The Sims 3 Island Paradise Guide

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Your Sims will be able to explore by boat, go SCUBA diving, live in a houseboat or even build and run their own resorts. Nautical Sims can discover new islands, uncover sunken treasure and even befriend a mermaid! With innovative features never before seen in The Sims™ franchise and a world of new possibilities on land and in sea, your Sims will have an unforgettable adventure in their own island paradise.


• Set sail for adventure: Your Sims can now take off across the waves to discover new islands and explore like never before, whether by paddleboat, speedboat or fully customizable houseboat! What will you discover?

• Build the best resort in the islands: Specialize in waterslides and buffet tables to attract families, build pool bars where single Sims can meet and flirt or create a romantic retreat dotted with bungalows. How you choose your amenities and set your prices will affect your reviews and profits. Get a high enough star rating, and you’ll soon be rolling in Simoleons!

• Dive into the blue: See what surprises await beneath the sea! As your Sims hone their snorkeling and SCUBA diving skills, they may find themselves on the shore of a new island or discover a long-lost treasure.

• Boat sweet boat: Whether your Sims love the water or just love exploring, there is a range of fully customizable houseboats that can be moored at any open port. If your Sims tire of the view, they can just cruise on to a new locale!

• Build over the water: New stilted foundations give your Sims the best of both worlds—a home that’s partially on the water and partially on land. Build a resort, create travelling houseboats and customize your very own island paradise for your Sims!


The Sims 3 Island Paradise is a 10th Expansion Pack in The Sims 3 Series. With Island Paradise Patch that you can get for free on, there are plenty of new features for you. Click HERE to take a look at the 1.55 patch notes!

TS3W 2013-06-22 20-03-34-55

There are 2 new types of music: Beach party and Island Life. uploaded all songs from Island Paradise, so be sure to listen them!

Lifetime Rewards

no seasickStrong Stomach (2,000 Lifetime Points) – Nausea and seasickness are things of the past!

strong lungsLungs of Steel (15,000 Lifetime Points) – Go Scuba Diving without the fear of running out of air.

hotel mogulHotel Mogu (15,000 Lifetime Points) – Learn to squeeze every ounce of profitability out of your resorts. Hotel Moguls receive a bonus on all resort income.

mermadic kelpMermadic Kelp (25,000 Lifetime Points) – Gives you a bite-sized bit of Mermadic Kelp strong enough to bring out the fish in any sim.

uncharted island deedUncharted Island Map (25,000 Lifetime Points) – If there is a uncharted island to be found, this map will surely reveal it.

kraken's friendFriend of the Kraken (30,000 Lifetime Points) – The fearsome Kraken bows to your will! Boats that you are on will never be targeted by the Kraken. You can also order the Kraken to wreak havoc on any boat that you wish.

permanent mermaidPermanent Mermaid (Mermaids only) (5,000 Lifetime Points) – Your Mermaid Sim no longer needs frequent swimming sessions in order to maintain his/her fish-like features.

New Features/Options

Moving to a new Town

Your Sims now have the ability to move to a different town. You need to have at least 20,000 Simoleons so that you can buy a house in the new town.

TS3W 2013-07-05 11-54-18-56 TS3W 2013-07-05 11-54-33-94

Purchasing additional lot

To purchase an additional lot (You can purchase how many lots you want as long as there are empty residental lots in your world), click on your phone > Real Estate > Purhase additional lot. You can also purchase a lot by clicking on it.

TS3W 2013-07-05 12-24-08-47 TS3W 2013-07-05 12-24-41-14


Pool Area – Island Paradise

Screenshot-127 Screenshot-128

Pool Area – Base Game

Screenshot-129 Screenshot-130

Pool Area – World Adventures

Screenshot-131 Screenshot-132

Resort Blueprints


Screenshot-133 Screenshot-134

Guest Rooms

Screenshot-135 Screenshot-137


Screenshot-138 Screenshot-139

Resort Dining

Screenshot-140 Screenshot-141

Bars and Lounges – Island Paradise

Screenshot-142 Screenshot-143

Bars and Lounges – Late Night

Screenshot-144 Screenshot-145

Ballroom and Wedding Chapel

Screenshot-147 Screenshot-148

Outdoor Party Area

Screenshot-149 Screenshot-150

Stilt Foundations

Stilt Foundations allow you to build lots on water. There are 3 new types of Stilt Foundations with the new patch (Ver. 1.55).


New Lot Placement Options

If the House/Community Lot you want to place is smaller than the Empty Lot, you can control on what corner/position you want to place your House/Community Lot. You can only do this if the Empty Lot is bigger than the House/Community Lot.

TS3W 2013-06-19 14-46-53-00

House by Sims Network

Exclusive Sets

Limited Edition

limited edition wallpaper

By Pre-Ordering Island Paradise, you get the exclusive Island Survival Pack!

Island Survival Pack features:
• Tons of Limited Edition content: Your survival pack is chock-full of clothing, furniture and décor options that will allow you to extend the way you play with your own island paradise.
• Bring the island into your Sim’s home: Furnish their homes with one-of-a-kind island decor. Your Sims can drift off to a perfect night’s sleep in a canopy bed made of repurposed driftwood and more.


Screenshot-313 Screenshot-322 Screenshot-321 Screenshot-320 Screenshot-315 Screenshot-314

New Items

TS3W 2013-06-26 11-14-54-90 TS3W 2013-06-26 11-15-05-82 TS3W 2013-06-26 11-15-10-66 TS3W 2013-06-26 11-16-10-21 TS3W 2013-06-26 11-16-16-88 TS3W 2013-06-26 11-17-09-54 TS3W 2013-06-26 11-17-35-38 TS3W 2013-06-26 11-18-23-67 TS3W 2013-06-26 11-23-09-52 TS3W 2013-06-26 12-31-48-33 TS3W 2013-06-26 12-34-22-92TS3W 2013-06-26 12-45-02-60


Origin Exclusive Carnaval Outfits

The Exclusive Carnaval Costumes Pack features two new outfits and two new hairstyles to make your island getaway even more festive!

Screenshot-324 Screenshot-316 Screenshot-323 Screenshot-330TS3_IslandParadise_OriginExclusive_1 TS3_IslandParadise_OriginExclusive_2

Registration Rewards

After registering Island Paradise on, be sure to redeem your registration reward HERE!


Screenshot-317 Screenshot-326 Screenshot-325 Screenshot-318

Isla Paradiso

Island Paradise comes with a brand new world, Isla Paradiso.

