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sims 4 collections guide

Your ultimate guide to every collection across all packs!

A while back, I put together a huge guide covering Sims 4 Collections. It was meant as a quick cheat sheet to get you looking in the right direction so you can complete each and every collection in the game. Since then, new packs have come out and that means new collections! Naturally, it was time that this guide got an update to include those new additions.

This guide has been updated to include the My Wedding Stories and Werewolves collections as well as the new moonprint additions added to the space print collection.

sims 4 collections guide intro

This is not a full breakdown of every item in every collection. This is a general guide about where to look to find those Sims 4 collectibles along with some tips and tricks for getting a few of the trickier ones. I will also be going over how to get those limited-time event collections!

How to get Frogs

Sims 4 Collections: Frogs

Frogs are one of the more interesting Sims 4 collections in the game because you can actually breed your frogs to get new ones. And, they have a fairly detailed genetic system that dictates which frog you will get from each pairing. Carl’s Guide does an excellent job of breaking down the breeding mechanics. You don’t necessarily need to breed your frogs to complete the collection; all the frogs can be caught out in the world, but it is a lot easier if you’re breeding them.

Of course, you’ll need a decent selection of frogs to begin breeding the ones you’re missing so have your Sims look in logs (Willow Creek) and old watering holes (Oasis Springs) to start building up their collection. They can also catch frogs at any pond out in the world but a catch isn’t always guaranteed. They’re likely to slip out of your Sims’ hands more often than not but just keep at it.


Sims 4 Gardening Collection

Gardening is easily the most varied and involved collection to complete in the game and it only gets more complex the more packs you have that add to the gardening collection.

The main way to complete the collection is by finding different plants growing out in the wild and grafting different plants together to create new types of plants but some plants can be fished up, too. If your Sim has high Gardening skill and a lot of simoleons to burn, it’s actually easiest to just purchase Uncommon and Rare seed packets from Build/Buy. You have a chance of getting all the uncommon and rare plants this way but it gets very expensive very quickly and you never know which uncommon or rare seeds you’re going to get out of any seed packet.

If you’d rather not waste so much money buying seed packets in bulk, here’s a few tips to help you get some of the more unique items:

Gardening Collection Tips

  • Leave garbage sitting on bare ground to get a Trash Fruit plant
  • Invest in a rocket ship and all the upgrades. You’ll need one to get the UFO plant from space missions. If you have Get To Work, you’ll also need one to go to Sixam for the Glow Orb, Quill Fruit, and Fang Flower.
  • Growfruit was part of a limited-time event and can no longer be found in the world… but you can still get them out of rare seed packets!
  • The Forbidden Fruit of the Plant Sim can still be acquired even though the event for it is over. It’s connected to the Magic Beans collection. Get all the Magic Beans from rare seed packets, then arrange them all in the Magic PlantSim Stump from Build/Buy. Water the stump and watch it sprout into a HUGE tree! Explore the tree to find the Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim.

Sims 4 Collections: MySims Trophies

MySims Trophies Collection

In theory, finding the MySims Trophies is easy. In practice, it can take quite a while to finish your collection. This is because they come out of rock spawners which also give out three other types of collectibles, so you’re not always guaranteed to find a MySims trophy in a rock. It could be a fossil, a metal, or a crystal.

Look around the world for clickable rocks that your Sims can dig up. Willow Creek and Oasis Springs both have quite a few in each neighbourhood but they can be found in other worlds as well. It can take a while for them to spawn when you first load into the area so leave the game running for a Sim hour or two before starting your search.

Whenever you dig up a rock and receive a capsule, you have a MySims trophy! Click the capsule in your Sim’s inventory to open it and see which MySims you got. Sometimes, you may receive a treasure map from digging up a rock. This treasure map will open up the “Dig for Treasure” option on other rocks. Using this option will always give you a MySims capsule, so if you are hunting for MySims, specifically, use up any and all treasure maps you find.

