The Sims 3 Seasons Game Guide

seasons game guide


Let your Sims swim in the ocean on a hot summer day, bob for apples in the autumn leaves, test their snowboarding skill on the half pipe, or welcome spring showers with a walk in the rain and a colorful umbrella. All-new activities, like soccer, and big seasonal festivals and celebrations bring the spirit of each season to life. Your Sims can pucker up at the kissing booth at the spring festival, or see what Halloween surprises await in the haunted house. Dress for the weather with seasonal fashions from raincoats to snow gear. With new foods, decor and weather effects, your Sims can enjoy the bounty and beauty of the ever-changing seasons and play with life like never before!


Delight your Sims with new activities for every season: Whether building an intimate igloo, carving a scary Jack o’ lantern, taking a plunge off the diving board, or setting off all-new fireworks, your Sim can always find new things to do throughout the year.

Join the fun with seasonal festivals: Sims can get in a snowball fight at the annual winter festival, get their faces painted at the summer festival, whoop it up at the spring dance, or bob for apples during the fall festival.

Experience the joy and challenge of changing weather: New weather effects and Sim reactions capture the power and beauty of nature! Sims can get a tan, be struck by lightning, or catch a cold!

Bring the outdoors inside: Your Sim can now learn the recipe for pumpkin pie or style their home with new furniture and décor. There are a host of new items to ring in each season. Get a tanning booth in time for summer, or ring in the holiday spirit with house lights and decorations.

Dress for the weather: Outfit your Sim in new styles for the season, including snow gear, raincoats and umbrellas, and new Halloween costumes!

Welcome mysterious visitors: New weather patterns aren’t the only things appearing in the sky! Befriend an alien visitor and use their UFO to abduct a neighbor, invade a community lot, or travel to the stars.


The Sims 3 Seasons is the most anticipated Expansion Pack of all time. Ever since The Sims 3 got released, fans were asking on forums: ”When will we get a chance to play with seasons?”. The Sims Team was listening to you (and still is), simmers this whole time and granted you this wish. Seasons was released on 15th of November 2012 in USA and on 17th of November in Europe.

The Loading Screen is very colorful. It shows all 4 aspects of Seasons in a cute way.

TS3W 2013-01-02 11-32-10-65

You all might be dissapointed but there is no new world that you get along with Seasons. The reason is because the team had 2 choices: Either to make a single world where seasons will only occour there or to expand weather to every world we had from previous Expansion Packs or Store Worlds. You still have Sunset Valley and that’s an awesome world because it fits for all 4 seasons. I can’t say that for Sunlit Tides, but it’s still possible to add winter to a tropical paradise themed world!


There are pre-made festival lots for Sunset Valley, Twinbrook, Bridgeport, Appaloosa Plains, Starlight Shores, Moonlight Falls, University Town, Riverview, Barnacle Bay, Hidden Springs, Lunar Lakes, Sunlit Tides and Lucky palms. All newer store worlds require downloading from The Sims 3 Exchange. Here they are:

Monte Vista Festival Lot:

Aurora Skies Festival Lot:

Dragon Valley Festival Lot:

You must replace original lots with Festival Lots/Grounds in order to have Festivals in your world!

There are several options that allow you to customize the climate of your World. They are simple to use and they will only apply to a save game you are currently changing the settings on.

TS3W 2013-01-02 12-17-56-55

Lifetime Rewards

2Competitive Eater (5,000 Lifetime Points) – The bottomless pit in your Sim’s stomach will help you gain an advantage over others in eating contest. Competitive Eaters will never feel nauseous or stuffed in these contests.

1Festival Frequenter (5,000 Lifetime Points) – Festival Frequenters know how to get more out of festivals. Your Sim will be able to earn more festival tickets and receive discounts on concession stands, face painting booths, and kissing booths.

3Simmunity (7,500 Lifetime Points) – You’ll have super immunity that prevents you from getting nauseous, sick, and allergies.

