers

Part-time careers use the same career cheats, although most of the specific part-time career names have PartTime_ at the beginning of its name.

CareerCheat Code
Fast Food EmployeePartTime_FastFood
Manual LabourerPartTime_Manual
Retail EmployeePartTime_Retail
Simfluencer (Teens)Teen_SimsfluencerSideHustle
Simfluencer (Adults)PartTime_SimsfluencerSideHustle
Video Game Streamer (Teens)Teen_StreamerSideHustle
Video Game Streamer (Adults)PartTime_StreamerSideHustle

School and After-School Activities

School and after-school activities use the same career cheats as any other career. Here are all the unique career names across grade school, high school, and university.

School/After-School ActivityCheat Code
Grade Schoolgradeschool
High Schoolhighschool
Cheer Teamhsteam_cheerteam
Chess Teamhsteam_chessteam
Computer Teamhsteam_computerteam
Drama Clubdramaclub
E-Sports Competitorcareer_volunteer_E-Sports
Football Teamhsteam_footballteam
Soccer Teamcareers_volunteer_SoccerTeam

Sims 4 Skill Cheats

TS4 PE SKILLS 03b 001b

You can use the following Sims 4 skill cheat to set your Sim’s skill to the desired level. Skills in The Sims 4 can be major or minor skills. Major skills are full 10-level skills. Minor skills are 5-level skills.

stats.set_skill_level [Skill Name] [X]Sets the skill of the selected Sim to the desired level

Teen-Elder Skills

In order to use the above skill cheat, you’ll need to know the name of the skill and whether it’s a major or minor skill. We have the full list of skills below for you. Simply replace [Skill Name] with the below code for that skill. Then replace X with a number between 1-10 for Major skills or 1-5 for Minor skills.

SkillMax LevelSkill Code
DJ Mixing10Major_DJ
Flower Arranging10AdultMajor_FlowerArranging
Gourmet Cooking10Major_GourmetCooking
Horse Riding10Major_HorseRiding
Juice Fizzing5AdultMinor_JuiceFizzing
Media Production5Minor_Media
Nectar Making5Minor_NectarMaking
Pet Training5Skill_Dog
Pipe Organ10Major_PipeOrgan
Research & Debate10Major_ResearchDebate
Rock Climbing10Major_RockClimbing
Rocket Science10Major_RocketScience
Selvadoradian Culture5Minor_LocalCulture
Vampire Lore15VampireLore
Video Games10Major_VideoGaming

Child Skills

Child SkillMax LevelSkill Code

Toddler Skills

Toddler SkillMax LevelSkill Code

All Build/Buy Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

These Sims 4 build cheats will open up new options for you while building and give you greater freedom and control while designing your builds.

All of the following Sims 4 cheats can be used on console without disabling trophies/achievements.

bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlementUnlocks all objects in the Build/Buy catalogue locked behind gameplay, such as career and social event rewards
bb.moveobjects on/offAllows you to place objects without any limitations.
bb.showhiddenobjectsShows hidden items in the Build/Buy catalogue such as collectibles and books
bb.showliveeditobjectsShows hidden items in the Build/Buy catalogue that the devs use to decorate worlds, such as vehicles, building shells, and other miscellaneous décor. Must be activated after activating showhiddenobjects.
bb.enablefreebuildAllows the player to build on lots you ordinarily can’t, such as the Get To Work career lots and secret lots. This cheat has some limitations. For example, this cheat does not unlock the Secret Lab in StrangerVille for building.

There are some additional hot key commands that open up in build mode with the moveobjects cheat activated.

PC Hot KeysConsole ButtonsEffect
0 and 9 keysL2 and R2 + Up and Down Directional Buttons (PS)
Both Back Triggers + Up and Down Directional Buttons (Xbox)
Allows you to adjust the elevation of an object
[ and ] keysL2 and R2 + Left and Right Directional Buttons (PS)
Both Back Triggers + Left and Right Directional Buttons (Xbox)
Allows you to scale an object (make it bigger or smaller)

All CAS Cheats


You can use the following Sims 4 cheat codes to give you more freedom designing Sims and pets in CAS. Unlock locked CAS items, freeze Sims in place to prevent them from moving while you’re editing them, and more!

All of the following Sims 4 cheats can be used on console without disabling trophies/achievements.

cas.fulleditmodeAllows you to change physical features, traits, and gender settings of pre-existing Sims in CAS. This cheat must be used before entering CAS.
casclockspeed [0–10]Lets you decide how slow or fast will Sims move in Create A Sim. 1 is normal speed. Setting it to 0 will freeze Sims and pets in place. Very helpful for editing occults with annoyingly frequent animations.
cas.unlockbytag [pack abbreviation]Unlocks certain items in the CAS catalogue that are locked behind gameplay for a specific pack, such as the knitted clothes from Nifty Knitting. You can also just use cas.unlockbytag without a pack abbreviation to unlock everything.
sims.modify_career_outfit_in_casTakes you directly to CAS and allows you to customise your Sim’s career outfit. Incredibly useful for fixing those atrocious Style Influencer outfits!

Pack Abbreviations

You can use the following pack abbreviations with the cas.unlockbytag cheat to specify which pack you want to unlock the items for.

Not all packs listed have locked CAS items; however, it is still helpful to have the abbreviations for all packs in an easy-to-find location. They can be used to disable packs in the EA App without having to uninstall them and can be useful for modders to know as well.

Get To WorkEP01
Get TogetherEP02
City LivingEP03
Cats and DogsEP04
Get FamousEP06
Island LivingEP07
Discover UniversityEP08
Eco LifestyleEP09
Snowy EscapeEP10
Cottage LivingEP11
High School YearsEP12
Growing TogetherEP13
Horse RanchEP14
Game Packs
Outdoor RetreatGP01
Spa DayGP02
Dine OutGP03
Jungle AdventureGP06
Realm of MagicGP08
Star Wars: Journey to BatuuGP09
Dream Home DecoratorGP10
My Wedding StoriesGP11
Stuff Packs
Luxury Party StuffSP01
Perfect Patio StuffSP02
Cool Kitchen StuffSP03
Spooky StuffSP04
Movie Hangout StuffSP05
Romantic Garden StuffSP06
Kids Room StuffSP07
Backyard StuffSP08
Vintage Glamour StuffSP09
Bowling Night StuffSP10
Fitness StuffSP11
Toddler StuffSP12
Laundry Day StuffSP13
My First Pet StuffSP14
Moschino StuffSP15
Tiny Living StuffSP16
Nifty Knitting StuffSP17
Paranormal StuffSP18
Throwback FitSP20
Country KitchenSP21
Bust the DustSP22
Courtyard OasisSP23
Fashion StreetSP24
Industrial LoftSP25
Incheon ArrivalsSP26
Modern MenswearSP28
Blooming RoomsSP29
Carnaval StreetwearSP30
Decor to the MaxSP31
Moonlight ChicSP32
Little CampersSP33
First FitsSP34
Desert LuxeSP35
Pastel PopSP36
Everyday ClutterSP37
Simtimates CollectionSP38
Bathroom ClutterSP39
Greenhouse HavenSP40
Basement TreasuresSP41
Grunge RevivalSP42
Book NookSP43

UI Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

Sometimes, you may want to tweak how things look in your game. For storytellers, things like hover effects and the plumbob can get in the way of a good shot and become a nuisance to work around. These Sims 4 cheats will solve that problem for you!

All of the following Sims 4 cheats can be used on console without disabling trophies/achievements.

headlineeffects on/offShows/hides the plumbob, skill bar, tooltips, and thought/speech bubbles. This cheat also disables animal status tooltips so if you own rodents or livestock, don’t leave headline effects off for too long or you won’t see if your animals need to be cared for.
hovereffects on/offShows/hides the white outline around Sims and objects when you hover your mouse cursor over them.

Live Mode Cheats

weddingstorybabs 1

There are plenty of miscellaneous Live Mode cheats players might find helpful. These Sims 4 cheats will allow you to enable or disable death in your game, equip or remove traits from your Sims, reset stuck Sims, and more!

Sims 4 cheats marked with a * can be used on console without disabling trophies/achievements.

matchspeedstereo on/off *Lets you decide if you want the stereo music to match with the game time speed or not. This can also be done through the Game Options.
resetsim [FirstName] [LastName] *Resets your Sim to a default state. This cheat is very useful when your Sims become stuck or unplayable for any reason.
fullscreentoggle *Toggles full screen mode on and off
fps on/off *Toggles FPS display in the top right corner
help *Provides a list of common cheats
ui.dialog.auto_respondExits out of a dialogue or automatically selects a choice when prompted with a dialogue box
crafting.shorten_phasesCraft objects faster, such as paintings, sculptures, books, etc.
sims.remove_all_buffsRemoves all moodlets from the selected Sim
sims.spawnsimple[#]Spawns the desired number of Sims on the lot. Spawning high numbers of Sims is NOT recommended.
objects.consumables_infinite_toggleMakes one-time use consumables (like potions) infinite

How to Use Trait Cheats

You can add or remove almost any trait in the game with the following two Sims 4 cheats.

These Sims 4 cheats can be used on console without disabling trophies/achievements.

traits.equip_trait trait_[TraitName]Adds a trait of your choosing to the active Sim.
traits.remove_trait trait_[TraitName]Removes a trait of your choosing from the active Sim.

Trait List

Most traits can be used with the above cheats just by typing trait_TraitName exactly as the trait appears in-game, just without any spaces. For example, if you wanted to add the Family Oriented trait to your Sim, you would use traits.equip_trait trait_FamilyOriented with trait_FamilyOriented being the name of the trait.

However, there are some traits in the game with cheat codes that differ from the name that appears in-game. We have all of those traits listed for you here. If a trait does not appear on this list, it means that it can be typed exactly as it appears in-game using the trait_ prefix.

Have a trait that’s not working as-is for you and you think it should be added to this list? Let us know!

Trait NameCheat Code
Business SavvyBusiness_Savvy
High MetabolismHigh_Metabolism
Child of the IslandsIslandAncestors
Quick LearnerQuick_Learner
Heat ProofBurningMan
Ice ProofIceMan
Morning SimMorningPerson
Natural LeaderClubPresident
Long LivedLongevity
Role ModelSuperParent_RoleModel
I Am The MasterTheMaster
A True MasterTrueMaster
Uncontrolled EmotionsUncontrolled
Infectedstrangerville_infected (do not use the trait_ prefix for this one)
strangerville_vaccinated (to cure them – do not use trait_ prefix)
Master of the SeaFriendOfTheSea
Sulani ManaHidden_IslandAncestor_Elemental
Laid BackBeachBum_LaidBack
Muse of the MakerMasterMaker
Influential IndividualNature_InfluentialIndividual
Eco MasterEco_Master
Master CrafterMakerNPC
Legendary StaminaCorporateWorker_LegendaryStamina
Charismatic CroonerCorporateWorker_CharismaticCrooner
Nature ConservationalistNature_Country
Museum PatronArchaeology
Treasure HunterJungleExplorer

Cheat Aspirations

If you’d like a helping hand completing your Sim’s current aspiration or purchasing rewards, these Sims 4 cheats will help you do that.

aspirations.complete_current_milestoneCompletes the current milestone for the active Sim
aspirations.complete_objectiveCompletes the next unfinished goal for the active Sim’s current milestone
aspirations.complete_aspirationCompletes the aspiration for the active Sim
sims.give_satisfaction_points [#]Gives the active Sim the desired number of satisfaction points

Sims 4 Relationship Cheats


Players who want to easily change how two Sims feel about each other can do so with this Sims 4 relationship cheat. Type in modifyrelationship followed by your Sim’s full name and the target Sim’s full name, the number you would like to change their relationship to, then LTR_Friendship_Main or LTR_Romance_Main, depending on whether you want to change the friendship or romance level of those two Sims.