An archipelago of islands surrounded by tranquil seas, Isla Paradiso is a great place for relaxation, recreation and exploration. Indulge with a stay at a resort, an adventurous boat cruise, or scuba dive into the depths in search of hidden wonders. Where will your adventures take you?

 TS3W 2013-06-22 17-39-58-78 TS3W 2013-06-22 17-43-17-24

Screenshot-168 Screenshot-254 Screenshot-253 Screenshot-252 Screenshot-251 Screenshot-250 Screenshot-249 Screenshot-248 Screenshot-247 Screenshot-246 Screenshot-245 Screenshot-244 Screenshot-243 Screenshot-242 Screenshot-241 Screenshot-240 Screenshot-239 Screenshot-238 Screenshot-237 Screenshot-236 Screenshot-235 Screenshot-234 Screenshot-233 Screenshot-232 Screenshot-231 Screenshot-230 Screenshot-229 Screenshot-228 Screenshot-227 Screenshot-226 Screenshot-225 Screenshot-224 Screenshot-223 Screenshot-222 Screenshot-221 Screenshot-220 Screenshot-219 Screenshot-218 Screenshot-217 Screenshot-216 Screenshot-215 Screenshot-214 Screenshot-213 Screenshot-212 Screenshot-211 Screenshot-210 Screenshot-209 Screenshot-208 Screenshot-207 Screenshot-206 Screenshot-205 Screenshot-204 Screenshot-203 Screenshot-202 Screenshot-201 Screenshot-200 Screenshot-199 Screenshot-198 Screenshot-197 Screenshot-196 Screenshot-195 Screenshot-194 Screenshot-193 Screenshot-192 Screenshot-191 Screenshot-190 Screenshot-189 Screenshot-188 Screenshot-187 Screenshot-186 Screenshot-185 Screenshot-184 Screenshot-183 Screenshot-182 Screenshot-181 Screenshot-180 Screenshot-179 Screenshot-178 Screenshot-177 Screenshot-176 Screenshot-175 Screenshot-174 Screenshot-173 Screenshot-172 Screenshot-171 Screenshot-170 Screenshot-169


New Traits

sailorSailor – Sailors love the open sea and would much rather be on a boat than on land. Their aquatic experience means they are better at catching fish and are less likely to get seasick.

  • Your Sim loves being on boats. Cruising around the ocean gives them a mood boost!
  • Your Sim has better luck fishing from a boat!
  • Your Sim’s stomach doesn’t have much of a problem with the rocking of a boat!

loves to swimLoves to Swim – These Sims are like fish in the sea and gain a special joy being in the water.

  • Your Sim loves to swim. Being in the water gives them a mood boost!
  • Your Sim builds Scuba Diving Skill at a faster rate!
  • Your Sim can swim for a longer period of time before getting tired!

Lifetime Wishes

islandsGrand Explorer – There are mysterious lands yet to be charted by any Sim. To find them, your Sim must set sail, brave the high seas, and dive the deepest oceans. Search high and low for these uncharted islands and claim them as your own!

– Own all Uncharted Islands

resortResort Empire – To become a true hotel mogul, your Sim will need to manage employees, maintain a profit, and always satisfy patrons. Once your Sim has created the perfect resort empire, travelers from all around will flock for a chance to stay at your luxurious getaway.

– Own a Five Star Resort

– Collect 40,000 Simoleons in Resort Profit

underwaterDeep Sea Diver – The bottom of the ocean hides treasures and creatures never seen by land dwelling Sims. Only the bravest and foolhardy divers can survive the deadly deep searching for underwater riches. Be sure to bring your oxygen tank!

– Master the Diving Skill

– Earn 40,000 Simoleons from Selling Diving Collectables

lifeguardSeaside Savior – Anyone can be a lifeguard, but a Sim that rescues drowning Sims is a true hero! Be a hero in your town.

– Rescue 50 Sims as a Lifeguard

New Tattoo’s


Screenshot-43 Screenshot-158 Screenshot-157 Screenshot-156

Screenshot-155 Screenshot-154 Screenshot-153 Screenshot-152 Screenshot-151 Screenshot-150 Screenshot-149 Screenshot-148 Screenshot-147 Screenshot-146 Screenshot-145 Screenshot-144 Screenshot-143 Screenshot-142 Screenshot-141 Screenshot-140 Screenshot-139 Screenshot-138 Screenshot-137 Screenshot-136 Screenshot-129 Screenshot-128 Screenshot-127 Screenshot-126   Screenshot-123 Screenshot-122 Screenshot-121 Screenshot-120 Screenshot-119 Screenshot-118 Screenshot-117 Screenshot-116 Screenshot-115 Screenshot-114 Screenshot-113 Screenshot-112  Screenshot-110  Screenshot-108 Screenshot-107 Screenshot-106 Screenshot-105 Screenshot-104 Screenshot-103 Screenshot-102 Screenshot-101 Screenshot-100 Screenshot-99 Screenshot-98 Screenshot-97 Screenshot-96 Screenshot-95 Screenshot-94 Screenshot-93 Screenshot-92 Screenshot-91 Screenshot-90  Screenshot-88 Screenshot-87 Screenshot-86 Screenshot-85 Screenshot-84 Screenshot-83 Screenshot-82 Screenshot-81 Screenshot-80 Screenshot-79 Screenshot-78 Screenshot-77 Screenshot-76  Screenshot-72 Screenshot-71 Screenshot-70  Screenshot-68  Screenshot-66 Screenshot-65 Screenshot-64 Screenshot-63 Screenshot-62 Screenshot-61 Screenshot-60 Screenshot-59 Screenshot-58 Screenshot-57 Screenshot-56 Screenshot-55 Screenshot-54 Screenshot-53 Screenshot-52 Screenshot-51 Screenshot-50 Screenshot-49 Screenshot-48 Screenshot-47 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-45 Screenshot-44

Screenshot-303 Screenshot-304 Screenshot-305 Screenshot-306 Screenshot-307 Screenshot-308 Screenshot-309Screenshot-310 Screenshot-311 Screenshot-312


