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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Everything We Learned from the Deep Dive!

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The Sims Team did a deep dive livestream for The Sims 4 Snowy Escape! Deep dive livestreams for expansion packs are always brimming with an overwhelming amount of new information, and the Snowy Escape livestream was no exception!

In case you missed it and want a quick summary, we’ve compiled all the info about the pack revealed in the livestream in a condensed, easy to read, point-form format broken up into sections, so scroll to the sections you’re most interested in!


  • New Traits: Adventurous, Proper
  • New Aspirations: Extreme Sports Enthusiast, Mt. Komorebi Sightseer
  • Some clothing will not be in CAS directly; Sims can unlock them through festivals and other activities in Mt. Komorebi.


  • Platforms are part of the upcoming base game update; you do not need the Snowy Escape expansion to use them.
  • Platforms can be stacked on top of each other.
  • Platforms can be raised up high or lowered into the ground.
  • Platforms can be used to build stages; Sims can interact from separate platforms on the same level, so entertainers can interact with their audience and vice versa from the stage.
  • Platforms can be built in apartments.
  • Platforms are very versatile; they can be used for everything from roofs to split-levels and more.
  • Stacked platforms that are only one step in height difference can be used as stairs by Sims.
  • Stairs can be attached to platforms and placed on platforms.
  • Stairs cannot run through platforms; however, you can build platforms around staircases to give the appearance of a staircase embedded into a platform.
  • New trims for platforms, including wood slats and rustic stone, as well as all currently available foundation trims.
  • Platforms have head clearance requirements, so players can construct platforms in such a way as to allow children to enter, but not adults.
  • New half walls that come in every available height the platforms do so they can be paired together.
  • Koi fish can be added to fountains.
  • New Venue: Onsen Bath House
  • The summit of Mt. Komorebi has a buildable lot; however, the lot is not accessible through the map. Sims will need to brave the mountain every time they want to visit it.
  • Rental lots can now be placed in any world, which allows Sims to vacation in any residential world; however, destination worlds cannot be turned into residential worlds.
  • New science table for children (finally)!
  • Kotatsu tables are heated and can be upgraded to control their temperature.
  • Hot pots are draggable and can be taken with Sims to different places and placed on multiple surfaces; they are not attached to the kotatsu table.
  • New counters with shelving underneath to place clutter objects.



  • Lifestyles are exclusive to Snowy Escape; players will need the Snowy Escape expansion to gain access to the Lifestyles gameplay feature.
  • While CAS traits reflect a Sim’s innate personality, Lifestyles reflect a Sim’s lived experiences.
  • As Sims pursue new interests, those interests may evolve into a new Lifestyle for them, which will offer them certain benefits in areas of life related to that Lifestyle.
  • Lifestyles can change over time; if a Sim stops pursuing one interest and starts doing activities that take them in a different direction in their life, their Lifestyle can change to reflect that.
  • Some Lifestyles conflict with each other and can’t be active on the same Sim at the same time. Others are standalone and don’t necessarily conflict with anything else.
  • Some Lifestyles mentioned in the livestream: Workaholic, Frequent Traveler, Hungry for Love, Single and Loving It
  • New reward potion to remove unwanted Lifestyles. Sims can also use the phone to call a Lifestyle Coach to get rid of Lifestyles.
  • Players can use a new cheat to add or remove Lifestyles from Sims instantly by shift-clicking on them.
  • Lifestyles can be turned off in the game settings, which will completely remove all Lifestyles from the game.