For example, if you wanted to make Johnny Zest best friends with his younger brother, Malcolm Landgraab, the cheat code would look like this: modifyrelationship Johnny Zest Malcolm Landgraab 100 LTR_Friendship_Main

modifyrelationship [YourSimFirstName] [YourSimLastName] [TargetSimFirstName] [TargetSimLastName] [X] LTR_Friendship_MainChanges the friendship level between two Sims. X stands for a number between -100 and 100, with -100 being despised and 100 being true friends. 0 is a neutral friendship.
modifyrelationship [YourSimFirstName] [YourSimLastName] [TargetSimFirstName] [TargetSimLastName] [X] LTR_Romance_MainChanges the romantic relationship between two Sims. X stands for a number between -100 and 100, with -100 being despised and 100 being true love. 0 is a neutral romantic relationship.
relationships.create_friends_for_simCreates a new Sim that is already friends with the selected Sim
relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_othersInstantly introduces the active Sim to all Sims. May freeze the game for several minutes.

How to Cheat Your Sim’s Motives

While there are many ways to cheat your Sim’s motives, there are also cheat codes you can use to instantly fill your Sim’s motives when they get too low.

fillmotive motive_energyRefills Sim’s Energy Motive
fillmotive motive_funRefills Sim’s Fun Motive
fillmotive motive_hungerRefills Sim’s Hunger Motive
fillmotive motive_hygieneRefills Sim’s Hygiene Motive
fillmotive motive_socialRefills Sim’s Social Motive
fillmotive motive_bladderRefills Sim’s Bladder Motive
sims.fill_all_commoditiesRefills All Sim’s Motives
stats.fill_commodities_householdRefills all motives for all Sims in the household
fillmotive motive_toddler_attentionFor toddlers only. Refills the Attention motive.

Sims 4 Death Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

The following Sims 4 cheats will help you trigger or avoid death for your Sims.

death.toggle true/falseEnable or disable death in your save
sims.add_buff GhostlyIntroduce your Sim into a ghost temporarily. The moodlet lasts 4 in-game hours.
stat commodity_Vampire_SunExposure -100Kills vampire Sims from sunlight. Has no effect on non-vampires.
Sims.add_buff Buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_WarningMakes Sims Dangerously Exhausted which will kill them shortly
Sims.add_buff Buff_MortifiedMakes your Sim Mortified. Takes some time to kill them.
Sims.add_buff Buff_Motives_Hunger_StarvingStarves your Sim. May take up to 24 hours to cause death.
Sims.add_buff Buff_Death_Electrocution_WarningGives your Sim the Fried moodlet. If they get electrocuted again with this moodlet active, they’ll die.
Sims.add_buff Buff_EnragedMakes your Sim Enraged. Takes some time to kill them
Sims.add_buff Buff_HystericalMakes your Sim Hysterical. Takes some time to kill them

The following Sims 4 death cheats are essentially trait cheats, so these Sims 4 cheats can be used on console without disabling trophies/achievements. To kill a Sim a specific way, just add that death type trait to them using the same traits.equip_trait trait_TraitName cheat that you would use to add any other trait in the game to your active Sim.

Here are the trait names for all the different death types. Remember to add the trait_ prefix to them when using them in cheats.

Trait NameDeath Type
Ghost_LightningDeath by Lightning
Ghost_DrownDeath by Drowning
Ghost_AnimalObjects_KillerRabbitDeath by Killer Rabbit
Ghost_UrbanMythDeath by Urban Myth
Ghost_HungerDeath by Starvation
Ghost_SteamDeath by Sauna
Ghost_WitchOverloadDeath by Spellcaster Overload (Spellcasters Only)
Ghost_ClimbingRouteDeath by Falling
Ghost_MotherPlantConsumed by Mother Plant
Ghost_PufferfishDeath by Pufferfish Poisoning
Ghost_Rodent_DiseaseDeath by Rabid Rodent Fever
Ghost_StinkBombDeath by Stink Bomb
Ghost_AnimalObjects_KillerChickenDeath by Killer Chicken
Ghost_EmbarrassmentDeath by Mortification
Ghost_AngerCardiac Explosion
Ghost_ElectrocutionDeath by Electrocution
Ghost_DeathFlowerDeath by Death Flower
Ghost_VendingMachineCrushed by Vending Machine
Ghost_FireDeath by Fire
Ghost_CowplantEaten by Cowplant
Ghost_LaughterDeath by Laughter
Ghost_PoisonDeath by Poison
Ghost_MeteoriteDeath by Meteorite
Ghost_FrozenDeath by Freezing
Ghost_OldAgeDeath by Old Age
Ghost_FliesDeath by Flies
Ghost_OverheatDeath by Heatstroke
Ghost_MurphyBedCrushed by Murphy Bed
Ghost_ElderExhaustionDeath by Overexertion
Ghost_Vampire_SunDeath by Sunlight (Vampires Only)
Ghost_BeetleBeetlejuice (easter egg from the film Beetlejuice)

Unlock More Cheats with a Mod


Many cheats were disabled by the developers and no longer work without using a mod to re-enable them. This means that these cheats are, unfortunately, not available for console players. For PC players who want to use mods, you will need the All Cheats Unlocked Mod by TwistedMexi in order to use these. If you are new to using mods and CC and need help with installing mods, check out our beginner’s guide!

How to Get Sim ID

Most of these disabled cheats can’t be used without a Sim ID. Every Sim has a unique 18-digit identification number. Use the following cheat code to get the ID number. Replace SimFirstName and SimLastName with your Sim’s first and last name, of course.

Sims.Get_Sim_ID_By_Name SimFirstName SimLastNameGenerates the Sim’s unique 18-digit identification number

You will get an 18-digit identification number for your Sim displayed in the cheat console bar. Make sure to write this ID number down very carefully! Double check each and every number. If you have one number incorrect, cheats that require a Sim ID will not work.

Once you have the ID numbers for your Sims and verified that they are all correct, you can use them with the following cheats.

Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

These Sims 4 pregnancy cheats will give you more control over your expecting Sims for a quick and easy birth!

Pregnancy.Force_Offspring_Count SIMID #Determines the number of babies the selected pregnant Sim will have. Use the pregnant Sim’s ID number and a number between 1 and 3 for a singleton, twins, or triplets.
sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester1Puts the selected pregnant Sim in the first trimester of pregnancy. Using this on non-pregnant Sims creates a “fake” pregnancy.
sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester2Puts the selected pregnant Sim in the second trimester of pregnancy. Using this on non-pregnant Sims creates a “fake” pregnancy.
sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester3Puts the selected pregnant Sim in the third trimester of pregnancy. Using this on non-pregnant Sims creates a “fake” pregnancy.
sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_inlaborPuts the selected pregnant Sim in labour. Using this on non-pregnant Sims causes them to have a “fake” birth.
pregnancy.clearImmediately ends a Sim’s pregnancy

Emotion Cheats

The Sims 4  New Emotions Official Gameplay Trailer 094

Assuming you have the All Cheats Unlocked mod installed, you can use the following cheats to give your Sims specific moodlets to put them in a certain emotion. Depending on your Sim’s other moodlets, these moodlets may or may not be powerful enough to override other emotions.

sims.add_buff EnergizedHighGives the selected Sim an Energized moodletNo
sims.add_buff FlirtyLow / FlirtyHighGives the selected Sim a Flirty moodlet. FlirtyHigh is a stronger moodlet than FlirtyLowNo
sims.add_buff InspiredLow / InspiredHighGives the selected Sim an Inspired moodlet. InspiredHigh is a stronger moodlet than InspiredLowNo
sims.add_buff FocusedLow / FocusedHighGives the selected Sim a Focused moodlet. FocusedHigh is a stronger moodlet than FocusedLowNo
sims.add_buff PlayfulLow / PlayfulHighGives the selected Sim a Playful moodlet. PlayfulHigh is a stronger moodlet than PlayfulLowNo
sims.add_buff SadLow / SadHighGives the selected Sim a Sad moodlet. SadHigh is a stronger moodlet than SadLowNo
sims.add_buff Social_Angry / e_Buff_Angry / FeelingAngry / UnfaithfulGives the selected Sim an Angry moodletYes
sims.add_buff Social_Happy / e_Buff_HappyGives the selected Sim a Happy moodletYes
sims.add_buff e_Buff_UncomfortableGives the selected Sim an Uncomfortable moodletNo
sims.add_buff e_Buff_Embarrassed / PeedSelfGives the selected Sim an Embarrassed moodletYes

More Advanced Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

If you want even more advanced cheats, we’ve got you covered! The All Cheats Unlocked Mod unlocks a dizzying number of advanced cheats for players to use. Many of these cheats require Household and Object IDs which we’ll show you how to find yourself before getting into the full cheat list!

How to Find a Household ID in The Sims 4

You may come across certain cheats that require a unique object ID number or a unique household ID number. Here’s how to find those numbers. Keep in mind that cheats requiring ID numbers are very advanced cheats, recommended for experienced computer users only. If you are having trouble with these cheats, there are plenty of easier ways to do whatever it is you are trying to do, whether through normal gameplay or simpler cheats.

You can find a household ID by using the following cheats.

households.listLists all households in the save and their ID numbers
premade_household.list_premade_household_idsLists all premade households and their IDs. Useful if you want a premade household ID and don’t want to sift through all other households with the previous cheat

Find the household you’re looking for and make sure to record the ID for it somewhere exactly as it appears. Double check each and every number, because it’s easy to get a string of numbers mixed up.

How to Find an Object ID in The Sims 4

Finding an object ID is a bit more involved. You will have to install The Sims 4 Studio. Make a free account on the forum to access the download thread for it. Once S4S is installed, open it up and let it boot up all the files it needs.

Screenshot 3883

Then, press CTRL+SHIFT+C and in the bar that pops up, type object-preview. It may take a minute to load but a new window will pop up with all the objects in the game to browse through. To help narrow your search, you can filter by category or pack. You can also search for an object by name. If you’re looking for a debug object, check the Show Debug Items box.

Once you’ve found the object you’re looking for, click on it, then click the Warehouse tab and scroll down to Object Definition. If there are multiple Object Definition files listed, that’s fine. Just pick the first one you see.

Sims 4 cheats

Near the top on the right side of the window, you should see an Instance number. This instance number is your object ID. It will most likely be a long number with a lot of zeros such as 000000000000####. You don’t need to type out all the zeros. You can just type 0x#### when using this ID in cheats.

More Unlocked Cheats

Now that you know how to fetch Sim IDs, Household IDs, and Object IDs, you can start playing around with some really advanced cheats if you have the All Cheats unlocked mod. There are actually thousands of cheats within the game but many of them have no use for players. Others don’t work or crash the game. We’ve done our best to comb through the full list and pick out all the working cheats we can find that players might actually find useful in their games.

