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The Sims 4 Console: First Person Camera Tips & Tricks

With the latest update for The Sims 4 on Xbox One and PS4 you get the ability to play with the First Person Camera Mode! This means that you’ll get to experience the entire Live Mode experience through the eyes of your Sim. In this article I’ll be telling you all there is to the First Person Camera on Console so let’s get started!

To access the First Person Camera Mode do the following for these two consoles:

  • PS4: Hold the R3 button on your controller (the right analog stick) until you access the First Person Camera.
  • Xbox One: Hold the RS button on your controller (the right analog stick) until you access the First Person Camera.

If you wish to exit the First Person Camera, simply do the same thing while in this Camera Mode until you exit the mode and enter the normal “dollhouse” camera.

To move your Sim’s head around simply move around the right analog stick. You can go left and right, up and down and basically access any corner that you want. You can simply interact with objects by centering the circle on the center and selecting the object of your choice. Selecting objects works the same just like in normal camera mode.

When it comes to accessing the User Interface, you can switch from the Live Mode viewport to the User Interface viewport by pressing the Touch Pad (PS4) / Xbox Button (Xbox One). In this mode you can both control the camera with the right analog stick and select various options in the UI with the left analog stick.

If you want to access rooms behind closed doors, downstairs or upstairs, simply direct your camera to a desired area and press the O button (PS4) / B button (Xbox One) on your controller. If you wish to get to another room do the same thing while aiming towards a door.

If you wish to zoom out / zoom in the camera while in First Person Camera Mode, simply use the left analog stick and drag it up to zoom in and drag down to zoom out.

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  • I like this feature but the courser speed is really slow, which makes it hard to move the head around. Rather I’m moving to a different spot into he room, or leaving the room period. It takes too long. Other than that I love it

    • If your on xbox, you can press the button with 3 lines, go to game options, and go to game camera, you should be able to change the speed there.

  • I cannot move my camera sideways, now I can only press Lt&Rt to zoom in and out (Xbox) and I think y’all can help…