Where to find MySims Trophies

  • Violet and Goth Boy are extremely difficult to find. If you own Get To Work, they are much more common finds on Sixam, so try searching for them there.
  • Violet can also be purchased outright from Paddywack’s Emporium in Magnolia Promenade if you own Get To Work.
  • If you own Realm of Magic, some of the MySims trophies can be purchased from the apothecary vendor in The Magic Realm.
  • If you own City Living, the market table vendor at the flea market sometimes sells the entire MySims collection so if you’re lucky enough to find them there, you can buy up all your missing ones.

How to obtain Metals in The Sims 4

Sims 4 Collections: Metals

This is another collection that is found inside rocks. There is no particular pattern or strategy for finding them all; it’s mostly just luck, so keep smashing away until you’ve managed to find them all. Again, it can take quite some time because you can also get MySims, fossils, and crystals out of rocks, too.

Metals: Tips & DLC Walkthrough

  • Don’t sell all your extra metals! You need them to complete the Elements collection! Keep your spares so you can send them to the Geo Council and get the extracted elements in the mail! You’ll also need them to help with your microscope collections.
  • If you own Realm of Magic, some of the metals can be purchased from the apothecary vendor in The Magic Realm.
  • If you own City Living, the market table vendor at the flea market sometimes sells metals so if you’re lucky enough to find them there, you can buy some that you’re missing.
  • If you own Get To Work, the two metals that were added with this expansion can only be found on Sixam.


Sims 4 Crystals Collection

Yet another collection that is found inside of rocks. You know the drill. Smash a bunch of rocks until you have all the crystals. Again, there’s no particular pattern or strategy and you’re also likely to find other collectibles in rocks, too, so… have patience. Lots. Of. Patience.

Crystals Tips & Packs Info

  • Don’t sell all your extra crystals! You need them to complete the Elements collection! Keep your spares so you can send them to the Geo Council and get the extracted elements in the mail! You’ll also need them to help with your microscope collections.
  • If you own Get Famous, there are quite a few crystals you can purchase outright from the computer, including a few rare ones.
  • If you own Jungle Adventure, the crystals that were added with this game pack can only be found in Selvadorada.
  • If you own City Living, you can sometimes find crystals for sale at the flea market. Always check the flea market tables when this festival is going on.
  • If you own Realm of Magic, some crystals can be purchased from Caster’s Alley in The Magic Realm.

Sims 4 Collections: Elements

Sims 4 Elements Collection

Elements are an interesting collection because they can only be found through other Sims 4 collections. You need to send crystals and metals to the Geo Council for element extraction. You’ll receive whatever elements were extracted from the crystal or metal in the mail the following day.

To save you some time, you can call the Geo Council to ask about any metal or crystal you have. They’ll tell you what elements it’s made out of. If the item is made up of more than one element, you’ll only get one element from it and there’s no way to pick which one it will be. Still, calling ahead is a good way to find out if it’s worth sacrificing that metal or crystal for a chance at an element you don’t have yet or if you’re better off just selling it.

There’s an elemental table in Build/Buy you can purchase to display all your elements in but it does not include a slot for the Get To Work element.


Sims 4 Collections: Postcards

Unlike most Sims 4 collections in this game, your Sims never have to leave home to find all the postcards. All they have to do is make a lot of online friends.

On the computer under the Social option, have your Sims look for a pen pal. Come back a few hours later to see who’s connected with your Sim. Once your Sim has a pen pal, exchange a few letters back and forth until the option to ask them for a postcard becomes available. You’ll receive the postcard in the mail the next day.

There are pen pals from 14 different locations and each location has its own postcard. So once you’ve gotten the Appaloosa Plains postcard, that pen pal won’t send you a different postcard, for example. You’ll need to become pen pals with Sims from all 14 different locations to get all 14 postcards.

There is a corkboard you can display your postcards on in Build/Buy.


