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The Sims 4 Packs Guide: Ultimate Resource for Each Type

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Never agonize over which pack to buy again!

The Sims 4: Packs Guide Contents
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Finding an unbiased, objective Sims 4 pack guide can be a nightmare. Everyone has an opinion on which packs are the best and the worst but opinions are pretty useless. They are someone else’s view based on their own interests, not yours. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen Simmers ask for a Sims 4 pack guide and end up buying a pack they regret based on opinions that aren’t relevant to them. Just because everyone loves Seasons, that doesn’t mean you will, too. In fact, if you enjoy the base game gardening mechanics, Seasons could completely ruin the game for you. Where is a Sims 4 pack guide that gives that kind of information?

This is why it’s so important to have a Sims 4 pack guide that is objective and unbiased. It’s why we created this Sims 4 pack guide. We didn’t want to see another Simmer buy a pack they didn’t like because someone told them it was awesome. We want to give Simmers the ability to be their own Sims 4 pack guide and decide which packs are awesome for themselves. Only you know what packs you will like and our Sims 4 pack guide is here to narrow that down.

We know what you’re thinking. How can our Sims 4 pack guide be totally unbiased? It’s true that 100% objectivity in a Sims 4 pack guide might be impossible to achieve; however, our aim with our Sims 4 pack guide is to list each pack’s main features, build, and CAS styles so you can look for things that you know you’ll have fun playing with. This Sims 4 pack guide lays out all the basic information you need to make your own decision based on your preferences, not anyone else’s.

The Ultimate Sims 4 Pack Guide!

Table of Contents

Sims 4 Pack Guide for Expansions, Game Packs, Stuff Packs, and Kits

GTWDetectivetrailer 128

When it comes to choosing a pack from this Sims 4 pack guide, you should know the difference between the three types of packs because they vary greatly in both price and amount of content. Knowing what type of pack you’re looking for will help narrow down your search right away when perusing our Sims 4 pack guide.

  • Expansion Packs: These packs are the big, juicy, meaty packs that come with the most content. They often (but not always) come with a new full-size world, as well as a very large amount of new gameplay centered around a broad theme that appeals to a large number of people, such as tropical islands, active careers and shopping, seasons, and university. They also come with hundreds of new Build/Buy items and dozens of new CAS items. The downside is that they are the most expensive packs, at $40 USD. Our Sims 4 pack guide will break down all you need to know about every expansion.
  • Game Packs: Game packs are like mini-expansions. They are also primarily gameplay-focused, but are typically themed around more niche interests, like supernatural-themed gameplay, vacations, and family dynamics. They usually (but not always) come with a mini-world of about 5 lots and plenty of new Build/Buy and CAS items. These packs are more moderately priced at $20 USD. Our Sims 4 pack guide will break down all you need to know about every game pack.
  • Stuff Packs: Unlike expansions and game packs, stuff packs are pretty much what they’re called; just packs of stuff. They are more focused on bringing a small handful of new objects and CAS items to the game than gameplay, but all stuff packs do come with one or two new objects that offer some unique gameplay. Stuff packs are the smallest of all the packs and come with a dozen or so new items, and a few new CAS pieces. They do not come with new worlds or a significant amount of new gameplay. They are priced at $10 USD. Our Sims 4 pack guide will break down all you need to know about every stuff pack.
  • Kits: Kits are bite-sized portions of Build/Buy or CAS items. They typically come with between 20-30 items and are priced at $5 USD. With the exception of the Bust the Dust Kit, kits do not come with any new gameplay. It’s just stuff to decorate with and dress your Sims in. For this reason, our Sims 4 pack guide will not cover kits. However, we do have a Sims 4 Kit Guide you can check out!

Sims 4 Pack Guide for Gameplay Interests

cottagegameplay 101 | sims 4 pack guide

Refer to this section of our Sims 4 pack guide to find packs for your unique gaming style. There are packs to suit a wide variety of interests, so have a look for one that appeals to you the most.

Family Life Gameplay

  • For Rent
  • Growing Together
  • High School Years
  • Cottage Living
  • Snowy Escape
  • Seasons
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Parenthood
  • Kids Room Stuff
  • Toddler Stuff
  • My First Pet Stuff
  • Laundry Day Stuff
  • Backyard Stuff
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff

Supernatural Gameplay

  • Werewolves (werewolves)
  • Island Living (mermaids)
  • Get To Work (aliens)
  • Discover University (servos, a.k.a: robots)
  • Realm of Magic (spellcasters, a.k.a: witches)
  • Vampires (vampires)
  • Paranormal stuff (specters, non-playable)

Weird/Creepy Gameplay

  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • StrangerVille
  • Realm of Magic
  • Vampires
  • Spooky Stuff
  • Paranormal Stuff

Party/Social Gameplay

  • For Rent
  • High School Years
  • My Wedding Stories
  • Get Together
  • Get Famous
  • Discover University
  • City Living
  • Dine Out
  • Luxury Party Stuff
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • Spooky Stuff

Glamourous Gameplay

  • Get Famous
  • City Living
  • Spa Day
  • Dine Out
  • Moschino Stuff
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • Luxury Party Stuff

Casual Fun Gameplay

  • For Rent
  • Growing Together
  • High School Years
  • Snowy Escape
  • Island Living
  • Seasons
  • City Living
  • Perfect Patio Stuff
  • Movie Hangout Stuff
  • Backyard Stuff
  • Bowling Night Stuff
  • Cool Kitchen Stuff

Health & Fitness Gameplay

  • Snowy Escape
  • Discover University
  • Get To Work
  • Spa Day
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Fitness Stuff
  • Bowling Night Stuff

Romance Gameplay

  • My Wedding Stories
  • High School Years
  • City Living
  • Seasons
  • Dine Out
  • Romantic Garden Stuff

Outdoorsy Gameplay

  • Horse Ranch
  • Cottage Living
  • Snowy Escape
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Island Living
  • Seasons
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Backyard Stuff
  • Laundry Day Stuff
  • Romantic Garden Stuff
  • Perfect Patio Stuff
  • Tiny Living Stuff

Lifestyle Gameplay

  • For Rent
  • Horse Ranch
  • Growing Together
  • High School Years
  • Cottage Living
  • Snowy Escape
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Island Living
  • Spa Day
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Tiny Living Stuff
  • Fitness Stuff
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff

*Career/New Business Gameplay

  • Home Chef Hustle
  • For Rent
  • Discover University
  • Get To Work
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Dine Out
  • Dream Home Decorator
  • Moschino Stuff
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff
  • Paranormal Stuff

*Many packs come with new careers but this section lists the packs that have a main focus on careers or running your own business. Keep this in mind when using our Sims 4 pack guide.

*Vacation/Destination Gameplay

  • For Rent
  • Snowy Escape
  • Get Together
  • Island Living
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Outdoor Retreat

* Not all of these worlds are destination worlds; however, we now have the ability to place rental lots in any residential world we want, so all of the worlds listed above can still be used for vacations and make for excellent travel gameplay. Keep this in mind when using our Sims 4 pack guide.

Sims 4 Pack Guide for Builders

TS4 Build Gamescom 2

The following lists all the recommended packs according to their build style. If you are primarily a builder and looking for new packs based on a particular architectural or interior design style, refer here to this section of our Sims 4 pack guide.


  • Werewolves
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Get To Work
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • StrangerVille

Cozy and Homey

  • Home Chef Hustle
  • For Rent
  • Horse Ranch
  • Growing Together
  • Cottage Living
  • Snowy Escape
  • Seasons
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Parenthood
  • Kids Room Stuff
  • Toddler Stuff
  • Laundry Day Stuff
  • My First Pet Stuff
  • Tiny Living Stuff
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff


  • Horse Ranch
  • Werewolves
  • Cottage Living
  • Snowy Escape
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Movie Hangout Stuff
  • Romantic Garden Stuff
  • Laundry Day Stuff

Sleek and Modern

  • City Living
  • Discover University
  • Spa Day
  • Dine Out
  • Dream Home Decorator
  • Luxury Party Stuff
  • Cool Kitchen Stuff
  • Fitness Stuff
  • Moschino Stuff


  • Vampires
  • StrangerVille
  • Spooky Stuff
  • Romantic Garden Stuff
  • Paranormal Stuff

The American West

  • Horse Ranch
  • StrangerVille

Whimsical and Funky

  • For Rent
  • High School Years
  • Cottage Living
  • City Living
  • Realm of Magic
  • Movie Hangout Stuff
  • Bowling Night Stuff
  • Paranormal Stuff


  • High School Years (1920s-1930s Art Deco)
  • Get Famous (The Golden Age of Hollywood)
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff (1920s)
  • Bowling Night Stuff (1950s/retro

Medieval/English Tudor

  • Cottage Living
  • Get Together
  • Discover University
  • Romantic Garden Stuff 

Coastal and/or Tropical

  • Cats & Dogs
  • Island Living

East and South Asian Architecture/Influences

  • For Rent
  • My Wedding Stories
  • Snowy Escape
  • City Living

Landscaping and Backyards

  • Cottage Living
  • Seasons
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Perfect Patio Stuff
  • Romantic Garden Stuff
  • Backyard Stuff
  • Toddler Stuff

Apocalyptic/Decayed or Damaged

  • Werewolves
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Get To Work
  • Get Together
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • StrangerVille
  • Vampires
  • Jungle Adventure

Opulence and Grandeur

  • My Wedding Stories
  • Get Famous
  • Spa Day
  • Dine Out
  • Luxury Party Stuff
  • Romantic Garden Stuff
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff


  • Werewolves
  • Get Famous
  • Get To Work
  • Realm of Magic
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • StrangerVille
  • Vampires
  • Spooky Stuff
  • Paranormal Stuff

Sims 4 Pack Guide for CAS Enthusiasts

moschino 33 | sims 4 pack guide

The following section of the Sims 4 pack guide lists all the recommended packs according to their CAS style. If you are primarily a Sim/pet creator and looking for new packs based on a particular fashion style, refer to this section of our Sims 4 pack guide.