Buy Mode – 87 Objects

TS3W 2013-06-24 10-45-55-33 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-01-67 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-58-92 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-56-21 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-53-64 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-50-35 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-46-92 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-43-91 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-40-41 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-37-84 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-35-40 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-32-84 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-30-24 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-27-25 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-23-78 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-20-93 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-17-58 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-14-32 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-10-92 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-08-27 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-05-96 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-03-46 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-49-00-96 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-58-39 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-55-72 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-52-84 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-50-08 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-47-32 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-43-84 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-41-48 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-39-32 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-36-45 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-34-07 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-30-92 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-28-17 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-25-31 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-22-26 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-19-53 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-16-26 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-13-59 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-11-26 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-08-77 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-06-50 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-03-85 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-48-01-05 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-58-47 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-55-88 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-53-23 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-49-68 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-47-28 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-44-83 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-42-30 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-39-12 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-36-17 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-33-53 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-29-91 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-26-67 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-23-87 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-20-21 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-17-65 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-15-35 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-12-91 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-10-21 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-07-10 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-04-34 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-47-01-41 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-58-15 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-55-10 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-51-63 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-49-02 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-46-11 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-43-57 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-40-84 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-37-93 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-35-35 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-32-48 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-29-21 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-26-37 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-22-13 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-18-60 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-16-39 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-14-09 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-11-43 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-08-76 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-05-54 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-46-02-61 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-45-59-94

Build mode – 66 items

 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-03-97 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-52-18-33 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-52-16-75 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-52-15-18 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-52-13-11 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-52-11-24 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-52-09-45 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-52-07-41 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-52-05-15 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-52-02-86 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-59-81 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-57-19 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-55-69 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-53-92 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-52-08 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-50-51 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-48-63 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-46-25 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-44-46 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-42-78 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-40-70 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-38-21 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-37-03 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-35-39 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-34-24 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-32-59 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-30-63 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-28-83 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-26-39 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-24-37 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-22-11 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-21-46 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-21-46 (2) TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-19-70 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-18-60 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-17-19 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-15-52 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-13-99 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-12-39 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-10-90 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-08-81 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-06-73 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-04-48 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-51-02-19 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-59-55 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-56-74 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-54-63 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-52-47 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-50-05 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-47-90 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-44-96 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-42-40 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-39-57 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-36-81 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-33-42 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-31-37 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-29-33 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-27-48 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-25-11 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-22-20 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-19-18 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-16-32 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-13-36 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-10-47 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-07-17 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-50-05-67

Underwater Items – 24 items

TS3W 2013-06-24 10-52-57-59 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-06-17 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-52-80 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-50-58 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-48-89 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-47-09 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-44-50 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-41-99 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-39-20 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-36-21 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-33-69 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-30-70 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-28-05 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-24-98 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-23-01 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-20-88 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-18-42 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-16-10 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-13-75 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-11-52 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-09-09 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-06-55 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-53-03-81TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-06-17

BuyDebug Items – 10 items

 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-18-18 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-51-23 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-47-86 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-44-34 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-38-29 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-35-59 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-32-23 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-29-35 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-24-56 TS3W 2013-06-24 10-54-20-91

Resort items – 19 Objects

TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-22-39 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-51-16-59 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-51-12-23 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-51-09-90 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-51-07-38 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-51-04-95 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-51-02-28 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-56-31 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-53-90 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-51-12 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-48-38 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-45-82 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-43-16 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-40-55 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-37-62 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-34-60 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-31-13 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-28-51 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-50-25-68

Community lot Items – 24 Objects

TS3W 2013-07-05 13-53-43-12 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-54-26 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-51-51 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-49-20 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-46-72 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-44-13 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-41-36 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-38-29 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-33-21 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-30-42 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-26-94 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-23-81 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-20-53 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-15-11 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-12-51 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-08-56 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-05-50 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-54-02-77 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-53-59-96 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-53-57-27 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-53-54-69 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-53-51-64 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-53-49-24 TS3W 2013-07-05 13-53-46-47


Firewalk Pit

The Firewalk Pit is only for the brave! If your sim is unlucky or a coward, you better make the firewalk pit cool, and not hot or scortching! It’s made for Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults and Elders.

Screenshot-160 Screenshot-161


firewalk goodSole Survivor – The hot coals have met their match…confidence!

firewalk badTortured Soles – The pain on Sim’s feet is only matched by the blow to his/her ego.

pool bar

Pool bar

Your Sim can now enjoy their drinks at the bar…in the pool! With dozen of new type of drinks, your Sim will enjoy both water and drink! (Warning: With the new Pool bar comes a ”new” skill, Mixology. If the mixologist has a low Mixology skill, your sim won’t enjoy the drink)

Screenshot-162 Screenshot-163

Types of drink: Tropic Twister, Barnacle Breeze, WooHoo on the Beach, KTHXBYE, Starry Sea, Pomegranate Passion, Vera’s Glass of Sass, Simoleon Sunrise, Sweet Hijinks, Llama Head, Big Mistake, Spline Reticulator and Carribey Cooler. There are also drink specials!


Water Slide

Sims can now splash into the pool with the new Water Slide. You can toggle Turn on/off Water.


all in one bathroom

All-in-One Bathroom

Is your houseboat is too small and you don’t have enough space for a bathroom? Don’t worry, the new All-in-One Bathroom takes only 1 tile and has everything your sim needs: Shower, Toilet and a Sink.


underwater camera

Underwater Camera

Want to take pictures of your Underwater adventures but your phone isn’t waterproof? No need to worry, Underwater Camera can capture all important moments from your adventure in the sea.

TS3W 2013-06-24 15-35-58-42

Travel Tent

If your Sim is far away from home and he/she really needs to catch some sleep, then Travel Tent is the right thing for your Sim. Travel Tent works pretty much as a bed, except you can put it in your inventory. Just place it on the ground and Zzzz away!



Taking up only 1×1 space, ladders are perfect for small houseboats!


Houseboats and Boats


Houseboats bring you a new and fun way of living whether it’s with your friends, family, pets or just your Sim. Forget about land and sail for an adventure all around the world. If you have enough Simoleons, you can move into pre-made Houseboats that are waiting for you on the dock, but if you don’t have much simoleons you can purchase a houseboat platform and customize it by the way you want to. The possibilities are endless!

To buy a houseboat, simply click on an empty houseboat and select ”Purchase Property (x Simoleons)”. If your sim already owns a house on the land or a houseboat, they can purchase another one by clicking on the phone and selecting ”Real Estate and Travel Services > Purchase Additional Home”

TS3W 2013-06-25 15-32-08-13 TS3W 2013-06-25 16-11-39-41 TS3W 2013-06-25 16-11-55-76

To build your own house boat, go to  edit town and select the dock where you want to start building your houseboat. There are different sizes for you to choose.