  • If you own the My First Pet Stuff pack, this pack added 7 new postcards to the collection. These postcards can only be obtained from your pet rodent. Your rodent will occasionally go on adventures by themselves and will bring you a postcard from their travels when they return. The postcard is random but you can receive all 7 postcards from the same rodent. The rodent cages even have their own little corkboard to display all the postcards your rodent brings you. How cute!

Where to find Fossils in The Sims 4

Sims 4 Fossils Collection

Like the other collections that are found in rocks, fossils are a pretty random find. There’s no strategy or pattern to follow to ensure you get specific ones. Just keep digging up those rocks and hoping for the best.

When you find a fossil in a rock, you’ll need to extract it by clicking on it in your Sim’s inventory. Sometimes this will result in your Sim breaking the fossil but most of the time, you should get a proper fossil out of it.

Tips and DLC Info

  • Fossils can also sometimes be found on space missions.
  • I tend to get fossils fairly often as Winterfest gifts, either from the present pile or Father Winter. If you have Seasons, I wouldn’t skip the Winterfest presents if you’re trying to find all the fossils. My Sims have on occasion received other collectibles as gifts, too, like crystals and metals.
  • The market table vendor will sometimes sell fossils at the flea market if you own City Living.
  • If you own Jungle Adventure, the fossils that were added with this game pack can only be found in Selvadorada.

Microscope Prints

Sims 4 Microscope Prints Collection

To complete this collection, you’ll need a microscope, high Logic skill, and some plants, fossils, crystals, and metals to take samples from.

To start with, focus on the Logic skill. This will unlock the ability to take and analyze samples. Plant samples unlock at level 2, fossil samples unlock at level 5, and crystal samples unlock at level 8.

Once you have the samples, analyze them under a microscope to get some prints. Make sure to use a variety of things to analyze because some of the prints can only be found from analyzing specific types of samples. There are also some prints you can find by using the microscope by itself.

Space Prints

Sims 4 Collections: Space Prints

This is probably the most straight forward collection in the game. Buy an observatory and use it. That’s it.

The only caveat with this collection is that there are specific interactions on the observatory you need to use in order to get specific prints. So if you’ve been stargazing at night for a while with no new prints, try observing the skies during the day, instead. You’ll also need to have Logic Skill Level 7 to unlock the Search for the Truth interaction on the observatory. Some prints can only be obtained through that interaction.

May 2022 Update: Previously, there were only 15 space prints to collect but the free base game update in May of 2022 added ten more prints, making the total number of collectible space prints 25. These ten new prints can only be obtained by using the Moongaze interaction on either the large observatory or the new smaller telescope that was also added to the base game in this update. Moongazing can only be done at night outdoors but if you begin Moongazing at night, you can continue Moongazing into the daytime hours as long as the interaction doesn’t get cancelled. The other 15 prints can also be obtained by using the smaller telescope now.

Finding Aliens in The Sims 4

Sims 4 Aliens Collection

Your Sims will need to blast off into space to complete this part of Sims 4 Collections. This collection itself is not bugged; however, the rocket ship that you need in order to get this collection is bugged. Currently, Sims cannot start building a rocket ship. No options come up on the launch pad to build it. A way to get around this is by having an NPC Sim start the rocket ship for you. You can also download a ready-made rocket ship from the Gallery.

You have a much better chance at coming home with collectibles if you’ve expanded the cargo bay on the rocket. Other than that, there’s no real set strategy for finding the aliens. You just have to keep doing space missions and clicking through the options, hoping to end up with one. It eventually got to a point where I was just mindlessly clicking on whatever the first option was without reading it. All because I’d been doing back-to-back space missions for days on end trying to find all the aliens.

A small, but tedious collection.

Space Rocks

Space Rocks Collections in The Sims 4

This is another collection that requires your Sim to go into space. Luckily, there are only four space rocks to find so it’s not quite as tedious as collecting all the aliens. In fact, you’ll probably complete this collection while looking for the aliens.