  • Get To Work
  • Discover University
  • Dine Out
  • Dream Home Decorator

Comfy Casual

  • Home Chef Hustle
  • For Rent
  • Horse Ranch
  • Growing Together
  • Cottage Living
  • Snowy Escape
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Discover University
  • Seasons
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Spa Day
  • Parenthood
  • Tiny Living Stuff
  • My First Pet Stuff
  • Laundry Day Stuff
  • Backyard Stuff
  • Cool Kitchen Stuff
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff

Cute and/or Floral

  • For Rent
  • High School Years
  • Cottage Living
  • Snowy Escape
  • Seasons
  • Dine Out
  • Parenthood
  • Romantic Garden Stuff
  • Movie Hangout Stuff
  • Laundry Day Stuff
  • Nifty Knitting
  • Paranormal Stuff


  • For Rent
  • High School Years
  • City Living
  • Movie Hangout Stuff
  • Bowling Night Stuff
  • Laundry Day Stuff
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff
  • Paranormal Stuff

Clubbing and Partying

  • High School Years
  • Get Together
  • Luxury Party Stuff
  • Moschino Stuff

Glamourous and High Fashion

  • High School Years
  • My Wedding Stories
  • Get Famous
  • Moschino Stuff
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • Luxury Party Stuff

Backyard Lounging

  • Horse Ranch
  • Seasons
  • Perfect Patio Stuff
  • Backyard Stuff
  • Laundry Day Stuff

Outdoor and Adventuring

  • Horse Ranch
  • Cottage Living
  • Snowy Escape
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu


  • Vampires
  • Spooky Stuff


  • Home Chef Hustle
  • Horse Ranch
  • Werewolves
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Get Famous
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • Realm of Magic
  • Spooky Stuff
  • Laundry Day Stuff
  • Paranormal Stuff


  • Snowy Escape
  • Discover University
  • Spa Day
  • Fitness Stuff

Warm Winter Attire

  • Snowy Escape
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Seasons
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Tiny Living Stuff
  • Cool Kitchen Stuff
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff

Tropical and/or Fun in the Sun

  • Island Living
  • Seasons
  • Backyard Stuff
  • Perfect Patio Stuff
  • Paranormal Stuff


  • Get Famous (Victorian, Medieval, Wild West, English & French Renaissances, Golden Age of Hollywood)
  • Get Together (Medieval suit of armour)
  • Vampires (1800s/Victorian)
  • Parenthood (1990s)
  • Bowling Night Stuff (1950s/retro)
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff (1920s)
  • Spooky Stuff (Roman Gladiator)
  • Paranormal Stuff (1920s attire)


  • For Rent (Southeast Asian influences)
  • Horse Ranch (Native American influences)
  • My Wedding Stories (Chinese and Indian Influences)
  • Snowy Escape (Traditional & Contemporary Japanese)
  • Island Living (Pacific Islands)
  • City Living (Asia, Middle East)
  • Jungle Adventure (South America)
  • Tiny Living Stuff (Contemporary Japanese/One Mile Wear


  • Snowy Escape
  • Discover University
  • Get Famous
  • Seasons
  • City Living
  • Get Together
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • Parenthood
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • My First Pet Stuff
  • Spooky Stuff


  • Get Famous
  • Get To Work
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • Realm of Magic
  • StrangerVille
  • Vampires
  • Spooky Stuff

Clothes for Pets

  • Horse Ranch
  • Cottage Living (for livestock animals)
  • Cats & Dogs
  • My First Pet Stuff

Clothes for Newborns

  • Nifty Knitting Stuff

Clothes for Infants

  • Home Chef Hustle
  • For Rent
  • Horse Ranch
  • Growing Together
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff

*Clothes for Toddlers

  • Home Chef Hustle
  • For Rent
  • Horse Ranch
  • My Wedding Stories
  • Werewolves
  • High School Years
  • Growing Together
  • Cottage Living
  • Snowy Escape
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Get Famous
  • Island Living
  • Seasons
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Parenthood
  • Toddler Stuff
  • My First Pet Stuff
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff

* Because clothing and hair for toddlers is so sparse, I have listed every pack that comes with at least one CAS item for toddlers to give you the widest range of toddler stuff possible. Keep this in mind when using our Sims 4 pack guide.

*Clothes for Kids

  • Growing Together
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Island Living
  • Seasons
  • City Living
  • Get Together
  • Dine Out
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Parenthood
  • Vampires
  • Kids Room Stuff
  • Backyard Stuff
  • My First Pet Stuff
  • Romantic Garden Stuff
  • Spooky Stuff
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff

* Many of the packs come with at least one or two CAS pieces for kids, but I have listed the ones that either have a main focus on kids or offer a decent number of kids clothes/hair. Keep this in mind when using our Sims 4 pack guide.

*Clothes for Teens

  • High School Years
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Discover University
  • Get Together
  • Parenthood
  • Backyard Stuff
  • Cool Kitchen Stuff

* Teens can wear any of the clothes adults can, but I have listed the ones that work particularly well for making teenagers look more like teens and less like adults. Keep this in mind when using our Sims 4 pack guide.

New Tattoos

  • For Rent
  • Werewolves
  • Discover University
  • Island Living
  • City Living
  • Get To Work
  • Jungle Adventure

*New Piercings

  • Werewolves
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Discover University

Many packs come with new earrings, but facial piercings are unique to these packs. Keep this in mind when using our Sims 4 pack guide.

New Makeup

  • High School Years
  • My Wedding Stories
  • Get Famous
  • Get Together
  • Get To Work
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • Realm of Magic
  • Spooky Stuff
  • Luxury Party Stuff

New Teeth

  • Growing Together
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Get Famous

Scars, Blemishes & Birth Marks

  • Growing Together
  • High School Years
  • Werewolves
  • Get Famous
  • Vampires
  • Parenthood

Sims 4 Pack Guide Based on Main Features

The following section of our Sims 4 pack guide lists all the main features of every pack for the game to date. Many of these packs will have more features than what is listed, but this will give you an idea of some of the main components of every pack.


For Rent: Sims 4 Pack Guide

For Rent Expansion
  • 🐯 A new full-size residential world inspired by Southeast Asia called Tomarang.
  • 🐯 Tomarang has lots to do in the open space between lots. Visit a tiger sanctuary, explore a hidden cave, browse the night market, and play hopscotch and marbles at the park. The tiger sanctuary and cave are rabbithole locations with choose-your-own-adventure style popups and potential rewards.
  • 🐯 Sims can now be landlords and rent out owned properties. Landlords can own multiple rental properties, live in a unit among their tenants, or live elsewhere and manage their owned buildings remotely.
  • 🐯 Landlords can set the rent and tenant rules per unit. There is a max rent they can charge based on the unit’s star rating. Unit ratings are determined by the size of the unit and how nicely the unit is furnished.
  • 🐯 Landlords can set rules for their tenants to follow, like No Trash Overload, No Social Events, No Loud Noises, Maximum Occupancy, No Ghosts, and if Cats & Dogs is installed, No Pets.
  • 🐯 Landlords can review tenant applications to fill their vacant units and select households that are best suited to the unit. For example, a household with a married couple, two kids, and a cat won’t be a good fit for a 1 bedroom unit with a No Pets rule in place.
  • 🐯 Landlords must maintain their owned buildings and handle emergency events that pop up to keep their tenants happy but they can be as hands-on or as hands-off about this as they like. When a unit requires maintenance, they can choose to travel to the unit themselves to fix the problem or use the phone to hire a contractor to go take care of it for them. They can fine or evict tenants who don’t follow the tenant rules or pay their rent on time.
  • 🐯 It’s possible to charge $0 in rent which isn’t very profitable but useful for multi-generational family dwellings where you do not want to charge your relatives rent.
  • 🐯 Sims can live in rentals as tenants, too. The upside is that it’s cheaper to move into a rental than it is to buy a house outright and they can call the landlord to take care of anything that goes wrong in the unit. The downside is they aren’t always guaranteed to have a good landlord and they are subject to any tenant rules the landlord has set for the unit. If they don’t follow the rules, pay their rent on time, or if they break their lease, they can face heavy fines, item repossession, or even eviction.
  • 🐯 Players can build rental properties from the ground up almost anywhere they want (except Sulani waterfront lots, San Myshuno penthouses, and vacation worlds) and assign units and shared spaces on the lot. Rental properties can be anything players desire. Townhouses, duplexes, apartments, condos, university dorms, regular homes with bedrooms rented out to tenants, large multi-generational homes with each branch of the family living in a separate wing of the house, even hotels, resorts, and motels. All of that is possible on these new rental lots.
  • 🐯 While on the new Residential Rental lot type in Live Mode, you will not be able to see inside your neighbours’ units. Traveling to those units requires going through a load screen; however, you can socialize with your neighbours in any shared spaces on the lot without a load screen.
  • 🐯 Break into people’s homes and uncover secrets which you can then use to blackmail them.
  • 🐯 New Southeast Asian inspired drinks and recipes, many of which are available to purchase from stalls at the night market
  • 🐯 New Lot Type: Residential Rental
  • 🐯 New Traits: Cringe, Nosy, Generous, Child of the Village, Wise (Elder-Only), Pry of the Tiger (Reward), Home Management Maven (Reward), Neighbourly (Reward), Tomarang Expert (Reward), Knowledgeable Leaser (Reward)
  • 🐯 New Aspirations: Seeker of Secrets, Discerning Dweller, Fount of Tomarani Knowledge, Five-Star Property Owner
  • 🐯 New Social Events: Pool Party, Neighbourhood Potluck
  • 🐯 New Career: Handywo/man (Part-Time)
  • 🐯 New Collections: Tassels, Marbles
  • 🐯 New Objects: Hopscotch, Marbles (Children Only), Rice Cooker, Kettle, Water Heater, Wall-Mounted AC Unit, Radiator, Fuse Box, Squat Toilet, Smaller Stuffed Animal

Horse Ranch: Sims 4 Pack Guide

2023 07 25 16 07 16 384 ellanora by ellcrze
  • 🐎 A new full size residential world called Chestnut Ridge. The world is based on the American West and old Western films.
  • 🐎 Chestnut Ridge has lots of open space for trail riding and exploration on horseback. The Dreadhorse Cavern is located in the open space in Galloping Gulch. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure rabbithole with an in-depth RPG style. Players can explore the cavern and fight enemies to find rewards.
  • 🐎 Horses are the main draw of the pack. They are household members but not directly controllable.
  • 🐎 Buy, rescue, sell, and breed horses. Breeding horses comes with additional benefits like traits that are exclusive to bred horses.
  • 🐎 Horses and foals can also be created in CAS. They have the full range of coat customization that’s available to werewolves, cats, and dogs. Colour wheel, patterns, stencils, stamps, brushes, etc.
  • 🐎 Horses must have their needs attended to. Feed them prairie grass or let them graze on prairie grass, brush them and pick out their hooves, interact with them, pick up their piles of manure, and keep their horse beds clean.
  • 🐎 Harvest prairie grass for your horses or nectar making.
  • 🐎 Horses have four skills that are directly linked to competitions and the horse’s monetary value. Sims can build these skills with their horses to help them win more advanced competitions.
  • 🐎 Children and older Sims can ride horses and build the Horse Riding skill; however, only teens and older Sims can train on jumps and barrels and enter competitions. Children will gain both Motor skill and Horse Riding skill simultaneously while riding horses.
  • 🐎 Sims can train their horses using horse jumps and horse barrels.
  • 🐎 Enter competitions at the Equestrian Centre (a rabbithole location in New Appaloosa). Compete in Barrel Racing, Show Jumping, Endurance Racing, and Western Pleasure competitions. Place in these competitions to progress to Intermediate, Expert, and Master divisions, respectively.
  • 🐎 Place in the Master division of all equestrian sports to compete in the Ultimate Horse Championship.
  • 🐎 Nectar making is a new activity with its own skill. Use home grown ingredients to create nectar, then age them in nectar racks to increase their value.
  • 🐎 Mini-goats and mini-sheep can be purchased. Shear sheep and milk goats for resources or simoleons, feed them, clean them, and socialize with them.
  • 🐎 Hire a ranch hand to help with ranch chores. Ranch hands will care for both Horse Ranch and Cottage Living animals. They’ll also clean horse beds, animal sheds, refill feed bins, tend plants, and repair broken things around the ranch. They can also harvest from plants and pick up horse manure if you ask them to.
  • 🐎 New Pets: Horses
  • 🐎 New Livestock: Mini-Sheep and mini-goats
  • 🐎 New Aspirations: Championship Rider, Expert Nectar Maker
  • 🐎 New Sim Traits: Rancher, Horse Lover, Grand Champ Trainer (Reward), Nectar Know-It-All (Reward)
  • 🐎 New Sim Skills: Horse Riding (major), Nectar Making (minor)
  • 🐎 New Horse Skills: Temperament, Agility, Jumping, Endurance
  • 🐎 New Horse Traits: See our guide! The list is big!
  • 🐎 New Social Events: Ranch Gathering, Ranch Animal Day
  • 🐎 New Service NPC: Ranch Hand
  • 🐎 New Dance: Cowpoke
  • 🐎 New Gameplay Objects: Horse bed, horse ball, feed bin, water trough, horse jumps, horse barrels, nectar machine, dance floor, prairie grass