Some of the following cheats may make your game unstable. There is a reason why the developers disabled them and now require a mod to use. Always back up your saves and use with caution!

clock.advance_game_time [#] [#]Advances game time by: hour minute. Negative numbers can be used to reverse time.
clock.ignore_interaction_speed_change_requestsPrevents game events from stopping super speed 3.
debug.enable_woohoo [SIMID1] [SIMID2]Allows two Sims to WooHoo using their Sim IDs. Can be used to enable WooHoo with special NPCs like the Grim Reaper, Patchy, etc.
enables/disables fireEnables or disables fires on the lot
genealogy.generate_dynastyGenerates a family tree for the active Sim
inventory.purgeDeletes everything in the selected Sim’s inventory. Good for removing stuck items.
objects.reset [ObjectID]Resets the specified objects in zone
performance.print_census_reportPrints census info like how many vampires and ghosts are in world, and what age everyone is.
performance.trigger_npc_relationship_cullingCulls stale relationships
sims.age_downAges the Sim down to the previous life stage. May require a Sim ID. We don’t recommend using this. It’s easier and less buggy to use cas.fulleditmode and age a Sim down in CAS.
sims.age_upAges the Sim down to the next life stage. Will kill Elder Sims. May require a Sim ID. We don’t recommend using this. It’s easier and less buggy to use cas.fulleditmode and age a Sim up in CAS.
sims.show_buffsLists all moodlets of the selected Sim
sims.teleportTeleports a Sim to location. May require Sim ID.
sims.teleport_instantlyInstantly teleports a Sim to location. May require a Sim ID.
situations.set_npc_soft_cap [#]Overrides the number of Sims allowed in a zone
traits.clear_traitsClears all traits of selected Sim
traits.show_traitsShows all the selected Sim’s traits
crafting.ingredients_required_toggleNo ingredients needed to craft things
households.disable_household_motive_decayDisable need decay for the household
households.disable_world_motive_decayDisable need decay for the world
households.enable_household_motive_decayEnable need decay for the household
households.enable_world_motive_decayEnable need decay for the world
households.fill_visible_commodities_householdRefill all needs for the household
households.fill_visible_commodities_worldRefill all needs for the world
objects.lock_all_doorsLocks all doors on a lot
objects.unlock_all_doorsUnlocks all doors on a lot
objects.set_as_headSets a specified object as the selected Sim’s head. Requires an object ID. We don’t know why this exists, either, apart from comedic value, perhaps?
objects.remove_object_set_as_headRemoves object from the selected Sim’s head.
objects.replace_with_randomReplaces specified object with another random object. Requires Object ID. A bit useless if you own the Get To Work pack and have access to an upgraded SimRay which will do the same thing.
relationship.test_marriageChecks for inappropriate marriages. Useful for generational saves where the family tree has become a little… too close for comfort…
sims.add_to_family [SIMID1] [SIMID2]Adds sim to family but is still capped at 8. Requires Sim ID of the Sim you want to move in followed by the Sim ID of a Sim in your household
achievements.reset_dataResets all achievement progress
autonomy.toggle_user_directed_interaction_full_autonomy_pingToggles autonomous multitasking on and off. Might possibly help with lag but not guaranteed to help this issue.
bb.forceexitKicks player out of Build/Buy. Only useful in instances where the player can’t leave Build/Buy due to game glitches.
camera.focus_on_positionMoves camera to position
camera.shakeShakes the camera
careers.list_careersLists all career names
careers.offer_assignmentsGives an employed Sim a new work assignment
careers.offer_specific_assignmentGives an employed Sim a specific career assignment
careers.show_early_warning_dialogShows the “starts in 1 hr” dialog for work.
carry.get_carried_objectsGets carried object ID and which hand it is in
clock.setgametimeSets current time in game
clubs.add_sim_to_clubAdds Sim to an existing club. May require a Sim ID
clubs.remove_sim_from_clubRemoves a Sim from a club. May require a Sim ID
death.kill_many_npcsImmediately kills as many NPCs as the game can find
debug.enable_wedding [SimID1] [SimID2]Sets the status of the two specified Sims to Engaged
debug.force_errorForces an error for an object. May require Object ID. Can sometimes be useful for deleting bugged objects but otherwise not useful.
debug.force_neighbors_homeForces all neighbours in a zone back to their homes
debug.toggle_initial_story_progressionDisables Neighbourhood Stories. This can also be done in the Game Options. We recommend doing that, instead.
door.recalculate_front_doorForces game to recalculate which door should be considered the front door.
door.set_front_door [Object ID]Sets the front door for a lot. Only use this if you can’t set it in Live Mode for whatever reason.
door.validate_front_doorTells you whether the lot has a front door set or not
environment_score.disableDisables environment effects. May help with poor game performance on low end computers but not a guaranteed fix.
environment_score.enableEnables environment effects
fire.alert_all_simsForces all Sims to acknowledge a fire
fire.killEnds all fires but will not extinguish Sims who are on fire
fire.singe_simToggles whether the selected Sim is singed or not
gardening.cleanup_gardening_objectsDeletes all gardening objects
genealogy.find_relation [SimID1] [SimID2]Displays the relationship status between the two specified Sims
greetings.make_all_sims_ungreetedRemoves the Greeted bit from all Sims in zone
greetings.make_sim_ungreeted [SimID]Removes the Greeted bit from the specified Sim
greetings.toggle_greeted_rel_bitEnables or disables the Greeted bit
households.get_value [Household ID]Displays the value of the specified lot
households.make_bills_delinquentDisables all utilities until bills are paid
households.pay_billsEnables all utilities without paying the bills
interactions.display_outcomesShows the outcome of the current interaction if there is one
interactions.make_passForces all interactions to be available
objects.clear_lotDeletes all objects on a lot
objects.clear_minorRemoves small objects like plates and cups
objects.set_opacity [Object ID]Set the opacity of an object
objects.set_visibility [Object ID]Make an object visible or invisible
occult.remove_occultRemoves occult type from the selected Sim
occult.switch_to_occult [#]Changes Sim’s occult type. 1=Human, 2=Alien, 4=Vampire, 8=Mermaid, 16=Spellcaster, 32=Werewolf
outfits.generate_outfitGenerates an outfit for the Sim
outfits.get_tagsGets the tags for an outfit. May be useful for figuring out the style of an outfit so you can set your Sim’s fashion preferences for it.
outfits.remove_outfitRemoves the outfit from the Sim
outfits.switch_outfit [0-9]Switches out of the current outfit to a new one, specified by a number between 1 and 9
pets.create_pet_with_breedCreates a stray pet of a specific breed
pets.post_alertPosts a missing pet alert
pets.return_pet [Household ID]Returns a runaway pet to the household.
puddles.createCreates a puddle
puddles.evaporate [Object ID]Evaporates the specified puddle
puddles.grow [Object ID]Increases the size of the specified puddle
relationship.add_knows_career [SimID1] [SimID2]Makes two Sims know each other’s careers
relationship.clearRemoves all relationships from the active Sim. Can also be used with a Sim ID to remove the relationships of another Sim
relationship.create [SimID1] [SimID2]Establishes a relationship between the two specified Sims
relationship.remove_bitRemoves relationship bits from Sims
relationship.remove_knows_career [SimID1] [SimID2]Removes knowledge of career from two specified Sims
retail.add_funds [#]Adds the specified number of retail funds to an owned retail business
service_npc.fake_perform_serviceInstantly performs services for any specified NPC Service type
sickness.clear_diagnosisCures sickness
sickness.distribute_sicknessesDistributes sickness
sims.age_add_progress [#]Adds the specified number of days to the Sim’s current age bar
sims.age_max_progressAges the Sim to their next birthday
sims.clear_all_statsRemoves all skills and stats from the active Sim
sims.destroy_all_household_sims_but_active_simDeletes every Sim in the save except for the active Sim
sims.focus_camera_on_simCenters camera on the active Sim
sims.interruptStops all interactions and resets Sims
sims.is_on_current_lotTells you whether a Sim is on the lot or not
sims.make_all_selectableMakes all Sims in the save selectable. NOT recommended. Likely to freeze/crash game.
sims.phase_upForces the active Sim to age up
sims.reset_allDoes a full reset of all Sims in the save
sims.reset_multipleResets Sims by their IDs
sims.reset_periodically true/falseResets all Sims every few seconds
sims.reset_random_sim_periodically true/falseResets a random Sim every few seconds
sims.route_instantlyInstantly teleports a Sim where the next animation should take place
sims.set_grubbyMakes the active Sim dirty
sims.set_handedness [SimID]Toggles between making the specified Sim right or left handed
sims.spawnmaxsims [#]Spawns the specified number of Sims in a zone. Anything above 20 is NOT recommended on low end computers
sims.toggle_random_spawningEnables or disables random Sims spawning
situations.advance_phaseAdvances the current situation to the next phase. Situations can be anything from social events, welcome wagons, stay overs, active careers/school, special NPC visits and more.
situations.complete_goalCompletes the next goal in a situation. Primarily social event goals.
situations.createCreates a situation. May need to type in situation name
situations.create_walkbyCreates a walkby situation, such as an NPC visit or a neighbour passing by on the lot
situations.create_with_predefined_guest_listCreates a situation with a random guest list
situations.destroyEnds the current situation
situations.destroy_all_situationsEnds all running situations
situations.resetResets the situation
situations.showLists all active situations
spawners.lot.enableEnables spawners on lot. Spawners are anything that generates another object, such as rocks containing collectibles.
spawners.lot.triggerMakes spawners spawn something
stats.add_to_stat [Motive] [0-100]Adds the specified amount to a Sim’s motive. For example, stats.add_to_stat Hunger 50
stats.clear_skillClears all a Sim’s skills
stats.fill_all_sim_commodities_except [Motive]Refills all motives except the motive specified
stats.randomize_motivesRandomly sets all motives
stats.remove_statRemoves a specified stat from a Sim
stats.set_commodity_percentSets a motive using a percentage
stats.show_statsShows all stats for the active Sim
stats.show_static_commoditiesShows all static motives for the active Sim. Static means unchanging/permanent.
stats.tank_commoditiesTanks all of the active Sim’s motives
traits.show_inherited_traitsShows the inherited traits of the active Sim
travel_groups.listLists Sims in a travel group
venues.clean_lotInstantly cleans a venue
venues.set_venueSets the venue type
venues.test_all_venuesTells you if the lot can become a venue
walkstyle.clearClears the Sim’s walk style
zone_modifier.remove_all_zone_modifiersRemoves all lot traits from a lot. Must save/reload for the changes to take effect.
zone_modifier.remove_zone_modifier [LotTrait]Removes a specified lot trait. Accepts the lot trait name.
adoption.remove_sim_info [SimID]Removes a Sim from adoption services
bucks.request_bucks_amountsLists all buck types and how much you have. Bucks are any non-Simoleon currency, like bits and pieces.
bucks.request_bucks_listLists all buck types
business.employee_demote [SimID]Demotes a retail or restaurant employee.
business.employee_fire [SimID]Fires a retail or restaurant employee
business.employee_hire [SimID] [EmployeeType]Make a specific Sim your employee
business.employee_promote [SimID]Promotes an employee
business.force_off_lot_updateForces an update about how your business is being run when you are not on the lot
business.push_active_sim_to_buy_businessForces the active Sim to buy a business
business.sell_lotSells the business
business.set_advertisingSet advertising for business
business.set_markupSet the price markup on business inventory
business.set_openOpens the business
business.set_qualitySets the level of your business
business.set_star_rating_value [1-5]Sets the star rating of a restaurant
business.show_balance_transfer_dialogBrings up the business funds transfer menu
business.show_employee_management_dialogBrings up the employee management menu
business.show_summary_dialogBrings up the business summary popup
careers.find_careerFinds a career for the active Sim
careers.leave_workForces the active Sim to leave work
careers.on_career_event_scoring_dialog_closeExits out of a work chance card
careers.send_to_workForces the active Sim to go to work
careers.stay_lateMakes the active Sim stay late at work
cas.modify_business_uniformTakes the player into CAS to modify owned business uniforms
cas.modify_mannequinModify a mannequin’s outfit
clock.setspeed [0-3]Sets the game clock speed. 0 pauses the game. 3 is super speed.
drama.show_festival_infoShows the info screen for the next festival
drama.travel_to_festival_zoneInstantly travel to any ongoing festivals
retail.toggle_for_sale_vfxToggles For Sale tags on retail businesses
sims.set_aging_enabled_option [0-1]Toggles aging for the household. 0 for off. 1 for on.
sims.set_aging_unplayed_sims [0-1]Toggles aging for inactive households. 0 for off. 1 for on.
sims.set_nextSelects the next playable Sim from left to right
sims.set_npc_repopulation [true/false]Repopulates the world with NPCs
sims.summon_sim_to_zoneForces a Sim to spawn in the current zone

How to Use SHIFT+Click Cheats

The following Sims 4 cheats can only be used after activating testingcheats in the cheat console. The main purpose of this cheat is to have the ability to bring up various advanced cheat options when clicking on Sims, objects, or the ground. However, some cheat codes require testingcheats to be on in order to work, too.

To enable testing cheats, type testingcheats true into the cheat console and hit Enter! Now you can SHIFT+Click on many items and Sims in the game to bring up lots of helpful cheats for them!

How to Use SHIFT+Click Cheats on Console

Console players can also use interaction cheats by using the testingcheats true cheat and hitting X (PS) or A (Xbox) on their controller to confirm the cheat.

To bring up interaction cheats, hover over the Sim, ground, or object you want to use cheats for and press X+O (PS) or A+B (Xbox) on your controller.

Be aware that using interaction cheats will permanently disable trophies/achievements on that save.

Interaction Cheats

Interaction Cheats are available by Shift + Clicking on objects and Sims once the player types in “testingcheats true” in the command console.


