The Sims 4: Code Found for Pets Expansion Pack

Update #3: The following code was found in the sim_info_types Python file, which, unfortunately, further pushes the theory that horses won’t be included in the pack.

class Species(enum.Int):
__qualname__ = ‘Species’
DOG = 2
CAT = 3

class SpeciesExtended(Species):
__qualname__ = ‘SpeciesExtended’

def get_animation_species_param(value):
if value == SpeciesExtended.HUMAN:
return ‘human’
if value == SpeciesExtended.DOG:
return ‘dog’
if value == SpeciesExtended.CAT:
return ‘cat’
if value == SpeciesExtended.SMALLDOG:
return ‘smalldog’
return ”

def get_species(value):
if value == SpeciesExtended.SMALLDOG:
return Species.DOG
return value

The above code contains the core enum (for those not familiar with code, it’s basically a list of named values) which contains all species, and horses aren’t included in it at all. However, as mentioned previously, it’s possible that the code is incomplete.

Update #2: There doesn’t appear to be any references to horses outside the two state machine files mentioned in update #1. Unfortunately, this means it’s possible horses were originally planned, but then scrapped. There are several other mentions of dogs and cats, but there’s not much that confirms new information. There is code suggesting pets can be picked up by Sims, similar to toddlers, but nothing massively amazing.

It’s possible horses will come and the code is just incomplete, we’ll just have to wait and see. Don’t get your hopes up too much though!

Update #1: Two “State Machine” resources (tuning related to animations) contain references to dogs, cats and even horses. Yep, looks like horses are returning! It also makes the distinction between small dogs and large dogs.

The first few lines of the “JumpOnObject” state machine:

<ASM name=”JumpOnObject” dcc=”sage”>
<Actor name=”x” type=”Sim” master=”true” virtual=”false” />
<Parameter name=”x:age” type=”enum” labels=”baby,child,teen,youngadult,adult,elder” default=”adult” />
<Parameter name=”x:sex” type=”enum” labels=”male,female” default=”male” />
<Parameter name=”x:species” type=”enum” labels=”cat,dog,horse,human” default=”cat” />
<Parameter name=”x:JumpDistance” type=”float” labels=”” default=”1″ />
<Parameter name=”x:JumpHeight” type=”float” labels=”” default=”1″ />
<Parameter name=”x:JumpRatio” type=”float” labels=”” default=”1″ />

The “sitNextTo_Posture” differentiates small dogs from large dogs, but doesn’t mention horses:

<Parameter name=”x:species” template=”species” type=”enum” labels=”human,dog,smalldog,cat” default=”human” />

Today’s content update, which introduces toddlers to The Sims 4, also brings code updates that heavily points to a Pets expansion pack. In the XML resource “relationships.relationship_tracker_tuning”, there is XML code that explicitly mentions cats and dogs.

<C n=”DefaultGenealogyLink”>
<L n=”_elements”>
<T ev=”3″>Alien Pollinator</T>
<T ev=”4″>Cat_Owned</T>
<T ev=”5″>Cat_Owner</T>
<T ev=”6″>Dog_Owned</T>
<T ev=”7″>Dog_Owner</T>

<U />
<E n=”genealogy_link”>Cat_Owner</E>
<E n=”species_actor”>CAT</E>
<E n=”genealogy_link”>Cat_Owned</E>
<E n=”species_target”>CAT</E>
<E n=”genealogy_link”>Dog_Owner</E>
<E n=”species_actor”>DOG</E>
<E n=”genealogy_link”>Dog_Owned</E>
<E n=”species_target”>DOG</E>


In addition to this major hint, interactions, traits, and sim filters have all been updated with a “species” option.

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Zerbu Tabek

I have an interest in computers and technology, and have been learning programming since I was as young as 12. Years down the line, I learned other coding and programming languages, both used online and offline. Now, I have combined my programming ability with my love of The Sims to become a modder.

  • Jon Stargaryen

    Today is crazy in terms of sims 4!

    • Montel Williams

      I know right!

  • Juliana Moreli

    My TS4 dreams are coming true.
    I hope that we can have this by June. It seems like a nice timeframe from the last EP to this one. Considering they are not working on toddlers any longer.

    • HipsterHat

      I agree. Around summertime would be the ideal time to release an expansion pack.
      It could really draw more people back into the game.

      • Ecstaticrop

        Yes pet’s Ep summer seasons EP in Fall fingérs crossed

    • Broken Plumbob

      I think its gonna come sooner than that.

