The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats Guide

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Indulge your Sims with the sweet and vibrant style of Katy Perry. The Sims™ 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats pack showcases a vast range of decor items, furniture, and, of course, fabulous fashions and hairstyles! Inspired by Katy’s real-life clothing and props, these fun furnishings, decor, and fashions will add a dash of sweet style to your Sims’ lives. Packed with more stuff than you have ever seen, your Sims will also enjoy three all-new spectacular venues including a local hangout, a town park, and a neighborhood swimming pool—each decked out in delicious Katy Perry style!fabulous fashions and hairstyles inspired by Katy’s real-life clothing and props, plus three delicious new venues!


The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats is a 6th Stuff Pack in The Sims 3 Series. It’s the biggest stuff pack since it includes lot of new objects, hairstyles and clothes for your Sims.

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Male – Clothes

Screenshot-303 Screenshot-302 Screenshot-301

Female – Hairstyles

Screenshot-300 Screenshot-299 Screenshot-298 Screenshot-297 Screenshot-296

Female – Clothes

Screenshot-269 Screenshot-294 Screenshot-293 Screenshot-292 Screenshot-291 Screenshot-290 Screenshot-289 Screenshot-288 Screenshot-287 Screenshot-286 Screenshot-285 Screenshot-284 Screenshot-283 Screenshot-282 Screenshot-281 Screenshot-280 Screenshot-279 Screenshot-278 Screenshot-277 Screenshot-276 Screenshot-275 Screenshot-274 Screenshot-273 Screenshot-272 Screenshot-271 Screenshot-270

New Objects

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Sugar Explosion

Sugar Explosion is a type of Firework which will light up the sky with brand new colors! With 4 or more Fireworks in your inventory, you can perform a Firework Extravaganza which will give your Sim a special moodlet.

NOTE: There are fireworks in The Sims 3 World Adventures and The Sims 3 Seasons as well. Fireworks in KP’s Sweet Treats only have different textures/colors.


Ice Cream Blast Arcade Machine

The Ice Cream Blast Arcade Machine will raise your Sim’s Fun need quickly for just 5 Simoleons per game.


New Venues

Bonbon Lawn (Big Park)

Size: 30×30

A whimsical designer so avant-garde that he legally changed his name to a hashtag, #King was handed a blank check to create a children’s playground that’s deliciously unorthodox. From confectionary to cotton candy, this park has it all. As you traipse through the gumdrop acorns and your tooth begins to ache, take comfort in the fact that the adomments are merely visual flavor. Thankfully, a youngster’s playground romp is the next best thing to a sugar crash for the beleaguered parent looking for a pinch of peace and quiet.

Screenshot-304 Screenshot-307Screenshot-306 Screenshot-305

Cake Pleasure Dome (Hangout)

Size: 30×20

Affectionately named by the local denizens, the Cake Pleasure Dome was originally constructed as an iconic tourist trap – after all, who can resist such a giant sweet treat? As years passed and kitsch Americana went out of vogue, the location fell into disrepair and simply served as a reminder of times past. Like all cyclical trends, larger than life architecture is back in a big way, and businessman John ”Licorice” Lit saw a golden ticket to success. Can the Cake Pleasure Dome recapture the bottom days of the ’60s as a modern trendy hangout?

Screenshot-308 Screenshot-309Screenshot-310 Screenshot-311Screenshot-312 Screenshot-325Screenshot-324 Screenshot-322

Patty’s Natural Baths (Pool)

Size: 30×20

What’s more luxurious than taking a dip in a spring fed pool aerated by a subtle peppermint scent? Originally a coral rock quarry, this land was claimed by the local government as part of an ongoing urban beautification project. The remaining bedrock works as a natural filtration system, with the entire pool’s contents displaced daily by fresh water from artesian wells. Relax in the splendor as you suntan amidst the lush surroundings.

Screenshot-313 Screenshot-314Screenshot-315 Screenshot-316Screenshot-317 Screenshot-318