4All Weather Champion (10,000 Lifetime Points) – A champion of all seasons. Your Sim is naturally great at snowball and water balloon fights, have the ability of a world class skater and snowboarder, and proficient at building snowmen, snow angels, and igloos at an impressive rate.

5Immune to Heat (10,000 Lifetime Points) – Sims immune to heat can enjoy a nice tan without ever getting burnt.

6Immune to Cold (10,000 Lifetime Points) – Sims immune to the cold will always stay pleasantly warm.

7The Cloud-Inator 3000 (30,000 Lifetime Points) – The Cloud Ray gives you nothing less than command of the weather (albeit in an extremely localized fashion). It’s easy to operate: just point, shoot, and laugh in the face of nature.

The Cloud-Inator 3000 allows you to pull a prank on other Sims by releasing a Cloud of Snow/Rain on the top of their Heads!


Screenshot-383 Screenshot-385Screenshot-384


Screenshot-386 Screenshot-387 Screenshot-389

8Climatron Control Unit (40,000 Lifetime Points) – It’s the dream of any self-respecting mad scientist: a machine that controls the weather. Whether you want to use it to destroy the world’s crops or make the weatherman look dumb, this Climatron Control Unit is the answer.

Climatron Control Unit can control the Weather in your Town. You have 5 takes to Create Rain, Snow, Hail, Fog or just a Sunny day.

Screenshot-1669 Screenshot-1671

Bonus Content

Limited Edition

Relax in Style in the Ice Lounge

Pre-order The Sims 3 Seasons Limited Edition and receive the exclusive Ice Lounge community lot. This sleek and elegant social club can be placed in any world from The Sims 3, and is available in all seasons. It is a great place for your Sims to chill on a hot day or get out of the winter wind. The venue includes new ice objects that can be placed on any lot to make your Sims’ lives just a bit cooler.

Official Screenshots

ts3_seasons_announce_le_icelounge_winter ts3_seasons_announce_le_icelounge_springts3_seasons_announce_le_icelounge_interior

  • Build a hangout in your Sims’ home: Let your Sims entertain in style with the elegant ice bar, bar stool, and pub table.
  • Make your Sims’ everyday decor cooler: Items like the ice dining chair, dining, table, coffee table, sofa, and loveseat can add distinctive style to any room in your Sims’ home.
  • Spice up your architecture: The ice lounge also includes architectural elements to add a subtle touch of style to your Sims’ buildings. Install the ice column, double door arch, chandelier, or wall sconce light to add some chilly flair.

NOTE: Items won’t melt when the temperatures are high.

NOTE: Staying in the Ice Lounge won’t affect the temperature of your Sim.

Size: 30×30

Type of Lot: Hangout

Screenshot-356 Screenshot-358Screenshot-357

Screenshot-359 Screenshot-369 Screenshot-368 Screenshot-367 Screenshot-366 Screenshot-365 Screenshot-364 Screenshot-363 Screenshot-362 Screenshot-361 Screenshot-360

Buy Mode – 10 items

TS3W 2013-07-26 20-44-07-07 TS3W 2013-07-26 20-44-16-46 TS3W 2013-07-26 20-44-39-74 TS3W 2013-07-26 20-44-56-72 TS3W 2013-07-26 20-45-05-57 TS3W 2013-07-26 20-45-09-03 TS3W 2013-07-26 20-45-32-90 TS3W 2013-07-26 20-45-40-06 TS3W 2013-07-26 20-45-44-92 TS3W 2013-07-26 20-45-50-75

Build Mode – 2 items

TS3W 2013-07-26 20-45-17-03 TS3W 2013-07-26 20-45-23-72

Origin Exclusive Set

ORIGIN EXCLUSIVE: Get the goofy Shark and adorable Little Bee costumes.

This set is only available if you purchase The Sims 3 Seasons on Origin.