  • Sentiments are NOT exclusive to Snowy Escape! Sentiments will be coming in a free base game update; however, Snowy Escape does have some specific Sentiments that are exclusive to the expansion.
  • Sentiments reflect shared moments between Sims and how those Sims feel about those experiences. They affect the way Sims react to other Sims based on the things that have happened between those Sims in the past.
  • Sentiments are not permanent; however, there are both short term and long term Sentiments. Some Sentiments can last for several in-game weeks.
  • Sentiments can decay or strengthen over time as new experiences happen between those Sims.
  • Some Sentiments weigh more heavily than others. For example, if a Sim catches their spouse cheating on them, that is going to matter more to them than a nice hike they once took together.
  • Clicking on Sims in your relationship panel will now bring up a new profile interface for that Sim, which contains more detailed information about that Sim, including any Sentiments your Sim shares with that Sim. This new interface will be included in the free update as well.
  • Some premade Sims in Mt. Komorebi already have formed Sentiments with each other.
  • Sentiments can create empathy between Sims. In the livestream, we saw that one of the Sims became sad because her husband was stressed. This was due to their shared Sentiments

Outdoor Activities

  • Sims can swim in Wakaba’s River in Mt. Komorebi.
  • Sims can check info boards around Mt. Komorebi to see upcoming festivals and check the daily wildlife report, which will warn them about any potential hazards from local wildlife while out hiking or traversing the mountain.
  • Supplies to ward off hazards from wildlife can be purchased from vending machines.
  • Hiking is a new active activity Sims can partake in. It is not a rabbithole. Players can follow their Sims through Mt. Komorebi’s hiking trails.
  • There are different types of hikes Sims can go on; meditative walks, sightseeing, exercise jogs, or travel to specific locations.
  • Sims can hike together in a group. They talk and build relationship with each other while doing so. On hikes, Sims will periodically stop to admire the scenery, take selfies, and pull out maps to check their location.
  • New Skills: Snowboarding, Skiing, and Rock Climbing.
  • There are bunny slopes for beginner snowboarders and skiers and more advanced slopes for experienced Sims.
  • There are multiple rock climbing locations ranging in difficulty for beginners and experts.
  • Snow activities can be enjoyed as a family; toddlers can go sledding with older Sims.
  • Children can sled, ski, and snowboard. They are not restricted to the bunny slopes and can use the more advanced slopes as they gain more experience, just like adults.
  • Sims can purchase their own skiing and snowboarding equipment. If they do not have their own equipment, they’ll be provided free rental equipment when they visit the slopes, but it will be returned once they leave.
  • Sims can unlock new interactions as they level up in skiing and snowboarding, such as film snowboarding videos and becoming Snow Bros with other Sims, which will offer them benefits on the slopes when they are with their Snow Bros.
  • There are low, medium, and high intensity runs on the slopes. High intensity runs can be dangerous, especially on the big slopes.
  • The mountain has caves to explore with many different possible outcomes. These ice caved can provide shelter to Sims making their way to the summit of the mountain; they are also a new WooHoo location.
  • New Social Event: Mountain Climb Excursion
  • Mountain excursions function differently than other social events and have more varied rewards; doing well in excursion events unlocks new excursion locations to explore
  • Mountain snow has depth in certain remote areas, which can make traversing the area more difficult.
  • There are cautious and risky approaches to mountain climbing. Sims can survey conditions; this will give Sims an idea of their success chances based on their skill, gear, and current weather.
  • Sims can come across forest spirits on the mountainside. Forest spirits are a new collectible, but the spirits themselves cannot be captured and displayed. Sims who find a forest spirit will receive a doll-version of the spirit to take home with them.
  • Sims can be attacked and injured by local wildlife both while hiking and traversing the mountain.
  • Lots of replayability; there are a wide variety of random, unexpected things to make every excursion a little bit different.
  • Weather conditions play a big role in traversing the mountain; blizzards, thunder snowstorms, and icy conditions can make Sims slip and fall.
  • New Death Type: Sims can fall to their deaths while climbing the mountain.