Growing Together: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 growing together features
Growing Together Features Overview
  • 🌳 A new full-size residential world called San Sequoia. The world is based on San Francisco.
  • 🌳 San Sequoia has a water park in the common space that Sims can visit, as well as a large pond with walking/jogging trails around it.
  • 🌳 New milestones system to commemorate important moments in a Sim’s life. Functions similar to the memory systems from past Sims games.
  • 🌳 New Social Compatibility feature that is cross-pack compatible. Sims now can have Amazing, Good, Bad, or Awful Compatibility with other Sims based on their traits, preferences, and lifestyles (Snowy Escape feature). This compatibility (or incompatibility) will determine how those Sims autonomously interact with each other.
  • 🌳 Family Dynamics feature. Each individual member of a family can have a unique dynamic with each other that informs how they interact and how they feel when that family member is around. These dynamics can be set in CAS for new households or acquired naturally through gameplay. Family dynamics can change over time and are preserved when Sims move out of the home.
  • 🌳 Sims can now like or dislike different topics of conversation and certain types of Sims. These preferences shape their Social Compatibility with other Sims.
  • 🌳 New Recreation Centre lot type where Sims can build skills and indulge in hobbies.
  • 🌳 Play the Sims version of Scrabble on a game table or complete puzzles. Completed puzzles can be framed and displayed on a wall as decoration.
  • 🌳 Both children and older Sims can ride bicycles around the world or use them as transportation to other lots. Children must be taught how to ride a bike before they can ride it around freely.
  • 🌳 Children have a confidence level that raises or lowers depending on many factors, from school performance to skills to social interactions. A child’s confidence will affect their self-esteem as a teenager.
  • 🌳 Build a treehouse for the yard and upgrade it with improvements like a sliding pole, a slide, a bell, and lights. Decorate the treehouse in different styles and use it to play, sleep, woohoo, or admire nature. Some objects can be placed on a treehouse and used, such as stuffed animals, small telescopes, and activity tables.
  • 🌳 Put infants in back carriers and take them walking or jogging with you. Having an infant in a back carrier also frees up your Sim’s hands to carry another infant or a toddler.
  • 🌳 Eighteen different infant and toddler quirks that are acquired through gameplay. These quirks further define your infants’ and toddlers’ personalities and can make them easier or harder to raise.
  • 🌳 Infants can be put on the infant play mat to help them reach both gross motor and fine motor milestones.
  • 🌳 Four new child-only aspirations that focus on building multiple skills.
  • 🌳 Children and older Sims can make friendship bracelets and exchange them with other Sims they are Good or Best Friends with.
  • 🌳 Children can lose their baby teeth and leave them under their pillow for the tooth fairy to receive a reward when they wake up.
  • 🌳 Adult Sims can go through a midlife crisis which comes with both challenges and benefits for gameplay.
  • 🌳 Sims can have workplace rivalries that will prevent them from getting promoted until they end the rivalry somehow, either through friendly or shady means.
  • 🌳 Sims can be laid off from their job and be unable to get their old job back for some time afterwards. Layoffs can be disabled in the game options.
  • 🌳 Sims can experience burnouts if they’ve been throwing themselves into mental or creative tasks for too long. They will need to step back and take a break in order to recover from it.
  • 🌳 Friends and relatives can come to stay for an extended period of time. Your Sims can ask them to help out around the house.
  • 🌳 Throw Family Reunions, Slumber Parties, and Baby Showers to catch up with relatives you haven’t seen in a while, make lasting childhood memories, or celebrate new additions to the family.
  • 🌳 Young Adult and older Sims can gain up to three extra CAS traits through gameplay. They can also have their existing traits swapped for its opposite as they go through life. The player can decide whether or not they want to accept these trait changes.
  • 🌳 New family keepsake boxes to store family heirlooms and trinkets. Only an elder Sim can designate a keepsake box as the family keepsake box. They can pass the box down to the next generation when it’s almost their time to pass on. Family keepsake boxes can be named and Sims can ponder the meaning of family at them, which can change their family dynamic with another household member.
  • 🌳 Many new keepsake objects to store in the keepsake box. Marriage certificates, adoption certificates, school drawings, baby footprints, and tooth fairy certificates can all be safely stored in a keepsake box.
  • 🌳 New Lot Type: Recreation Center
  • 🌳 New Aspirations: Playtime Captain (Child Only), Slumber Party Animal (Child Only), Mind and Body (Child Only), Creative Genius (Child Only)
  • 🌳 New Social Events: Baby Shower, Slumber Party, Family Reunion
  • 🌳 New Preference Categories: Conversation Topics, Sim Characteristics
  • 🌳 New Radio Station: Soul Music
  • 🌳 New Gameplay Objects: Bicycles, splash pad sprinklers, infant back carriers, keepsake boxes, treehouse, sleeping bags, puzzle and scrabble tables, friendship bracelet kit, infant play mat, luggage

High School Years: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 high school years | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🏈 A new full-size residential world called Copperdale. The world is based on eerie small towns from teen dramas like Riverdale, with influences from Stephen King novels.
  • 🏈 Copperdale has a carnival on the pier overlooking the water. Sims can go here and ride on the rides, with “choose your own adventure” style popups to show you what’s happening on the ride. The rides themselves are rabbitholes. Purchase ice cream and other foods to eat and take pictures in the photo booth.
  • 🏈 Follow teens to the new high school located in Copperdale. Attend classes and socialize during morning free time and lunch hour. You can also choose to send them alone (ie: rabbithole) like you always could before.
  • 🏈 The high school and nearby auditorium are special lots; there is only one of each lot type located in Copperdale. Players cannot have additional high schools in other worlds or change the location of the existing high school. However, these special lots are not hidden on the map; players can freely build on them and have their Sims visit them even outside of events and regular school hours.
  • 🏈 Teens have two classes a day; a morning and an afternoon class. Each class during the week is a different subject and teens will gain skills related to that subject during class. The skills are cross-pack compatible.
  • 🏈 Teens have exams every Friday they must study for in order to do well. Doing poorly in exams negatively impacts school performance.
  • 🏈 Attend Career Day and Prom.
  • 🏈 Attend prom alone or with a date (as friends or romantic interests). Teens can slip a note into someone’s locker asking them to prom, or present another teen with a handmade promposal sign. They can also just ask them directly. Teens can also agree to skip prom together.
  • 🏈 Vote for Prom Royalty and Prom Jester and possibly be crowned yourself.
  • 🏈 Get invited to prom pre-parties at a classmate’s home and after-parties at the carnival on the pier.
  • 🏈 Special school events like Cheerleading Day, Football Team Day, and science fairs for Computer and Chess Team. Compete with other students to win competitions at these events.
  • 🏈 Occasionally receive invites to college parties and R-rated movies (rabbitholes) and sneak out of the house to attend them without getting caught.
  • 🏈 Choose your own locker at school, decorate it according to your teen’s tastes, and use it to freshen up and grab snacks in between classes.
  • 🏈 Pull pranks on lockers and classroom whiteboards, perform the Summon Urban Myth prank with High Mischief skill.
  • 🏈 Get detention for pulling pranks, fighting, or skipping class or even be expelled
  • 🏈 Graduate high school early with high skills and grades or drop out of high school. Teens who graduate high school early can take full-time careers and attend college as teens (with Discover University installed).
  • 🏈 Teens who were expelled from high school or dropped out will be locked out of certain careers, but they can take online classes when they become Young Adults to get their diploma and regain access to these careers.
  • 🏈 Teens who graduate high school with high grades might be named class valedictorian and give a speech at their graduation ceremony.
  • 🏈 Active graduation ceremonies for high school graduations.
  • 🏈 Other teens may ask your Sims to be best friends, start a romantic relationship, or ask them to prom.
  • 🏈 Sims can visit the new Bubble Tea and Thrift Store lot to enjoy bubble tea while browsing for second hand clothes.
  • 🏈 Use the thrift store clothes racks to design custom looks using the shop’s daily rotating stock. Keep them and wear them or sell them on the online fashion marketplace, Trendi. Promote your looks to get more interest in your outfit designs.
  • 🏈 Use the new Social Bunny app to build relationships with friends and family, start online drama, and gain followers. Make posts, send DMs, tag Sims, and react to other Sims’ messages and posts. Having more followers on Social Bunny also increases interest in your Trendi looks.
  • 🏈 Selling Trendi looks (or any crafted item across all packs) builds the Entrepreneur skill. A minor 5 level skill that opens up additional ways for your Sims to make money through their side hustles.
  • 🏈 New After School Activities: Cheer Team, Football Team, Computer Team, Chess Team.
  • 🏈 New Lot Types: Bubble Tea and Thrift Store, High School (Special), Auditorium (Special)
  • 🏈 New Skills: Entrepreneur (Minor)
  • 🏈 New Aspirations: Drama Llama (Teen Only), Goal Oriented (Teen Only), Admired Icon (Teen Only), Live Fast (Teen Only)
  • 🏈 New Traits: Socially Awkward, Party Animal, Overachiever, Relatable (Bonus), Untroubled (Reward), Highflier (Reward), Dauntless (Reward), Iconic (Reward), Chess Master (Reward), The Knowledge (Reward), Authentic Prankster (Reward), Cheer Champion (Reward), Star Player (Reward), L33T Hacker (Reward), Graduated with Honours (Reward), Earned Online High School Diploma (Reward), Expelled from High School (Reward), Graduated High School Early (Reward), High School Dropout (Reward), Valedictorian (Reward)
  • 🏈 New Gameplay Objects: A new window that teens can climb out of to sneak out of the house, cheerleading mat, football, whiteboards, lockers, bubble tea counter, carnival rides, carnival vendors, photo booths
  • 🏈 New Death Types: Death by Urban Myth, Death by Stink Capsule
  • 🏈 New Preference Category: Fashion
  • 🏈 New Phone Apps: Trendi and Social Bunny

