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This Grungy Gas Station is the Perfect Spooky Vibe for Autumn!

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Because no horror movie is complete without a creepy gas station on a desolate road in the middle of the woods…

Spooky season is upon us!

In honour of the start of spooky season, we have a delightfully spooky gas station build for you by the extremely talented simpolcheeks! This gas station was built for Moonwood Mill and it certainly fits right in with the rundown, derelict vibe of the town.

This Grungy Gas Station is the Perfect Spooky Vibe for Autumn!

Let’s dive in and take a tour, shall we?

Gas Station Exterior

We can see immediately how detailed this build is. The full debug catalogue has definitely been used to its maximum potential here and we are obsessed with the creativity! Tires and oil drums have been used as décor all over the place and the gas pumps look so realistic sitting on those platforms. The cars at the pump waiting to get gas are a great touch that add some life and movement to the whole scene (even if they don’t actually move; they give us the feeling of movement and activity).

Attached to the right of the gas station appears to be an old mechanic’s garage which looks so cool and is honestly a perfect touch of realism for a build like this. It’s incredibly detailed with a broken down car sitting inside the open garage with newspapers underneath to soak up leaking oil.

This Grungy Gas Station is the Perfect Spooky Vibe for Autumn!

Gas Station Interior

And the best part of the whole build? The interior is a functional retail store! We love the shelves on half walls to create a realistic variety store feel. The shelves are stocked with fizzy drinks and all kinds of odds and ends you might find in a gas station’s store. Everywhere we look, there is detail, detail, detail! It really looks like a real-life gas station out in the middle of nowhere!

We are so impressed with simpolcheeks‘ skill, creativity, and attention to detail! They used absolutely no custom content in this build so it can be enjoyed by everyone on PC/Mac and consoles alike!

This Grungy Gas Station is the Perfect Spooky Vibe for Autumn!

You can download this amazing grungy build from simpolcheeks’ Gallery! Search for Moonwood Mill Gas Station under the ID simpolcheeks or click the download button below to be taken directly to the Gallery page!

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