Like the aliens, there’s no real strategy here. Just keep going on space missions and clicking through the options. You might come back with a space rock. You might not.

Completing the Fish Collection in The Sims 4

Fishing Collection

Fish are quite a large collection, especially if you have all the packs but they aren’t too hard to find. The key is to fish a lot and fish in many different places. You can use bait to increase your chances of getting specific fish but personally, I’ve never needed bait to finish this collection.

As you increase your fishing skill, make use of the new options that become available to you. Like Angle for a Big Catch, which will help increase your odds of catching larger, rarer fish.

Fishing Collection Tips:

  • The secret areas in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs are the only places you can catch some of the rare fish types. Make sure you find them.
  • If you own Outdoor Retreat, the fish that came with this pack can only be caught in Granite Falls.
  • If you own Island Living, some of the Sulani fish can only be caught in deep waters. This means taking an outrigger canoe out to where your Sim can’t see the bottom of the ocean and fishing from the canoe.
  • If you own Cottage Living, you can actually purchase a large chunk of the fish collection from Kim’s grocery stall in the Finchwick district of Henford-on-Bagley, including quite a few rare fish.
  • There is a fish that comes with the Werewolves game pack that can only be caught in Moonwood Mill

Insects (Outdoor Retreat)

The Sims 4 Insects Collection

The insect collection came with Outdoor Retreat. Insects can only be found while on vacation in Granite Falls so keep an eye out for them while you’re there.

Some insects can only be found during the day, while others only come out at night. Some bugs crawl on the ground while others fly. Some rarer types of insects only show up in the secret area of the woods in Granite Falls, too, so you’ll really have to do some exploring if you want to complete this collection.

Some of the insects are very small and difficult to see so I recommend leaving the game on regular speed and scanning the area close to the ground so that their movements catch your attention.

Geodes (Get To Work)

Sims 4 Collections: Geodes (Get to Work)

The geode Sims 4 collections comes with Get To Work and can only be found on the alien planet, Sixam. Max out the scientist career or install a wormhole generator on a rocket ship to get to Sixam.

While on Sixam, look for orb-like deposits sticking up from the ground and collect them. Open them up in your Sim’s inventory to see which geode you got.

Decorative Eggs

Every Collection in The Sims 4 and Where to Find Them!

Decorative Eggs were part of a limited-time Spring event a few years back and can no longer be found in the base game. However, if you own the Seasons expansion, you can still find them in the game. Create a custom holiday with the Egg Hunt tradition and on that day, your Sims will be able to click on various objects and plants around their lot to look for decorative eggs.

If you don’t own Seasons, the only way to get the eggs is by using the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat and buying them out of Build/Buy. The upside to this is that this cheat doesn’t disable trophies on console. Meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice your trophy progress just to complete your in-game collections.

Experimental Food Photos (Dine Out)

Experimental Food Photos Collectable in The Sims 4 Dine Out

This part of Sims 4 Collections is a pretty easy one to complete as long as you have enough simoleons and a Sim with a big appetite. To find all the experimental food photos, have your Sim go out to a restaurant that serves experimental dishes and order them. Then when the food comes to the table, click the dish to have your Sim take a photo of their meal.

The Chez Llama restaurant that comes with the Dine Out pack already serves all of the experimental dishes. All you have to do is plop it down somewhere in the world from your library and have your Sim order everything on the menu.

Finding Voidcritters in The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff

Full Voidcritters Collection in The Sims 4 Kids Room

Voidcritters are the Sims version of Pokémon cards and they came with the Kids Room Stuff pack. While only children can search for the cards out in the world and play with them, adults can still collect the cards by purchasing them on the computer.

Children can look in logs and garbage bins for discarded toys, which may yield a Voidcritter card. They can also trade their spare Voidcritter cards with other children in the hopes of receiving a new Voidcritter they don’t have, yet. There are 20 different Voidcritters to collect but each Voidcritter also has a limited edition foil variant so if you want both the standard and foil versions, there are a total of 40 cards to collect.

