The Sims 3 Into the Future Game Guide

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Play with life into the future… and back!

Fire up the Time Portal and send your Sims to their most exciting destination yet: The future!

Explore a bold new world, hundreds of years in the future, where your Sims can hone their Advanced Technology Skills to get the most out of advanced science and tech. Have your Sims cruise around on hoverboards and jetpacks, traveling via monorail or tube elevator, or just get creative with futuristic hairstyles and clothing! Create and customize Plumbots with Create-A-Bot and use their “trait chips” to program them with a wide variety of customizable behaviors to demonstrate around your house. Teleport between present and future worlds at will, and experiment with how your Sims’ actions in the present can have surprising effects on their own legacy, their descendants, and even the way of life for future Sims!


• Take Your Sims to the Future – For the first time in The Sims franchise, you can play with life in the future! Enter the Time Portal and take your Sims to a new world that exists hundreds of years in the future where they can explore a whole new way life.

• Experiment with Future Technology – Witness how new technologies for entertainment, transportation, or the home will reinvent the way your Sims eat, sleep, travel, socialize, work, and have fun. Your Sims can learn how to use this all-new technology in the future and take their Advanced Technology Skill back to the present to get the most out of these objects there!

• Change Life in the Future – Your Sims’ present-day actions will lay the groundwork for their future legacy. Your Sims can even meet their future descendants and change their destinies by actions taken in the present! With opportunities to alter the fate of the future, will your Sims strive to create an ultra-utopian society or a world of chaos?

• Tell New Stories with the All-New Create-A-Bot – Build and customize a variety of Plumbots and add them to your Sims’ household! Create unique “trait chips” that you can then use to program your Plumbots. With the ability to hold up to seven trait chips, these Plumbots are bound to act and behave in surprising ways. What would happen if you combined the Robonanny and Sinister Circuits chips?

• Buy and Build the Homes of the Future – Futurize your Sims’ homes with holographic TVs, easels, plants and computers, and zip between floors through tube elevators. Install automatic-sliding doors, peaceful rooftop gardens, and glass floors and walls to give their homes that perfect futuristic touch. The home of the future is whatever you want it to be!

• Play with a New World Hundreds of Years into the Future – Strap on a jetpack and visit a futuristic shopping plaza to browse and purchase the latest gadgets and apparel from a variety of interactive pedestals. Enjoy a delicious synthesized meal served by Plumbots in the outdoor cafe. Take on futuristic careers by becoming a Plumbot dealer or a renowned astronomer at Stellar Observatory. Or, go way out to explore the vast wasteland – who knows, your Sims might find rare relics and perhaps clues as to what happened to the ocean!


The Sims 3 Into the Future is 11th Expansion Pack in The Sims 3 Series. This EP is full of fun new gameplay, features, objects and clothing, so let’s start, shall we?

This is the loading screen for Into the Future.

TS3W 2013-10-22 21-03-48-67

With 1.63 The Sims 3 Update, there are Interactive Loading Screen that can help you get some Lifetime Happiness Points. This Interactive Loading Screen is made from lot of screens from different The Sims 3 EP’s, SP’s, Store Worlds and Store items. Text on the bottom of the screen tells you what Sims/Objects/Interactions should you find and click on the screen. If you don’t find what you’re required to find in 10 seconds, you’ll be given a new Sim/Object/Interaction to find.

If you want to disable this feature, simply go to Options > Game Options and uncheck the ”Enable Interactive Loading Screens” box.

Here are some photos of Interactive Loading Screen:

TS3W 2013-10-25 08-52-21-42 TS3W 2013-10-26 12-31-24-44 TS3W 2013-10-26 12-29-20-14 TS3W 2013-10-26 12-11-53-91 TS3W 2013-10-26 11-56-33-20 TS3W 2013-10-26 11-54-32-58 TS3W 2013-10-26 11-44-27-59 TS3W 2013-10-26 11-43-14-80 TS3W 2013-10-26 11-42-03-76 TS3W 2013-10-26 11-24-02-35 TS3W 2013-10-26 11-23-42-12 TS3W 2013-10-26 11-22-38-22 TS3W 2013-10-25 21-21-36-99 TS3W 2013-10-25 21-19-57-65 TS3W 2013-10-25 21-19-20-95 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-54-37-92 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-52-49-54 TS3W 2013-11-04 13-57-15-60 TS3W 2013-11-05 12-14-42-44 TS3W 2013-11-05 13-01-17-95 TS3W 2013-11-05 12-36-10-86 TS3W 2013-11-05 12-33-23-84 TS3W 2013-11-05 12-22-20-08 TS3W 2013-11-04 13-59-34-26

