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The Sims 4 Growing Together: Receive Rewards for Loose Teeth!

sims 4 loose teeth and tooth fairy guide

Put baby teeth under a child’s pillow to get a visit from the tooth fairy!

Sims 4 loose teeth

The Sims 4 loose teeth is a new feature that comes with the Growing Together expansion pack. Child Sims can lose their baby teeth and place them under their pillow at night to receive a reward from the tooth fairy (and her molar bear assistant) when they wake up. This feature was temporarily disabled while The Sims Team worked on squashing some bugs with the feature. It has since been re-enabled in the latest game patch so your child Sims can once again lose their baby teeth.

We’re going to walk you through every aspect of this adorable feature for children!

The Sims 4 Loose Teeth: Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!

Loose tooth notification

Losing baby teeth is exclusive to the child life stage in The Sims 4 Growing Together. Child Sims might wake up in the morning to discover they have a loose tooth! The Sims 4 loose teeth can be wiggled to help them fall out faster or, if your child Sim is brave enough, they can just yank the tooth right out!

Sims 4 loose teeth

You’ll receive a notification when your child Sim has a loose tooth. While the tooth is loose, they will have an Uncomfortable moodlet; having a loose tooth can cause some soreness around that area of the mouth, after all. The moodlet only has a strength of +1 so it’s not too hard to deal with. It’s quite easy to override this moodlet with more positive moodlets to keep your child Sim in a positive emotional state.

Wiggling a loose tooth
A child Sim wiggling her loose tooth

Clicking on your child Sim will display two new options: Wiggle Loose Tooth and Pull Out Loose Tooth. Wiggling The Sims 4 loose teeth will help the tooth fall out faster, but it does give your child Sim an extra +1 Uncomfortable moodlet for a while. The other option is to pull out the loose tooth. Having your child Sim yank the tooth out will remove the tooth immediately but it causes your child Sim to gain a +2 Uncomfortable moodlet for the next 3 in-game hours. Combined with the other Uncomfortable moodlets, this can be a little harder to deal with for a bit.

The Tooth Fairy Has Arrived!

You’ll get another notification when your child Sim’s loose tooth has fallen out. Don’t bother looking in the inventory for it. It doesn’t actually appear anywhere but loosing a tooth unlocks a new interaction on beds: Place Tooth Under Pillow and Sleep.

Sims 4 loose teeth
This child woke up to a gift from the tooth fairy!

Before your child Sim goes to bed that night, they can place their Sims 4 loose teeth under their pillow before they go to sleep. When they wake up in the morning, they’ll receive a small amount of simoleons and a special tooth fairy-themed wall poster or decal to decorate their room with. The exact amount of simoleons varies slightly but it’s usually around §80.

We tested this a few times with different times of the day and naps vs. sleeping. The tooth fairy will only come during the night while your child Sim is sleeping under the bed covers, not just napping. So if you were thinking your child Sim could catch a quick cat nap in the middle of the day to get their tooth fairy rewards sooner… sorry. Not gonna happen.

A child with a gap in her teeth
A child with a gap in her teeth after losing a baby tooth

After your child Sim loses their Sims 4 loose teeth, they’ll have a gap in their teeth but don’t worry; it’ll fill out again on its own in a couple of in-game days.

Milestones and Mementos

Sims 4 loose teeth
Tooth Fairy certificate and tooth fairy rewards

Losing your first baby tooth is a big deal for kids. Naturally, The Sims 4 loose teeth feature makes sure it’s a memorable moment, both through physical keepsakes and recorded milestones.

When your child Sim loses tooth for the first time, they’ll receive an adorable tooth fairy certificate in their inventory that can be displayed on a wall. Hovering over it will reveal a tooltip stating which Sim the certificate is for. They’ll also get the Lost First Tooth milestone.

Sims 4 loose teeth
Lost First Tooth milestone

These things only happen after losing their first baby tooth. You won’t be flooded with repetitive milestones and certificates every single time your child Sim loses a tooth. They’re likely to lose several baby teeth before they grow into teenagers.

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