Cottage Living: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 cottage living
  • 🐮 A new full-size residential world based on the English countryside
  • 🐮 New lot challenges that can be used alongside lot traits, like Simple Living, which requires your Sims to have the ingredients on-hand in order to cook a meal.
  • 🐮 New livestock animals; cows, llamas, and chickens. Animals require care and socialization and produce milk, wool, and eggs.
  • 🐮 New wild animals; bunnies, birds, and foxes. Wild animals can be befriended. Birds and bunnies will help in the garden. Foxes will attack and kill chickens and bunnies, steal eggs, and steal from the garden. Befriending them allows you to ask them to stop being a nuisance.
  • 🐮 Both livestock and wild animals (except wild birds) can be dressed in a variety of cute outfits which can be purchased or crafted using different types of llama wool
  • 🐮 New animal treats that can be purchased or prepared at home with the proper ingredients. Many treats change the appearance of your animals and encourage them to produce more valuable types of byproducts, like rainbow wool and golden eggs.
  • 🐮 New English inspired cuisine
  • 🐮 A new festival called the Finchwick Fair. The fair takes place every Saturday and cycles through five different themes. Sims can enter chickens, cows, llamas, pies, eggs, wool, milk, grown produce, and oversized crops into weekly competitions for ribbons and prizes.
  • 🐮 New village NPCs that play specific roles in town, many of them with rich backstories and lore attached to them.
  • 🐮 A village errand system that allows your Sim to get to know the people of the town by helping them with various tasks and chores. Completing these errands build relationships, rewards your Sim with simoleons and new items, and offers you a glimpse into the lives of the people in the town.
  • 🐮 Canning is a new activity that’s tied into the Cooking skill
  • 🐮 Sims can cross-stitch many different patterns and stitch from reference, which is a new minor 5 level skill
  • 🐮 Premade Sims that ship with this pack have pre-existing sentiments and histories with other Sims in the town. There is more drama in Henford-on-Bagley than meets the eye.
  • 🐮 Sims can pack food into draggable picnic baskets and take them with them anywhere to have a picnic outdoors
  • 🐮 New oversized crops that require special care and fertilizers to reach their largest size.
  • 🐮 Disgruntled chickens and bunnies can attack and kill Sims, which are new death types
  • 🐮 New Aspiration: Country Caretaker
  • 🐮 New Traits: Animal Enthusiast, Lactose Intolerant
  • 🐮 New Skill: Cross-Stitch (Minor Skill)
  • 🐮 New Death Types: Bunny Attack, Chicken Attack
  • 🐮 New Collection: Finchwick Fair Ribbons
  • 🐮 New Objects: Animal sheds, chicken coops, oversized garden plots, cross-stitch basket, picnic basket, wild bunny home, wild bird home

Snowy Escape: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 snowy escape | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🏯 A new full-size world with a blend of traditional and contemporary Japanese influences
  • 🏯 A new Lifestyles system that offers benefits to Sims who pursue specific interests and hobbies
  • 🏯 Three new festivals celebrating different aspects of Japanese culture
  • 🏯 New Japanese cuisine
  • 🏯 New vending machines that dispense a wide variety of objects, from collectibles to clothing to temperature-controlled food and beverages, and more.
  • 🏯 Vending machines can fall on Sims and kill them, which is a new death type
  • 🏯 Natural and man-made hot springs
  • 🏯 Bath house etiquette rules that will result in negative reactions from other Sims if broken
  • 🏯 Doing relaxing/meditative activities can make Sims Emotionally Mindful; allowing them to put themselves into any emotional state they want
  • 🏯 Skiing and snowboarding slopes, which can be enjoyed by both adults and children
  • 🏯 Sledding, which can be enjoyed by all ages, including children and toddlers
  • 🏯 Rock walls of varying difficulty; climbing rock walls can only be done by adults
  • 🏯 Sims can fall to their deaths from tall rock walls, which is a new death type
  • 🏯 New indoor footwear rules; Sims can take their shoes off when indoors or switch to wearing house slippers when indoors
  • 🏯 New utensil preference setting; Sims can use western cutlery or a variety of different chopstick styles
  • 🏯 Kotatsu tables that can seat 4 or 6 Sims and can be upgraded to improve temperature controls
  • 🏯 Hot pot meals which are a more social type of meal than other meals; Sims will gather around the hot pot to socialize while the meal cooks
  • 🏯 New hiking activity that can be enjoyed alone or as a group. This activity is not a rabbithole. Sims can hike to a variety of scenic locations around Mt. Komorebi and will interact with each other and build relationship with the other hike members. If Cats & Dogs is installed, Sims can take their pets on hikes with them
  • 🏯 Mountain caves that can be explored or used as shelter. They are also a new WooHoo location. The caves are rabbitholes.
  • 🏯 Forest spirits that can be interacted with by Sims; they can either bless or punish your Sims depending on whether your Sim is respectful towards them or not
  • 🏯 A special spirit called a kodama that can be spotted on hiking trails around Mt. Komorebi and either bless or curse your Sim with different emotions
  • 🏯 New respectful greeting where Sims will bow to each other instead of wave
  • 🏯 New Skills: Skiing, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing
  • 🏯 New Aspirations: Mt. Komorebi Sightseer, Extreme Sports Enthusiast
  • 🏯 New Traits: Proper, Adventurous, Middling Mountaineer (Reward), Capable Mountaineer (Reward), Expert Mountaineer (Reward), Legendary Stamina (Career), Charismatic Crooner (Career), Worldly Knowledge (Aspiration), Survival Instinct (Aspiration)
  • 🏯 New Career: Salaryperson
  • 🏯 New Social Event: Mountain Climb Excursion
  • 🏯 New Lot Type: Onsen Bathhouse
  • 🏯 New Hidden Areas: Mt. Komorebi Base Camp, The Croft Icefall, Mt. Komorebi Peak
  • 🏯 New Death Types: Vending Machine, Fall to Death
  • 🏯 New Collection: Simmi Capsules

Eco Lifestyle: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 eco lifestyle EP
  • 🌱 A new full-size world with a run-down industrial theme 
  • 🌱 A new eco footprint system applied to all worlds across all packs; industrial, neutral, and green. The eco footprint can be disabled in the settings. 
  • 🌱 Building materials (walls, floors, objects) have an impact on the eco footprint of the surrounding area. This can be disabled in the settings. 
  • 🌱 Two apartment buildings come with the world in this pack. Each building has two playable units and are more suited to smaller industrial cities as opposed to metropolis skyscrapers 
  • 🌱 Neighbourhood action plans that affect the way the residents of a particular neighbourhood live and interact with each other 
  • 🌱 Community space projects that can be voted on. Community space lots can be placed in any residential world across all packs. Community spaces can be turned into community gardens, maker spaces, or marketplaces. 
  • 🌱 New influence system that allows your Sims to vote on new community space projects and neighbourhood action plans in their home neighbourhood. 
  • 🌱 Solar panels, wind turbines, and dew collectors that can produce green power and water for the household 
  • 🌱 Excess power and water produced for the household can be sold back to the energy and water companies 
  • 🌱 Insect farms that can be harvested for both food and bio fuel 
  • 🌱 Vertical and hydroponic gardens 
  • 🌱 Dumpster diving for food, furnishings, recyclables, and compostables. 
  • 🌱 Water and power generators that can produce power and water for the household, but aren’t eco-friendly and push the eco footprint into an industrial state. These objects can be made eco-friendly by using bio-fuel from insect farms to power them. 
  • 🌱 New fabricator to make your own furnishings with different dyes to customise the colour, candle making station, and a fizzy drink brewing machine. All new craftable stations require materials/ingredients to make different items. 
  • 🌱 Recycle anything you don’t need in your inventory to use in fabrication recipes. 
  • 🌱 New green inventions that can be crafted with the fabricator through the Civil Designer career 
  • 🌱 All appliances and plumbing can be given eco-upgrades to function off the grid, as well as reduce their power and water consumption 
  • 🌱 New Skills: Fabrication, Juice Fizzing 
  • 🌱 New Careers: Civil Designer, Freelance Crafter 
  • 🌱 New Aspirations: Eco Innovator and Master Maker  
  • 🌱 New Traits: Green Fiend, Recycle Disciple, Freegan, Maker, Influential Individual (aspiration reward), Muse of the Maker (aspiration reward), Champion of the People (career reward), Eco-Engineer (career reward), Eco Master (hidden), Entrepreneur (hidden), Master Crafter (hidden) 
  • 🌱 New Lot Type: Community Space  
  • 🌱 New Lot Traits: Eco Lot, Geothermal, Natural Well, Reduce and Recycle, Landfill Lot 
  • 🌱 New Death Type: Flies 
  • 🌱 New Collections: Gardening additions 

Discover University: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 discover university | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🎓 A new full-size world with an urban English theme
  • 🎓 Two new universities to attend; Foxbury & UBrite
  • 🎓 Inter-school rivalries and sports competitions
  • 🎓 School Activities: E-Sports and Soccer
  • 🎓 University Organizations and Events
  • 🎓 Dorm Life
  • 🎓 Ability to attend uni while on campus or living at home
  • 🎓 Roommates
  • 🎓 Servos, a new occult life state
  • 🎓 Robotics table
  • 🎓 Debate podium
  • 🎓 Sims can die from being electrocuted by the robotics table, but this is not a new death type
  • 🎓 New Skills: Research & Debate, Robotics
  • 🎓 New Careers: Education, Law, Engineer
  • 🎓 New Social Event: Keg Party
  • 🎓 New Aspiration: Academic
  • 🎓 New Lot Types: UBrite Student Housing, Foxbury Student Housing, UBrite Commons, Foxbury Commons
  • 🎓 New Lot Traits: Study Spot, Student Hangout 

Island Living: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 island living
  • 🏖 A new full-size world with a tropical Hawaiian theme
  • 🏖 Beach activities, such as sunbathing, combing for seashells, and building sand sculptures
  • 🏖 Suntans and sunburns
  • 🏖 Friendly locals who will help you out by bringing you food and putting out fires
  • 🏖 Water activities, such a snorkeling, diving, playing with dolphins, riding aquazips, and lounging on water floaties
  • 🏖 Ability to help take care of the islands to restore their natural beauty and unlock new events around the island, like turtle hatchings
  • 🏖 Island Events
  • 🏖 A new odd jobs system
  • 🏖 Mermaids, a new occult life state
  • 🏖 Sims can die from shark attacks and being drowned by mermaids, but these are not new death types
  • 🏖 New Careers: Conservationist, Lifeguard (part-time), Diver (part-time), Fisherman (part-time), various odd jobs
  • 🏖 New Social Event: Kava Party
  • 🏖 New Aspiration: Beach Life
  • 🏖 New Traits: Child of the Ocean, Child of the Islands
  • 🏖 New Lot Type: Beach
  • 🏖 New Lot Traits: Oceanic Paradise, Island Spirits, Volcanic Activity
  • 🏖 New Collections: Buried Treasure, Seashells, Fish additions, Gardening additions, Underwater Photos (not an official collection but still an item Sims can gather and collect) 

Get Famous: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 get famous | sims 4 pack guide
  • ⭐️ A new full-size world with a Hollywood theme
  • ⭐️ New five star celebrity system
  • ⭐️ New reputation system
  • ⭐️ Celebrity “skill tree” with perks that can be purchased using fame points
  • ⭐️ Ability to become famous in all skills and careers
  • ⭐️ Award ceremonies for celebrities
  • ⭐️ Star tile/walk of fame ceremonies for celebrities
  • ⭐️ Children inherit fame from parents
  • ⭐️ Paparazzi and crazed/obsessed fans
  • ⭐️ Music Mixing Station and Video Recording Station
  • ⭐️ Koi pond with the ability to add and feed different types of fish
  • ⭐️ Sims can die from falling into the koi pond, but this is not a new death type
  • ⭐️ New Skills: Acting, Media Production
  • ⭐️ New Career: Actor
  • ⭐️ New After-School Activity: Drama Club
  • ⭐️ New Social Events: Celebrity Meet-and-Greet, Charity Benefit, Lampoon Party
  • ⭐️ New Aspirations: World Famous Celebrity, Master Actor
  • ⭐️ New Trait: Self-Absorbed
  • ⭐️ New Lot Type: Acting Studio (hidden)
  • ⭐️ New Lot Traits: Hottest Spot in Town, Up-and-Coming Hotspot, Celebrity Home 