  • Reset Object – Resets Sim
  • Add to Family – Add the Sim to the current family
  • Cheat Motive > Make Happy – Sets all motives to full and sets Mood to Happy
  • Cheat Motive > Enable Motive Decay – Allows motives to change dynamically
  • Cheat Motive > Disable Motive Decay – Allows motives to remain static
  • Set as Head – Shift + Right Click object > Then click the pie menu for “set as head”
  • Modify in CAS – Allows editing of everything but name change and inherited traits


  • Reset Object – Resets Object
  • Make Dirty – Makes object dirty
  • Make Clean – makes object clean


  • Reset Object – resets Mailbox


  • Teleport Here – Teleports selected Sim as close to the clicked spot as possible

Pack Cheats

You’ll notice that we’ve included careers, skills, and traits from every pack in the skills and careers sections of our Sims 4 cheats guide. This is so you can find them all easily in the same place. However, there are some Sims 4 cheats that are very specific to a pack so we’ll have all those Sims 4 cheats listed here for you.

Get To Work Cheats

GTWRetail 0733

If you own a retail business, you might want some Sims 4 cheats to help you succeed in running it. Unlock business perks with these cheats!

Retail Perk Cheats

Make sure you have testingcheats active and a currently open retail business before using these cheats.

bucks.unlock_perk StorePlacard_1 trueUnlocks the Placard: My First Simoleon object
bucks.unlock_perk PedestalMimic trueUnlocks the Provocative Pedestal object
bucks.unlock_perk SignageMimic trueUnlocks the Stunning Sign object
bucks.unlock_perk RetailOutfit trueUnlocks the Snazzy Shirt retail outfit
bucks.unlock_perk RegisterMimic trueUnlocks the Register of Tomorrow object
bucks.unlock_perk DecreaseRestocking_Temporary trueUnlocks the Superfluous Surplus perk
bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_1 trueUnlocks the Additional Employee #1 perk
bucks.unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Small trueUnlocks the Faster Restocking #1 perk
bucks.unlock_perk CheckoutSpeed_Small trueUnlocks the Faster Checkouts #1 perk
bucks.unlock_perk StorePlacard_2 trueUnlocks the Placard: Fobbs 500 object
bucks.unlock_perk CustomerBrowseTime trueUnlocks the Curious Shopper perk
bucks.unlock_perk ImproveManagementSocials trueUnlocks the Mega Manager perk
bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_2 trueUnlocks the Additional Employee #2 perk
bucks.unlock_perk CustomerPurchaseIntent trueUnlocks the Serious Shopper perk
bucks.unlock_perk CheckoutSpeed_Large trueUnlocks the Faster Checkouts #2 perk
bucks.unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Large trueUnlocks the Faster Restocking #2 perk
bucks.unlock_perk SureSaleSocial trueUnlocks the Sure Sale perk
bucks.unlock_perk ImproveRetailSocials trueUnlocks the Slick Salesman perk
bucks.unlock_perk InstantRestock trueUnlocks the Instant Restocking perk
bucks.unlock_perk DescreaseRestockingCost trueUnlocks the Cheaper Restocking perk

Cats and Dogs Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

If you own the Cats & Dogs expansion pack, you might want some Sims 4 cheats to help you run your vet clinic or make friends with your pet. We can help you with that!

Vet Clinic Perk Cheats

Make sure you have testingcheats active and an open vet clinic before using these cheats.

bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalVet_1 trueUnlocks the Additional Vet #1 perk
bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalVet_2 trueUnlocks the Additional Vet #2 perk
bucks.unlock_perk SupplyQuality trueUnlocks the Vet Supply Quality perk
bucks.unlock_perk vetperks_MoreCustomers trueUnlocks the Vet Rush perk
bucks.unlock_perk vetperks_LengthenImpatienceTimeout trueUnlocks the Patient Patients perk
bucks.unlock_perk vetperks_LowerChanceBadEvents_Small trueUnlocks the Well Managed perk
bucks.unlock_perk vetperks_LowerEmployeeTrainingCost trueUnlocks the Lower Employee Training Costs perk
bucks.unlock_perk ReducePetStress trueUnlocks the Reduce Pet Stress perk
bucks.unlock_perk vetperks_InspirationalSpeechSocial trueUnlocks the Inspirational Speech perk
bucks.unlock_perk UnlockCASItem trueUnlocks the Vet Coat vet clinic outfit

Make Friends With Your Pet

If you want to become friends (or enemies) with your pet quickly, you can do that with Sims 4 cheats!

The relationship cheat for pets is similar to the Sim relationship Sims 4 cheats but the cheat is written slightly different.

modifyrelationship [SimFirstName] [SimLastName] [PetFirstName] [PetLastName] [X] LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_MainSets the relationship between a Sim and a cat or dog. Replace [X] with a value between -100 and 100

For example, if your Sim’s name is Jane Doe and their pet’s name is Cookie Doe and you want to make them best friends, the full cheat would be modifyrelationship Jane Doe Cookie Doe 100 LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_Main

Seasons Cheats

sims 4 seasons expansion pack

Tired of the current season and want to change it? No problem! These Sims 4 cheats will give you power over all the seasons!

How to Change the Season in Sims 4

seasons.set_season <3>Changes the season to Spring
seasons.set_season <0>Changes the season to Summer
seasons.set_season <1>Changes the season to Autumn
seasons.set_season <2>Changes the season to Winter
seasons.advance_seasonAdvances to the next season. Ex: If you are currently in Spring, this cheat will advance the season to Summer.

Change Season Length

You can easily change the season length through the Game Options menu; however, there are Sims 4 cheats that will do this for you as well.

seasons.set_season_length <0>Sets the season length to 7 days
seasons.set_season_length <1>Sets the season length to 14 days
seasons.set_season_length <3>Sets the season length to 28 days

Get Famous Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

Becoming a celebrity is hard, but Sims 4 cheats can make it easier! Control your fame points, perks, quirks, and public image all with the help of these Sims 4 cheats!

Add Fame Points

famepoints [X]Give your Sim fame points. Replace X with the desired number of fame points you want to give them

Fame Perk Cheats

The following Sims 4 cheats require a Sim ID. We show you how to get a Sim ID earlier in our guide so if you need a refresher, just use the Table of Contents to get to the Sim ID Sims 4 cheats.

bucks.unlock_perk AllNighter true 61441 [SimID]All Nighter
bucks.unlock_perk CareerHopper true 61441 [SimID]Career Hopper
bucks.unlock_perk CelebuSerum true 61441 [SimID]CelebuSerum
bucks.unlock_perk CorporatePartnership true 61441 [SimID]Corporate Partnership
bucks.unlock_perk EasyStreet true 61441 [SimID]Easy Street
bucks.unlock_perk EstablishedName true 61441 [SimID]Established Name
bucks.unlock_perk FanFavorite true 61441 [SimID]Fan Favourite
bucks.unlock_perk FeudBringer true 61441 [SimID]Feud Bringer
bucks.unlock_perk GivingBack true 61441 [SimID]Giving Back
bucks.unlock_perk Influencer true 61441 [SimID]Influencer
bucks.unlock_perk InstantBesties true 61441 [SimID]Instant Besties
bucks.unlock_perk LifestyleBrand true 61441 [SimID]Lifestyle Brand
bucks.unlock_perk Networking true 61441 [SimID]Networking
bucks.unlock_perk Noticeable true 61441 [SimID]Noticeable
bucks.unlock_perk PlayTheVillain true 61441 [SimID]Play the Villain
bucks.unlock_perk PRPerson true 61441 [SimID]PR Agency
bucks.unlock_perk GoodReputation_Rally true 61441 [SimID]Rally!
bucks.unlock_perk Squad true 61441 [SimID]Squad
bucks.unlock_perk StarTreatment true 61441 [SimID]Star Treatment
bucks.unlock_perk Trailblazer true 61441 [SimID]Trailblazer
bucks.unlock_perk WhosBad true 61441 [SimID]Who’s Bad

Choose Your Fame Quirks

You can’t control which fame quirks your celebrities get saddled with… unless you use Sims 4 cheats of course! These cheats can help you control which quirks your celebs have. These cheats also require a Sim ID.

bucks.unlock_perk ASeriousActor true 61442 [SimID]A Serious Actor
bucks.unlock_perk BrushesWithFame true 61442 [SimID]Brushes With Fame
bucks.unlock_perk EmotionBomb true 61442 [SimID]Emotion Bomb
bucks.unlock_perk FanMail true 61442 [SimID]Fan Mail
bucks.unlock_perk JuiceEnthusiast true 61442 [SimID]Juice Enthusiast
bucks.unlock_perk NoTouching true 61442 [SimID]No Touching
bucks.unlock_perk PaparazziDarling true 61442 [SimID]Paparazzi Darling
bucks.unlock_perk PhoneFanatic true 61442 [SimID]Phone Fanatic
bucks.unlock_perk PublicNumber true 61442 [SimID]Public Number
bucks.unlock_perk RefinedPalate true 61442 [SimID]Refined Palate
bucks.unlock_perk Quirks_Stan true 61442 [SimID]A Stan
bucks.unlock_perk VainStreet true 61442 [SimID]Vain Street

Cheat Your Reputation

The reputation system in Get Famous determines how well liked (or how hated) your Sims are, regardless of their celebrity status. If you want to influence your Sim’s reputation quickly and easily, there are Sims 4 cheats for that but they are interaction cheats that require testingcheats to be enabled.

With the testingcheats true cheat enabled, PC and Mac players can SHIFT+Click on their Sim to bring up cheat options. Look for the Set Reputation option and click on it to adjust your Sim’s reputation. It can go all the way from Pristine to Atrocious.

Console players can use these Sims 4 cheats too by hovering over their Sim and pressing X+O (PS) or A+B (Xbox) at the same time.

Island Living Cheats

sims 4 island living

In addition to career and trait cheats listed earlier in our guide, Island Living also has Sims 4 cheats to turn your Sim into a mermaid and cause volcanic eruptions!

Become a Mermaid in The Sims 4

These Sims 4 cheats will allow you to turn into a mermaid or stop being a mermaid. There is an additional cheat to change the Hydration need into the Hygiene need, too. If you’ve used Sims 4 cheats to stop being a mermaid but your Sim still has a Hydration need, using that cheat should fix it.

These Sims 4 cheats are essentially trait cheats so console players can use these cheats without disabling trophies/achievements.

traits.equip_trait trait_OccultMermaidTurn a human Sim into a mermaid
traits.remove_trait trait_OccultMermaidTurn a mermaid into a human Sim
traits.remove_trait trait_OccultMermaid_TYAERemoves the Hydration need and replaces it with the Hygiene need

Cheat a Volcanic Eruption

You need to be on a lot that has the Volcanic Activity lot trait for these Sims 4 cheats to work.

volcanic_eruption smallTriggers a small eruption
volcanic_eruption largeTriggers a large eruption

Discover University Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

There are lots of Sims 4 cheats for Discover University to give your Sims instant degrees or turn them into a servo. I wish I had these cheats in real life when I was getting my degree…

Cheat Your Sims 4 Degree

These Sims 4 cheats are essentially trait cheats so console players can use them without disabling trophies/achievements.

traits.equip_trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBAArt History (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBAHonorsArt History (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBSArt History (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBSHonorsArt History (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBA
Biology (Standard)
trait_University_BiologyDegreeBAHonorsBiology (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBSBiology (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBSHonorsBiology (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBACommunications (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBAHonorsCommunications (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBSCommunications (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBSHonorsCommunications (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBAComputer Science (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBAHonorsComputer Science (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBSComputer Science (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBSHonorsComputer Science (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBACulinary Arts (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBAHonorsCulinary Arts (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBSCulinary Arts (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBSHonorsCulinary Arts (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBADrama (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBAHonorsDrama (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBSDrama (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBSHonorsDrama (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBAEconomics (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBAHonorsEconomics (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBSEconomics (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBSHonorsEconomics (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBAFine Arts (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBAHonorsFine Arts (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBSFine Arts (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBSHonorsFine Arts (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBAHistory (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBAHonorsHistory (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBSHistory (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBSHonorsHistory (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBALanguage & Literature (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBAHonorsLanguage & Literature (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBSLanguage & Literature (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBSHonorsLanguage & Literature (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBAPhysics (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBAHonorsPhysics (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBSPhysics (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBSHonorsPhysics (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBAPsychology (Standard)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBAHonorsPsychology (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBSPsychology (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBSHonorsPsychology (Distinguished with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBA
Villainy (Standard)
trait_University_VillainyDegreeBAHonorsVillainy (Standard with Honours)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBSVillainy (Distinguished)
traits.equip_trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBSHonorsVillainy (Distinguished with Honours)

Become a Servo in The Sims 4

Ordinarily, you can’t become a servo. A Sim has to create one at a robotics table and then bring it to life, but that’s why we love Sims 4 cheats! All things are possible with Sims 4 cheats, including becoming a servo!