TS3W 2013-06-25 15-32-38-72

Barge, Small – 10×8 – Free


Barge, Medium – 15×10 – 3000 Simoleons


Barge, Large – 20×15 – 5000 Simoleons


Barge, Narrow – 22×8 – 6000 Simoleons


Curved Bow, Narrow – 14×6 – 8000 Simoleons


Curved Bow, Wide – 12×8 – 9000 Simoleons


To start moving your houseboat, click on the helm. From there you can change port and move your boat on your desired location. It’s much easier to just click on the water and select ”Move Houseboat here” thought.

NOTE: If your Sim is on a boat while it’s moving, he/she is more likely to get seasick. Seasick moodlet will only last for 1 hour.

TS3W 2013-06-25 17-55-22-10

To change the port simply click on the Helm and select ”Change Port”.

TS3W 2013-06-25 17-57-20-89 TS3W 2013-06-25 17-57-39-53

You can add 3 upgrades to your houseboat: Add foghorn, Add slow and fast speed and add Autopilot.

To add foghorn, your Sim needs to have level 1 of Handiness skill. With foghorn you can let other sims know that you are around!


To control slow and fast speed, your sim needs to have level 4 of Handiness skill. That way if you’re (not) in the rush you can set your desired speed.

Screenshot-289With Level 7 of Handiness skill, your Sim can upgrade your Houseboat with the Autopilot. That means you don’t have to be behind the helm to move the houseboat.

TS3W 2013-06-25 19-08-25-27

1 2 3 4 5

Boats allow you to travel around the world on the water. There are 7 new boats including 2 Speedboats, 2 Paddleboats,  1 sailboat, 1 Rowboat, 1 Sailboat and 1 Aqua-Sled. There are also 2 Windsurfs: 1 for Kids and 1 for Adults.


If your houseboat is not docked, mailman, neighboors and even burglars will come to your house using boats (usually aqua-sleds). I find it weird how when your young Sim has to go to school, they just teleport from the houseboat to the bus.

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-343

Let’s start with windsurfing, shall we? To start windsurfing, simply click on the water and select ”Go Windsurfing”. Your sim will start windsurfing where the wind leads them. The more you surf, the more your sim will be confident and after raising the ”Windsurfing” Hidden Skill, they will be able to do all sorts of tricks on the water!

Screenshot-332 Screenshot-333

Speed: 5

Paddleboats are slow and require energy, but it sure is nice to enjoy the scenery of your town while paddling through the water. They are really cute and they fit the best for younger Sims (although older Sims can use them too).

Screenshot-334 Screenshot-335

Speed: 2

Rowboats require even more energy for your sims to waste. There can be 2 Sims on a rowboat. Too bad that the other sim can’t help out.

Screenshot-339 Screenshot-340

Speed: 1

Fishing: 8

Aqua-Sleds are the best when it comes to speed! They will transfer your Sim to their desired location in no time.

Screenshot-341 Screenshot-342

Speed: 7

Sailboats are perfect for the whole family to cruise around since it supports 4 Sims!

Screenshot-345 Screenshot-346

Speed: 5

Fishing: 8

Speedboats allow you to have the best time of your Sim’s life! Not only that they are fast, but they also allow you to Waterskii. To Waterskii, you need 2 sims in a steady speedboat. Waterskii is also a new Hidden Skill that, each time you Waterskii, raises and unlocks cool new tricks for your Sim to show off! There are 10 levels of Waterskii Hidden Skill.

Screenshot-347 Screenshot-348 Screenshot-349 Screenshot-350

Speed: 9

Fun: 6

Screenshot-351 Screenshot-352

Speed: 8

Fun: 6


going underwater underwater shel scuba scuba diving

Scuba Diving is a new skill that allows you to go snorkeling and/or go underwater! There are 10 levels of the Scuba diving skill for you to master. Each level unlocks you new options and new ways to play on water and in the water. There are 4 diving lots in Isla Paradiso, and each of them gets unlocked after leveling up your Scuba Diving skill. To start leveling up, click on the water and select ”Snorkel”. Your sim might even find some seashells floating around!

Screenshot-354 Screenshot-355

Level 1

Your Sim is ready to begin his/her underwater adventure exploring the deep depths of the ocean floor. Your Sim can continue building on this skill by snorkeling or scuba diving.


Level 2

Your Sim can now scuba dive in Rocky Reef! You can spend 3 hours underwater before you run out of oxygen, so make the most of your underwater adventure in Rocky Reef! Be sure to explore the underwater cave because you might find something valuable.

rocky reef

Screenshot-359 Screenshot-360 Screenshot-361

the cave

While spending some time in the cave, you will get notifications about how your Sim is doing and he/she might even find an exit to another diving lot, but that requires better Scuba Diving skills. There is 90% of chance that your sim will find an air pocket, extending your Oxygen tank capacity for 1 hour.

TS3W 2013-06-28 15-41-46-49

TS3W 2013-06-27 19-47-30-82 TS3W 2013-06-27 19-47-35-16 TS3W 2013-06-27 20-00-39-22 TS3W 2013-06-27 20-00-51-44

 TS3W 2013-06-28 13-58-52-84 TS3W 2013-06-28 13-58-57-57

TS3W 2013-06-28 16-04-13-15 TS3W 2013-06-28 16-04-19-84 TS3W 2013-06-28 18-03-37-05 TS3W 2013-06-28 18-03-41-50

After getting out of water, your Sim will need to Depressurize for 2 hours before going back in the water.

TS3W 2013-06-27 21-53-39-89

Level 3

Your Sim can continue to build the Scuba Diving skill by snorkeling or going underwater. The more time you spend underwater, the more your skill bar raises. Your sim can now spend 4 hours underwater! Be sure to grab some valuable collectibles including small fish, shells and underwater plants.


Level 4

Your sim can now Scuba Dive in Davy Jones’ Locker!

Davy Jones' locker

the cave 2

Screenshot-366 Screenshot-367 Screenshot-370 Screenshot-371

The treasure chest contain a lot of valuable items.

TS3W 2013-06-27 22-05-13-11

Bigger and badder fish start to appear in Davy Jones’ Locker. Be sure to have high athletic skill if you ever get in fight with a shark.


Level 5

Your Sim can now stay 5 hours underwater.


If your Sim spots a shark underwater, they will wet themselves. If your Sim has a brave trait, they will never do that.