Official Screenshots

ts3_seasons_bee_trickortreat ts3_seasons_shark_floatiets3_seasons_shark_beach

The Shark Costume can be used from Children to Elders, while the Bee costume can only be used by Children.

Screenshot-370 Screenshot-376 Screenshot-375 Screenshot-374 Screenshot-373 Screenshot-372

Registration Reward

Seasons Wall Decal Pack

Embrace the ever-changing weather with this unique seasons wall decal pack. Liven up your blank walls and decorate with your favorite seasonal theme. Use one to add some color and flare or stack them all together to create a unique wall collage.


Screenshot-379 Screenshot-380Screenshot-377 Screenshot-378

TS3W 2013-07-26 21-02-31-70 TS3W 2013-07-26 21-02-42-19 TS3W 2013-07-26 21-02-37-85 TS3W 2013-07-26 21-02-34-45



loves the coldLoves the Cold – Sims that Love the Cold enjoy chilly weather and can stay out longer before freezing.

loves the heatLoves the Heat – Sims that Love the Heat can enjoy warm weather and can stay out longer before getting sunburnt.

Face Paintings

Screenshot-391 Screenshot-400 Screenshot-399 Screenshot-398 Screenshot-397 Screenshot-396 Screenshot-395 Screenshot-394 Screenshot-393 Screenshot-392

Screenshot-247 Screenshot-246 Screenshot-245 Screenshot-244 Screenshot-243 Screenshot-242 Screenshot-241 Screenshot-240 Screenshot-239 Screenshot-238 Screenshot-237 Screenshot-236 Screenshot-235 Screenshot-234 Screenshot-233 Screenshot-232 Screenshot-231 Screenshot-230 Screenshot-229 Screenshot-228 Screenshot-227 Screenshot-226 Screenshot-225 Screenshot-224 Screenshot-223 Screenshot-222 Screenshot-221 Screenshot-220 Screenshot-219 Screenshot-218 Screenshot-217 Screenshot-216 Screenshot-215 Screenshot-213 Screenshot-212 Screenshot-211 Screenshot-210 Screenshot-209 Screenshot-208 Screenshot-207 Screenshot-206 Screenshot-205 Screenshot-204 Screenshot-203 Screenshot-202 Screenshot-201 Screenshot-200 Screenshot-199 Screenshot-198 Screenshot-197 Screenshot-196 Screenshot-195 Screenshot-194 Screenshot-193 Screenshot-192 Screenshot-191 Screenshot-190 Screenshot-189 Screenshot-188 Screenshot-187 Screenshot-186 Screenshot-185 Screenshot-184 Screenshot-183 Screenshot-182 Screenshot-181 Screenshot-180 Screenshot-179 Screenshot-178 Screenshot-177 Screenshot-176 Screenshot-175 Screenshot-174 Screenshot-173 Screenshot-172 Screenshot-171 Screenshot-170 Screenshot-169 Screenshot-168 Screenshot-167 Screenshot-166 Screenshot-165 Screenshot-164 Screenshot-163 Screenshot-162 Screenshot-161 Screenshot-160 Screenshot-159 Screenshot-158 Screenshot-157 Screenshot-156 Screenshot-155 Screenshot-154 Screenshot-153 Screenshot-152 Screenshot-151 Screenshot-150 Screenshot-149 Screenshot-148 Screenshot-147 Screenshot-146 Screenshot-145 Screenshot-144 Screenshot-143 Screenshot-142 Screenshot-141 Screenshot-140 Screenshot-139 Screenshot-138 Screenshot-137 Screenshot-136

New Options/Interactions


Too lazy to build/furnish on your new lot? That’s ok. The new Blueprint mode allows you to build your new home in minutes. New blueprints will come with new Sims 3 Additions/Updates, so don’t worry, there will be plenty more blueprints for you to add on your lot.

TS3W 2013-06-12 11-01-05-60

All you have to do is place a blueprint on the lot. You can add as many as you want (if you have enough funds for them, that is).