Lifetime Happiness Rewards:

reward4Portal Immunity (5,000 Lifetime Points) – Never suffer from the effects of Time Travel Sickness while traveling through time again!

reward3Future Sim (10,000 Lifetime Points) – Become the Sim of the Future, today! Receive an upgraded phone and fit in better while in Oasis Landing.

reward2Trait Chip Bundle (10,000 Lifetime Points) – Get a bundle of assorted Trait Chips for your Plumbots without having to design or create them!

reward1Time Remote Control (30,000 Lifetime Points) – The power to control time! Allows for Oasis Landing Utopian, Dystopian, and Normal states to be selected at the click of a button.

New Music: DigiTunes



Exclusive Items

Limited Edition

Get The Sims 3 – Into the Future LIMITED EDITION, including the exclusive Quantum Power Pack!

Pre-order The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack and get the exclusive Quantum Power Pack, featuring a hibernation chamber and multi-function power suit!

• Put your Sims on Ice – Place your Sim into the Quantum Power Chamber and stop the ravages of time – and put their needs on hold indefinitely.

• Tap Into the Benefits of Quantum Power – The Chamber can quip your Sim with a futuristic Quantum Power Suit, enabling them to teleport around the globe or scan the world for collectables!

• Put Your Sim in “Time Out” – Too busy to tend to your Sims’ needs? No problem. Just put them in the Quantum Power Suit and instantly bio-stabilize your Sims.


You can find the Quantum Power Chamber in the ”Indoor Activities” section for 1,000 Simoleons.

TS3W 2013-11-01 22-12-19-72

Your Sim can enter Stasis in this Chamber, meaning that their needs and age won’t decay over time.

TS3W 2013-11-01 22-25-30-58 Screenshot-1355

With the Quantum Power Chamber, you can equip the Power Suit that unlocks new interactions! These interactions can be found by a simple click on your Sim.


You can Bio-Stabilize your needs, which will then be 50% full for 2 hours.

Screenshot-1347 TS3W 2013-11-01 22-18-55-61

Instead of walking, your Sim can now Jump through Wormhole and teleport on a desired location in a second!

TS3W 2013-11-01 22-17-41-06 Screenshot-1346

if other Sims are getting in your way, send them through Wormholes and they will be teleported to a different lot.

Screenshot-1352 Screenshot-1354

You can also scan Environment for Insects, Seeds, Rocks, Gems and Metals.


To remove the Power Suit, click on the Power Chamber and select ”Remove Power Suit”.

Origin Exclusive

When you purchase The Sims 3 Into the Future via Origin, you get the Dark Industrial Set.

The Dark Industrial Set features all-new Build/Buy items:

  • Heavy Brass Fireplace—Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, this fireplace is virtually indestructible. Unfortunately you aren’t, and moving this heavy fireplace could result in a trip to the hospital!
  • Factory Floor Grates—Nothing says industrial like cold steel flooring. Lay down these metal grate rugs to bring a gritty factory feeling to any room.
  • Curved Metal Window—Maximize lighting and your ability to look out on the grim world of the future with this giant rounded window. Its sleek yet sturdy design is sure to make an impact on those inside and out.
  • Forged Ladder—Why waste space on stairs? Built for the cold efficiency of a cramped warehouse complex, this ladder provides expedited access to other floors of your low-tech home.
  • Riveting Staircase—Safety and visual appeal all in one! This spiral staircase is just the thing to add some industrial chic to any space. Plus it comes with a rust-free guarantee! What could be better?


TS3W 2013-11-01 22-07-53-22 TS3W 2013-11-01 22-10-39-59 TS3W 2013-11-01 22-10-36-75 TS3W 2013-11-01 22-09-26-54 TS3W 2013-11-01 22-08-30-86 TS3W 2013-11-01 22-08-23-02

Registration Reward

Cosmic Cosmetics

Look both fascinating and alluring when wearing any of these cosmically inspired cosmetics!