TS3W 2013-06-28 14-00-48-88

After observing a shark, the shark may spot an eye on you. You better hide in the cave or else the Shark will attack you! My Sim was lucky for having a high Athletic skill or else the result would be death.

Screenshot-377 Screenshot-380 Screenshot-379 Screenshot-378

Level 6

After unlocking the ability to Scuba Dive, your Sim can check the Restaurant, City Hall or the Science Fascility for Diving Work. You will earn simoleons and Scuba Diving skill boost!

TS3W 2013-06-28 14-41-44-64 TS3W 2013-06-28 14-42-29-77 TS3W 2013-06-28 14-43-32-66

Level 7

Your sim can now scuba dive at the Mermaid Grotto! They also can stay underwater for 6 hours.

the mermaid grotto

There are 2 underwater caves and 2 Treasure chests.

underwater mermaid grotto

Those 2 caves are connected and by exploring the left cave, you can exit on the right cave. You usually get better gems while exploring the left cave. Your sim can even find an uncharted island by exploring it, but we’ll talk more about it in the ”Uncharted Island” section.

TS3W 2013-06-28 16-06-04-62

Caves are complex and if you have 2 or more underwater lots unlocked, your Sim might find themselves in a different underwater lot.

TS3W 2013-06-28 15-42-04-65 TS3W 2013-06-28 15-42-22-12

The treasure chest on the right contains 2,000 Simoleons and 5 diamonds worth 763 Simoleons (uncut).

TS3W 2013-06-28 16-01-35-97

The treasure chest on left contains a big reward, but you need to have Level 8 Scuba Diving skill to open it!

TS3W 2013-06-28 16-02-25-18

Level 8

Screenshot-389 Screenshot-396 Screenshot-395 Screenshot-393 Screenshot-392 Screenshot-391 Screenshot-390

Your Sim can now open the Treasure Chest in Mermaid Grotto!

TS3W 2013-06-28 18-14-48-10

Level 9

Your Sim can now Scuba Dive in Pearl’s Deep! Your oxygen tank is upgraded so that you can stay underwater for 7 hours.

pearl's deep

pearl's deep underwater

To open the treasure chest in Pear’s Deep, your Sim needs to have maxed out Scuba Diving Skill (Level 10).

TS3W 2013-06-28 18-12-58-04

Level 10

Congratulations! Your Sim mastered the Scuba Diving skill. Now it takes only 1 hour to Depressurize your Sim. As a reward, your Sim gets a brand new outfit for going underwater: A retro suit.

TS3W 2013-06-28 18-23-08-77


Now you can open the Treasure Chest in Pearl’s Deep. It contains a lot of gems and simoleons!

TS3W 2013-06-28 18-25-56-86

Skill Challenges


Hours Spent Snorkeling: /

Hours Spent Diving: /

Shells Collected: /

Message Bottles Collected: /

Times Mauled By Shark: /

Caves Explored: /

Treasure Chests Opened: /

Sea Life Collected: /


  • Pearl Diver – Pearl Divers have collected at least 50 shells. Their reputation for collecting reputable finds helps them sell their shells at higher prices.
  • Underwater Spelunkers – Underwater Spelunkers are brave divers who have explored underwater caves at least 15 times. Those many trips in to the dark cavenrs means the Underwater Spelunker is more likely to find collectables while exploring caves.
  • Savvy Snorkeler  Savvy Snorklers have spent at least 40 hours snorkeling in water. Their experience scanning the underwater floor for hidden items gives them a higher chance of finding collectables while snorkeling.

If you have The Sims 3 Ambitions installed, you can register your Sim as a Self-Employed Scuba Diver in the Town Hall. Your responsibility is to collect and sell underwater treasure.

Abysmal Diver

TS3W 2013-06-28 19-10-46-06

Nautical Neophyte

TS3W 2013-06-28 19-11-07-03

Amateur Plunger  

TS3W 2013-06-28 19-11-15-00

Aspiring Aspirator

TS3W 2013-06-28 19-11-20-55

Marine Major

TS3W 2013-06-28 19-11-26-95

Thalassic Veteran

TS3W 2013-06-28 19-11-37-89

Scavenging Scholar

TS3W 2013-06-28 19-11-43-93

Salvaging Shark

TS3W 2013-06-28 19-11-49-31

Abyssal Diver

TS3W 2013-06-28 19-11-55-13

Honorary Mermaid

TS3W 2013-06-28 19-12-02-36



Resorts are 50% Rabbit Holes and 50% normal Community Lots that provide everything to max your Sim’s needs. When upgraded, they can also function as Spa Centers.

There are 3 pre-made resorts in Isla Paradiso!

Hobart’s Hideaway


La Costa Verde


Sparkling Sands


Platinum Simmers made a perfect guide on everything resorts-related!

Part 1: The Basics

Part 2: How to get a 5 star Resort

Part 3: Building your own Resort

Part 4: Blueprints

Part 5: FAQ

Uncharted Islands

uncharted island map

Isla Paradiso comes with 8 new Uncharted Islands. Uncharted Islands bring you a new way to play The Sims 3, never seen in the history of The Sims Franchise.

Uncharted Islands are covered with fog. Each time you hover your mouse over them it will say ”I wonder what’s down there…” making you even more intrigued about this feature. Each island has it’s own way of unlocking. Some islands are easy to unlock, while some take time and knowledge. After unlocking an Island, it will become your private lot (Sometimes it’s residental and sometimes it’s a resort lot)

This is the map of Uncharted Islands. (Numbers go from easiest to hardest to unlock Islands)

uncharted island map

1. Beryl Shoals     2. Diver’s Den      3. No Trouble Atoll      4. Cay to the City      5. Refuge Island      6. Mermaid’s Secret       7. Plunder Cove      8. Plumbob Island

Beryl Shoals

Beryl Shoals is the easiest Island to unlock. All you have to do is have your sim use any kind of boat and pass near it. The fog will be lifted and you will have your very own Island.

TS3W 2013-06-30 15-22-09-78

Just like any other private lot, you have the ability to convert it to a Resort.

TS3W 2013-06-30 15-23-17-20

Screenshot-416 Screenshot-417

The size of this lot is 64×64. This small island has bumpy terrain which means that only a small part of this Island is buildable (Unless you smooth up the terrain, that is).

Diver’s Den

To unlock Diver’s Den, your Sim needs to have level 10 of the Diving Skill. To find the hidden Island, your Sim needs to Scuba Dive in Pearl’s Deep, and then explore the cave. Be sure to select yes after a message comes out asking ”You have found a new exit to the cave system. Do you wish to see where it leads?”.

