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You Can Make an Absurd Sims 4 Cult Build with For Rent… So We Did!

sims 4 for rent cult build featured

Need a Sims 4 cult build? If you do, oh boy, it’s your lucky day! When The Sims 4 For Rent was announced, Simmers wasted no time in building beautiful duplexes, condos, hotels, and more where Sims can live happily. Then… there were the others. The ones who thought “Hey, we can make cults with this pack!” You know, people like me.

Why build a happy family dwelling with For Rent when you can build a cult compound?

I may not be the most stable of Simmers. After all, my builds I’ve shared on Sims Community include a funeral home, a vampire wedding venue in a cemetery, a haunted house, and a castle with a dungeon. But I’ve turned over a new leaf, okay? This is different! This isn’t just some morbid creepy build like all my other builds! This is a lifestyle! This is achieving a higher state of being! This is enlightenment!

… What do you mean that sounds culty? No no no, you’ve got it all wrong! Here, let me give you a tour of my totally-not-culty compound.

The Sims 4 Cult Build… That’s Totally Not A Cult

Sims 4 Cult Build Exterior

I think we can all agree that the outside world is a mess. Ravenous cowplants eating your grandma. Possessed gnomes setting fire to your appliances for giving them fruitcake when they wanted salad. The constant threat of getting into a pool only to have walls mysteriously spring up all around you, trapping you in a watery grave. Life is hard for a Sim, okay?

But fear not, terrified Sims! Escape from all the dangers and uncertainties of the outside world and join us in our community of like-minded individuals who only wish to serve the Watcher in perfect balance with nature behind tall walls that protect them from the horrors of the world. And it’s not at all a Sims 4 cult build. Trust us!

A Place of Worship

Place of worship

Welcome to our safe, sustainable community! As you step inside the front doors, you’re greeted with a place of worship because here, we believe that it’s equally important to nourish the soul as well as the body. Our daily 4 hour sermons start at 5am sharp by the way. But don’t worry! Our gracious leader controls the lights so you WILL be awake on time for sermons. How considerate of them!

What do you mean that sounds like a Sims 4 cult build? Ahem. Moving on…

Living Quarters

family units

In this community (that is definitely not a Sims 4 cult build), we believe in sharing. The more time we spend together as a community, the stronger we are as individuals! This is why our living quarters are also communal. Families are permitted to share one of our two family units, but single members will bunk with up to 7 other members in our other three units. Why? Because this is a community! We value togetherness over individualism in this place.

single units

You’ll also notice as we explore the building that we don’t believe in living in an environment with too many colours. It creates discord in the soul. Permitted colours for both décor and clothing are white, grey, and beige. Any other colours must have special permission from our leader. This is for the benefit of everyone’s inner peace.

Dining Hall

dining hall

You might be wondering where you will spend most of your time in this beautiful and safe community. Well, everyone has a job within the community to keep everything running smoothly, but when our members aren’t at work, they share meals in the dining hall. Oh, but please don’t take the table at the head of the hall. That’s strictly for our leader and their family.

So! Still think this place is a Sims 4 cult build? … Oh. You do. Huh. Well, maybe you can still see sense. Let’s move on.



If you can’t cook, don’t worry about it! We have plenty of other jobs that need doing here in our community. But if you can cook, you might feel right at home as a chef here, cooking for all of our members! We only cook what we grow in the ground or collect from our livestock right here on this property so everything is natural, locally-sourced, and free of chemicals from the dangerous outside world. Would a Sims 4 cult build take such good care of its members? We think not!



Our impeccably clean bathrooms are located on either side of the building so it’s a short walk no matter where your living quarters are. Each bathroom has ten toilets, ten showers, two training potties, and a baby changing table so there are plenty of facilities for everyone.