After placing blueprints that you want, click on Preview Blueprints to see how it looks, and if you like it, click on Accept and your rooms will stay in return for Simoleons.

TS3W 2013-06-12 11-05-17-54

After that, you can customize your own house however you want, the choice is yours!

Online Dating

Does your sim have a computer or laptop? Is he/she lonely? Looks like they are lucky if you have Seasons, because now your sims can go online dating and meet new people via their computers! To start your Online Dating adventure, click on the computer and select Online Dating>Create New Profile.  From there, your sim can edit a few details for better chances of meeting a right guy/girl.

TS3W 2013-06-12 11-23-05-36

Then you can Browse other profiles and be friends online. You can send them a message meaning that you want to know that sim better.

TS3W 2013-06-12 11-27-44-40 TS3W 2013-06-12 11-27-53-65


 halloween treats leaf pileautumn festivalrake scarecrow

Fall is visually beautiful as the trees are full of varied colours. The leaves from the tress gradually fall off and build up over time giving a realistic feel to the game. The weather is generally colder and comes in all varieties from fog, clear, sun and rain. Fall has a special holiday to go with it’s Season, Spooky Day. Along with Fall comes a newly Seasoned festival with plenty of things to get up to!


Fall is the Season for unpredictable weather. Be sure to check the weather station, newspaper or a computer!
One minute it can be clear, the next rain and plenty of it.

Screenshot-1433 Screenshot-1843 Screenshot-1865 Screenshot-2095 Screenshot-2088

Throughout every Season comes a different themed festival.


Hungry? Enter the pie eating contest! The more hungry a Sim is gives an advantage on winning. After the contest is on Sims occasionally tend to feel nauseous after stuffing their faces with pie. The winning Sim gets 25 tickets for winning while the losing Sims get 5 tickets as a consolation.


Apple bobbing is fun game to play, the Sim who collects 5 apples first wins! 25 tickets is rewarded to the winner and 5 to the Sim(s) who lost.


A Sim of the cild to Elder age can join in the fun of the pie eating contest.


BOO! Get the old heart pumping bu going in to the haunted house! Sims can brave this house as many times as they like. Be careful though, Sims can be scared to death (literally, only for a temporary time though.)


Face painting is not a thing to be enjoyed by children but Sims of all ages! A face paint will cost of Sim 50 Simoleons. There are a few styles to choose from including a pirate, turkey, unicorn and a pumpkin. Plus more!

TS3W 2013-06-14 14-48-58-16 TS3W 2013-06-14 14-49-01-69


Time to redeem those festival tickets Sims have earned through the festival games over the year. Tickets are a big part of the festivals and the more tickets earned, the better the prize. Taking part in any activity helps a Sim build up their tickets. Win or lose, Sims will still get tickets. 25 tickets for every time there is a win and 5 for every time there is a loss.

TS3W 2013-06-13 12-00-56-79

When redeeming tickets there is a variety of different objects where tickets will be traded in for. Sims can get their very own apple bobbing tank for their homes! Other items a Sim can purchase with festival tickets include a scarecrow, snow cone machine, face painting booth, sun tanning booth, parasol, umbrella, horseshoe court, soccer goal. Plus a few more!

TS3W 2013-06-13 12-01-19-30

Sims can get hungry while they are at the festival so they are able to purchase food while they are there. Some of the foods here are new, and tasty! Available foods and drinks Sims can buy is a Cinnamon Donut, Coffee, French Fries, Fruit Punch, Hamburger, Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Soda, Pie, Tofu Dog and Sweet Potato Fries.
The following foods require EPs; Fudge Popsicle (Pets) Nachos (Late Night) Hot Wings (Late Night) and Onion Wings (Late Night.)

TS3W 2013-06-13 12-01-30-63

Greeting Cards are a big thing at each Seasonal festival. Sims can capture the moment of each festival all year round. Up to 8 Sims can enter the greeting card booth at a time. When the card is taken it will automatically go to a Sims inventory for safe keeping. Sims can hang up their greeting card on the wall at home or on the shelf.