Seasons: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 seasons expansion pack
  • ☔️ A four-season calendar with the ability to make seasons longer if desired
  • ☔️ Calendar also keeps track of scheduled birthdays and social events
  • ☔️ Ability to create your own customized holidays with their own traditions and decor themes
  • ☔️ Weather in all worlds, including vacation worlds
  • ☔️ Each world has its own unique climate
  • ☔️ Seasonal activities, such as water balloon fights in the summer and snowball fights in the winter
  • ☔️ Pop-up activities and stalls in the common space that change with the seasons, like ice skating and rollerblading rinks, and vendors serving seasonal foods and drinks
  • ☔️ Bee boxes
  • ☔️ Flower arranging table
  • ☔️ Swingsets
  • ☔️ New Skill: Flower Arranging
  • ☔️ New Career: Gardener 
  • ☔️ New After-School Activity: Scouts
  • ☔️ New Reward Traits: Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Ice Proof, Water Proof, Storm Chaser
  • ☔️ New Death Types: Flowers, Freezing, Lightning, Overheating
  • ☔️ New Collection: Gardening additions 

Cats & Dogs: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 cats and dogs | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🐱 A new full-size world with a coastal America theme
  • 🐱 New animals to join your Sims family: cats, dogs, foxes, and raccoons
  • 🐱 Foxes are classed as a breed of dog in CAS
  • 🐱 Raccoons are classed as a breed of cat in CAS
  • 🐱 In-depth CAS tools for pets, including a colour wheel for fur colours, patterned stencils, and multiple paint brush types, tools, and stamps to paint colours and patterns directly on your pet
  • 🐱 Clothes and accessories for pets
  • 🐱 Obstacle course that can be used by both cats and dogs
  • 🐱 Dogs can be taught to play fetch and do tricks
  • 🐱 Both cats and dogs can be trained not to do certain behaviours, like scratching the furniture or peeing in the house
  • 🐱 Pet Fears/Obsessions
  • 🐱 Pet breeding/spaying and neutering
  • 🐱 Pet illnesses that require trips to the vet to cure
  • 🐱 Own and manage a vet clinic
  • 🐱 New Skills: Veterinarian, Pet Training
  • 🐱 New Traits: Cat Lover, Dog Lover 
  • 🐱 New Aspiration: Friend of the Animals
  • 🐱 New Lot Type: Vet Clinic
  • 🐱 New Lot Traits: Breeding Grounds, Cat Friendly, Dog Friendly, Cat Hangout, Dog Hangout, Training Ground
  • 🐱 New Collection: Bird Feathers  

City Living: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 city living
  • 🏙 A new full-size, multicultural, urban world with a modern theme
  • 🏙 Ability to live in apartments
  • 🏙 Different districts within the city representing different cultural interests and socio-economic groups
  • 🏙 Cultural festivals that happen throughout the city celebrating the different cultures and interests of the Sims who live there
  • 🏙 Apartments with unique lot traits, some good, some not so good
  • 🏙 Penthouse apartments
  • 🏙 New multi-cultural food vendors
  • 🏙 Ability to learn new multicultural cooking recipes
  • 🏙 New spices to use in cooking recipes
  • 🏙 Apartment neighbours and landlords
  • 🏙 Basketball courts, bubble blowers (hookahs), fireworks, karaoke machines, keyboard, game consoles, street vendor tables, and street art galleries
  • 🏙 New Skill: Singing
  • 🏙 New Careers: Politician, Critic, Social Media
  • 🏙 New Traits: Unflirty, Vegetarian
  • 🏙 New Aspiration: City Native
  • 🏙 New Lot Types: Karaoke Bar, Arts Centre, City Park (special)
  • 🏙 New Lot Traits: Chef’s Kitchen, Quake Zone, Good Schools, Mean Vibe, Home Studio, Sunny Aspect, Cursed, Grody, Gremlins, Penny Pixies, Party Place, Filthy, Haunted, Romantic Aura, Great Soil, Child’s Play, On Ley Line, Gnomes
  • 🏙 New Death Type: Pufferfish Poisoning
  • 🏙 New Collections: City Posters, Snow Globes, Fish additions 

Get Together: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 get together expansion | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🍺 A new full-size world with a European theme
  • 🍺 Ability to create and customize your own social clubs and purchase perks for your clubs
  • 🍺 Cafes
  • 🍺 Walk-in closets
  • 🍺 DJ booths and dance floors
  • 🍺 Synchronized group dancing
  • 🍺 An arcade gaming system
  • 🍺 New bar drinks, new types of coffee, and new pastries and bar foods
  • 🍺 Natural pools and diving platforms
  • 🍺 Raves and bonfires
  • 🍺 New Skills: Dancing, DJ Mixing
  • 🍺 New Trait: Dance Machine
  • 🍺 New Social Event: Dance Party
  • 🍺 New Aspiration: Leader of the Pack
  • 🍺 New Lot Types: Cafe, Von Haunt Estate (special), Ancient Ruins (special), The Bluffs (special) 

Get To Work: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 get to work
  • 💼 A new mini-world with a shopping district theme in the aesthetic style of Willow Creek
  • 💼 Three new fully active careers where you can follow your Sim to work at a career venue
  • 💼 Purchase, manage, and shop at your own retail stores
  • 💼 Purchase retail perks for your business and become a 5 star retail establishment
  • 💼 Almost all items in the game can be sold in retail stores, including crafted items
  • 💼 Retail Objects: Mannequins, cash registers, display shelves, photo studio, vending machine
  • 💼 Doctor Objects: X-ray machine, surgical station, chemical analyzer
  • 💼 Scientist Objects: Chemistry lab, cloning machine, SimRay, invention constructor, satellite dish, wormhole generator
  • 💼 Detective Objects: Fingerprint scanner, chemical analyzer, jail cells
  • 💼 Aliens, a new occult life state
  • 💼 Visit the planet Sixam, a hidden alien world only reachable by rocket ship or through the new scientist career
  • 💼 Alien abductions
  • 💼 Male Sims can return home from alien abductions pregnant with an alien baby
  • 💼 Give birth at the new hospital venue and receive a birth certificate for your new baby
  • 💼 A new illness system
  • 💼 A wide variety of new baked goods that can be decorated and enjoyed at home or sold at the new retail venues
  • 💼 New Skill: Baking
  • 💼 New Careers: Doctor, Scientist, Detective
  • 💼 New Lot Types: Retail, Hospital (hidden), Police Station (hidden), Science Lab (hidden)
  • 💼 New Collectibles: Geodes, Gardening additions, Crystal additions, Metal additions, Element additions 

Game Packs

Werewolves: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 werewolves game pack | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🐺 One new mini residential world based on Northern Canada. The world is called Moonwood Mill. The town is an abandoned wood mill that has now been taken over by werewolves.
  • 🐺 Create a werewolf in CAS or become one through gameplay.
  • 🐺 Progress through five ranks as a werewolf, earning points as you do so to spend on new werewolf abilities. Customise your werewolf’s unique strengths.
  • 🐺 Awaken dormant werewolf abilities that will help you decipher the lost language on the relic collection and in certain werewolf books. Unlock the lore and many secrets of Moonwood Mill.
  • 🐺 Extensive lore and history on Moonwood Mill, werewolves, and how werewolves, vampires, and spellcasters all came to be.
  • 🐺 Explore the tunnel system of Moonwood Mill to find relics and other treasures. The tunnels are rabbitholes with choose-your-own-adventure-style popups.
  • 🐺 Moonwood Mill has two werewolf packs; The Moonwood Collective and the Wildfangs. The Moonwood Collective’s mission is to show the world that werewolves are not mindless, vicious monsters. The Wildfangs embrace their animalistic natures and aim to expand their territory by creating more werewolves.
  • 🐺 Players can befriend and join The Moonwood Collective or The Wildfangs. Start out as an Omega wolf and work your way up to Delta, then Beta by upholding the pack’s values. Win a fight against the pack’s current Alpha to become the Alpha of the pack yourself. Being the Alpha of a pack makes you the pack’s leader and gives you control over its members. Not adhering to the pack’s values can get you demoted or kicked out of the pack. Players cannot create their own pack.
  • 🐺 Create an alliance or a rivalry with the other pack. Alliances and rivalries change the way members of the two packs interact with each other.
  • 🐺 Create a werewolf lineage and pass your lycanthropy onto your children. Some werewolf children are born with dormant lycanthropy and must have their inner beast awakened when they become teenagers.
  • 🐺 New Occult: Werewolves
  • 🐺 New Aspirations: Werewolf Initiate (Intro – Has 4 additional branches), Emissary of the Collective, Wildfang Renegade, Lone Wolf, Cure Seeker
  • 🐺 New Traits: Lunar Confidant (Bonus), Friend of the Wildfangs (Reward), Friend of the Moonwood Collective (Reward), Fanged Friend (Reward), Lunar Link (Reward), Chomp Champion (Reward), Refined Lupine (Reward), Threatening Presence (Reward), Werewolf Ally (Reward), Dormant Wolf (Inherited), Greater Wolf Blood (Inherited)
  • 🐺 New Collections: Moonwood Relics, Fish addition
  • 🐺 New Social Groups: Moonwood Collective, Wildfangs

My Wedding Stories: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 my wedding stories
My Wedding Stories Cake Guide
  • 💍 One new residential world based on coastal Italy. The world is called Tartosa and has two neighbourhoods with one rental lot and two uninhabited starter homes.
  • 💍 There are multiple locations in Tartosa where Sims can go swimming, including the beach.
  • 💍 Sims can draw in the sand on the beaches.
  • 💍 Engaged Sims can now throw numerous pre-wedding social events in preparation for the big day.
  • 💍 Engaged Sims can ask friends and family to play specific roles in their wedding ceremony. Sims can have two Sims of Honour, a Flower Pal, a Ring Bearer, and an Officiant perform duties at their wedding ceremony if they so choose. All roles are gender-neutral and can be filled by Sims of all genders. All roles are also optional. Sims do not need to have any of these roles filled for their wedding.
  • 💍 Sims with special roles will perform specific actions at the wedding ceremony. Flower Pals can walk down the aisle throwing petals from a basket. Ring Bearers will carry a set of rings on a small pillow down the aisle. Officiants will lead the ceremony.
  • 💍 Sims can purchase their wedding bouquet from the flower stand in Tartosa and pick out their wedding outfit at the interactive shell boutique in Tartosa. Wedding bouquets never spoil and can be kept as a keepsake after the wedding.
  • 💍 Sims can taste test cake samples at the patisserie stand in Tartosa and purchase their wedding cake here. A wider variety of wedding cakes can be ordered through the computer. Sims skilled in Gourmet Cooking can also make their own wedding cakes.
  • 💍 Two functional tea sets in English and Chinese styles. Sims can steep, pour, and serve tea to friends and family. During wedding events, tea can be served while bowing or kneeling. Tea can also be served more casually.
  • 💍 Wedding events function differently from other social events. You can select and customise which activities you would like to have at each event to suit your own tastes and traditions. The success of the event is determined by how many of these activities you complete during the event.
  • 💍 New piano, bar, buffet table with drink fountain, and dance floor in three sizes.
  • 💍 Wedding Ceremony social event has been overhauled. New planning options, such as selecting Sims for special roles, selecting the wedding cake, and guest attire (both style and colour).
  • 💍 New wedding activities include toasts, speeches, cake cutting, first dance with new dance moves, slow dancing, dancing with children, and a bouquet toss. Control the flow of the wedding with new interactions on objects to instruct guests to gather for specific activities. Tell guests when it’s time to sit down, eat, dance, and other activities.
  • 💍 New functional wedding aisles in three lengths and differing styles, including an invisible variety for you to decorate the aisle how you want. Sims can walk down and up the aisle alone or in pairs. Sims can also walk down the aisle holding bouquets.
  • 💍 Five new wedding arches in various styles.
  • 💍 56 new wedding cakes in 9 different styles from 2 to 4 tiers. 96 new wedding cake toppers in 11 different styles. Cake toppers can be inscribed and kept as keepsakes after the wedding.
  • 💍 New Social Events: Engagement Dinner, Rehearsal Dinner, Family Gathering, Bach Party, Wedding Reception, Vow Renewal
  • 💍 New Collection: Message in a Bottle

