The Sims 3 Dragon Valley Assets

Play with dragons in a mythical world of lore!

Nestled in a distant valley lies a mythical town straight out of tales of lore. Travelers journeying to Dragon Valley will discover a village full of towering and fantastical architecture resting along the banks of a gently flowing river and low-rising hills. Visitors will find a world inhabited by colorful elven Sims deeply rooted in centuries-old traditions, and where baby dragons not only exist amongst the residents, but are also kept as pets.

• All-New Gameplay Object Dragons – Everybody loves baby dragons! Hatch a variety of different dragons, each with its own personality, mood benefits, and funny fails!
• A Whole New World Awaits – Meet new Sims, explore new locations, and experience the mythical world of Dragon Valley.
• Exclusive New Items – Customize your game with dozens of all-new exclusive objects and clothing that are available only in Dragon Valley.
• Classic The Sims 2 Legacy Family – Meet the newly engaged Jennifer Pleasant and John Burb as they travel the world before their big day!




dragon valley box art


ts3_dragonvalley_architecture ts3_dragonvalley_trees ts3_dragonvalley_town ts3_dragonvalley_greendragon ts3_dragonvalley_firereddragon ts3_dragonvalley_birdseyeview ts3_dragonvalley_bed ts3_store_dragonvalley_1 ts3_store_dragonvalley_2 ts3_store_dragonvalley_12 ts3_store_dragonvalley_11 ts3_store_dragonvalley_10 ts3_store_dragonvalley_9 ts3_store_dragonvalley_8 ts3_store_dragonvalley_7 ts3_store_dragonvalley_6 ts3_store_dragonvalley_5 ts3_store_dragonvalley_4 ts3_store_dragonvalley_3