These Sims 4 cheats are trait cheats which means console players can use them without disabling trophies/achievements.

traits.equip_trait trait_Humanoid_Robots_MainTraitTurn a human Sim into a Servo
traits.remove_trait trait_Humanoid_Robots_MainTraitTurn a Servo into a human Sim

Eco Lifestyle Cheats


Eco Lifestyle is a unique pack with plenty of unique Sims 4 cheats, including cheats to change the eco footprint.

Change Eco Footprint in The Sims 4

You will need to activate the testingcheats true cheat first in order for these Sims 4 cheats to work.

eco_footprint.set_eco_footprint_state 0Gives the neighbourhood a Green Eco Footprint
eco_footprint.set_eco_footprint_state 1Gives the neighbourhood a Neutral Eco Footprint
eco_footprint.set_eco_footprint_state 2Gives the neighbourhood an Industrial Eco Footprint

Change the Neighborhood Action Plan (NAP)

First, enable the testingcheats true cheat. Once Sims 4 cheats are enabled, you can SHIFT+Click any voting board or your Sim’s mailbox if you play on PC. If you play on console, hover over the board or mailbox and press X+O (PS) or A+B (Xbox).

  • Choose Instant Enact to immediately enact any NAP you want
  • Choose Instant Repeal to immediately remove any currently active NAP you don’t want

How to Cheat Influence Points

You can easily add influence points to your Sim by using Sims 4 cheats. Enable testingcheats true. Once Sims 4 cheats are enabled, you can SHIFT+Click any voting board or your Sim’s mailbox if you play on PC. If you play on console, hover over the board or mailbox and press X+O (PS) or A+B (Xbox).

  • Choose Give Sim Influence to get +15 influence points. You can click this as many times as you want until you have the desired amount of influence points.

Cheat to Get Bits and Pieces

We’ve shared some cheat codes with you in this Sims 4 cheats guide that can be used to add bits and pieces to your household but there is a much easier way to get bits and pieces.

As usual, enable testingcheats true and SHIFT+ Click or press X+O / A+B on a recycling machine.

  • Choose Give Bits and Pieces and you’ll get 50 Bits and 50 Pieces. You can click this as many times as you want to get as many bits and pieces as you want.

Community Space Cheats

Each neighbourhood in Evergreen Harbour has a community space that can become a Maker Space, Community Garden, or a Marketplace if enough Sims vote on it, but there are Sims 4 cheats that will allow you to instantly make the community space whatever you want.

As usual, to use these Sims 4 cheats, enable testingcheats true and Shift+Click or press X+O / A+B on a voting board or mailbox.

  • Choose Instant Enact Community Space Project to change the community space to whatever you like!

Snowy Escape Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

Snowy Escape has lots of Sims 4 cheats to help you add or remove lifestyles and more. The best part is, these are all, effectively, trait cheats so you know what that means: console players can use these cheats without disabling trophies/achievements!

How to Cheat Lifestyles

Since these are trait cheats, you’ll already know how these work. To add any one of these lifestyles, open the cheat console and type in traits.equip_trait trait_LifestyleName. To remove a lifestyle, use traits.remove_trait trait_LifestyleName.

LifestyleCheat Name
Adrenaline SeekerLifestyles_AdrenalineSeeker
Close KnitLifestyles_CloseKnit
Coffee FanaticLifestyles_CoffeeFanatic
Frequent TravelerLifestyles_FrequentTraveler
Health Food NutLifestyles_HealthFoodNut
Hungry For LoveLifestyles_HungryForLove
Junk Food FiendLifestyles_JunkFoodDevourer
People PersonLifestyles_Networker
Single and Lovin’ ItLifestyles_NoNeedForRomance

Mountain Excursion Cheats

Sims are rewarded for attempting to reach the summit of Mt. Komorebi on a mountain excursion with some unique perk traits but if you want to skip all that, you can with these Sims 4 cheats.

Again, these are trait cheats so console players can use them without disabling trophies/achievements. To add any of these mountain excursion traits to your Sim, open the cheat console and use traits.equip_trait trait_MountainExcursionName. To remove it, use traits.remove_trait trait_MountainExcursionName.

Trait NameDescription
excursion_mountaineer_rank1Reward your Sim for attempting to climb Mt. Komorebi but didn’t make it to the top
excursion_mountaineer_rank2Reward your Sim for reaching the top of Mt. Komorebi at bronze or silver level
excursion_mountaineer_rank3Reward your Sim for reaching the top of Mt. Komorebi at gold level

Cottage Living Cheats

ep11screen 91

Cottage Living has so many cheats, many of them relating to animal care and animal byproducts. This expansion contains lots of cool cheats to help getting certain animal items and caring for your animals a lot easier.

Cottage Living Animal Cheats

You can do so many things with Sims 4 cheats when it comes to your livestock and wild animals, but you will need to enable testingcheats true because these are interaction cheats. You use them by SHIFT+Clicking or pressing X+O / A+B on various objects.

With testingcheats true enabled, SHIFT+Click or press X+O / A+B on any of the following objects to bring up multiple debug cheat interactions.

Livestock (Cows, Llamas, Chickens)

  • Get All Animal Clothes: Available on all animals. Immediately puts one of every animal clothing item in your Sim’s inventory.
  • Create All Feed Recipes in Inventory: Available on all animals. Puts one of every treat type in your Sim’s inventory.
  • Cheat Outcomes: Available on all animals. Set whether you want all social interactions with that animal to succeed or fail.
  • Create Wool in Inventory: Puts one of every colour wool in your Sim’s inventory.
  • Cheat Relationship: Cheat your Sim’s relationship level with that animal. You can set it to min friendship (makes the animal hate you), max friendship (maxes out the relationship bar), set relationship to almost friend, and make friend.
  • Unlock Animal Homes: Unlocks the wild bird and wild rabbit stumps in Build/Buy for you to place on your lot. They can also be unlocked with the bb.ignoregameplayunlocksenetitlement cheat, which can be used on console without disabling trophies/achievements.

Wild Animals (Birds, Rabbits, Foxes)

  • Discover All Gift Preferences: Makes your Sim know which gifts that animal likes, dislikes, and loves.
  • Take Gift Cooldown: Toggle the cooldown for getting gifts from wild animals on or off
  • Gift Preferences Cooldown: Toggle the cooldown for asking about gift preferences on or off
  • Gardening Help: Toggle whether or not birds and rabbits will help you in the garden. Rabbits eat weeds and birds eat bugs.
  • Old Age (Foxes Only): Immediately causes a wild fox to die from old age. Useful for quickly getting rid of the pests. Wild foxes will kill rabbits and chickens and steal eggs so they are generally an unwanted nuisance.
  • Controller State (Birds Only): Set what the flock of birds is currently doing. You can choose between away, idle, hidden, sleep, sing, and socializing. Useful for waking up a sleeping flock of birds so you can interact with them.

Chicken Coop

  • Make Dirty: Makes the chicken coop dirty.
  • Get Livestock Upgrade Parts: Puts a livestock upgrade part in your Sim’s inventory, which can be used to upgrade chicken coops and animal sheds. Use this cheat repeatedly to get as many parts as you need. These parts can’t be purchased; you can only get them as rewards from running village errands so they’re hard to come by normally.
  • Create Eggs: Instantly adds an egg to your coop to incubate or collect. You can select every kind of egg, including hatchable obsidian and golden eggs.
  • Create Hen in Coop: Instantly adds a new hen to the coop. Must have available space in the coop.

Animal Shed

  • Make Dirty: Makes the animal shed dirty
  • Get Special Upgrade Part: Adds livestock upgrade parts to your Sim’s inventory. Can be used repeatedly until you have as many parts as you want.
  • Create Animal: Adds a cow or llama to the shed without having to pay for one.

More Cottage Living Cheats


  • Create all Feed Recipe Ingredients in Inventory: Puts all ingredients needed to make every single type of animal treat in your Sim’s inventory
  • Unlock All Animal Treat Recipes: Registers all animal treat recipes in your Sim’s notebook
  • Create All Feed Recipes in Inventory: Puts one of each type of animal treat in your Sim’s inventory

Cross-Stitch Hoop

  • Cross Stitch Cheats: Allows you to unlock all cross-stitch patterns. Since some patterns can only be acquired from wild animals or village errands, this is a pretty useful cheat.


  • Kill… Be Slain by Vicious Killer Rabbit: Although this option is available on all Sims, using it will always kill your active Sim, not the Sim you clicked on.

High School Years Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

In addition to the usual skill and career cheats, High School Years has even more Sims 4 cheats you might find helpful, including cheats to set your teen Sim’s graduation status.

Graduation Cheats

Control whether your Sim graduated with honours, dropped out, and more with these Sims 4 cheats! These are trait cheats, so console players can use these Sims 4 cheats without disabling trophies/achievements!

Like all other trait cheats, type traits.equip_trait trait_GradTraitName into the cheat console.

Grad Trait NameEffect
hsexit_graduate_earlyGraduate high school early
hsexit_dropoutDrop out of high school
hsexit_expelledGet expelled from high school
hsexit_graduate_honorsGraduate high school with honours
hsexit_graduate_valedictorianGraduate high school as valedictorian

Sentiment Cheats

Many packs add new sentiments that can all be added with the same Sims 4 cheats; however, some High School Years sentiments are particularly important because they mark big moments in a teen’s life.

To use these Sims 4 cheats, use the cheat modifyrelationship [Sim1FirstName] [Sim1LastName] [Sim2FirstName] [Sim2LastName] 100 sentimenttrack_[SentimentName]

For example, if you wanted to add the Crush sentiment between Sidney Price and Ash Harjo, the cheat would be modifyrelationship Sidney Price Ash Harjo 100 sentimenttrack_crush_lt_generic. To remove the sentiment, put -100 instead of 100.

Cheat NameSentiment
hurt_st_hsprom_brokenditchpromiseBitter About Broken Prom Promise
close_st_hsprom_skippingpromtoetherClose From Ditching Prom Together
close_st_throwfootballbondingmomentBonding Moment
needsdistance_st_friendCreeped Out
guilty_st_hsprom_brokenpactGuilty About Broken Prom Pact
close_st_goodfirstimpressionGood First Impression
enamored_st_hsprom_impressedbypromposalImpressed by Promposal
close_lt_iknowtheyvegotmybackI Know They’ve Got My Back
st_openablewindow_successeventLasting Memories
st_openablewindow_faileventLame Adventures
close_lt_twopeasinapodTwo Peas in a Pod
close_lt_theyunderstandThey Understand
bitter_st_hsprom_noprominviteResentful About No Prom Invite

Growing Together Cheats

The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack  Official Reveal Trailer 1 37 screenshot

Growing Together has some unique Sims 4 cheats players might find helpful! Have better control over quirks and milestones with these Sims 4 cheats!

Cheat Infant Quirks

You can’t control which quirks your infant acquires but with Sims 4 cheats, you can! These are trait cheats, so console players can use them without disabling trophies/achievements!

To use these cheats, type traits.equip_trait trait_Quirk into the cheat console, replacing Quirk with the cheat name for the quirk you want to give your infant.