Dream Home Decorator: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 dream home decorator | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🛠️ One new active career as an Interior Decorator. Sims will take on gigs and travel to other lots to interview clients and redecorate portions of their home.
  • 🛠️ Clients’ likes and dislikes will influence their reaction to your renovations and determine how well you do on your gigs.
  • 🛠️ Four types of gigs: Room Renovation, Room Addition, Level Addition, and Level Renovation
  • 🛠️ Each gig has different restrictions and requirements. You may be allowed to knock out and build walls in some renovations but not others, for example.
  • 🛠️ Interior Decorators have a reputation bar as well as a performance bar. They carry their reputation with them throughout their career. Doing well on gigs and promoting yourself on social media (ie: uploading your renovation photos to simstagram) will boost reputation. Doing poorly on gigs or acting inappropriately with clients will decrease reputation and can get you fired from a gig.
  • 🛠️ Decorators with high reputation will land better gigs and may be contacted by brands and be featured on the Dream Home Decorator Network.
  • 🛠️ If Get Famous is installed, Interior Decorators can become celebrity designers. They can also land high profile celebrity clients with high reputation.
  • 🛠️ Interior Decorators must take before and after photos of their renovations. When the reno is revealed to the client, a cinematic before and after montage will play.
  • 🛠️ New Career: Interior Decorator
  • 🛠️ New Objects: Countertop stove, countertop oven, built-in oven, sectional seating, modular wall-mounted and floor shelving with detachable clothes, wall-mounted TV stand, play tent for toddlers and children.

Star Wars Journey to Batuu: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 star wars pack
  • 🛰️ One new vacation world in the theme of Star Wars; the world does not have any buildable lots. All locations within the world are uneditable shells and rabbitholes.
  • 🛰️ Three factions your Sim can join; First Order, Resistance, and Scoundrels.
  • 🛰️ Complete missions for each faction to earn rewards and rise in their ranks.
  • 🛰️ New currency, Galactic Credits, which are used to purchase things on Batuu and can be earned by completing missions for any of the three factions.
  • 🛰️ Purchase and customize a droid companion that can play music, follow your Sim around, and help your Sim on missions. Droids can be upgraded with chips that will help them serve specific factions.
  • 🛰️ A variety of puzzle-like activities to do on missions, like slicing into control panels, tampering with cargo boxes, breaking into forbidden areas, avoiding enemy factions, and going on choose-your-own adventure type explorations in starships (similar to exploring space in the base game rocketship).
  • 🛰️ Meet and work with (or against) some of the Star Wars film characters, like Kylo Ren and Rey Skywalker. They are tied into the story missions and are not romance-able.
  • 🛰️ Collect lightsaber parts to build and customize your own lightsaber. Sims can train with the lightsaber and challenge other Sims to lightsaber duels.
  • 🛰️ New cooking recipes and drinks that can be learned by eating and drinking them on Batuu.
  • 🛰️ New Aspirations: Hope vs. Order, Galactic Privateer, Paragon of Hope (branches off from Hope vs. Order), Enforcer of Order (branches off from Hope vs. Order)
  • 🛰️ New Collections: Lightsaber Parts, Batuu Records

Realm of Magic: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 realm of magic | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🧙‍♀️ Two new mini-worlds, one forested world to live in and one magical floating world to visit
  • 🧙‍♀️ Spellcasters, a new occult life state. Equivalent to witches
  • 🧙‍♀️ Spellcasters can be created in CAS. Human Sims can also become Spellcasters in-game
  • 🧙‍♀️ Spellcaster “skill tree” with powers and abilities that can be purchased using magic points
  • 🧙‍♀️ Six ranks of Spellcaster; Apprentice, Neophyte, Acolyte, Adept, Master, and Virtuoso
  • 🧙‍♀️ Spellbook for Spellcasters, detailing all potion recipes and learned spells
  • 🧙‍♀️ Four schools of magic; Practical, Untamed, Mischief, and Alchemy
  • 🧙‍♀️ Spellcaster charge system. Casting magic builds up magical charge but building up your magical charge too much can have consequences
  • 🧙‍♀️ Magic duels
  • 🧙‍♀️ Familiars
  • 🧙‍♀️ Cauldrons, brooms, and wands
  • 🧙‍♀️ Spells and potions can go wrong, afflicting your Sims with a variety of curses
  • 🧙‍♀️ Three Sages for Practical, Untamed, and Mischief magic who can help your Sims become Spellcasters or help train them to become more powerful Spellcasters
  • 🧙‍♀️ Children can be Spellcasters but don’t have any powers until they become teens
  • 🧙‍♀️ Children of Spellcasters are born with magical bloodline traits that will help them with magic in the future. The longer the magical bloodline, the stronger the trait
  • 🧙‍♀️ New AspirationsSpellcraft & Sorcery, Purveyor of Potions
  • 🧙‍♀️ New Traits: Weak Bloodline (inherited), Strong Bloodline (inherited), Ancient Bloodline (inherited)
  • 🧙‍♀️ New Lot Type: Magic HQ (special)
  • 🧙‍♀️ New Death Type: Spellcaster Overload
  • 🧙‍♀️ New Collections: Magical Artifacts, Gardening additions

StrangerVille: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 strangerville
  • ☣️ One new full-size world with an Old Western desert theme
  • ☣️ Solve the StrangerVille Mystery; a story mode with quests to complete
  • ☣️ Strange neighbours who appear “possessed” by… something
  • ☣️ Military personnel and scientist NPCs wandering around town
  • ☣️ Government agents around town
  • ☣️ A deserted lab in a crater outside town with dark secrets to uncover
  • ☣️ Bizarre plants growing all over town
  • ☣️ Plant bugs on Sims and spy on their conversations with the listening station
  • ☣️ Spar with the B64 Training Bot 
  • ☣️ Curio shop stall
  • ☣️ Laptops
  • ☣️ New Career: Military
  • ☣️ New Aspiration: StrangerVille Mystery
  • ☣️ New Trait: Paranoid, Infected (hidden)
  • ☣️ New Lot Type: Secret Lab (special)
  • ☣️ New Emotion: Possessed
  • ☣️ New Death Type: Consumed by the Mother 

Jungle Adventure: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 jungle adventure | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🧭 A new full-size vacation world with a South American jungle theme
  • 🧭 Purchase adventure gear and souvenirs from market tables
  • 🧭 New local cuisine
  • 🧭 A wild jungle to explore with both treasure and danger to be found
  • 🧭 Natural dangers that happen to your Sims in the jungle, such as spider bites and swarms of bees
  • 🧭 Fight off natural dangers with adventure gear or by having high skills
  • 🧭 Ancient blessings and curses
  • 🧭 Treasure chests
  • 🧭 Dig sites that can be excavated for artifacts
  • 🧭 Learn local culture and dance moves
  • 🧭 Assemble magical relics to bless and curse Sims 
  • 🧭 Discover ancient ruins and secret ancient areas in the jungle
  • 🧭 Explore an ancient temple that changes its layout every time you visit
  • 🧭 Disarm traps in the temple to gain access to the next area
  • 🧭 Archaeology table and street market tables
  • 🧭 New Skills: Selvadoradean Culture, Archaeology
  • 🧭 New Aspirations: Jungle Explorer, Archaeology Scholar
  • 🧭 New Lot Types: Rental, National Park, Omiscan Baths (special), Ancient Temple (special)
  • 🧭 New Death Type: Poison
  • 🧭 New Collections: Omiscan Artifacts, Omiscan Treasures, Gardening additions, Fish additions 

Parenthood: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 parenthood GP
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A character value system for toddlers, children, and teens
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Five character values: Manners, Responsibility, Emotional Control, Conflict Resolution, and Empathy
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Positive and negative traits associated with each character value that teens can get when they become young adults
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Various actions throughout childhood raise and lower character values
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parents can encourage and discipline their children to help raise their character values
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Diaries
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Mood swings
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Childhood phases
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Tantrums and emotional meltdowns
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 School projects
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Building block table
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Doctor and veterinarian play sets
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Volunteering
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Interactive family bulletin board
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Curfews
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Toddlers and children can make messes
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Pack home lunches to send to school or work with your Sims 
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Set the table for meal times
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 School will occasionally call parents to inform them of their child’s actions while at school
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Children and teens will occasionally ask parents for advice
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 New Skill: Parenting
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 New Aspiration: Super Parent  

Vampires: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 vampires | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🧛 New mini-world with a Gothic Victorian theme
  • 🧛 Vampires, a new occult life state
  • 🧛 Vampire “skill tree” with new powers that can be purchased with power points
  • 🧛 Five ranks of vampire; Fledgling Vampire, Minor Vampire, Prime Vampire, Master Vampire, and Grand Master Vampire
  • 🧛 Vampires must take on weaknesses to balance out their powers as they grow in rank
  • 🧛 Vampire powers and weaknesses are unique to that vampire. Not all vampires have the same powers and weaknesses
  • 🧛 Vampires can spar with other vampires as either a friendly or mean interaction
  • 🧛 Vampires have vampire energy, which does not deplete gradually over time like human energy. It depletes when the vampire uses vampire powers and will occasionally need to be replenished with rest or meditation. Vampire energy depletes rapidly if a vampire is out in the sun (unless they have the sun resistance power).
  • 🧛 Vampires do not need to eat or use the bathroom, but they do need to drink plasma.
  • 🧛 Pipe organ is a new instrument
  • 🧛 Coffins
  • 🧛 New vampire tomes that can be read to increase Vampire Lore skill and learn new information on vampires
  • 🧛 New bar drinks and recipe; plasma jane, sunlight reversal cocktail, vampire resistance cocktail, draught of reconfiguration, ultimate vampire cure, plasma fruit salad
  • 🧛 Garlic braids and wreaths to keep pesky vampires away
  • 🧛 Vampires can drink plasma from Sims, either with or without the Sim’s permission
  • 🧛 Vampires can also drink plasma from plasma packs ordered through the computer or made from fish and frogs. Vampires can harvest and eat plasma fruit
  • 🧛 New Skills: Vampire Lore, Pipe Organ 
  • 🧛 New Aspirations: Good Vampire, Master Vampire, Vampire Family
  • 🧛 New Death Type: Sunlight
  • 🧛 New Collections: Gardening additions 

