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The Sims 4 Cottage Living: All About Animal Treats

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In The Sims 4 Cottage Living, your Sims can own a wide variety of animals, including llamas, cows, and chickens! One way to make your new animal friends happy and encourage them to produce specific types of products is by feeding them animal treats. Each animal treat gives a different benefit and some of the treats even make your animal friends change colours!

You can obtain animal treats by purchasing them from Agnes and Agatha’s garden stall in the Finchwick district of Henford-on-Bagley or winning them by participating in the Finchwick Fair, held every Saturday. You may also receive animal treats as gifts from wild animals like bunnies and birds.

Once you’ve obtained an animal treat and fed it to an animal for the first time, you’ll unlock the recipe to make that treat yourself in your notebook. You can check the notebook at any time to see what animal treat recipes you’ve unlocked and what is needed for each recipe. You can make the animal treats by clicking on the fridge and selecting Create Animal Treats.

There are a total of 13 different animal treats that can be fed to llamas, cows, and chickens. All treats, their required ingredients, and effects are listed in the table below.

TreatIngredientsGameplay EffectsVisual Effects
Animal Party TreatAny Mushroom, Any BerryFills animal's social need (all animals)None
Chocolatey TreatCustard, ChocoberryChocolate Milk (Cows), Brown Wool (Llamas), Chocolate Egg (Hens)Brown Llama
Fishy Protein TreatAny Fish+1 to Next Harvest (all animals)None
Flirty TreatStrawberry Jam, SugarStrawberry Milk (Cows), Pink Wool (Llamas), More Hatchable Eggs (Hens)Pink Llama
Friendly TreatAny Fruit or VeggieIncreased relationship with animal (all animals)None
Fruity TreatApple Jam, Blueberry JamEnriched Milk (Cows), Blue Wool (Llamas), Blue Egg (Hens)Blue Llama
Golden TreatGolden Egg, Cowberry Jam or HoneyGolden Honey Milk (Cows), Gold Wool (Llamas), Golden Egg (Golden Hens)Gold Llama, Golden Hen/Rooster
Healthy TreatAny Fruit or Veggie, Any LettuceIncreases animal lifespan (all animals)None
Midnight TreatCowberry Jam, Obsidian EggObsidian Milk (Cows), Black Wool (Llamas), Obsidian Egg (Evil Hens)Black Llama, Evil Hen/Rooster
Pumpkin TreatSugar, Any PumpkinPumpkin Spice Milk (Cows), Orange Wool (Llamas), Orange Egg (Hens)Orange Llama
Rainbow TreatGreen Egg, Blue Egg, Orange EggRainbow Milk (Cows), Rainbow Wool (Llamas), Rainbow Egg (Hens)Rainbow Cow, Rainbow Llama
Spicy TreatSpicy Mushroom, Any VegetableFire Milk (Cows), Red Wool (Llamas), Obsidian Egg (Hens)Red Llama
Veggie TreatAny Lettuce, Any AubergineMighty Plant Milk (Cows), Green Wool (Llamas), Green Egg (Hens)Green Llama

Animal Colours

You can see the different colour effects the treats have on each animal below. Not all the treats have a visual effect on every animal. The llama has the most colour variants of all the animals.

Llama Effects

Chicken Effects

Cow Effects

The Sims 4 Cottage Living: All About Animal Treats

Feed Rainbow Treat to get Rainbow Cow. Produces Rainbow Milk.

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