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Overview of The Sims 4 Parrots CC Stuff Pack

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Liven up your surroundings with a CC Set and animated feathery friends!

Today we’re featuring a brand new CC creator named Kaiso! Kaiso has created a custom content stuff pack all about pet parrots! This is Kaiso’s very first CC pack and we think he has a bright future in the CC community given the skill level of his very first big project! We took a look at all the items close-up and we were very impressed!

Here’s a glimpse of the CC pack from Kaiso’s reveal trailer on YouTube!

The Sims 4 Parrots CC pack comes with 16 Build/Buy items to decorate the home of a parrot-lover, including pet supplies for parrots and bird cages in three sizes. We’ve got both catalogue thumbnails and in-game close ups of all the items in every swatch for you to check out in this article. Let’s jump right into the overview!

Catalogue Overview

The full catalogue of items consists of:

  • 2 paintings
  • 3 different types of parrot food and treats
  • 5 different bird perches (1 ceiling, 2 wall, 2 ground)
  • 2 parrot toy objects (1 wall hanging net, 1 box of parrot toys)
  • 3 bird cages (thin, small, and large)
  • 1 parrot supply table

Swatch Close-Ups

Below, you can see all the items in this CC pack in every available swatch. Many of the items have clean and grimy swatches for you to create either a pristine or run-down look for your Sims’ homes.

Where Are the Parrots?

Sadly, this CC pack is just décor and does not actually come with functional pet parrots; however, players who want to add that extra touch of realism to the set can download these animated macaws by Bakie to place inside the parrot cages. The macaws are not interactable; they are just VFX effects but they do move and make realistic macaw sounds so they’re great for having a zero maintenance pet bird in your Sims’ homes.

We downloaded the macaws and tried them out with the parrot cages ourselves. The birds do clip through the top of the tiny cages but fit nicely in the large cages. They really added to the atmosphere with their realistic movements and squawking.

Overview of The Sims 4 Parrots CC Stuff Pack

Our Thoughts

This was a very creative and ambitious project for a beginner CC creator to take on but Kaiso really rose to the challenge. We always appreciate having more pet stuff in the game whether it’s decorative or functional and pet birds are something many players have requested for a long time. Pairing the animated macaws with the bird cages really adds a lot of life to the pack too so we definitely recommend using them both together!

We’d love if the pack could be updated in the future to have real pet birds that Sims can interact with much the same way they interact with rodents, for example, but this is a great first project for Kaiso all the same and we had a lot of fun checking out all these adorable bird supplies in our game. We’re very excited to see what Kaiso thinks of next!

You can download The Sims 4 Parrots CC stuff pack for free right now on Kaiso’s Patreon! Just click the download button below to be taken right to the download page!

The Sims 4 Parrots

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