Dine Out: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 dine out
  • 🍽️ Ability to own, manage, and eat out at restaurants
  • 🍽️ New experimental dishes and nectars (wine)
  • 🍽️ Sims can learn to cook experimental dishes at home by eating them at restaurants
  • 🍽️ Hire staff for your restaurant and design their uniforms
  • 🍽️ Train your staff and keep them happy to keep them performing well
  • 🍽️ Purchase restaurant perks for your restaurant
  • 🍽️ Interact with customers and keep them happy
  • 🍽️ Increase your star rating to become a successful 5-star restaurant
  • 🍽️ Food critics that will visit your restaurant and write reviews, affecting your restaurant’s reputation
  • 🍽️ Assign a dress code for your restaurant
  • 🍽️ Customize your restaurant’s menu
  • 🍽️ Own and manage multiple restaurants at a time
  • 🍽️ Ability to open the restaurant while you are away and let your staff run things
  • 🍽️ Go on dates and have birthday parties at restaurants
  • 🍽️ Children can draw on their place mats and take the finished artwork home with them
  • 🍽️ Servers can sometimes drop dishes on the floor while serving them to Sims 
  • 🍽️ Sims can get food poisoning from restaurants and report it to get a cash compensation from the restaurant
  • 🍽️ New restaurant objects include a chef station, modular booth seating, patio heaters, host station, server station, and aquariums
  • 🍽️ New Lot Type: Restaurant
  • 🍽️ New Collections: Experimental Food Photos 

Spa Day: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 spa day game pack | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🧘 Ability to visit the new spa venues and partake in spa activities
  • 🧘 Massages, foot rubs, and hand massages
  • 🧘 Receive manicures and pedicures in a variety of nail lengths, shapes, colours, and patterns. Children and toddler can wear nails in CAS but can’t receive manicures or pedicures at a spa.
  • 🧘 Purchase and wear face masks with a number of different positive effects. Be careful not to wear them too long or your Sim will develop a rash on their face. Children and toddlers can wear kid-friendly animal print face masks.
  • 🧘 Make money as a self-employed spa specialist. Provide massages, manicures, and pedicures to paying clients or lead yoga classes and meditation sessions. Sims can make money from spa activities on a spa lot, at home, or anywhere they can set up spa equipment.
  • 🧘 Massage tables and massage chairs
  • 🧘 Yoga classes and yoga mats. Family friendly yoga routines that children can participate in. Children can also meditate.
  • 🧘 Meditation stools
  • 🧘 Saunas
  • 🧘 Mud baths and baths with soaks
  • 🧘 Fizzy drink tray
  • 🧘 Incense burners
  • 🧘 New health recipes
  • 🧘 New Skill: Wellness
  • 🧘 New Aspirations: Self-Care Specialist, Zen Guru, Inner Peace
  • 🧘 New Traits: High Maintenance, Spa Membership (Bonus), Clear Perspective (Reward), Calming Aura (Reward), Self-Care Expertise (Reward)
  • 🧘 New Lot Type: Spa
  • 🧘 New Hired Service: Massage Therapist
  • 🧘 New Death Type: Overheating 

Outdoor Retreat: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 outdoor retreat
  • 🏕️ A new full-size vacation world called Granite Falls. The world is based on the Canadian Shield region of Canada.
  • 🏕️ Camping tents and other portable camping equipment, like lawn chairs, fold-out tables, lanterns, and campfires
  • 🏕️ Roast marshmallows, bugs, fish, and hot dogs on the campfire
  • 🏕️ Hang out, sing songs, and tell stories around the campfire
  • 🏕️ Locate and identify new plants to use in a variety of herbalism recipes
  • 🏕️ Cloudgaze and stargaze
  • 🏕️ Catch and collect bugs
  • 🏕️ Purchase camping gear and other outdoor necessities from the ranger station
  • 🏕️ Stay on the campgrounds in a tent or in a cabin
  • 🏕️ New bear costume. Sims can occasionally be seen walking around the vacation world in bear costumes
  • 🏕️ Explore the woods and discover the hermit’s cabin
  • 🏕️ New Skill: Herbalism
  • 🏕️ New Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast
  • 🏕️ New Trait: Squeamish
  • 🏕️ New Social Event: Weenie Roast
  • 🏕️ New Lot Types: Rental, National Park, Hermit’s House (hidden)
  • 🏕️ New Collections: Bugs, Fish additions, Gardening additions 

Stuff Packs

Crystal Creations: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 crystal creations trailer screen 395

Coming soon!

Home Chef Hustle: Sims 4 Pack Guide

Home Chef Hustle
  • 🍕 Run your own cooking business from home or take your cooked goods to a venue to make sales there.
  • 🍕 Prep your ingredients in a stand mixer ahead of time to save on meal prep time and consolidate multiple ingredients into one item.
  • 🍕 Almost all dishes across every pack now have alternate recipes that use prepped ingredients. Choose whether you want to cook with prepped ingredients or use the old recipes.
  • 🍕 Cook a variety of pizzas and focaccia bread in the compact countertop pizza oven
  • 🍕 Make different kinds of waffles in the waffle iron
  • 🍕 Purchase a food stand and take it with you anywhere to sell your food on the go or from your front yard. The food stand is live draggable so it can be stored easily in your Sim’s inventory without the need to enter Build/Buy.
  • 🍕 Run food sales from your food stand and cook up fresh batches of food right at your stand to restock without disrupting the sale, thanks to the stand’s built-in surfaces for placing small appliances.
  • 🍕 Get a detailed breakdown of what you sold and how much money you made at the end of every sale to better keep track of how profitable your food business is.
  • 🍕 New Gameplay Objects: Stand Mixer, Waffle Iron, Pizza Oven, Food Stand
  • 🍕 New Event: Food Sale
  • 🍕 New Recipes: Various pizzas, focaccia breads, waffles, and prepped ingredients

Paranormal Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 paranormal stuff pack | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🔮 Live in haunted houses and keep the specters happy to earn rewards
  • 🔮 Specters: Small spirits that roam haunted houses at night. They range from friendly to hostile.
  • 🔮 Give specters homemade presents or offer them your soul
  • 🔮 Destroy cursed objects that pop up around haunted houses
  • 🔮 Collect, consume, or sell haunted treasures specters leave behind, such as Hello Dahlia dolls, Unassuming Candy Jars, Specter Sips, Ectocake, and Soul Pieces.
  • 🔮 Become a freelance Paranormal Investigator and visit other Sims’ homes to help them with their ghost problem
  • 🔮 Purchase Sacred Candles from the Reward Store to help your Sims feel safe at night or craft them with Wraith Wax gifted from specters
  • 🔮 Host séances with up to 3 other Sims that call upon the dead and calm the specters of the house
  • 🔮 Summon Bonehilda to help you clean, cook, and defend your home against aggressive specters
  • 🔮 Children and Teens can conduct séances, build the new Medium skill, and get their Paranormal Investigator License, but cannot join the career until they become Young Adults
  • 🔮 Meet Guidry, a friendly ghost who will help you navigate all matters of the paranormal
  • 🔮 Defend yourself against Temperance, an evil ghost who has a history with Guidry
  • 🔮 New Gameplay Object: Séance Table
  • 🔮 New Skill: Medium (minor skill)
  • 🔮 New Lot Type: Haunted House Residential
  • 🔮 New Career: Freelance Paranormal Investigator
  • 🔮 New NPCS: Bonehilda, Guidry, Temperance
  • 🔮 New Trait: Brave (Reward Store)

Nifty Knitting Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 nifty knitting
  • 🧶 Knit a large variety of clothing, accessories, toys, and decorations
  • 🧶 Knittables can be given as gifts to other Sims
  • 🧶 Knitted clothing must be crafted and then added to the household wardrobe to become available in CAS
  • 🧶 Knittables and other crafted items can be sold on an online marketplace called Plopsy
  • 🧶 Baby onesies can be knitted to dress newborn babies in
  • 🧶 Toddler onesies can be knitted and worn by toddlers as well
  • 🧶 Knitting in a rocking chair builds Knitting skill faster
  • 🧶 Knitting while listening to music builds Knitting skill faster
  • 🧶 Elder Sims can reminisce in a rocking chair
  • 🧶 Children and toddlers can play in a rocking chair
  • 🧶 Children can knit
  • 🧶 Both children and adults can be taught to knit by more experienced knitters
  • 🧶 If Cats & Dogs is installed, cats will play with the knitting baskets
  • 🧶 Sims can afflict a significant other with “the sweater curse” (SimGuruConor hinted that we should look this up on Wikipedia)
  • 🧶 Collaboration with the video game Unraveled; Sims can knit Yarny toys and sculptures
  • 🧶 The Yarny sculpture is “special;” it appeared to move on its own in the livestream
  • 🧶 New Skill: Knitting
  • 🧶 New Aspiration: Lord/Lady of the Knits
  • 🧶 New Reward Trait: Sacred Knitting Knowledge
  • 🧶 New Gameplay Objects: Rocking Chair, Knitting Basket

Tiny Living Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 tiny living | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🏠 Build tiny homes for your Sims that offer gameplay benefits; the tinier the home, the bigger the benefits
  • 🏠 Three tiers of tiny home; micro (32 tiles), tiny (64 tiles), and small (100 tiles)
  • 🏠 Micro-Home Benefits: Double skill gain, increased relationship gain, increased comfort from objects, gardening boost, inspired/focused/happy buffs last twice as long, reduced bills
  • 🏠 Tiny Home Benefits: Double skill gain, increased comfort from objects, inspired/focused/happy buffs last twice as long, reduced bills
  • 🏠 Small Home Benefits: Inspired/focused/happy buffs last twice as long, reduced bills
  • 🏠 New 3-in-1 entertainment unit with bookshelf, TV, and stereo built into one object
  • 🏠 1-tile desk and dressers
  • 🏠 New murphy bed in two variations; one with a fold-up loveseat attached and one without.
  • 🏠 Murphy bed can break and be upgraded
  • 🏠 New Gameplay Object: Murphy Bed
  • 🏠 New Lot Type: Tiny Home Residential
  • 🏠 New Death Type: Murphy Bed 

Moschino Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 moschino stuff pack
  • 📷 New portable photography tripod, camera, studio lights, Sim ground markers, and backdrops
  • 📷 Tripod will produce better quality photos and open up advanced camera options, even with a cheap camera or low Photography skill
  • 📷 Digital picture frame and collage picture frame
  • 📷 Take photos with pets and toddlers
  • 📷 Take photos of multiple Sims together
  • 📷 Control where Sims stand for photos with new ground markers
  • 📷 New photography poses and more control over which poses Sims do while being photographed
  • 📷 New Career: Freelance Fashion Photographer
  • 📷 New Gameplay Object: Tripod 

My First Pet Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 my first pet sP  | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🐹 A variety of cute rodents to play with and care for; hamster, rat, porcupine, and bubalus (fictional creature called a voidcritter, featured prominently in the Kids Room Stuff pack)
  • 🐹 Rodents have lives of their own and get up to all kinds of silly, fun antics, such as blasting off into space and going on vacation; they might even send you back a postcard from their travels!
  • 🐹 Rodents can be fed IQ limiter treats to stop them from doing the above activities
  • 🐹 Rodents can be fed anti-aging treats to stop them from dying of old age but can still die from starvation/neglect if you don’t take care of them
  • 🐹 Children can study rodents as part of their homework
  • 🐹 Sims bitten by rodents with dirty cages can contract the deadly Rabid Rodent Fever disease
  • 🐹 Rabid Rodent Fever is highly contagious and will spread to all Sims in the household. Sims with Rabid Rodent Fever must be kept in isolation to protect other Sims 
  • 🐹 *New clothes and accessories for cats and dogs
  • 🐹 *New objects for cats and dogs (cat towers, beds, food dishes, etc)
  • 🐹 New Gameplay Object: Rodents
  • 🐹 New Death Type: Rabid Rodent Fever
  • 🐹 New Collection: Postcard additions 

* The Cats & Dogs expansion pack is required to be able to use any of the content for cats and dogs in this pack. Keep this in mind when using our Sims 4 pack guide.