TS3W 2013-06-30 15-48-18-67TS3W 2013-06-30 15-41-38-34

Note: There is 50% of chance that your Sim will be redirected to a new Island. Keep trying until your Sim unlocks it.

TS3W 2013-06-30 15-49-45-93

Size of this lot is 50×60. This lot is made for building on stilted foundations, since 80% of this lot is covered in water.

Screenshot-418 Screenshot-419 Screenshot-420

No Trouble Atoll

To unlock the No Trouble Atoll Island, you need to own a resort, but it’s not just that simple. Your resort needs to have 5 stars. More info on resorts are on our ”Resorts” section that will be up and finished soon.

Screenshot-43 TS3W 2013-07-01 21-19-08-11

Screenshot-44 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-45

Size: 60×60

This island is perfect for your new 5-star resort!

Cay to the City

Cay to the City can be unlocked after you save 35 sims as a Lifeguard (CPR does not count).


Screenshot-77 Screenshot-80 Screenshot-79 Screenshot-78

Size: 30×40

This island is pretty decent and works the best with stilted foundations.

Refuge Island

To unlock Refuge Island, you need to finish a series of quests from underwater to the ground.

To start your quest, visit a resort. Stay for 1 night in the cheapest room.  After that, click on a bell hopper and select ”Check for Adventures”. This opportunity will pop-up. Note that you must accept every opportunity to unlock the Refuge Island.

TS3W 2013-07-01 22-10-09-28

Your next objective is to talk about Refuge Island with Karlie Goldberg. You need to be in a good relationship with her so that she can tell you more about the Refuge Island.

TS3W 2013-07-01 22-12-36-02

Now you need to bring 3 Kelp to the Science Fascility. The best place where the Kelp grows is The Mermaid Grotto. Grab it and bring it to the Science Fascility for your next objective.


TS3W 2013-07-01 22-21-08-12

Successfully walking over the Firewalk isn’t that hard, right? You can set the temperature to Cool so that your sim is more likely to cross the Firewalk successfully.


TS3W 2013-07-01 22-24-42-54

Fighting with a shark may not be the best idea, since your sim might die. You better save your game before starting a fight just in case. High Athletic skill will help you defeat the shark, and some raw meat like tuna and a steak in your inventory is recommended if you want a shark to attack you. Once the shark shows up, click on it and select ”Watch the Shark”. The Shark will notice you after a while and attack you. Hope for the best that your Sim will survive!


TS3W 2013-07-01 22-33-16-47

Your last objective is to Search for the Map in the Military Base (it’s combined with the city hall and the Police Station. It will take 1 hour for your Sim to find the map. After that, the Island is all yours!

TS3W 2013-07-01 22-33-54-57

Screenshot-54 Screenshot-55 Screenshot-56

Size: 25×30

This island comes with a small shack. It’s perfect to get away from everyday routines!

Mermaid’s Secret

Mermaid’s Secret Island is not very hard to unlock. You have to meet a mermaid and befriend him/her. You need to be in a ”Good Friends” relationship with her/him. Click on any Scuba Diving lot you want and select ”Scuba Dive with…” a mermaid sim. Once underwater, a mermaid will show you the secret entrance in the cave to Mermaid’s Secret Island.

Screenshot-81 Screenshot-82 Screenshot-83 Screenshot-84

Size: 30×30

The Build Area is decent. You can add more lot space on this Island in ”Edit Town”.

Plunder Cove

Plunder Cove is really difficult to unlock since it requires 4 pieces of the Island map to be unlocked. 2 pieces can be found on land (map in the bottle) but you never know where will the map in the bottle spawn. Keep an eye on island shores and beaches since they usually spawn uncommon message in the bottles (Not every message in the bottle is a piece of the map. There is 10% of chance that you will find the piece of the map in the bottle). Other 2 pieces can be found by going underwater in Davy Jones’ Locker and The Mermaid Grotto (Will require level 8 Scuba Diving skill). For more info on what treasure chest should be opened, check our ”Underwater” section.

Screenshot-61 Screenshot-62

Screenshot-66 TS3W 2013-07-03 00-53-26-11

Screenshot-63 Screenshot-65 Screenshot-64

Size: 64×64

This Island doesn’t have a huge build area since it’s not so flat. It contains a treasure chest including 1,200 Simoleons and dozens of gems!

TS3W 2013-07-03 01-02-03-13

Plumbob Island

Plumbob Island is the most difficult Island to find. Not because the quest is hard, but because there are small chances of finding a message in the bottle that will immediately give you the map to the Island. After finding this special message in the bottle, you’ll get 3,333 Simoleons with the map to the island.

Screenshot-67 TS3W 2013-07-03 01-10-39-78

Screenshot-68 Screenshot-73 Screenshot-72 Screenshot-71 Screenshot-70 Screenshot-69

Size: 64×64

This island has a treasure chest that contains 3,333 Simoleons, Evolution of the Plumbob painting worth 12,121 Simoleons and a Large Plumbob Rainbow Gem worth 2,190 Simoleons.

TS3W 2013-07-03 01-25-45-79 Screenshot-75 Screenshot-74

Interesting thing about ”The Evolution of the Plumbob” painting is that it shows all 3 plumbobs from all 3 games: The Sims 1, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. When clicking on it and selecting ”View”, your Sim will have some interesting stuff to say about this painting, and it will also give them a ”Vision of the Past” moodlet.

TS3W 2013-07-03 01-28-31-53 TS3W 2013-07-03 01-28-36-23 TS3W 2013-07-03 01-28-39-64 TS3W 2013-07-03 01-28-58-06 TS3W 2013-07-03 01-29-20-91

TS3W 2013-07-03 01-29-39-88

Lifeguard Profession


Lifeguard’s duty is to keep the beach a safe place for Sims. To become a lifeguard, click on the City Hall and select ”Join Lifeguard Profession”. To improve and level up in your Lifeguard Profession, you must do 3 responsibilities: Help Others, Level up the Athletic Skill and Level up the Charisma Skill. Sims can’t die while you’re on your Lifeguard duty. They will just throw some insults at your Sim and act like nothing happened. This can affect your Profession performance though.

TS3W 2013-07-09 17-37-22-80

CPR Dummy (1)

Your Sim is now a part of a class of heroes. No, there are no powers involved but the job of saving lives makes one a hero. Go to the beach and look out for Sims in need and keep the beaches safe.