QuirkCheat Name
Feeding TinklerHuman_Infant_Element_PeesDuringFeeding
Picky EaterHuman_Infant_Element_PickyEater
Early RiserHuman_Infant_Element_RisesWithTheSun
Self SootherHuman_Infant_Element_SelfSoother
Little BabblerHuman_Infant_Element_Talker
Frequently HiccupsHuman_Infant_Element_FrequentlyHiccups
Frequently SneezesHuman_Infant_Element_FrequentlySneezes
Good AppetiteHuman_Infant_Element_GoodAppetite
Happy SpitterHuman_Infant_Element_HappySpitter
Hates Being HeldHuman_Infant_Element_HatesBeingHeld
Hates Wakeup TimeHuman_Infant_Element_HatesWakingUp
Loves Being HeldHuman_Infant_Element_LovesBeingHeld
Loves Wakeup TimeHuman_Infant_Element_LovesWakingUp
Messy EaterHuman_Infant_Element_MessyEater
Loves SoundsHuman_Infant_Element_ObsessedWithSound
Snuggly SleeperHuman_Infant_Element_OnlySleepsWhenHeld
Free Air TinklerHuman_Infant_Element_PeesDuringChanges

Cheat Toddler Quirks

You can’t control which quirks your toddler acquires but with Sims 4 cheats, you can! These are trait cheats, so console players can use them without disabling trophies/achievements!

To use these cheats, type traits.equip_trait trait_Quirk into the cheat console, replacing Quirk with the cheat name for the quirk you want to give your toddler.

QuirkCheat Name
Little SingerHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_Singer
Loves WaterHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_WaterLover
Loves SoundsHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_AudioLover
Loves BooksHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_BookLover
Early RiserHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_EarlyRiser
Good AppetiteHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_GoodAppetite
Hates BedtimeHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_HatesBedtime
Hates Being CarriedHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_HatesCarry
Hates Wakeup TimeHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_HatesWakeup
Heavy SleeperHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_HeavySleeper
Light SleeperHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_LightSleeper
Loves Being CarriedHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_LovesCarry
Loves Wakeup TimeHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_LovesWakeup
Messy EaterHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_MessyEater
Picky EaterHuman_ToddlerPersonalityUpdate_Visible_PickyEater

Cheat Childhood Confidence and Self-Esteem

If you want to control your child’s confidence or your teenager’s self-esteem, you can do that with Sims 4 cheats, too. These are also trait cheats, which means console players can use these Sims 4 cheats without disabling trophies/achievements.

Like all trait cheats, the cheat code format is traits.equip_trait trait_TraitName unless stated otherwise.

TraitsCheat Name
High ConfidenceChildConfidence_High
Neutral ConfidenceChildConfidence_Neutral
Low ConfidenceChildConfidence_Low
High Self-Esteemreward_Child_Confidence_HighSelfEsteem
Low Self-Esteemreward_Child_Confidence_LowSelfEsteem

How to Cheat Midlife Crisis

You can trigger specific midlife crises for your adult Sims but these Sims 4 cheats do require the All Cheats Unlocked mod by TwistedMexi so they are not available on console.

Midlife CrisisCheat
Desire for Adventureaspirations.complete_aspiration midlifecrisis_active_desireforadventure
Desire to Createaspirations.complete_aspiration midlifecrisis_active_desiretocreate
Desire for Relationshipsaspirations.complete_aspiration midlifecrisis_active_desireforrelationship
Desire for Successaspirations.complete_aspiration midlifecrisis_active_desireforsuccess

How to Cheat Family Dynamics

Unless you set the family dynamic between two relatives in CAS when you first make a family, you’re stuck with whatever dynamics develop naturally through gameplay. You also can’t manually set the dynamic between two family members living in different households. This isn’t a problem with Sims 4 cheats!

You will need the Sim IDs of the two Sims for these cheats. Use the cheat format relationship.add_bit [Sim1ID] [Sim2ID] familyTrope_[FamilyDynamic] and replace [FamilyDynamic] with the listed dynamic below.

For dynamics that have an authority and subordinate role, the second Sim ID should be the Sim you want to have that role. For example, to properly give a parent and child the Strict family dynamic, use the compliant_authority cheat using the parent’s Sim ID after the child’s. Then use the compliant_subordinate cheat with the child’s Sim ID listed after the parent’s.

Family DynamicCheat
Strict (Authoritative Sim)compliant_authority
Strict (Subordinate Sim)compliant_subordinate
Supportive (Authoritative Sim)loving_authority
Supportive (Subordinate Sim)loving_subordinate
Permissive (Authoritative Sim)permissive_authority
Permissive (Subordinate Sim)permissive_subordinate

Additionally, you can remove family dynamics with the same cheat, just with the following dynamic names, instead.

Removed SentimentCheat

How to Cheat Milestones

The following cheats require the All Cheats Unlocked mod by TwistedMexi so unfortunately, they are not available on console.

If you just want to quickly add all milestones or reset all milestones for a Sim, that’s easy to do with the following Sims 4 cheats:

developmental_milestones.unlock_all_milestonesAdds all milestones to the selected Sim
developmental_milestones.reset_all_milestonesReset all of the selected Sim’s milestones

To add a specific milestone to a Sim, use the cheat developmental_milestones.unlock_milestone followed by the milestone cheat code listed below.

Infant MilestoneCheat
Learned to ClapinfantMilestones_FineMotor_Clapping
Learned to GrabinfantMilestones_FineMotor_Grabbing
Learned Pincer GraspinfantMilestones_FineMotor_PincerGrasp
Learned to ReachinfantMilestones_FineMotor_Reaching
Put Toe in MouthinfantMilestones_FineMotor_ToeInMouth
Learned to WaveinfantMilestones_FineMotor_Waving
Born at HomeinfantMilestones_Generic_BirthAtHome
Born at a HospitalinfantMilestones_Generic_BirthAtHospital
First BathinfantMilestones_Generic_FirstBath
First Diaper BlowoutinfantMilestones_Generic_FirstBlowout
First Bubble BathinfantMilestones_Generic_FirstBubbleBath
First Finger FoodinfantMilestones_Generic_FirstFingerFood
First FoodinfantMilestones_Generic_FirstFoodAny
First Trip to the ParkinfantMilestones_Generic_FirstTripToPark
First VacationinfantMilestones_Generic_FirstVacation
First VisitorsinfantMilestones_Generic_FirstVisitors
First Visit to a Family MemberinfantMilestones_Generic_FirstVisitToFamilyMember
Peed on CaregiverinfantMilestones_Generic_PeesOnParent
Slept Through the NightinfantMilestones_Generic_SleptThroughNight
First SmileinfantMilestones_Generic_Smile_AgeUpToInfant
Learned to CrawlinfantMilestones_GrossMotor_Crawl
Learned to CreepinfantMilestones_GrossMotor_Creep
Learned to DanceinfantMilestones_GrossMotor_Dance
Lifted HeadinfantMilestones_GrossMotor_LiftHead
Pulled to StandinfantMilestones_GrossMotor_PullToStand
Rolled Over to BackinfantMilestones_GrossMotor_RollOverToBack
Rolled Over to TummyinfantMilestones_GrossMotor_RollOverToTummy
Learned to Sit UpinfantMilestones_GrossMotor_SitUp
Learned to BabbleinfantMilestones_Social_Babble
Learned to Blow a KissinfantMilestones_Social_BlowKiss
Learned to Blow RaspberryinfantMilestones_Social_BlowRaspberry
Learned to CooinfantMilestones_Social_Coo
Said First WordinfantMilestones_Social_FirstWord
Learned to LaughinfantMilestones_Social_Laugh
Learned Peek-A-BooinfantMilestones_Social_PeekABoo
Toddler MilestonesCheat
Art AppreciationlifeMilestone_Toddler_ArtAppreciation
Asked WhylifeMilestone_Toddler_AskedWhy
First FriendlifeMilestone_Toddler_FirstFriend
First NightmarelifeMilestone_Toddler_FirstNightmare
First Time at DaycarelifeMilestone_Toddler_FirstTimeDaycare
Learned to Climb StairslifeMilestone_Toddler_LearnedToClimbStairs
Learned to DancelifeMilestone_Toddler_LearnedToDance
Learned to RunlifeMilestone_Toddler_LearnedToRun
Learned to TalklifeMilestone_Toddler_LearnedToTalk
Learned to WalklifeMilestone_Toddler_LearnedToWalk
Max CommunicationlifeMilestone_Toddler_MaxCommunication
Max ImaginationlifeMilestone_Toddler_MaxImagination
Max MovementlifeMilestone_Toddler_MaxMovement
Max PottylifeMilestone_Toddler_MaxPotty
Max ThinkinglifeMilestone_Toddler_MaxThinking
Played With OtherslifeMilestone_Toddler_PlayedWithOthers
Read First BooklifeMilestone_Toddler_ReadFirstBook
Studied LetterslifeMilestone_Toddler_StudiedLetters
Studied NumberslifeMilestone_Toddler_StudiedNumbers
Studied ShapeslifeMilestone_Toddler_StudiedShapes
Threw a TantrumlifeMilestone_Toddler_ThrewTantrum
Child-Elder MilestonesCheat
Abducted by AlienslifeMilestone_AbductedByAliens
Adopted a PetlifeMilestone_AdoptedPet
Adopted a HorselifeMilestone_Life_AdoptedHorse
Adopted a ChildlifeMilestone_AdoptedSim
Beat GreglifeMilestone_BeatGreg
Manifested as a MermaidlifeMilestone_BecameMermaid
Became HumanlifeMilestone_BecameNonOccult
Manifested as a PlantSimlifeMilestone_BecamePlantSim
Manifested as a SpellcasterlifeMilestone_BecameSpellcaster
Manifested as a VampirelifeMilestone_BecameVampire
Manifested as a WerewolflifeMilestone_BecameWerewolf
Began PubertylifeMilestone_BeganPuberty
Made a Best FriendlifeMilestone_BestFriend
Celebrated a BirthdaylifeMilestone_Birthday
Got Caught CheatinglifeMilestone_CaughtCheatingBySim
Caught a Sim CheatinglifeMilestone_CaughtSimCheating
Entered a Childhood PhaselifeMilestone_ChildhoodPhase
Defeated the Mother PlantlifeMilestone_DefeatedMotherPlant
Earned Degree – Art HistorylifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_ArtHistory
Earned Degree – BiologylifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_Biology
Earned Degree – CommunicationslifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_Communications
Earned Degree – Computer SciencelifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_ComputerScience
Earned Degree – Culinary ArtslifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_CulinaryArts
Earned Degree – DramalifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_Drama
Earned Degree – EconomicslifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_Economics
Earned Degree – Fine ArtlifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_FineArt
Earned Degree – HistorylifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_History
Earned Degree – Language & LiteraturelifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_LanguageLiterature
Earned Degree – PhysicslifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_Physics
Earned Degree – PsychologylifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_Psychology
Earned Degree – VillainylifeMilestone_EarnedDegree_Villainy
Eaten by CowplantlifeMilestone_EatenByCowplant
Ended a Romantic RelationshiplifeMilestone_EndedRomanticRel
Made an EnemylifeMilestone_Enemy
Got EngagedlifeMilestone_Engaged
Rejected ProposallifeMilestone_EngagementRejected
Fell in LovelifeMilestone_FellInLove
First Bladder FaillifeMilestone_FirstBladderFail
First Day of Grade SchoollifeMilestone_FirstDayOfGradeSchool
First Energy FaillifeMilestone_FirstEnergyFail
First FightlifeMilestone_FirstFight
First FirelifeMilestone_FirstFire
First PromotionlifeMilestone_FirstPromotion
First Time Burning OutlifeMilestone_FirstTimeBurningOut
First Time Being PossessedlifeMilestone_FirstTimePossessed
First WooHoolifeMilestone_FirstWoohoo
Discovered the Forgotten GrottolifeMilestone_ForgottenGrotto
Got FiredlifeMilestone_GotFired
Got a JoblifeMilestone_GotJob
Got Laid OfflifeMilestone_GotLaidOff
Had an AffairlifeMilestone_HadAffair
Had a BabylifeMilestone_HadSim
Befriended the HermitlifeMilestone_Hermit
Dropped Out of High SchoollifeMilestone_HighSchoolDroppedOut
Expelled from High SchoollifeMilestone_HighSchoolExpelled
Graduated from High SchoollifeMilestone_HighSchoolGraduated
Learned to Ride a BikelifeMilestone_LearnedToRideBike
Adventure Midlife CrisislifeMilestone_Life_MidLifeCrisis_Adventure
Creative Midlife CrisislifeMilestone_Life_MidLifeCrisis_Create
Relationship Midlife CrisislifeMilestone_Life_MidLifeCrisis_Relationship
Success Midlife CrisislifeMilestone_Life_MidLifeCrisis_Success
Lost First ToothlifeMilestone_LostFirstTooth
Got MarriedlifeMilestone_Married
Became a Global SuperstarlifeMilestone_MaxStarCelebrity
Climbed Mt. KomorebilifeMilestone_MountKomorebi
Explored the TemplelifeMilestone_OmiscanTemple
Prom RoyaltylifeMilestone_PromRoyalty
Quit JoblifeMilestone_QuitJob
Reached the Top of an After-School ActivitylifeMilestone_ReachedTopOfAfterSchoolActivity
Reached the Top of a CareerlifeMilestone_ReachedTopOfCareer
Atrocious ReputationlifeMilestone_ReputationAtrocious
Pristine ReputationlifeMilestone_ReputationPristine
Resurrected by SimlifeMilestone_ResurrectedBySim
Resurrected SimlifeMilestone_ResurrectedSim
Had a Baby (Retroactive Only)lifeMilestone_RetroactiveOnly_HadSim
Saved from DeathlifeMilestone_SavedFromDeath
Self DiscoverylifeMilestone_SelfDiscovery
Started a New RelationshiplifeMilestone_SignificantOther
Went to SixamlifeMilestone_Sixam
Struck by LightninglifeMilestone_StruckByLightning
Survived a Haunted HouselifeMilestone_SurvivedHauntedHouse
Discovered the Sylvan GladelifeMilestone_SylvanGlade
Became Alpha of the Moonwood CollectivelifeMilestone_WerewolfPackLeaderA
Became Alpha of the WildfangslifeMilestone_WerewolfPackLeaderB
Won the LotterylifeMilestone_WonLottery
Won the Finchwick FairlifeMilestone_WonVillageFair
Witnessed the Birth of a FoallifeMilestone_Life_FoalBirth
Won First Horse CompetitionlifeMilestone_FirstVictory_HorseCompetition
Won the Ultimate Horse ChampionshiplifeMilestone_UltimateChampion_HorseCompetition
Had Too Much NectarlifeMilestone_Life_TooMuchNectar

