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User-Submitted Challenges

Celebrity Challenge by @ThisSimsGuy

Rules (Simple and Easy!):

  • No Money Cheats
  • Play as a normal Lifespan
  • Do no cheat to get skills leveled up faster
  • Your Sims are not allowed to have babies and if you become pregnant by being abducted by an alien, you should have the baby and send it back to its homeland.
  • Setting up a retail business such as a bakery is allowed.
  • All the Sims should achieve the top of their career and once you chose their career you will not be able to change it to a different one.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 Celebrity Sims in your household.

You are able to have Youtube Stars such as Pewdiepie as a Celebrity in your video

The Goal/Objective:

The Main objective of the Celebrity Challenge is to make at least 150k Simoleons by the time they retire as an elder and should be able to afford a big house and pay the house’ rent as an elder as well as maintaining their health.

One Celebrity Sim should have a trait of Evil or Mean and all Sims should be young adults at the start of the challenge and reach the top of their career that they choose by the time that they’ve become an elder. The Career for the sim could be anything you want, For example a Real life musician could become a Doctor or a Scientist. So Go crazy and have fun.

Aspiration Challenge by Charlie Hartis

Goal: complete all aspirations as quickly as possible.

1) Start off with Husband and Wife ONLY. No kids.
2) absolutely no cheating with money, start with what you have.
3) no cheating with aspirations.. no cheating period. (except move objects.)
4) may only have one “helping trait” IE: Big Happy Family aspiration may have family orientated trait
5) must have one “hindering trait”. IE: Body Builder aspiration can have Couch Potato triat
6) can buy/build any house.
7) can have a job (of any kind)
8) can have as many kids as you want
9) kids may not move out
10) you may keep the 20,000 simoleon marriage bonus once throughout challenge, but it must go towards the house. (repairs, updates, and expansion)
11) If you don’t finish an aspiration by the time of a Sims death, you have lost the challenge.

The Human Experience Challenge by LizzySims

You are an alien from the planet Sixam and have been chosen by the leaders as one of the select few Aliens to investigate the human world as part of an experiment called “The Human Experience”.

As part of this experiment you must live out and act as a human until you have developed a full understanding of the human race, upon which you must return to your home planet to present the leaders with your knowledge and data.


  • Start with a young adult, alien sim of your chosen gender. Feel free to make them look however you like, but remember that they will mostly be disguised.
  • I would suggest that you set aging to long for this challenge to have a better chance at achieving all of the set goals.
  • To begin, move your alien sim into an empty lot. This lot can be in any of the worlds and any size, as long as it is empty. Once your sim has moved into the lot, set their household funds to $0.
  • Your Alien has been sent to earth without any human possessions. This includes simmoleons. Feel free to earn money however you like, but it cannot be cheated. Your goal is to build/buy a home that will meet the needs of all the Sims in your household.
  • The Sixam Leaders have set you several challenges that you must achieve to provide them with sufficient data. These challenges are:
  • Reach level 10 in the career track of your choice.
  • Max out at least 5 skills. One skill must be Physical (E.g. Fitness, Handiness), One Mental/Intellectual (E.g. Rocket Science, Logic, Programming), One Social (E.g. Comedy, Charisma, Mischief), One Creative (E.g. Painting, Guitar, Baking) and One Nature (E.g. Gardening, Fishing).
  • Complete a Collection. This should be nature or science related. (E.g. Frogs, Fish, Plants, Crystals, Metals, etc)
  • Achieve Your Aspiration. This can be whatever you choose, just make sure it’s achievable for your sim.
  • Have at least five good friends. Part of the human experience is interacting with other humans. Meet as many people as you can and maintain at least five strong relationships outside of your household.
  • Discover other aliens. You weren’t the only one sent to earth, try to distinguish your fellow alien friends from the other humans in town.
  • Keep your identity a secret. This is where that disguise will come in handy. Your alien must be able to pass as a human with everyone they meet. The only Sims allowed to know your true identity are other aliens, your partner/s and your descendants.
  • Have a family. This can be as conventional or unconventional as you like. Your sim can choose to either; find true love and have hybrid babies, adopt on the computer, or have children with multiple “donors”. However you choose to do it is up to you, but your sim must have at least one child.
  • Once your sim has completed all of these challenges, they must return to Sixam and present the leaders with their findings. To do this your sim can either use a rocket ship or the wormhole generator, but don’t use any cheats!
  • What happens after that is up to you! The challenge is complete and your sim is free to live their life however they please, Alien or Human.