Children can train their Voidcritters on the battle station to make them more powerful and battle them against their friends on the battle station. The cards can also be displayed on surfaces for collection purposes.

If you’re an adult looking to complete this part of Sims 4 Collections, you’ll have to be prepared to spend a lot of simoleons. The only way to obtain Voidcritters as an adult is to purchase booster packs from the computer. There’s no strategy or pattern here; it’s just the luck of the draw so keep buying booster packs until you have the whole collection.

Sims 4 Collections: Sugar Skulls

Every Collection in The Sims 4 and Where to Find Them!

Sugar Skulls were part of a limited-time Day of the Dead event but they are still available in the game!

Have a Sim leave a sugar skull offering at a tombstone at night. The Sim does not actually need to have a sugar skull in their inventory to leave an offering. The tombstone must be a real tombstone with a Sim’s ghost attached to it. A décor tombstone or a tombstone with a ghost that has faded away will not work.

If the offering is successful, you’ll receive a notification that a Day of the Dead Celebrator has shown up in the area. Scan the entire area for them. They should be wearing Day of the Dead makeup and/or clothes have the red Day of the Dead Celebrator role on their tooltip when you hover your mouse over them. Go over and become the Sim’s friend, then request a sugar skull from them.

Tips on obtaining Sugar Skulls in The Sims 4:

  • Making an offering doesn’t always work. Just keep trying at night.
  • If the Day of the Dead Celebrator refuses to give you a sugar skull, increase the relationship more and make sure it’s a pleasant conversation.
  • If you own Jungle Adventure, the Art skull can be purchased from the market vendor’s secret wares after mastering the Selvadoradian Culture skill.
  • The tenth and final skull can only be obtained after arranging the other nine skulls on the special display case designed for them. Once the nine skulls are in the display, click the display to Honour the Dead. This will give you the tenth skull which can be placed on top of the display.

How to find City Posters in Sims 4 City Living

Sims 4 Collections: City Posters from City Living EP

You’ll have to explore all of San Myshuno to find all the city posters.

Each area of the city has a few utility boxes with some posters stuck onto the back. Go around grabbing the posters off the backs of these utility boxes to start accumulating your city poster collection. Myshuno Meadows in particular has quite a few of them scattered all throughout the area, so make sure you look everywhere in every district. If there are no posters available, just wait a while for them to respawn.

Snow Globes (City Living)

Snow Globes Collection in The Sims 4 City Living

The snow globe collection is another City Living exclusive. Some of them can be purchased from the merch vendors at the various city festivals around San Myshuno. The rest have to be scrounged up out of old discarded boxes of junk around the city.

Each area of San Myshuno will usually have at least one or two cardboard boxes full of discarded junk lying abandoned somewhere along the sidewalk, in between buildings, or really just anywhere somewhat out of the way. Have your Sims rummage through these boxes to find the rest of the snow globes that can’t be purchased at the festivals.

If you’re having trouble completing the collection by rummaging through junk boxes, make sure to go to the flea market whenever it’s happening in the Spice District. Sometimes the market table vendor will be selling the entire snow globe collection. If you’re lucky enough to come across them for sale at the flea market, you can buy them all up and finish your collection in one day.

Sims 4 Collections: Holiday Cracker Plushies

Sims 4 Free Pack: Holiday Cracker Plushies Collection

The Holiday Cracker Plushies are part of the free Holiday Celebration DLC pack. Almost everyone will have this pack as it downloads automatically with the base game but if you don’t have it, it’s free to download from The Sims 4 Store page on Origin.

There’s no trick to completing this segment of Sims 4 collections. You just need a lot of time, patience, and simoleons. They come out of the holiday crackers you can order on the computer. Just keep buying heaps and heaps of holiday crackers and opening them up until you eventually complete this collection.

