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No, this is definitely not a Pets Hint…

So you may remember back in July when The Sims Team released The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff and it featured this tank top with first 2 swatches having a city themed pattern…If not, here’s a picture:

..and just like that, 2 months after, The Sims 4 City Living was announced.

Now, The Sims Team has added a jacket in The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack that for some reason wasn’t shown in any advertising material until its release. Notice that paw?

Which paw? This paw:

Okay, the paw was too obvious and maybe didn’t need to be pointed out, but you get it. Why would The Sims Team add a cat / dog paw stitched onto a jacket?

Whatever it is, it’s definitely not a hint for the Pets Pack that’s been leaking for the last 5 months…

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    • Hopefully not… The Vampires game pack has proven that it’s preferable to have the life states be done in an individual game pack rather than implemented as an afterthought in an expansion pack, like what happened with Aliens and Ghosts :S

      • But do you want 12 Game Packs dedicated to each life state? Otherwise Sims 4 will lack in life state context.

        • Honestly, yes. Better to give people the choice of which life state they want and give it with some quality, than to just lump it all together and unfinished (sims 3 Supernatural) or in an EP and unfinished (sims 4 Glitch to Work) :S

          • I would also love it, but it seems unlikely that they will add all life states that we love from previous games if they add it in single Game Packs. :(

          • As long as the ones we get are well done, I’m kinda ok with that. Quality over quantity, in my opinion :S

    • One of the gurus said a few years back that they weren’t going to be adding supernaturals to EPs anymore. That’s why they did a whole GP for vampires, which in my opinion was 10x better than how it was done traditionally. All of the resources can go to other things for an EP and a supernatural GP will just mean fully fleshed out supernaturals. So if we do get a werewolf GP expect it to be just as indepth and full of amazing gameplay.

  • When City Living was release we also have clues! there is a pink and blue dress with a dog face! Im waiting for pets since i saw that dress ahah