TS3W 2013-06-13 11-42-25-54 TS3W 2013-06-13 11-42-51-05

Another great thing with greeting cards is that they can be shared via so friends can view them. They can also be shared on to Facebook and Twitter too!

 TS3W 2013-06-13 11-43-05-52

Towards the end of every Season Sims can throw a party aimed at that particular Season. Friends and family join together to have fun and create memories. Sims will get invitations to go to parties if Late Night is installed. On Spooky Day Sims get to dress up in various costumes to either party in or go Trick or Treating!

TS3W 2013-06-13 12-04-25-93

Screenshot-1599 Screenshot-1598

Trick or Treating is a fun way to get free stuff. There will be many Trick or Treaters around town so Sims best be ready to dish out some candy!

Screenshot-1441 Screenshot-1596

Fall wouldn’t be complete without carving pumpkins! Pumpkins can be an enjoyment to Sims, also a frustration if they don’t look as the Sim intended them to. There a up to 5 different ways to carve out a pumpkin which include traditional, ghost, cat, silly and evil.

Screenshot-1422 Screenshot-1426 Screenshot-1442 Screenshot-1597

Screenshot-1434 Screenshot-1866 Screenshot-1843 Screenshot-1868 Screenshot-2080 Screenshot-2081 Screenshot-2083 Screenshot-2090 Screenshot-2092 Screenshot-2099 Screenshot-2096 Screenshot-2097


snowfight snowman festivalwinter rink snowangel

Winter is another visually stunning Season as everything is covered in crisp white snow. Snow makes worlds turn in to a winter wonderland. Icicles appear on Sims homes, lakes freeze over and the temperature of the weather drastically drops! Sims must bundle up in their outerwear if they want to tackle the outside world in this weather, or else they make freeze!


Apart from the ice cold temperatures, there is also benefits to this Season. If a Sim has the ‘loves the cold’ trait then this will be the time of the year for them. Other benefits to Winter is that the snow might be quite thick which leads to a day off school, so that’ll be great news to the kids!

Screenshot-1445 Screenshot-1501 Screenshot-1950 Screenshot-2019 Screenshot-2563

There are three types of snow during the Winter Season. There is light, moderate and heavy.


The Winter festival has come in to town! Time to get out there and have some fun.
With the Winter festival comes an area that is specifically themed towards the Season.


There is an ice skating rink that Sims can spend hours on. The more time a Sim is on the ice skating rink, the better that get at it. They will show off their skills to the other, less skillfull, Sims.



Skating on the ice skating rink isn’t the only way Sims can skate on ice. Ponds and lakes will freeze over. Sims can practice their skills that way if they want to. With skating on ice Sims can gain the hidden skating skill.

Screenshot-2123 Screenshot-2139

Snowboarding is a must in Winter. The festival comes with a half-pipe where Sims are able to snowboard. The more time Sims spend snowboarding, the closer they are to gaining the hidden snowboarding skill! The hidden skill will let Sims perform better moves and amazing tricks.



Snow is on the ground, do you leave it alone? Of course not. Time to build a snowman! A Sim can either make a snowman on their own or ask their friends or family members to help them build it. Child to elder Sims can have fun in building snowmen.


There isn’t just one type of snowman to build, there are six in total. Sims with certain type of skills have more advantage of learning how to build a certain type of snowman.

classicClassic Snowman: Every Sim can build this snowman.

evilEvil Snowman: Sims with ‘evil’, ‘mean-spirited’, ‘pyromaniac’ (hidden trait) or daredevil trait.

grimGrim Reaper Snowman: Sims with ‘evil’, ‘unlucky’ trait or having a job at the Mausoleum .

hockeyHockey Snowman: ‘Sims with ‘loves the outdoors’ or ‘athletic’ trait or having an ice skating rink on the lot.

clownClown Snowman: Sims with ‘grumpy’ or ‘hates the outdoors’ traits and Sims who are in a bad mood.

alienAlien Snowman:  Sims with ‘computer whiz’ or ‘insane’ trait and Aliens are able to make them also.