      • CrazySimmer

        How about MY birthday, then (late May)?
        As for not needing horses in the game due to it not being open world (in regards to an earlier commenter), unless you’re playing a medieval save where horses are the only form of transportation, aside from walking, you could keep them on a very large lot, or in a large neighborhood. However, if they don’t include horses, that’s also fine as really, very few people even own horses in real life…
        However, a farming expansion pack would be alright, I guess, though I’d have to see actual gaming footage before getting it first, as for me personally, a farming EP would be like “mmmyeh… It’s alright, I guess…” But then again, if I’m getting my vampires and other such supernatural Sims, best let the others have their taste of ‘real life’ in the Sims. : )

        • Broken Plumbob

          I wouldn’t want to be playing hayday in the sims 4 but I love supernaturals I’m not that fussed for pets but if we do get them then I just hope that they have better routing because I don’t want my dogs walking backward all the time like in the sims 3.

        • Georgia O’malley

          Hi uh just would like to address you comment about very few people own horses in real life? That’s not true I believe at least a 3rd of the population in a lot of country’s own horses, very few people own monkeys or lions but horses are a common animal to own. Horses compete in the olinpics but you don’t see dogs or cats competing in the largest completion in the world! Yes more people own cats and dogs but more people live in city’s because they can’t afford or don’t want to live in the country where you would have enough room for horses to live. And people who live in the city that do own horses board them at stables that are usually located within a 30 minute drive from where they live. So I wouldn’t say very few people own horses in real life….

        • Pokemon Lover Michael Clouse


    • europeanguy

      junes the month of my birthday (10th june), so yeah id love it by then haha

      • Brooke Malkowski


  • Ania Gie

    ya, ya toddlers, pets, seasons too for sure, only not reputation system (ya I am complainer, sorry) at least all crying over all pets and toddlers will end i’s nice they gave us toddlers for free, it proves they don’t do everything just for money

    • Nuclearxpotato

      Toddlers would be a waste of time if they were in a DLC, they would never get any updates as a result!

      • europeanguy

        yes now toddlers will get additions from EP like the other age groups

    • CrazySimmer

      Unfortunately, it’s not all over just yet- there’s still the people rioting for seasons, cars and school/university packs to please.
      The battle is not truly over yet, I’m afraid…
      But personally, I always had faith that the people behind Sims (be it Maxis, EA, or EAxis) wasn’t in it JUST for the money, and the free toddlers just proved it. They could have sold it to the masses (and it WOULD have sold, too!) But instead, they gave it to us for free. Of course, this could just be one major marketing scheme as well as good charity, but still…
      Also, with the aparrently incredibly difficult to accomplish toddlers and the pets on their way, it really gives me hope… For seasons ; )

      • Pokemon Lover Michael Clouse

        There are already toddlers

  • Nuclearxpotato

    I fine without horses, they were only really made for Open Worlds anyways. But still, if we don’t get fleshed out Lizards I am going to be so angry.

    Seriously, there’s a world based on Arizona, you can’t go three feet without seeing some adorable reptile crawl under a rock! Then it would also give them an excuse to give us dwarf Crocodiles!

  • Jean

    I like horses they are one of the best things in Sims 3 as far as pets are concerned but I don’t expect them in Sims 4 because there is no room for them. I doubt if we will get them they were turly unique.

  • YEESS. and since modders found codes for toddlers and vampires before they were released means that this is 100% true

    • Lost In Fantazy

      still ea could be trolling us

  • Ms Miriah

    I don’t want horses I want bird, big parrots that you can interact with and not just teach simish to ………. everyone got their toddlers now I want my parrots! lol

    • yes a litte budgie would be awesome 🙂 Flying around the house, sleeping in the cage, learning to talk, singing, landing on shoulder, making dirt everywhere lol And so on, if they would put some attention on the small critters I am sure they could create beautiful small pets!

    • europeanguy

      but toddlers ARE parrots, they repeat EVERYTHING you say at one point or another (seriously i used to blurt out insulting things i heard my mother say about someone behind their back……infront of them)

      • Ms Miriah

        Umm actually as a parrot owner, the real truth is parrots are real toddlers, because human toddlers grow up and parrots will always be that 2 yr old that never grows up and repeats what you say forever lol

    • Lost In Fantazy

      i would enjoy birds in sims 4. agree

  • Renna Lotary

    I won’t really mind if they won’t include horses in TS4 Pets. TS4 doesn’t have open world for horses to roam freely.

    • Maybe horses could come in a farming pack eventually, with cows and chickens?

      • Renna Lotary

        That would be really nice~

      • Ecstaticrop

        With pigs and sheep as well 🙂


        chicken, pigs, and sheep would be nice…especially chicken and pigs lol

    • europeanguy

      horses are included
      see horse is specified in this code

    • dorkismalorkis

      plus horses took up so much of my sims time that i could usually only have one sim in my family. i liked them a lot but i’d be glad to see other animals

    • simsfan9911

      I agree. I was never a fan of the horses in the sims 3.

