MySims Party Assets

Up to 4 players can test their wits, quickness and skill in 40 mini-games, each hosted by a different MySim. Each of your friends and you can select a custom team of 4 characters to play the huge variety MySims Party has to offer. Outwit friends by selecting the right team who will carry the day in contests based on strength, endurance, speed and luck. Pick carefully though, the wrong team will give your friends the edge over you.

Bragging rights only belong to those who choose wisely and play flawlessly. Real People. Real fun. With the MySims.


  • Mini-game Madness– Find the mummy with a flashlight. Slash a cannonball. Flip bacon. Use items to gain an edge. Challenge your reflexes, strategy, smarts and speed with the huge variety of games.
  • Use the Uniqueness of each MySim – All the MySims bring a unique combination of skills. Strength, endurance, speed and luck all play a part in how well they play. Select a team of four who will propel you to victory in every mini-game
  • Fast-Paced Festivals – Play mini-games one right after the other in fast-paced chunks of fun to win the monuments. No more walking around a game board.
  • Party On – Any get together turns into a party with up to four players playing more than 40 mini-games on the DS. Quickplay modes get you and your friends to the games fast.






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