Culture and Festivals

  • Yamachan is Mt. Komorebi’s official mascot; he dances, takes selfies with tourists, and runs the Voidcritter Hunt for the Festival of Youth. There is also a ramen food stand named after him.
  • Toddlers can take selfies with Yamachan.
  • Kids can take home paper kabuto hats from the Festival of Youth.
  • Kids can participate in the Voidcritter Hunt at the Festival of Youth by using their phones to go around the festival area collecting Voidcritters, similar to the real-world game, Pokemon GO.
  • Children and teenagers living in Mt. Komorebi will change into a school uniform to attend school.
  • Sims can now take their shoes off when entering a home. They can also change into house slippers when entering a home.
  • New Career: Salaryperson
  • Sims in the Salaryperson career work long hours and are more stressed out because of it, but they also get some humorous new interactions related to their demanding job.
  • Sims in the Salaryperson career can do relaxing activities like soak in the hot springs to decompress and destress from a hard day’s work.
  • The Salaryperson career comes with some new business outfits to unlock in CAS.
  • The career has two branches; Supervisor and Expert
  • Sims can gain the Legendary Stamina reward trait from the Salaryperson career, which allows them to work even longer hours without becoming tired and stressed.
  • Some new festivals mentioned in the livestream: Festival of Lights, Festival of Youth, Festival of Snow
  • New food stalls around Mt. Komorebi, including at festivals.
  • New vending machines. Festivals have their own unique vending machines as well.
  • There are special vending machines that serve hot and cold snacks and beverages that can warm up or cool down your Sim. These treats are safe and won’t cause your Sims to freeze to death or overheat. Sims can bring these items with them on hikes or mountain excursions to help them stay warm or cool off.
  • Sims can die from being crushed by a vending machine. Occasionally, items will get stuck inside the machine and Sims can shake it to try and dislodge the item. Sometimes, this can cause the vending machine to fall on your Sim. If a Sim who is already injured has a vending machine fall on them, they have a high chance of being killed.
  • Sims can become emotionally mindful from doing relaxing activities, which allows them to put themselves into any emotional state at will. Some relaxing activities that can accomplish this include meditative walks, using the hot springs, painting, and it was mentioned in the livestream that activities from other packs, such as massages from Spa Day, will contribute to emotional mindfulness as well.
  • Sims can use the phone to take a vacation like they always could; however now they can vacation at any rental lot placed in any world. Players can turn any residential world into a vacation destination by adding rental lots to it.
  • While on a vacation, Sims can use their rental lot’s mailbox to order any supplies that the lot might not have. In the livestream, SimGuruGraham ordered a toddler bed to accommodate the youngest Sim in his household since the family’s rental lot did not have anything for toddlers.
  • Hot pot meals are more of a social experience than other types of meals. Sims will gather around the table and talk while the hot pot contents are being cooked.
  • Hot Pots and kotatsu tables cannot currently be used in restaurants with the Dine Out game pack.
  • New styles of chopsticks and the option to choose between chopsticks or Western cutlery.
  • There are 15 new recipes and drinks, plus the contents of the various vending machines.
  • New Radio Station: Japanese Folk music
  • New music coming to the S-Pop station. The S-Pop station came with City Living but will be unlocked for base game in the next update. Players who don’t own City Living will not get the City Living tracks on the S-Pop station. They will only have the new tracks added in the update available to them.
  • Onsens have rules and etiquette Sims must follow; however, Sims can break this etiquette if they are wanting to stir up some trouble. Other Sims will disapprove of this and react negatively to broken bath house etiquette.


  • New Collection: Simmi
  • Simmi are cute little dolls that can be collected and displayed in your Sim’s home.
  • There are special gold edition versions of the Simmi dolls and a variety of ways to collect all the dolls, including from vending machines and festivals.
  • The mountainous neighbourhood in Mt. Komorebi is always snowy year-round.
  • The Seasons expansion pack is NOT required to enjoy all of Snowy Escape’s content. Players who do not own Seasons will still have snow in the mountains of Mt. Komorebi and will still experience icy conditions and thundersnow in that area. Weather will not affect the other neighbourhoods of Mt. Komorebi if the player does not have Seasons.

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