Thumbnail_688x336 (1)

Screenshot-1336 Screenshot-1338 Screenshot-1337

Welcome to Oasis Landing

Oasis Landing is a new world that comes with Into the Future. You can’t enter this world via Main Menu, but you can enter it by loading your save game/new game.

After you load your save game/new game, Time Portal machine will pop up on your lot. Click on the Time Portal machine and select ”Investigate”. After that, Emit Relevart will come out from the Time Portal and give you an opportunity to fix his Time Portal. Emit will also give you The Almanac of Time!

Screenshot-837 Screenshot-833 Screenshot-835

Your mission is to collect 5 power cells that are scattered all over your Residental Lot. After you collect them, give them to Emit.

TS3W 2013-10-23 10-03-18-72 Screenshot-836

After that, Emit will fix the Time Portal and you’ll be able to use it.

Screenshot-844 Screenshot-845

You can travel alone or with Sims you want to travel with you.

NOTE: Pets can’t travel through Time if you have The Sims 3 Pets installed!

It’s time to load up Oasis Landing! If you have Interactive Loading Screen disabled, you will be greeted with this Loading Screen:

TS3W 2013-10-23 10-12-02-25

After your game is done Loading, your Sim will be teleported to Oasis Landing’s Home Base. If you already own a home in Oasis Landing, you get to choose where do you want to be teleported. To purchase a new home in Oasis Landing, click on your phone and select Real Estate and Travel Agencies > Purchase Future Home.

Screenshot-856 Screenshot-867 Screenshot-868 Screenshot-871

Here are some screens of Oasis Landing!

Screenshot-879 Screenshot-1131 Screenshot-1129 Screenshot-1117 Screenshot-1111 Screenshot-1109 Screenshot-1108 Screenshot-1103 Screenshot-1101 Screenshot-1100 Screenshot-1099 Screenshot-1095 Screenshot-1094 Screenshot-1087 Screenshot-1073 Screenshot-1072 Screenshot-1071 Screenshot-1070 Screenshot-1069 Screenshot-1068 Screenshot-1066 Screenshot-1065 Screenshot-1063 Screenshot-1062 Screenshot-1061 Screenshot-1060 Screenshot-1059 Screenshot-1058 Screenshot-1057 Screenshot-1056 Screenshot-1055 Screenshot-1054 Screenshot-1053 Screenshot-1052 Screenshot-1051 Screenshot-1050 Screenshot-1049 Screenshot-1048 Screenshot-1046 Screenshot-1045 Screenshot-1044 Screenshot-1043 Screenshot-1042 Screenshot-1041 Screenshot-1039 Screenshot-1038 Screenshot-1037 Screenshot-1036 Screenshot-1035 Screenshot-1034 Screenshot-1033 Screenshot-1032 Screenshot-1030 Screenshot-1028 Screenshot-1027 Screenshot-1026 Screenshot-1025 Screenshot-1024 Screenshot-1023 Screenshot-1022 Screenshot-1021 Screenshot-1020 Screenshot-1019 Screenshot-1018 Screenshot-1017 Screenshot-1016 Screenshot-1015 Screenshot-1014 Screenshot-1013 Screenshot-1012 Screenshot-1011 Screenshot-1010 Screenshot-1009 Screenshot-1008 Screenshot-1007 Screenshot-1006 Screenshot-1005 Screenshot-1004 Screenshot-1003 Screenshot-1001 Screenshot-998 Screenshot-997 Screenshot-996 Screenshot-993 Screenshot-919 Screenshot-917 Screenshot-913



UnstableUnstable – When a pile of disjointed components rattle around a Sim’s head, they tend to be called ”Unstable.” Their traits are in a constant unpredictable flux and delusional episodes are just around the corner. 

  • Upon waking up in the morning while in a bad mood, your Sim may Feel out of Sorts.
  • Your Sim will eperience delusional episodes that may permanently change their traits.

BotFanBot Fan – The boom in Bot technology has left many Sims fascinated and intrigued by these complex machines. While many Sims are at home with their organic bodies, some would prefer to be a Bot instead.

  • Your Sim will gain the Bot Building Skill at an accelerated rate.
  • A Plumbot outfit can be donned by your Sim.
  • Your Sim is more adept at using the Bot Building station.

As a Bot Fan, your Sim can choose to suit up as a robot any time they want. To do that, click on your Sim and select ”Switch to Robot mode”. If you ever want to change back, click again on your Sim and select ”Switch to Organic mode”.


