Date Night CAS Set

date night

Whether your Sim is charming their way to the front of the club line or dancing the night away, have them dress to express with the Date Night collection! Your Sim can be the life of the party with the flirty cocktail dresses, mesh and leather, or sparkly rave apparel. Dress for the blackjack table and soak in the nightlife with stunning new attire.

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Date Night Set is perfect for Sims who want to impress their dates with perfect clothing designs. It’s made perfectly for The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack because it fits the Party, Nightlife and VIP theme. There are 36 new clothes in total.

Male – Tops

Screenshot-349 Screenshot-348 Screenshot-347 Screenshot-346 Screenshot-345 Screenshot-344 Screenshot-343 Screenshot-340

Female – Tops

Screenshot-339 Screenshot-338 Screenshot-337 Screenshot-336 Screenshot-335

Female – Bottoms

Screenshot-333 Screenshot-332

Female – Outfits

Screenshot-310 Screenshot-312 Screenshot-313 Screenshot-314  Screenshot-319 Screenshot-320 Screenshot-321 Screenshot-323 Screenshot-324 Screenshot-325 Screenshot-326 Screenshot-327 Screenshot-328 Screenshot-329 Screenshot-330 Screenshot-331Screenshot-317 Screenshot-316

Female – Shoes

Screenshot-311 Screenshot-334