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Buyable Ultrasound Images and Birth Certificates for The Sims 4


Family players will love these CC buyable ultrasound images and birth certificates!

Players who own Get To Work have the option of giving birth at the hospital, which gives your Sim a birth certificate for the new bundle of joy. The only problem is if you choose to have a home birth, you don’t get a birth certificate. Other times, birth certificates can get lost or the Sim info attached to them can break over time.

Ravasheen‘s Better or Birth Customizable Birth Certificate mod gives you the ability to purchase a birth certificate from Build/Buy so no matter where your baby was born, they still have a birth certificate. It’s also base game compatible so players without Get To Work can use them. Click on the birth certificate to add any Sim in the household to it.

As well as the birth certificates, Ravasheen’s added a custom ultrasound image, also buyable in Build/Buy. Assign a Sim in the household in the same way you’d add them to a birth certificate and display the ultrasound image anywhere on a wall or a postcard corkboard.

Since these are not overrides, they are fully compatible with LittleMsSam’s Advanced Birth Certificate and Ultrasound Scan mods. I love using them together for more display options.

We’d love to see ultrasound scans for twins and triplets added to this mod as well for even more versatility!

The Better or Birth mod is currently in early access but will become free on August 4th, 2022!

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