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The Sims 4: Don’t Buy the Lin-Z Smart Speaker – it will break your game!


Multiple Simmers are reporting that they’ve encountered a strange error in The Sims 4 since the latest update which prevents them from loading up lots and / or travelling to different lots. The message shown below will pop out after loading a certain lot kicking the player out to the World Menu and not allowing the player to load any type of lot:

Image via Crinrict

What’s the cause of this issue? As strange as it might be, the new Lin-Z Smart Speaker and the relationship you form with it is the root of the issue above. As reported by Crinrict, the issue starts showing up when your Sim visits a lot that had Lin-Z on and after you decide to move the Lin-Z Speaker to your Sim’s inventory or delete it altogether.

Unlike with the Talking Toilet Object from The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack with which you can form a relationship and get rid of it by deleting the object, you cannot get rid of the relationship with Lin-Z Smart Speaker even after deleting it which will cause big issues.

If you’ve already encountered the issue above then there isn’t a perfect solution. You’ll have to go back to the Main Menu and revert your Save Game to the point where you didn’t purchase the Lin-Z Smart Speaker. If you didn’t encounter the issue it’s highly recommended that you don’t purchase the Smart Speaker until The Sims Team releases a fix.

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