Your Sim now makes 276 Simoleons per week and works from 10:00 to 18:00.

Saving Sims who are drowning: 107 Simoleons per Sim

CPR: 17 Simoleons per Sim

There are 3 Beaches in Isla Paradiso for you to protect. At 10:00 in the morning you will get a notification with a random beach that you have to Survey.

Screenshot-166 Screenshot-167 Screenshot-168

Your duty is to rescue Sims who are drowning in the ocean and/or give Sims CPR on the land. Sims that need help will have a ”+” sign over their head. Some Sims will faint on purpose just to get attention from the lifeguard. While entering the ocean, your Sim will wade very slowly.

Screenshot-172 Screenshot-174 Screenshot-175 Screenshot-176 Screenshot-177 Screenshot-178Screenshot-125

Mouth Breather (2)

Your Sim has been conferred the new title of Mouth Breather by the (Town Name) Town Council in recognition of his/her valuable contributors to the workforce.

Learning the basics of mouth to mouth is very important. You’re getting the hang of it! Keep practicing, no matter how creepy your friends think you’re getting.

Your Sim now makes 340 Simoleons per week and works from 10:00 to 18:00.

Saving Sims who are drowning: 127 Simoleons

CPR: 21 Simoleons

Screenshot-233 Screenshot-235

Floatation Device (3)

Raymond has been conferred the new title of Floatation Device by the (Town Name) Town Council in recognition of his valuable contributions to the workforce.

You’re as helpful as a water-wing, or the seats of certain airplanes! It’s a start, but no one’s called a seat cushion ”hero” recently.

Your Sim now makes 400 Simoleons per week and works from 10:00 to 18:00

Saving Sims who are drowning: 150 Simoleons

CPR: 25 Simoleons

Screenshot-237 Screenshot-238

Beach Protector (4)

Your Sim has been conferred the new title of Beach Protector by the (Town Name) Town Council in recognition of his/her contributions to the workforce.

Quite a reputable lifeguard: Rarely asleep on the job, never distracted by all the good looking folks on the beach… unless they’re currently dying.

Your Sim now makes 520 Simoleons per week and works from 10:00 to 18:00.

Saving Sims who are drowning: 195 Simoleons

CPR: 32 Simoleons

Screenshot-239 Screenshot-240

Rapid Rescuer (5)

Your Sim has been conferred the new title of Rapid Rescuer by the (Town Name) Town Council in recognition of his/her contributions to the workforce.

With speed and aplombs you repeatedly pluck terrified swimmers from the unforgiving waters. Soon you’ll be swimming in well earned respect.

Your Sim can now use a special lifeguard beach towel.


Your Sim now makes 640 Simoleons per week and works from 10:00 to 18:00.

Saving Sims who are drowning: 240 Simoleons

CPR: 40 Simoleons

Buoyancy Virtuoso (6)

Your Sim has been conferred the new title of Buoyancy Virtuoso by the (Town Name) Town Council in recognition of his/her valuable contributions to the workforce.

A lifeline to all swimmers in distress, weak or strong, you could drag an entire baseball team to shore if you needed to.

Your Sim can now wade and swim faster.

Screenshot-245 Screenshot-246

Your Sim now makes 840 Simoleons per week and works from 10:00 to 18:00.

Saving Sims who are drowning: 315 Simoleons

CPR: 52 Simoleons

Professional Life-Saver (7)

Your Sim has been conferred the new title of Professional Life-Saver by the (Town Name) Town Council in recognition of his/her vaulable contributions to the workforce.

You’re fast becoming a pro at rescuing Sims in danger. You’ll give them the breath they so desperately need, then take it away again with your efficacious style.

Your Sim can now Demonstrate Mouth to Mouth with other Sims. This is a Romantic interaction.


Your Sim now makes 1,132 Simoleons per week and works from 10:00 to 18:00.

Saving Sims who are drowning: 424 Simoleons

CPR: 70 Simoleons

Eagle Eye (8)

Your Sim has been conferred the new title of Eagle Eye by the (Town Name) Town Council in recognition of his/her valuable contributions to the workforce.

The lifeguard chair as you perch, you watch the seas like a hawk. You can spot a Sim in distress from a mile away, then cover that distance in no time flat.

Your Sim can now run like the lifeguarding legends! Sims will run dramatically (very slow) while the time will still run normally.

Screenshot-248 Screenshot-249

Your Sim now makes 1,480 Simoleons per week and works from 10:00 to 18:00.

Saving Sims who are drowning: 555 Simoleons

CPR: 92 Simoleons

The Old Guard (9)

Your Sim has been conferred the new title of The Old Guard by the (Town Name) Town Council in recognition of his/her valuable contributions to the workforce.

You’re a littoral superhero! With much experience under your belt, you woudln’t even be made fun of for wearing a belt with your swimsuit!


Your Sim now makes 1,840 Simoleons per week and works from 10:00 to 18:00.

Saving Sims who are drowning: 690 Simoleons

CPR: 115 Simoleons

The Bay Watcher (10)

Your Sim has been conferred the new title of The Bay Watcher by the (Town Name) Town Council in recognition of his/her valuable contributions to the workforce.

The ultimate lifeguard. The only thing that saves more skin at the beach is sunblock!

Screenshot-253 Screenshot-234

Your Sim now makes 2,480 Simoleons per week and works from 10:00 to 18:00.

Saving Sims who are drowning: 930 Simoleons

CPR: 155 Simoleons



Mermaids are a new life state. The best way to find them is to scuba dive in The Mermaid Grotto where Mermaids usually hang out.

TS3W 2013-06-24 21-59-50-12

  TS3W 2013-06-24 22-06-00-11 Screenshot-264

If your sim wants to become a mermaid, he/she can by buying the Mermadic Kelp from the Lifetime Rewards section.

TS3W 2013-06-24 22-17-23-82 Screenshot-267

After becoming a mermaid, your sim can change their scale color by clicking on a mirror and selecting ”Change Scale Color”. From there, you can customize your scales. Females sims can also customize their seashell bra’s.

TS3W 2013-06-24 22-33-26-63 TS3W 2013-06-24 22-33-33-99

Fun fact: After becoming a mermaid, your Sim’s scales will set to the color your Sim likes the most (Color from favorites).

Mermaids eat the same food that normal sims eat, but they prefer underwater specialties, including the kelp that they can harvest underwater.

Screenshot-258 Screenshot-259

Being a mermaid has a good side and a bad side.