Horse Ranch Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

Many of the Sims 4 cheats for Horse Ranch are the basic skill and trait cheats already covered in our guide but horse skills can be cheated as well. Since horses are not controllable household members, cheating up their skills isn’t as easy as cheating up a selectable Sim’s skills but don’t worry! We’ll cover those Sims 4 cheats right now!

How to Cheat Horse Skills

To cheat your horse’s skills, you will need to know your horse’s unique ID number. Thankfully, you can find this out the same way you’d find a Sim ID with the following cheat:

sims.get_sim_id_by_name HorseFirstName HorseLastNameFetches your horse’s ID number for you

Once you have your horse’s ID number, you can cheat their skills with the following Sims 4 cheats. Replace [X] with a number between 1 and 10 and [HORSEID] with your horse’s ID number.

Temperamentstats.set_skill_level Horse_Temperament [X] [HORSEID]
Agilitystats.set_skill_level Horse_Agility [X] [HORSEID]
Endurancestats.set_skill_level Horse_Endurance [X] [HORSEID]
Jumpingstats.set_skill_level Horse_Jumping [X] [HORSEID]

Dine Out Cheats

The Sims 4 Dine Out Own Restaurants Official Gameplay Trailer 377

Dine Out has some useful Sims 4 cheats to help make managing a restaurant easier. This is great, considering restaurant management is an absolute mess and you’ll need cheats just to combat how broken restaurants are…

Cheat Restaurant Perks

If you want to instantly add perks to your restaurant, you can do that with these Sims 4 cheats. With testingcheats on, open the cheat console and type in bucks.unlock_perk PERKNAME true, replacing PERKNAME with the listed perk cheat below.

Additional ChefAdditionalChef
Additional Waiter #1AdditionalWaiter_1
Additional Waiter #2AdditionalWaiter_2
Curious CustomersRecommendDishSocial
Curiouser CustomersRecommendDishFrequency
Fast EatersEatFaster
Ingredient Quality OptionsIngredientQualityOptions
Inspirational SpeechInspirationalSpeechSocial
Large Ingredient DiscountCheaperIngredients_2
Lower Employee Training CostLowerEmployeeTrainingCost
More CustomersMoreCustomers
Patient PatronsLengthenImpatienceTimeout
Surplus HarvestIngredientCostDiscount
Small Ingredient DiscountCheaperIngredients_1
The Chef’s HatChefsHat
Tidy TippersRiskFreeMarkup
Well Funded FoodiesExpensiveOrders
Well ManagedLowerChanceBadEvents_Small

Vampires Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

For cheat lovers, the Vampires game pack is a treasure trove. There are a large variety of Sims 4 cheats in this pack to turn your Sim into a vampire, give them vampire abilities, and basically have ultimate control over all their powers.

How to Turn a Sim into a Vampire

Luckily, the cheat to make your Sim a vampire is a trait cheat so you know what that means. Yes, these cheats can be used on console without disabling trophies/achievements!

traits.equip_trait trait_OccultVampireInstantly make your Sim a vampire
traits.remove_trait trait_OccultVampireMake your vampire human

There is another cheat that will put your Sim on the path to turning into a vampire naturally. This one can be used on consoles but we can’t guarantee it can be used without disabling trophies/achievements.

stats.set_stat commodity_BecomingVampire 2160Turn your Sim into a vampire naturally

Reset Vampire Powers and Weaknesses

You will need your vampire’s Sim ID in order to use these cheats. If you don’t know how to get a Sim ID, we cover it earlier in this guide. You can use the Table of Contents to quickly skip there and back here.

bucks.lock_all_perks_for_bucks_type 40961 [SIMID] trueResets your vampires powers
bucks.lock_all_perks_for_bucks_type 40962 [SIMID] falseRemoves all your vampire’s weaknesses

Vampire Rank Cheats

All new vampires start out as Fledglings and need to work their way up to Grand Master. However, there is also the option to cheat your way up the vampire ranks!

Vampire RankCheat
Minor Vampirestats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 202
Prime Vampirestats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 630
Master Vampirestats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1058
Grand Master Vampirestats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1486
Overmax – You can use this after reaching Grand Master to keep accumulating vampire points to spend on abilitiesstats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1593

Vampire Powers Cheats

If you want to learn how to cheat vampire powers in The Sims 4, you’re in the right place! These Sims 4 cheats also require a Sim ID, so use the Table of Contents to jump to that section of the guide if you don’t know how to get a Sim ID.

Vampire PowerCheat
Bat Formbucks.unlock_perk BatForm true 40961 [SIMID]
Beyond the Herdbucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Social true 40961 [SIMID]
Cast Hallucinationbucks.unlock_perk Hallucinate true 40961 [SIMID]
Child of the Moonbucks.unlock_perk NocturnalAffinity_Level3 true 40961 [SIMID]
Commandbucks.unlock_perk Command true 40961 [SIMID]
Dampened Emotionsbucks.unlock_perk EmotionalDampening_Level3 true 40961 [SIMID]
Detect Personalitybucks.unlock_perk DetectPersonality true 40961 [SIMID]
Deprive Needsbucks.unlock_perk NeedsNaughtiness true 40961 [SIMID]
Eternally Welcomebucks.unlock_perk AlwaysWelcome true 40961 [SIMID]
Garlic Immunitybucks.unlock_perk GarlicImmunity true 40961 [SIMID]
Influence Emotionbucks.unlock_perk EmotionalBurst_3 true 40961 [SIMID]
Irresistible Slumberbucks.unlock_perk IrresistibleSlumber true 40961 [SIMID]
Immortal Pleasuresbucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Fun true 40961 [SIMID]
Manipulate Life Spiritbucks.unlock_perk ManipulateLifeSpirit true 40961 [SIMID]
Mesmerizebucks.unlock_perk Mesmerize true 40961 [SIMID]
Mist Formbucks.unlock_perk MistForm true 40961 [SIMID]
Odorlessbucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Hygiene true 40961 [SIMID]
Occult Studentbucks.unlock_perk PotentPower_3 true 40961 [SIMID]
Sun Resistancebucks.unlock_perk ResistanceSolis_Level3 true 40961 [SIMID]
Supernatural Speedbucks.unlock_perk VampireRun true 40961 [SIMID]
Tamed Thirstbucks.unlock_perk TameTheThirst true 40961 [SIMID]
Vampiric Charmbucks.unlock_perk AlluringVisage_3 true 40961 [SIMID]
Vampiric Creationbucks.unlock_perk VampireCreation true 40961 [SIMID]
Vampiric Slumberbucks.unlock_perk VampiricSlumber_Level3 true 40961 [SIMID]
Vampiric Strengthbucks.unlock_perk VampiricStrength_Level3 true 40961 [SIMID]

Parenthood Cheats

The Sims 4 Parenthood Official Trailer 052

Parenting can be a tough job. Just ask any parent. Luckily, it’s not quite as tough in The Sims 4 thanks to all the Sims 4 cheats available. The Parenthood pack has plenty of Sims 4 cheats to help you raise perfect children! If only those cheats existed in real life, huh?

Childhood Phases Cheats

Both children and teens can go through childhood phases. Sometimes, you might want them to go through a particular phase to help you tell your stories. Other times, you might want to remove an annoying phase that’s driving you crazy. You can do both with these Sims 4 cheats!

To add a childhood phase to your active Sim, type traits.equip_trait ChildhoodPhase into the cheats console, replacing ChildhoodPhase with the cheat listed below. To remove a childhood phase, use the cheat traits.remove_trait ChildhoodPhase.

These are trait cheats, so console players can use them without disabling trophies/achievements!

LoudChild & Teenchildhoodphase_loud
Mean StreakChild & Teenchildhoodphase_meanstreak
Picky EaterChild & Teenchildhoodphase_pickyeater_A
RebelliousChild & Teenchildhoodphase_rebellious

Character Value Cheats

Toddlers, children, and teens have five character values that can be built or destroyed throughout their childhoods based on how they act and how their parents raise them. Maxing out these values before your teen ages into a young adult rewards them with additional good traits when they age up. Likewise, tanking these values saddles them with additional negative traits when they age up.

You might want to max out these values with Sims 4 cheats. Or you might want to tank them to get negative traits that suit the story you’re telling. Either way, you can do that!

To use the following cheats, replace X with a number between -100 and 100. -100 tanks the value. 100 maxes it out.

Character ValueCheat
Conflict Resolutionstats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_conflictresolution X
Emotional Controlstats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_emotionalcontrol X
Empathystats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_empathy X
Mannersstats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_manners X
Responsibilitystats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_responsibility X

How to Cheat Character Value Traits

Of course, if you’re after a specific character value trait, you can always just add it to your Sim without having to fiddle with the character value levels.

These are trait cheats, which means console players can use them without disabling trophies/achievements!

Trait NameCheat
Bad Mannerstraits.equip_trait BadManners
Good Mannerstraits.equip_trait GoodManners
Irresponsibletraits.equip_trait Irresponsible
Responsibletraits.equip_trait LifeSkills_Responsible
Argumentativetraits.equip_trait Argumentative
Mediatortraits.equip_trait Mediator
Uncontrolled Emotionstraits.equip_trait Uncontrolled
Controlled Emotionstraits.equip_trait EmotionalControl
Compassionatetraits.equip_trait Compassionate
Insensitivetraits.equip_trait LifeSkills_Unfeeling

Jungle Adventure Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

Jungle Adventure’s cheats are primarily skill and death cheats which are covered in the skill section of our guide but there are a few more unique Sims 4 cheats for this game pack, including cheats for turning your Sim into a skeleton!

Turn Your Sim into a Skeleton

If you want to turn your Sim into a skeleton either permanently or temporarily, there are Sims 4 cheats that can do that for you!

Cheats marked with a * can be used by console players can use them without disabling trophies/achievements!

traits.equip_trait Trait_Hidden_Skeleton_ServiceSkeleton *Permanently turns the active Sim into a skeleton
traits.remove_trait Trait_Hidden_Skeleton_ServiceSkeleton *Permanently turns a skeleton into a human Sim
sims.add_buff Buff_SkeletonTurns the active Sim into a skeleton for 12 hours
sims.remove_buff Buff_SkeletonTurns a temporary skeleton back into a human Sim

Travel to the Temple As Many Times As You Want!