Laundry Day Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 laundry day
  • 🧺 Ability to do laundry, either by hand or in laundry machines
  • 🧺 Washing machines and dryers can be upgraded to clean clothes better and break down less often
  • 🧺 Washing machines and dryers can be stacked on top of each other or placed side-by-side
  • 🧺 Clothes can also be washed by hand in a wash tub and hung up to dry on clotheslines
  • 🧺 Flowers can be added to wash tubs and washing machines to make clothes smell nice
  • 🧺 Food can be added to wash tubs and washing machines to make clothes come out smelling foul
  • 🧺 Sims with mischief skill can put soap in the washing machine to make it overflow with suds during its next cycle
  • 🧺 Children can do laundry. If Parenthood is installed, this builds the Responsibility value
  • 🧺 The dryer must be upgraded to be lintless or have its lint trap cleaned between each cycle or it has a high chance of starting a fire
  • 🧺 Sims can die in fires caused by the dryer, but this is not a new death type
  • 🧺 Maids will do laundry. If Vintage Glamour Stuff is installed, butlers will also do laundry
  • 🧺 If Cats & Dogs is installed, cats will jump on washers and dryers and play with the dripping water from the clothesline
  • 🧺 New Gameplay Objects: Washing machine, dryer, wash tub, clothesline 

Toddler Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 toddler stuff pack | sims 4 pack guide
  • 👶 New outdoor play equipment for toddlers
  • 👶 New toddler slide, ball pit, and jungle gym build toddler skills
  • 👶 Parents can help their toddlers slide down the slide
  • 👶 Toddlers can play pretend on the jungle gym, climb through the tunnels, dive into the ball pit, and climb up and slide down the slide
  • 👶 Slide, jungle gym, and ball pit come both separately and as one large object
  • 👶 Parents can arrange play dates for their toddlers to play with other toddlers in the neighbourhood. Toddlers will show up with their caregivers, giving the adults a chance to socialise during play dates as well
  • 👶 New Gameplay Objects: Toddler slide, toddler ball pit, and toddler jungle gym
  • 👶 New Event Type: Play Date 

Fitness Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 fitness stuff
  • 💪 New rock climbing object that Sims can use to build Fitness skill
  • 💪 Multiple settings and difficulty levels on the rock climbing machine
  • 💪 An extreme fire setting on the rock climbing machine; shoots fire out at your Sims that they must avoid while they climb
  • 💪 Sims can die from the extreme fire setting but this is not a new death type
  • 💪 New home workout channels on the TV; plumboomba dance video and a power sculpting video
  • 💪 New ear buds Sims can wear on the go and listen to music with while out and about and doing other activities
  • 💪 New Gameplay Objects: Rock climbing machine, ear buds 

Bowling Night Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 bowling night stuff | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🎳 Ability to go bowling with your Sims 
  • 🎳 New bowling alley object with a “regular” and “nighttime” lighting mode
  • 🎳 Sims can practice bowling alone or play short and long matches against friends and family
  • 🎳 Children can go bowling
  • 🎳 Using the bowling alley builds the new Bowling skill
  • 🎳 Unlock new bowling balls and fancy trick moves as Sims level up in the Bowling skill
  • 🎳 New Gameplay Object: Bowling Alley 
  • 🎳 New Skill: Bowling  

Vintage Glamour Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 vintage glamour SP
  • 💄 Sims can use the new vanity table to change their appearance
  • 💄 Children can use the vanity table to put on their parents’ makeup with amusing results
  • 💄 A new globe bar
  • 💄 Sims can hire a butler to maintain the household for them
  • 💄 Butlers can greet guests at the door or turn away all guests, cook, clean, take care of children and pets* (including rodents**), do laundry***, and water plants
  • 💄 Butlers will live with your Sims and must be assigned a bed in the house to sleep in
  • 💄 Butlers can be praised or reprimanded and instructed to do specific tasks
  • 💄 All duties can be turned on or off separately for the butler
  • 💄 New Gameplay Object: Vanity table
  • 💄 New Hired Service: Butler  

* Cats & Dogs is required to have the butler take care of pets. Keep this in mind when using our Sims 4 pack guide.
** My First Pet Stuff is required to have the butler take care of rodents. Keep this in mind when using our Sims 4 pack guide.
*** Laundry Day Stuff is required for the butler to do laundry. Keep this in mind when using our Sims 4 pack guide.

Backyard Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 backyard stuff | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🐦 Sims can enjoy new backyard activities like slip’n’slides, lemonade, and feeding birds
  • 🐦 Two new slip’n’slides available for Sims to use
  • 🐦 Sims can do trick slides on the slip’n’slide and add soap to them
  • 🐦 Sims who slide on a soapy slip’n’slide will be covered with suds for a short time afterwards
  • 🐦 Sims can make lemonade and other citrus-based summer drinks using a new drink tray
  • 🐦 Sims can fill up bird feeders and watch the birds; the birds can also sometimes attack Sims while they’re filling up the feeder
  • 🐦 New bamboo, ceramic, and aluminum wind chimes
  • 🐦 New Gameplay Objects: Slip’n’slides, lemonade tray, bird feeder 

Kids Room Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 kids room
  • 🎒 Children can collect, train, battle, and trade Voidcritter cards, similar to Pokemon cards in the real world
  • 🎒 Voidcritter cards can be ordered on the computer, found in garbage bins and logs (children only), and traded with other Sims (children only)
  • 🎒 Each Voidcritter has an alignment, making it strong or weak against other types of Voidcritters
  • 🎒 Voidcritter cards vary in rarity and each Voidcritter card has both a standard edition and a special edition
  • 🎒 Children can train their Voidcritters on the new battle station to increase their power level, making them stronger in battles
  • 🎒 Children can battle their Voidcritters against other children on the battle station
  • 🎒 A new puppet theatre children can play with to build their Social skill
  • 🎒 A variety of different plays children can put on using the puppet theatre with different outcomes; sometimes the children will put on a good show, other times they’ll mess it up
  • 🎒 Other Sims can come and watch the puppet performances
  • 🎒 A new BeTween TV channel featuring the Voidcritter television show
  • 🎒 New Gameplay Objects: Voidcritter Battle Station, Puppet Theatre
  • 🎒 New Collection: Voidcritters 

Romantic Garden Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 romantic garden | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🌹 Sims can make offerings at the new wishing well and make wishes
  • 🌹 Wishes can have good or bad results
  • 🌹 Making offerings increases the odds of a wish having good results; the higher the offering, the better the odds of a good wish outcome
  • 🌹 Sims can die in various ways from wishes gone wrong at the wishing well but the wishing well itself does not have a new death type
  • 🌹 Sims can wish for knowledge, wealth, love, happiness, youth, good grades, a promotion, or a child at the wishing well
  • 🌹 Ghosts can wish to be brought back to life
  • 🌹 Sims can play in, sit on, and add soap to the new water fountain
  • 🌹 New Gameplay Objects: Wishing Well, Water Fountain  

Movie Hangout Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 movie hangout SP
  • 🍿 Sims can watch movies and eat popcorn
  • 🍿 A variety of new movies to watch on TV across many different genres; horror, family friendly, action, romance, comedy, etc.
  • 🍿 Sims will react to the film they’re watching in “real time;” they’ll gasp at scary moments and cry at sad/touching moments in a film. If the Sims are eating popcorn while watching a scary movie, they can even jump and spill their popcorn everywhere
  • 🍿 Sims will shush other Sims who are talking during a movie
  • 🍿 Sims can discuss different aspects of a film they just watched with other Sims 
  • 🍿 Sims can declare their favourite movie genre
  • 🍿 A new giant projection TV with speakers for Sims to watch movies outdoors
  • 🍿 Sims can make popcorn with the new popcorn maker
  • 🍿 Popcorn maker is tied to the Cooking skill. Sims with higher Cooking skill can make more kinds of popcorn
  • 🍿 Sims can try to catch popcorn in their mouths while eating it
  • 🍿 New Gameplay Object: Popcorn Maker  

Spooky Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 spooky stuff pack | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🎃 Sims can carve pumpkins, eat candy, and throw Spooky Parties
  • 🎃 New costumes for both kids and adults to wear
  • 🎃 A new candy bowl with various little surprises that pop out and scare Sims when they try to take some candy from the bowl
  • 🎃 A new pumpkin carving station that can be used by both children and adults
  • 🎃 Pumpkin carving is tied to the Handiness/Motor skill. Sims with higher Handiness/Motor skill can carve more types of pumpkins in various colours
  • 🎃 Sims might occasionally botch a pumpkin carving
  • 🎃 New Gameplay Objects: Candy Bowl, Pumpkin Carving Station
  • 🎃 New Social Event: Spooky Party 

Cool Kitchen Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 cool kitchen
  • 🍦 Sims can make and eat ice cream with the new ice cream maker
  • 🍦 The ice cream maker is tied to the Cooking skill. Sims with higher Cooking skill can make more types of ice cream
  • 🍦 Ice cream can be enjoyed in cones or in bowls. The cone will be eaten along with the ice cream, leaving no dish cleanup
  • 🍦 Ice cream can have a variety of garnishes and toppings added to it
  • 🍦 Sims will frequently get brain freeze while eating ice cream
  • 🍦 Some types of ice cream have different effects on Sims, like making them slimmer, larger, and temporarily turning them into PlantSims
  • 🍦 If Get To Work is installed, ice cream can be sold in retail stores to create your own ice cream parlour
  • 🍦 New Gameplay Object: Ice Cream Maker  

Perfect Patio Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 perfect patio stuff | sims 4 pack guide
  • 🌊 Sims can enjoy soaking in hot tubs
  • 🌊 There are two hot tubs, one typical suburban backyard one and one sleek, modern one
  • 🌊 8 Sims can sit in the hot tub at a time, making it perfect for the whole household
  • 🌊 Sims can chat with other Sims, cuddle, kiss, enjoy beverages, and watch TV while sitting in the hot tub
  • 🌊 Sims can WooHoo and skinny dip in the hot tub
  • 🌊 Children can use the hot tub
  • 🌊 Tired Sims may fall asleep in the hot tub
  • 🌊 The hot tubs can be upgraded to add stereos, aromatherapy oils, and be unbreakable
  • 🌊 New Gameplay Object: Hot Tub 

Luxury Party Stuff: Sims 4 Pack Guide

sims 4 luxury party stuff | sims 4 pack guide
  • 💎 Sims can serve food and drinks with the new buffet table and drink fountain
  • 💎 The buffet table comes in two styles; one with a long tablecloth and one sleek glass version
  • 💎 The buffet table can be stocked with multiple group servings of food by clicking on the table and purchasing food, or by having a Sim cook food to put on the table
  • 💎 The drink fountain can be filled with punch or chocolate
  • 💎 Sims can grab punch from the drink fountain or dip strawberries in the chocolate
  • 💎 The drink fountain is designed to be placed on top of the buffet table, but can be placed on other surfaces as well
  • 💎 New Gameplay Objects: Buffet Table, Drink Fountain

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