Lifetime Wishes:

lifetime1High Tech Collector – Most Sims use technology and some may understand it, but few truly appreciate it the way you do. By amassing a vast collection of your most beloved hardware, you might build a living museum to the machines you love!

– Reach Level 10 in Advanced Technology Skill

– Own a Windcarver, Dream Pod, Food Synthesizer, Holo Disck, and Jet Pack

lifetime2Made the Most of my Time – So few Sims get the opportunity to Time Travel, and you’re determined to make the most of it! Tweaking alternate timelines is an obvious choice, but what if you could also achieve immortality by winning your community’s eternal respect?

– Experience All Alternate Futures

– Be Honored with a Legacy Statue

lifetime3More than a Machine – Through dedicated study, you may build great Plumbots. It takes very special inspiration to imbue them with Sentience! Those superb citizens bridging this gap are examples to Sim and Bot alike: symbols of the civilization they both share.

– Reach Level 10 in Bot Building Skill

– Give a Plumbot Sentience


If you have The Sims 3 Supernatural installed, there are 3 new types of ghosts that you can create directly from Create a Sim.

TS3W 2013-11-02 13-53-18-59 TS3W 2013-11-02 13-53-27-06 TS3W 2013-11-02 13-53-23-99



Male –  Hairstyles

Screenshot-880 Screenshot-883 Screenshot-882 Screenshot-881

Male – Facial Hairs

Screenshot-884 Screenshot-886 Screenshot-885

Male – Tops

Screenshot-1143 Screenshot-1144 Screenshot-1145 Screenshot-1146 Screenshot-1147 Screenshot-1148 Screenshot-1149 Screenshot-1150 Screenshot-1151 Screenshot-1152 Screenshot-1153 Screenshot-1154 Screenshot-1155 Screenshot-1156

Male – Bottoms

Screenshot-1157 Screenshot-1160 Screenshot-1159 Screenshot-1158

Male – Outfits


Male – Shoes


Male – Accessories


Female – Hairstyles

Screenshot-942 Screenshot-947 Screenshot-946 Screenshot-945 Screenshot-944 Screenshot-943

Male/Female – Makeup

Screenshot-948 Screenshot-957 Screenshot-956 Screenshot-955 Screenshot-954 Screenshot-953 Screenshot-952 Screenshot-951 Screenshot-950 Screenshot-949

Female – Tops

Screenshot-960 Screenshot-965 Screenshot-964 Screenshot-963 Screenshot-962 Screenshot-961

Female – Bottoms

Screenshot-966 Screenshot-971 Screenshot-970 Screenshot-969 Screenshot-968 Screenshot-967

Female – Outfits

Screenshot-972 Screenshot-982 Screenshot-981 Screenshot-980 Screenshot-979 Screenshot-978 Screenshot-977 Screenshot-976 Screenshot-975 Screenshot-974 Screenshot-973

Female – Shoes

Screenshot-983 Screenshot-985 Screenshot-984

Female – Accessories

Screenshot-986 Screenshot-987 Screenshot-988 Screenshot-989 Screenshot-990 Screenshot-991

Male/Female – Child – Hairstyles


Male/Female – Child – Tops

Screenshot-938 Screenshot-939

Male/Female – Child – Bottoms


Male/Female – Child – Shoes


Advance Technology


As an Oasis Landing citizen, you will need to know some basics of Advanced Technology skill.

Some of the new objects in Oasis Landing are linked with this skill.

Screenshot-1163 Screenshot-1164Screenshot-1170 Screenshot-1222

Level 1

Let’s start off with the Level 1 of this skill!

What will the Future hold? It’s anyone’s guess! Advanced Technology might appear daunting at first, but the Advanced Technology Skill will be gained at an accelerated rate while visiting the Future. With practice and patience, your Sim will know how to use Advanced Technology like a pro! Novices will have the ability to change the Future on the Time Portal, program the Fruiti Bobs recipe into the Food Synthesizer, and unlock additional Dream Pod dreams.

The best way to level up is to use the JetPack/Hoverboard. They help you transport your Sim much easily + your Advanced Technology skill will grow.

Screenshot-1435 Screenshot-1437

Level 2

Congratulations! Your Sim has just improved his/her Advanced Technology Skill to level 2!