How to get Magic Beans in The Sims 4

Sims 4 Magic Beans Collection

Magic Beans were part of a limited-time PlantSim Challenge that ran a few years ago. The challenge is no longer active but the magic beans can still be found inside of rare seed packets. Max out the Gardening skill to unlock rare seed packets in Build/Buy for 1,000 a piece. They’re not cheap.

Just keep buying rare seed packets until you have all of the magic beans. Simple enough.

Tip on getting Sims 4 Magic Beans

  • If you’re also looking to complete the Gardening collection, it’s best to have two completed sets of magic beans. One to keep for display purposes and one to put in the PlantSim Stump. Water them in the stump to sprout the tree you need to explore to get the Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim. The magic beans disappear once you water them inside the stump.

Feathers (Cats & Dogs)

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Feathers Collection

Feathers were added in the Cats & Dogs expansion and they can only be collected by your Sims’ pets. Dogs can sometimes find feathers but generally, it’s best to have a cat to complete this collection. They tend to be better at catching birds than dogs.

It’s ideal to have a cat with the Prowler trait if you’re looking to complete this collection. Cats with this trait are more likely to go off on their own adventures and bring back presents for their owners… including feathers. Whenever your cat comes home carrying a wad of feathers in its mouth, click the feather pile to open it and receive some feathers from this collection.


  • If you have any pack that comes with a “WooHoo bush” (Get Together or Jungle Adventure) place one on your lot. Your cat will frequently fight with critters inside the bush and can get a lot of feathers this way.

Ancient Omiscan Artifacts (Jungle Adventure)

Ancient Omiscan Artifacts Collection

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Ancient Omiscan Artifacts can only be found while vacationing in Selvadorada.

Your Sim will need to build their Archaeology skill and traverse through the jungle, opening up treasure chests and excavating dig sites whenever they come across them. You won’t be able to tell what you’ve found until you’ve cleaned off and authenticated the item at an archaeology table. Each artifact comes in different qualities but any quality artifact will count towards completing the collection. The higher your Archaeology skill, the better chance you have at uncovering Excellent quality artifacts.

Beware of fakes! Each artifact also has a fake variant. If you uncover a fake, it won’t count towards your collection progress but they do look pretty hilarious so you might want to keep them anyway just for amusement.

Omiscan Treasures (Jungle Adventure)

Sims 4 Collections: Omiscan Treasures from Jungle Adventure

Like the artifacts, the treasures can only be found while in Selvadorada. Unlike the artifacts, they can’t be excavated from dig sites or found in regular treasure chests scattered around the jungle. The Omiscan Treasures can only be found inside of the special treasure chest located in the final room of the jungle temple.

To get to the temple, your Sim will have to make it all the way through the jungle. Then they’ll need to get through each level of the temple, surviving all of the traps along the way.

If they manage to make it all the way through the temple in one piece, they will be rewarded with a fancy gold treasure chest in the final room which will contain some of the Omiscan Treasures. There are 5 calendar plates and 8 gold frogs to collect so be prepared to make a lot of trips back to the temple. This collection could take you quite a while to finish.

Sims 4 Collections: Omiscan Treasure Tips

  • There is a way to speed up the process and bypass the waiting period to access the temple again. Normally, you can only explore the temple once a day; the game tells you it needs time to rearrange itself and to come back tomorrow. I discovered the temple actually rearranges itself as soon as you travel to another lot. So once you’ve explored the temple, travel back to the Belomisia Trailhead and make your way back to where the temple gate is. The gate will be locked but pan the camera over the gate to where you can see the temple and click on it to travel there!

Positivity Posters (Millie Bobby Brown)

Every Collection in The Sims 4 and Where to Find Them!

Unfortunately, this is the only limited-time event collection in the game that’s completely inaccessible through regular gameplay now. Your only option to get these posters is by using the bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement cheat and buying them directly out of Build/Buy.

There was a mod that re-enabled the challenge but the creator has gone on a hiatus and hidden all of their mods until they can maintain them again. If this mod ever does return, it will be located on Nexus Mods.

