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The Sims 4 High School Years: Simfluencer Career Guide


Simfluencer? I hardly even know her!

The Sims 4 High School Years comes with two new part-time careers; Simfluencer and Video Game Streamer. Since the work hours don’t conflict with school or after-school activities, teens can hold down one of these part-time careers and attend class and after-school activities at the same time.

We’re going to break down the Simfluencer career for you!

The Simfluencer career is tied to the new Entrepreneur skill and the Trendi fashion marketplace. You’ll have to build the Entrepreneur skill to gain promotions and you’ll often get work tasks related to creating, promoting, and selling outfits on Trendi.

Sims can choose between two sets of work hours; 5:30am-7:30am or 9pm-11pm.

1. Nano-Simfluencer

  • Pay: $36/hour
  • Days Off: Sunday & Wednesday
  • Promotion Requirements:
    • Reach Level 2 Entrepreneur Skill
    • Reach Level 2 Charisma Skill

2. Macro-Simfluencer

  • Pay: $55/hour
  • Promotion Bonus: $500
  • Days Off: Sunday & Wednesday
  • Promotion Requirements:
    • Reach Level 4 Entrepreneur Skill
    • Reach Level 4 Charisma Skill

3. Mega-Simfluencer

  • Pay: $74/hour
  • Promotion Bonus: $900
  • Promotion Rewards: Receive Commercial Gift
  • Days Off: Sunday & Wednesday

Daily Tasks

Like other work-from-home careers, your daily work tasks change day-to-day but here’s an example of some of the things you’ll be asked to do as a Simfluencer.

  • Update Online Bio with Business Headshot
  • Make a Business Plan
  • Make Lifestyle Product Review and Upload
  • Cross Promote at Venue
  • Get a Lot of Extra Funding

Rewards & Other Perks

There are no reward objects for this career but you may occasionally receive corporate gifts in the mail once you reach level 3.

You’ll also have some extra options on the computer and phone, such as Advertise Side Hustle online and Check Side Hustle Followers.

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