The good side is that your Sim will swim much faster. They don’t prefer boats or Jet Ski’s.


They also don’t need the limited air tank, which means that they can stay underwater as long as they want.


The bad side of being a mermaid is that they need to be in touch with the water very often(Hydration need instead of Hygiene) by taking a shower, taking a bath, swimming in the ocean, going underwater etc.

Screenshot-269 TS3W 2013-06-24 22-54-59-60

If they don’t take care of the Hydration need, they will Dehydrate. If your sim is lucky enough, there will be a sim nearby to hydrate your sim before it’s too late!

TS3W 2013-06-24 22-58-43-03 TS3W 2013-06-24 23-00-03-66 Screenshot-271

If your Sim doesn’t Hydrate in 3 hours, they will die.

Screenshot-273 Screenshot-274 Screenshot-275

If your sim doesn’t want to be a mermaid anymore, then stay out of the Salt water! That means no Swimming in the ocean and no going underwater. After 48 hours your sim will lose scales and everything will go back to the way it was.

TS3W 2013-06-24 23-35-12-34 TS3W 2013-06-24 23-42-26-33 TS3W 2013-06-24 23-46-12-69

  Screenshot-277 Screenshot-279 Screenshot-278

TS3W 2013-06-24 23-51-37-04

New Interactions

Shaka Brah

Shaka Brah is a new way of greeting other Sims. It’s really fun and you can share your tropical excitement with other Sims!


Relax on the Beach

Your Sim simply needs to settle down from all the stress and take a small break on the Beach. When on the Beach, click on the sand/ground and select ”Relax Here”. You can also put an umbrella to protect your Sim from the sun, add a Stereo and/or read the book.

NOTE: Your Sims can get a nice suntan or get sunburned if you have The Sims 3 Seasons installed and an Umbrella removed.

Screenshot-218 Screenshot-217

Play in the Ocean

Playing in the Ocean can be done in the low level of Water. You can also have your Toddler playing in the Ocean with parents nearby . To do that, click on the water and select ”Play in the Ocean with…” Toddler.

Screenshot-214 Screenshot-215 Screenshot-216

Play in the Sand

Playing in the Sand can also be done on the Beach. Click on the beach and select ”Play in the Sand”. Your Sims can raise their hidden ”Sandbox” skill to level 4, unlocking 10 types of Sandcastles/Sand shapes.


Sand Man




Freezer Sand Bunny


Fancy Castle








Pail Presidio




Best Buddies




Sea Life

fish1 fish2 fish3

Seashells/Ground Collectables


The Kraken

Be careful when traveling with your boat (Houseboats and Windsurfs not included) because the Kraken is waiting for the right moment to attack you and your houseboat. The good thing about the Kraken’s attack is that it can’t kill your Sim, so you’re safe!

Screenshot-160 Screenshot-161 Screenshot-162


Underwater Cave WooHoo

To WooHoo in the Underwater Cave, you need to have 2 Sims that are at least in a Romantic Relationship. Remember that you need to have level 2 Scuba Diving skill to go underwater. Once your Sims are underwater, click on the cave and select ”WooHoo with…” or ”Try for Baby with…”. You’ll also get the Mile Low Club moodlet that lasts for 24 hours.

TS3W 2013-07-06 15-15-22-49

All-in-One Bathroom WooHoo

To WooHoo in All-in-One Bathroom, click on it and select ”WooHoo with….” or ”Try for Baby with…”.

Resort Building/Tower WooHoo

To WooHoo in a Resort Building, your Sims need to be checked in or own that resort. After you check in, click on the Resort Building and select ”WooHoo with…” or ”Try for Baby with…”

Travel Tent WooHoo

To WooHoo in the Travel Tent, have your Sim relax in it. Select your 2nd Sim and click on the Tent. Choose either ”WooHoo with…” or ”Try for Baby with…”.


Death by Dehydration (Mermaids)

Water to mermaids means the same as food to normal Sims.

If mermaids don’t take care of the Hydration need, they will Dehydrate. If your sim is lucky enough, there will be a sim nearby to hydrate your sim before it’s too late!

TS3W 2013-06-24 22-58-43-03 TS3W 2013-06-24 23-00-03-66 Screenshot-271

If your Sim doesn’t Hydrate in 3 hours, they will die.

Screenshot-273 Screenshot-274 Screenshot-275

Death by Running Out of Air (Scuba Diving)

Air is needed when your Sim is going underwater. The more you stay underwater, the more your tank is running out of precious Oxygen. Your Sim will have 3 hours of Oxygen before dying.

TS3W 2013-07-06 18-52-21-24 TS3W 2013-07-06 18-53-01-11 Screenshot-179 Screenshot-195

Death by Shark Attack

Sharks are really dangerous for your Sims. The more fish/raw meat you have in your inventory, the bigger chances are that the shark will attack you, and if your Sim doesn’t have a high athletic skill, kill you. (Brave and Lucky traits can come in handy if you want your Sim to survive, but if you don’t, then Coward and Unlucky traits are just for your Sim)

Screenshot-198 Screenshot-196

New Food/Drinks

Resorts come with 2 new Food Stands where your Sims can buy Food and Drinks.


There are 5 new types of Food and Drinks in total.

Food: Chocolate Covered Pineapple Spear, Fried Plantains and Cuban Sandwich.

Drinks: Coconut Juice and Pineapple Juice.

If you have more expansion packs installed, for example Late Night, you will unlock more Food and Drinks.


Bzzzzz! Even though they are unlikely to bite your Sim (Sometimes a Sim can just hit them before they get to suck your Sim’s blood), Mosquitoes can really annoy your Sim when they do so. There are 3 types of Mosquito bites.


TS3W 2013-07-06 20-06-37-10 TS3W 2013-07-06 20-05-25-17 TS3W 2013-07-06 20-06-38-76

To prevent Mosquitoes from biting your Sim, you can buy a Mosquito Spray in the Grocery Store or at a resort. It costs 80 Simoleons and there are 5 uses.



These wallpapers come in 2560×1600 (16:10) and 2560×1440 (16:9). To download them, click on the wallpaper you want, right click and ”Save Image as…” to your desired location.

2560×1600 (16:10)

wallpaper 1 wallpaper 6 wallpaper 5 wallpaper 4 wallpaper 3 wallpaper 2

2560×1440 (16:9)

wallpaper 12wallpaper 7     wallpaper 8wallpaper 9wallpaper 10wallpaper 11