Seashells (Island Living)

Seashells Collection in The Sims 4 Island Living

Seashells Sims 4 Collections were added with Island Living and can be found by combing the beaches for seashells. They can also be found while diving, exploring the cave in Mua Pel’am, and by befriending dolphins.

No pattern or strategy. Just keep combing the beach and diving until you’ve found them all.

How to find Buried Treasure Collection in Sims 4 Island Living

Sims 4 Buried Treasure Collection

The Buried Treasure collection is another Island Living exclusive. This collection is primarily found by diving in Sulani. You’ll need to purchase the Treasure Tool diving gear at any diving buoy in order to look for Buried Treasure. Sims can also sometimes fish up buried treasure while fishing in Sulani. They can also sometimes be found in the cave on Mua Pel’am and be gifted to your Sims by dolphins. Throwing a gold level kava party will also reward your Sim with a piece of Buried Treasure.

Again, no pattern or strategy. Just keep diving for treasure and fishing and you’ll find them all eventually.

Magical Artifacts (Realm of Magic)

Magic Artifacts - a part of Sims 4 Collections in Realm of Magic

The Magical Artifacts collection comes with Realm of Magic and consists of wands, brooms, and familiars in varying types and colours.

Some of the more common artifacts can be purchased in Caster’s Alley but the rest have to be won by dueling spellcasters for artifacts, so you’ll need to have a Sim in your household who’s a spellcaster if you want to finish this collection. Some of the rarest artifacts can only be won by winning a duel for artifacts against the Sages. Your spellcaster should be a Virtuoso like them in order to be evenly matched in the duel.

This part of Sims 4 collections is bugged! While it’s possible to technically complete the collection by obtaining the 26 items in their basic colours, the recolours of the wands and brooms do not appear anywhere in-game. They are never generated at the shops in Caster’s Alley, nor are they ever given out as loot from winning spellcaster duels. This means you can never fill out all of the empty slots in this collection. If you really want to fill out the entire collection in full while still feeling like you earned something, I would suggest getting all the familiars and at least one colour of each type of broom and wand. Once you have those, use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat to purchase the missing colours and fill out the rest of the collection.

How to obtain Simmies from The Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Simmies Collection in Snowy Escape

This is another segment of Sims 4 Collections that just requires a lot of patience and a lot of money. Simmie capsules can be purchased from vending machines in Mt. Komorebi. Open the capsules in your Sim’s inventory to see which Simmie doll you got. The collection is considered complete once you’ve found all 12 standard versions but each Simmie also has a gold variant to find.

There isn’t a whole lot of strategy here but you do have a better chance at getting rare and gold Simmies at the festivals in Mt. Komorebi using the special festival vending machines. Children can also win a rare Simmie from Yamachan by participating in the Voidcritter hunt at the Festival of Youth. Kids can ask Yamachan for a Simmie whenever they see him around Mt. Komorebi, too.

Be careful in your hunt for all the Simmies! Your Sims can die from being crushed by a falling vending machine. When they get the Close Call moodlet after having a vending machine fall on them, take a Moodlet Solver potion or call it quits for a while. If the vending machine falls on them again while they have this moodlet, they will die.

Village Fair Ribbons (Cottage Living)

Village Fair Ribbons Collection

Surprise surprise! Another collection that’s bugged! Oh goodie…

Anyway, the Village Fair Ribbons come with Cottage Living and your Sims can get them by participating in the Finchwick Fair that happens in Henford-on-Bagley every Saturday afternoon. There are five different themes that rotate each week so make sure you check the calendar to see what sort of entries you’ll need to get ready for the fair that week.

Currently, there is a bug that prevents Sims from winning any ribbons for the “minor” entry of the week. For example, if you enter an oversized crop and a pie, you’ll receive a ribbon for your oversized crop but nothing for your pie. Ordinarily, Sims would place 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or earn a participation ribbon if their entry didn’t place. The bug prevents Sims from getting anything at all for their minor entries, not even a participation ribbon. This means you can’t complete the collection without cheating, since you’ll never get anything for your minor entries.