Ordinarily, the jungle temple in Selvadorada can only be visited once every 24 in-game hours. Trying to go through the gate to get to the temple before the cooldown period ends results in a tooltip telling you the temple needs time to rearrange itself and to return in a day.

But the temple actually rearranges itself as soon as you leave the lot! And there’s a way to get back inside the temple as many times as you want in a day! This isn’t so much a cheat as a game exploit but it’s still worth mentioning.

After exploring the temple, leave and travel to the Belomisia Trailhead lot, then make your way back to where the temple gate is. As expected, the gate will be locked but if you pan your camera up and over the stone wall, you can see the temple in the distance. Click on it and select the travel option to bypass the gate entirely and go back to the temple for another adventure!

StrangerVille Cheats

The Sims 4 StrangerVille Official Reveal Trailer 090

StrangerVille doesn’t have a lot of Sims 4 cheats that haven’t already been covered in this guide; however, you can help your Sims out with solving the StrangerVille Mystery by giving your Sims useful quest items.

Cheat StrangerVille Mystery Items

Use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat, filter for StrangerVille, and search DEBUG in the Build/Buy search bar. For console players, just filter for StrangerVille and then scroll to the bottom of the catalogue. Searching DEBUG doesn’t work correctly on consoles but the items are still available in the catalogue.

You’ll find numerous quest items you’ll need to advance the StrangerVille story, like hazmat suits, evidence, dossiers, and infection scanners.

Get Instant Bizarre Fruit

If you’re short on bizarre fruit, these Sims 4 cheats can help you get some quickly. You can either find bizarre fruit in the hidden debug catalogue with the same bb.showhiddenobjects cheat, or you can use testingcheats to force bizarre plants to bloom.

Activate the cheat testingcheats true, then SHIFT+Click or press X+O / A+B on any bizarre plant. Set the Growth Stage to Blossoming and the plant will be fully mature and ready to harvest from at 5am (when all plants bloom).

Realm of Magic Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

Like most occult-themed packs, Realm of Magic has a lot of Sims 4 cheats to help you level up your spellcasters!

Turn a Sim into a Spellcaster

If you want to turn a Sim into a spellcaster or make them human again, these Sims 4 cheats will help you do that. These are trait cheats, so console players can use these cheats without disabling trophies/achievements.

traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccultTurn a human Sim into a spellcaster
traits.remove_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccultTurn a spellcaster into a human Sim

Cheat Spellcaster Rank

The following cheats will help you max out your spellcaster’s rank without having to work your way up gradually through practicing magic.

Spellcaster RankCheat
Neophytestats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 50
Acolytestats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 350
Adeptstats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 850
Masterstats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 1550
Virtuosostats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 2350

Spellcaster Perk Cheats

Spellcasters earn points to spend on magical perks as they level up in rank, but there’s an easier way to get whatever perks you want without having to do any work for them. Yup. Sims 4 cheats!

These cheats require a Sim ID. Use the Table of Contents to jump to the Sim ID section if you don’t know how to get a Sim ID!

Spellcaster PerkCheat
A Little Extra Chemistrybucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_3_ExtraChemistry true 49153 (Sim ID)
Blender Armbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_1_BlenderArm true 49153 (Sim ID)
Charge Controlbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_3_ChargeControl true 49153 (Sim ID)
Dischargebucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_1_Discharge true 49153 (Sim ID)
Experimenterbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_1B_Experimenter true 49153 (Sim ID)
Frugal Combinationbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_2_FrugalCombinations true 49153 (Sim ID)
Hexproofbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_4_Hexproof true 49153 (Sim ID)
Incredible Foragerbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_1A_IncredibleForager true 49153 (Sim ID)
Insightful Eyebucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_2A_InsightfulEye true 49153 (Sim ID)
Knowledge is Magicbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_1_KnowledgeIsMagic true 49153 (Sim ID)
Magical Discountsbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_4B_MagicalDiscounts true 49153 (Sim ID)
Magical Resonancebucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_5_MagicalResonance true 49153 (Sim ID)
Master Casterbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_4_MasterCaster true 49153 (Sim ID)
Master Duelistbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_5_MasterDuelist true 49153 (Sim ID)
Mischief Masterbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_3A_MischiefMaster true 49153 (Sim ID)
Mix Masterbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_4_MixMaster true 49153 (Sim ID)
Mote Houndbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_2_MoteHound true 49153 (Sim ID)
Natural Mentorbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_4A_NaturalMentor true 49153 (Sim ID)
Potent Potablesbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Alchemy_5_PotentPotables true 49153 (Sim ID)
Power Shuntbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_2_PowerShunt true 49153 (Sim ID)
Practiced Practicalitybucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_3C_PracticedPracticality true 49153 (Sim ID)
Spectral Reachbucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Spellcasting_3_SpectralReach true 49153 (Sim ID)
Spellcaster Socialitebucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_2B_WitchSocialite true 49153 (Sim ID)
Tame the Untameablebucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Open_3B_TameTheUntameable true 49153 (Sim ID)

How to Remove a Curse

There are hazards involved with practicing magic. Namely, curses. Curses are permanent and once afflicted with a curse, there is no way to remove it unless your spellcaster knows how to brew a curse cleansing potion. That’s a lot of work but these Sims 4 cheats will instantly remove any curse for you!

Just use the cheat traits.remove_trait trait_CurseName, replacing CurseName with the listed cheat below to remove a pesky curse from your Sim. If you want to give a Sim a curse for whatever reason, use the cheat traits.equip_trait trait_CurseName.

Console players can use these Sims 4 cheats without disabling trophies/achievements.

Curse of Awkward EmbracesCurses_TouchyFeely
Curse of the DuelistCurses_HexofDuelist
Curse of Infectious LaughterCurses_InfectiousLaughter
Curse of the Night WraithCurses_NightStalker
Curse of RepulsivenessCurses_Repulsiveness
Curse of Scrambled SpellsCurses_WildMagic
Curse of Uncleansable StenchCurses_SweatyStench
Curse of Uncontrollable ChargeCurses_FountainOfMagic
Curse of Unwarranted HostilityCurses_PunchableFace

Cheat Magical Bloodline Traits

Spellcasters who are born from spellcaster parents get powerful traits to enhance their abilities but of course, you can cheat to get them as well.

Console players can use these cheats without disabling trophies/achievements.

Weak Bloodlinetraits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineWeak
Strong Bloodlinetraits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineStrong
Ancient Bloodlinetraits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineAncient

Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Cheats

star wars 70

The Star Wars game pack is very quest-heavy. Luckily, it comes with a lot of useful Sims 4 cheats to help you get through these quests more quickly. Most of the cheats in this pack are interaction cheats that make use of testingcheats.

Cheat to Get Galactic Credits

Simoleons are useless on Batuu. The local currency is galactic credits which are earned through exploration and doing quests for the different factions. There is a cheat code that will give you as many galactic credits as you want, though.

Enable testingcheats and then type in the following code. Replace [X] with the number of galactic credits you want.

bucks.update_bucks_by_amount 51201 [X]Gives the household the specified number of galactic credits

Give Your Sim All Batuu Items

There are a lot of useful items your Sims will acquire by playing through the various Star Wars questlines but if you’re having trouble acquiring a specific item, you can use cheats to get it.

Open the cheat console and activate the cheat testingcheats true. Once this cheat is active, you can SHIFT+Click or press X+O / A+B on your Sim to bring up some cheat options. Under Batuu Cheats, select Give Batuu Items.

You’ll end up with a large number of useful Batuu items in your Sims inventory such as:

  • Compiled Batuu Report
  • Dataspikes (x10)
  • Don-Ondar’s Lost Antiquities
  • First Order Access Code
  • First Order Uniform
  • F-11 D Blaster Rifle
  • Information Fragments
  • Jedi Holocron
  • Kyber Crystals (x5)
  • Lightsaber Hilts (x5)
  • Scrap Metal (x30)
  • Sith Holocron
  • TD 2.3 Electrobinoculars
  • Thermal Detonator

Cheat Your Faction Loyalty

You can also use testingcheats true to change your Sim’s loyalty to any one of the three factions on Batuu.

With testingcheats active, SHIFT+Click or press X+O / A+B on your Sim. Select Batuu Cheats > Batuu Reputation. Then set your Sim’s faction level for whatever faction you’d like.

Change Faction World States

The world of Batuu will change depending on which faction currently holds control of the area. You’ll see this reflected in which Star Wars characters you’ll see wandering about the area and in the faction banners all around the world.

To change it, enable testingcheats true, then SHIFT+Click or press X+O / A+B on your Sim. Under Batuu Cheats, select Faction World States and set the world to whatever faction state you’d like it to be in.

Werewolves Cheats

Sims 4 cheats

Werewolves is another occult pack which means, yep, there’s a whole bunch of Sims 4 cheats for it! There are cheats to turn your Sim into a werewolf, level up their rank, and control their temperaments.

Turn a Sim into a Werewolf

You can instantly turn a Sim into a werewolf or turn a werewolf back into a human Sim with these cheats. Make sure your werewolf is not in their beast form when turning them back into a human or the cheat will not work correctly.

These cheats can be used on console without disabling trophies/achievements!

traits.equip_trait trait_occultwerewolfTurn a human Sim into a werewolf
traits.remove_trait trait_occultwerewolfTurn a werewolf into a human Sim

Cheat Your Werewolf Rank

You can use the following cheats to level up your werewolf’s rank. Once you reach Apex rank, you can continue using this cheat to add infinite XP and overmax your rank to buy all the werewolf abilities. Just change the number at the end to however many XP points you want to add.

Werewolf RankCheat
Runtstats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Werewolf_Progression 200
Primestats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Werewolf_Progression 700
Veteranstats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Werewolf_Progression 1600
Apexstats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Werewolf_Progression 3000

Add or Remove Werewolf Temperaments

Werewolves acquire unique temperament traits through gameplay. The player doesn’t have a lot of control over which temperament traits their werewolf gets. Of course, cheats can fix that.

To add a temperament, use the cheat traits.equip_trait trait_Temperament and replace Temperament with the cheat code below. To remove a temperament, use the cheat traits.remove_trait trait_Temperament.

These cheats can be used on console without disabling trophies/achievements.

Anti-Capitalist CanineOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_AntiCapitalistCanine
Big Bad WolfOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_BigBadWolf
Easy ExcitableOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_EasyExcitable
Feels OutcastedOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_FeelsOutcasted
Grumpy WolfOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_GrumpyWolf
Hates Being WetOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_HatesBeingWet
Hungry Like The WolfOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_HungryLikeTheWolf
Mark of The ForestOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_Lunar_ForestMark
Mark of the HuntOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_Lunar_HuntMark
Mark of the NightOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_Lunar_NightMark
Mark of the WolfOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_Lunar_WolfMark
Restless AnimalOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_RestlessAnimal
Sensitive HearingOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_SensitiveHearing
Survival InstinctsOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_SurvivalInstincts
Wolf BrainOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_WolfBrain
Wracked With GuiltOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_WrackedWithGuilt
Must Be CleanOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_MustBeClean
Night WolfOccultWerewolf_Temperaments_NightWolf

Other Werewolf Traits

There are some more Werewolves traits players might find useful. Add them with the traits.equip_trait trait_TraitName cheat. Remove them with the traits.remove_trait trait_TraitName cheat. Replace TraitName with the desired cheat below.

Refined LupineOccultWerewolf_AspirationTraits_BetterFuryContro
Chomp ChampionOccultWerewolf_AspirationTraits_BetterTurning
Werewolf AllyOccultWerewolf_AspirationTraits_FormerLycan
Fanged FriendOccultWerewolf_AspirationTraits_FriendlyWolf
Threatening PresenceOccultWerewolf_AspirationTraits_MoreFear
Dormant WolfOccultWerewolf_DormantWolf
Greater Wolf BloodOccultWerewolf_GreaterWolfBlood
Lunar ConfidantOccultWerewolf_InitiationBonusTrait
Friend of the Moonwood CollectiveWerewolfPack_FriendA
Friend of the WildfangsWerewolfPack_FriendB

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