    • Lost In Fantazy


  • Sim Gandr

    Horses may not be yet in the packs but… Knowing EA by now a little… I would not be surprised at all if they do make something different with horses included one of these days… EA has not yet proven me wrong in what they did and all.. so… 😛 😛 I am going to keep my eyes open and attention focused… One day… one day… we will hear the clippity clop of horse feet… trust me

  • Robert Bugeja

    YES! Damn finally they are listening to us! Thank you Sims Team for your hardwork

  • Simsforever2000

    Were is the species options can’t find them.

  • Simsforever2000

    The sims 4 is turning it’s self around. A imagine Seasons being the second expansion pack

    • Pokemon Lover Michael Clouse

      It vapires

  • Katie Duepree Logsdon

    why no horses for xpac pets

  • Jkwan Pryor

    Oh, Sims 4 Pets of dog a talking Great Dane? Right?! 😀

  • Awesome Lightspeed

    Im a bit disappointed that they might not be doing horses but im over the moon that they are finally doing pets

  • europeanguy

    you completely overlooked the mention of horses in that code

    so yes horse is probably included, and yes the coding is totally incomplete.

  • RyeGaming

    add hampster and rats and guineypigs and dachshunds plz

  • RyeGaming

    and add like chickens and cows and sheep stuff like that

  • RyeGaming

    plz add theme parks after this expansion

  • RyeGaming

    make it so sims can make their own clothes like a taylor! and are be able to wear them and sell them

  • megamusic

    im not sure how well horses will work , therefore im not too bothered if we get them or not

  • Jean

    There really isn’t any room for horses unless they open up the world I don’t know how they would to it. Unless they can only be on certain lots. Maybe it is a dragon that would be cool I mean a really big one.

  • Anthony O’Neal

    If there are no horses can we then call it Unleashed instead of Pets? IDK just like the name better. I never was a fan of the horses anyway.

  • Llola Jones

    i think there will be no sims 5 i think there just gonna keep adding stuff to sims 4

  • Stephen Moyer

    I’ll gladly stay with Sims 3.

  • Oh my God, I’m so excited!!!

  • Robyn A Drake


  • europeanguy

    but its on the artical

    • mr

      it doesn’t say horses, you copied and edited that…

      • abby lila

        Actually, it does say horses: in the update 1 section on the article.

  • Giraffe

    probably during the summer… so still quite a ways.

  • Lost In Fantazy

    that is cool i hope it will not be too expensive so i could buy it

  • Lost In Fantazy

    I like what EA is doing right now. They are adding so much cool stuff people were asking about all these years. Toddlers, and then pets. Even decided to add a cool game pack including VAMPIRES.

  • Catherine Bevis

    Rats, I was looking forward to horses.

  • Laura

    i contacted ea on live chat yesterday the reply i got was ‘i have checked and found that currently there is no such information available about the release date for Sims 4 pets but I have shared feedback of yours with the team’
    the person said the information is not available but that could mean they haven’t set a release date or that they cannot share this info with people outside ea… who knows??

  • horses are AWESOME

    horses are the ONLY reason i started playing sims 3 and will be the ONLY reason i play sims 4

  • Brooke Malkowski

    I would love to have Horses! I think this should come out in June or July I think it’s a good timeline for The sims team to get it done. But no rush if its amazing. As long as it comes out I’ll be happy. 🙂

  • Garnet.

    I really do hope they include horses in the finished product. I would love to create a farm.

  • Lauren King


  • Pokemon Lover Michael Clouse

    yay i love TS4

  • Marie Duran

    I wouldn’t mind the Pets Expansion pack unless they bring back an open world as well as having an option for pets to be fixed. And if they are going to bring exoctic pets to the mix why not have dragons, bats (like the Australian flying foxes), and Tribbles….gotta have Tribbles. Now ask me why I wanted an option to have animals spayed or neutered.

  • Caitie


    I live in a farm area, where horses are very common. Do you know what a horse running loose is seen as? A major liability. Because if someone hits that horse, it’s gonna hurt. Look at how much damage deer do every year, and a horse is significantly more solid than a deer. And if someone hits your horse? You’re paying the damages. That’s beside the fact that you just lost your horse, since horses are also very fragile.

  • Caitie

    There really isn’t that much of a point to having horses in my opinion. The average lot size this time around is smaller than in Sims 3, the world isn’t as open. And what are you going to do, ride it around? Around where? Your little “neighborhood”? I mean, I guess they could have tied in some sort of trail riding system, but what would be the point? In a game without cars even, horses are just that much more useless.

    Don’t get me wrong; I love horses. And hope that they’ll have them in Sims 5 (along with an open world). But with the game mechanics we have, horses would just be decor objects.