Your Sim’s knowledge of Advanced Technology has granted him/her:

  • Jetpack Kiss and Fly Around with Others abilities on the Jetpack
  • Program Food Quality to Level 1 on the Food Synthesizer
  • Additional Dream Pod Dreams.

Screenshot-1372 Screenshot-1438 Screenshot-1440 Screenshot-1379

 Level 3

Congratulations! Your Sim has just improved her/his Advanced Technology Skill to level 3!

Your Sim’s knowledge of Advanced Technology has granted her/him:

  • The Futech Sprite for the Holo Disc
  • Program Sphere of Destiny Recipe on the Food Synthesizer
  • Additional Dream Pod Dreams

Screenshot-1452 Screenshot-1453


Alternative Futures


Buy/Build Objects

Buy Mode – 186 items

TS3W 2013-10-23 21-57-34-66 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-36-72 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-34-12 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-31-49 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-28-19 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-24-92 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-21-80 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-17-97 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-15-43 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-12-62 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-09-90 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-06-98 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-03-98 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-00-78 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-57-37 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-54-27 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-51-12 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-46-47 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-43-59 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-41-08 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-38-38 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-35-64 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-32-63 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-30-46 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-28-18 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-25-58 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-22-75 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-19-23 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-17-28 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-15-14 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-12-48 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-10-56 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-08-41 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-05-89 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-03-49 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-03-00-56 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-58-04 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-54-82 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-52-92 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-50-88 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-48-96 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-46-97 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-44-87 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-41-97 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-38-96 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-36-60 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-34-11 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-30-37 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-28-10 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-25-84 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-23-83 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-20-54 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-18-69 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-16-55 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-11-83 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-08-04 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-02-04-93 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-55-08 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-53-12 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-51-27 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-49-54 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-47-97 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-45-77 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-43-62 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-41-11 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-38-36 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-35-75 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-32-25 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-30-12 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-27-67 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-25-11 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-22-96 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-20-16 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-17-62 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-15-12 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-10-44 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-07-91 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-04-57 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-02-64 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-01-00-46 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-58-57 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-56-65 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-54-72 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-52-30 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-49-65 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-47-15 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-44-41 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-39-82 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-22-48 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-20-45 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-18-54 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-16-44 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-14-83 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-12-84 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-10-60 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-07-53 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-04-97 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-00-01-56 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-58-25 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-55-63 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-53-46 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-51-24 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-48-61 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-46-16 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-43-41 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-41-34 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-39-26 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-35-67 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-34-00 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-32-22 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-30-34 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-28-03 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-25-64 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-22-69 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-20-25 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-17-53 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-15-02 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-11-62 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-09-61 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-06-49 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-04-51 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-59-01-97 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-59-82 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-56-88 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-54-14 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-51-51 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-48-88 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-45-07 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-42-94 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-40-67 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-38-49 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-36-08 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-33-88 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-31-09 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-28-31 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-25-52 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-22-74 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-19-17 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-17-02 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-14-84 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-12-68 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-10-54 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-07-74 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-04-78 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-58-01-87 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-58-57 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-54-99 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-50-57 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-47-77 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-45-11 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-43-01 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-40-59 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-38-27 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-35-34 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-32-79 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-30-12 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-26-91 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-57-00-80 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-56-58-10 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-56-55-69 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-56-53-08 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-56-50-43 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-56-47-63 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-56-45-23 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-56-42-26 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-56-39-57 TS3W 2013-10-25 08-56-36-57 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-58-22-98 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-58-20-78 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-58-18-46 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-58-16-43 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-58-14-28 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-58-12-08 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-58-09-69 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-58-07-05 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-58-04-33 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-58-01-59 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-57-58-75 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-57-56-54 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-57-54-25 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-57-51-76 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-57-49-53 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-57-46-58 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-57-43-61 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-57-40-69 TS3W 2013-10-23 21-57-37-86

Build Mode – 26 items

TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-38-32 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-32-67 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-29-16 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-27-87 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-26-42 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-25-10 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-23-73 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-22-22 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-18-94 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-15-37 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-14-66 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-12-08 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-09-61 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-06-16 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-04-19 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-02-35 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-05-00-45 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-58-45 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-56-48 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-53-86 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-51-65 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-49-38 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-46-92 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-43-32 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-41-86 TS3W 2013-10-25 09-04-39-65


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