Lounge and Activity Room


You might be wondering what members of this Sims 4 cult build– Uh, we mean self-sustainable community… do for fun? The answer is plenty! In fact, we have a lounge where adults and children alike can relax after a hard but fulfilling day’s work and an activity room for painting and crafting. Perhaps your knitting talents could help keep everyone in the community clothed? Everyone has a part to play in this community effort, after all.

activity room

Where’s the TV and computer? Oh dear, those types of technologies aren’t permitted here. We’re creating a safe haven and all TV and the Internet do is bring the chaos of the world into our homes. Now please enjoy our collection of music curated and approved by the leader to promote harmony.

The School


While we’re on the topic of avoiding outside influence in our definitely not a Sims 4 cult build, let’s discuss the topic of education. It’s easier than ever to raise a family here thanks to our very own school on the grounds where your children will be safe and learn about our way of life. We specialize in training our youngsters to grow up into productive members of this community where they can excel at any one of the jobs we have here.

school playground

Do you get paid for those jobs, you ask? Of course! You get paid in the satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing to a greater cause! Oh, please stop with that “this sounds like a Sims 4 cult build” nonsense, already, would you?

The Clinic


If you’re worried about how you’ll receive medical care while living inside the walls of our community (still not a Sims 4 cult build), you shouldn’t be! We have our very own clinic right here. Many of our members have welcomed new babies right here in this clinic and been healed of common ailments with our top-notch medicines, all free of charge!

See? Life in a “Sims 4 cult build” as you call it has its perks, doesn’t it?

The Workshop


Members who enjoy working with their hands will be right at home in our workshop with a carpentry table, candle making station, recycler, and fabricator! Help the community thrive by building amazing things to better the lives of everyone who lives here! What a noble calling in life!

workshop with fabricator

This is also where we house our backup power and water generators but don’t worry! We’ve made them eco-friendly by powering them with biofuel collected from our very own insect farm. Which brings us to the topic of sustainability!

A Self-Sustainable Lifestyle

crop field

There’s lots to love about our home that is NOT a Sims 4 cult build, thank you very much! But its biggest draw is how close to nature we are without sacrificing the modern comforts of electricity and running water. You’ll see solar panels, wind turbines, and dew collectors all over the property to help keep the lights on and the water hot, but if we ever do run out, our eco-friendly generators will come to the rescue!

livestock paddock

We have ample farmland with a small bee farm nearby to pollinate our crops and space for livestock. We cook with the produce we grow and the milk we collect from our cows and goats. We knit and cross-stitch with yarn made from wool sheared from our llamas and sheep. Everything we consume comes from our own hard work right here.

The Leader’s Home

leader's home - living room

Oh, we almost forgot the most exciting part! Our gracious leader’s home! Of course, since the leader is the closest to the Watcher, their living arrangements are upstairs, above everyone else. So they can hear the Watcher’s message clearer, you see.

leader's home - kitchen and dining

Now the leader’s home is strictly OFF limits to all but their family and spouses. Yes, plural. Our leader likes to have at least 3 spouses because 3 is a powerful number that will bring them closer to the Watcher. They share a bedroom with their primary spouse and the secondary spouses have a room to themselves as well. If you’re very, very lucky, our leader might upgrade you to a secondary spouse and then you too will be able to enjoy all the luxuries afforded to our leader! Who knows? One day, you might even become the primary spouse! What an honour!

… Oh. That sounds like a Sims 4 cult build? Well, uh– And why does the leader get a big screen TV and a computer and a huge private living space with lots of colour when all of that goes directly against our community’s teachings? And what’s with all the cameras everywhere except the leader’s home? Uh… Well… You see… Uh… OKAY FINE, IT’S A SIMS 4 CULT BUILD, ARE YOU HAPPY?!

Ahem. Anyway! Would you like to join? We have vacancies available!

Download this Sims 4 Cult Build


You can download this Sims 4 cult build on the Gallery! This build has no CC but does use an extensive number of packs. The signs throughout the compound are Gallery Art by NaJoPau!

This lot can be converted into a Residential Rental when For Rent releases, allowing up to 48 Sims to live here together in the 6 units provided.

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