You’ll just have to use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat to grab the ribbons you can’t get out of Build/Buy.

If you’re experiencing any issues with the Village Fair Sims 4 Bug, you can “Me Too” the bug on EA Help!

Lightsaber Parts (Star Wars: Journey to Batuu)

Lightsaber Parts in Sims 4 Star Wars Game Pack

Lightsaber Parts come with the Star Wars: Journey to Batuu game pack and they can only be obtained in the Star Wars world of Batuu. The collection consists of lightsaber hilts and kyber crystals that can be combined to create functioning lightsabers.

There are a few different ways you can find lightsaber parts in Batuu. Some can be purchased from Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities and Savi’s Lightsaber Worshop. Others can be earned from rising in the ranks of any of the three factions in Batuu by completing missions. You might also come across a few while exploring the cave in the Resistance encampment. Once you have a lightsaber, you can also complete Lightsaber Challenges by enquiring about them at Savi’s Lightsaber Worshop.

Batuu Records (Star Wars: Journey to Batuu)

Batuu Records Collection

A second Sims 4 Collections part that comes with the Star Wars Game Pack. You can obtain Batuu records by scanning different objects found around Batuu. Just walk around Batuu scanning anything and everything that’s scannable in order to find them all.

Message in a Bottle (My Wedding Stories)

Message in a Bottle - Sims 4 Collections

Messages in bottles come with the My Wedding Stories game pack and they can only be found in the Mediterranean coastal beach world of Tartosa. The collection is fairly straight-forward to complete; walk up and down the two main beach shorelines in town looking for small mounds of sand at the water’s edge. Dig them up to uncover a message in a bottle!

There’s no strategy or trick to finding all the bottles. Just keep digging through those sand mounds daily and hope to get lucky with a bottle you haven’t found before. The sand mounds respawn about once every 24 in-game hours but your Sim will have to remain in the area for the game to count the time passed.

Moonwood Relics (Werewolves)

Moonwood Relics in Sims 4 Werewolves GP

Moonwood Relics are from the Werewolves game pack and can only be found in Moonwood Mill. Scavenge through the dirt as a werewolf or explore the underground tunnel system in the world to collect all 12 pieces. There is a special display case for this collection in Build/Buy. Drag the pieces to this shelf and they’ll snap into their designated slots.

This part of Sims 4 Collections comes with added gameplay that involves deciphering the lore on each piece, which only werewolves can do. Learn more about this collection in our guide.

Tassels (For Rent)

Sims 4 Collections Guide Tassels edited

The tassels collection comes with the For Rent expansion pack and can only be found in Tomarang. There are numerous ways to acquire tassels but they all involve exploring in the world of Tomarang. Players who want to find all the tassels should check the night market vendors, visit the tiger sanctuary, explore the well-hidden Beard Beard Cave, and look along the beaches.

Once your Sim has collected all 10 tassels, they can be combined to create a tassel shirt as a reward. You can find and put on the tassel shirt by going into CAS with your Sim and filtering for For Rent.

Colourful Marbles (For Rent)

Sims 4 Collections Guide Marbles edited

The colourful marbles collection is an interesting one because it’s connected to gameplay. Children can use the marbles they find to play with other children. The best way for children to get new marbles for their collection is by Playing For Keeps when they play marbles with other kids. If they win, they’ll get a new marble, hopefully one they don’t already have so they can add it to their collection.

While teens and older Sims cannot play marbles and therefore cannot gain new marbles by Playing for Keeps, they can still find and collect the marbles via other methods. Marbles can be purchased on the computer, at a vendor in the night market, or be discovered while searching through toy boxes.

Marbles can be kept and displayed in a glass jar, which is also available or purchase in the night market but you can get it from Build/Buy mode, too.

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