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The Sims 4: Spring Challenge 2016 Tutorial

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The latest Sims 4 Update brought a new Challenge in the game – The Spring Challenge!

Once you open The Sims 4, you’ll be greeted with this Screen in the Main Menu, giving you some more info about the Spring Challenge.

The Growfruit Challenge

Jasmine Holiday is the Challenge Coordinator of the Spring Challenge. She can be found in the Community Gardens of Willow Creek and Oasis Springs.

She’s easily recognized by her Pink Blazer with a Growfruit Icon on her back.


Jasmine doesn’t function like other Townies. She only comes with 5 unique interactions:


Spring Challenge revolves around growing Growfruit in your Garden. It can also be found as a spawnable plant around other Neighborhoods, but the main goal here is to have 20 Growfruit harvested in your Inventory.

The best way to start is by Asking for a Growfruit Starter Pack. You’ll then be given a Growfruit Seed packet with only one Growfruit seed.

If you don’t know what a Growfruit is, here’s some basic info about the new Plant:


If you don’t have a Planter Box in your Lot, go into Build Mode and buy it. Then, use the Growfruit from your Inventory and drag it into the Planter Box. Click on it and select Plant.

Just like any other plant, Growfruit needs to be watered and nurtured from Weeds.

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Once its grown, you’ll see the Growfruit in its full glow (literally).

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The Growfruit will occasionally grow new Growfruits which you can harvest.

To reach your 20 Growfruit goal faster, plant the harvested Growfruits that you have in your inventory and nurture them. You’ll reach your goal in no time!

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Once you have 20 Growfruit in your Inventory, find Jasmine and select ”Give Growfruit”.


You’ll be rewarded with the Growfruit Challenge Garden Pot.


You can find it in Build Mode for 30 Simoleons.


But, the Challenge doesn’t end there. After you’ve completed this mission, you’ll unlock a new Mission to unlock a new Garden Pot. This time, you’ll have to bring one Perfect Growfruit to Jasmine.

Growing a Perfect plant takes time and skill. As you take care of your Growfruit, you’ll notice that the plant will begin to sparkle. That means that your Growfruit is ready to evolve! Select the Growfruit and click Evolve to upgrade your plant quality.

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The quality of any plant goes as following: Nice > Very Nice > Good > Great > Excellent > Superb > Magnificent > Pristine > Perfect.

This means that it will take you a couple of sim days or even weeks to reach the Perfect quality. To make things faster, use fertilizers or fish to unlock the Evolve interaction more quickly.

Once you’ve finally grown your Perfect Growfruit, harvest it at bring one Growfruit to Jasmine.


You’ll unlock the Perfect Growfruit Challenge Garden Pot that can be found in Build Mode.


Congratulations! Now that you have finished the Growfruit Challenge, these Pots are yours to keep forever!

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 Bunny Egg Hunt Challenge

The Bunny Egg Hunt Challenge is the same one that we had last year, only with 2 new Egg colors.

For more information about this Challenge, check out our Bunny Egg Hunt Challenge Tutorial!

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The 2 new Rare Eggs are recognisable by their glow:

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