Those snow angels aren’t going to make themselves!
Sims can get down on the floor in the freezing cold snow and make some fun snow angels.
If a Sim wants to, they can destroy another Sims snow angels, leaving the Sim who created it upset.
“Absent-minded” “clumsy” and “insane” Sims tend to fall flat on their face whilst trying to create a snow angel. “Daredevil” Sims will more than likely  strip down to their swimsuit and get in the snow. Brrrr!


Snowball fights are a great activity to be enjoyed by Sims. The more a Sim participates in snowball fighting, the more chance they are of winning the fight and discovering the hidden snowball skill.


Sims can build their very own igloos. Sims can either build the igloos by themselves or ask for a helping hand. When the masterpiece is created Sims can go inside them. They are able to chat to other inside, have a nap, relax or go to sleep! Another thing they can be used for is to woohoo.

Screenshot-327 Screenshot-328 Screenshot-329 Screenshot-330 Screenshot-331

After all those activities outside Sims can go and warm themselves up by drinking a lovely cup of hot chocolate.


This time, greeting cards are Winter themed! Grab some friends or family and pose for the camera. Of course, if a Sim just wants to take a greeting card by themselves then they can.  Don’t forget to share those greeting cards on or on Facebook and/or Twitter.

TS3W 2013-06-15 14-28-11-79

Why not invite friends and family to join in the gift-giving party?

TS3W 2013-06-15 13-22-27-94

During the gift-giving party, guest will bring over food from their homes which is always fun, free food!

Screenshot-289 Screenshot-290

Time to sit down and enjoy that lovely roasted turkey. Sims can fill their faces with all that delicious food. Yum!


A gift-giving party is exactly as it says. Invite guests, the gifts will be put into one huge pile, join everyone together and start ripping them gifts open!
The actual gift-giving can be a lot of fun, for some Sims. As for others, they can get a little disappointed if they don’t get an amazing gift whilst another Sims has got a really great gift. Hey, it’s the thought that counts… Right?

Screenshot-295 Screenshot-294 Screenshot-299 Screenshot-300

Whilst the weather can be pretty cold, there can be a couple days of good weather. Not ever day will be forecast snow, there can be sun too. While the sun is out there will be changes to the world, snow will start to melt in places.


Screenshot-1417 Screenshot-1419 Screenshot-1943 Screenshot-1947 Screenshot-2019 Screenshot-2021 Screenshot-1518 Screenshot-1467 Screenshot-2118 Screenshot-2119 Screenshot-2121 Screenshot-2141 Screenshot-2392 Screenshot-305


Ahh, Spring has arrived! The Season for love and for flowers to bloom.
With this Season come a lot more activities for your Sims – and plenty of rain!

So don’t let a little rain spoil the day, get outside and jump in those puddles!


With all Seasons, there is a holiday. For Spring, there is Love Day.
With this day Sims can show their spouse just how much they love each other.
On another note, Love Day increases Sims chances of getting lucky!


Everyone wants to share their love so Sims will tend to get more gifts and love letters throughout this Season.


Festivals are always fun for Sims of all ages to enjoy and plenty of activities to get in to.

The Love Tester Machine tells Sims if they will be able to find love or be forever alone.


The Sim can also bring another Sim along with them to see if they are destined to be together forever or if it’s time to escape!


Playing with the Horseshoe is also a fun game to play. Sims can compete against each other and also practice alone.


Rollerskating is great, if you don’t fall over! Sims can master skating in no time.


The hunt is on! Let’s go Egg Hunting! Throughout the Spring Season, Sims can go in search of eggs. Collecting eggs can be rewarding as they will get a prize!


Want a perfect way to have a kiss and not get rejected? Fantastic, now step right up to the Kissing Booth!


Bust those moves on the dance floor and Sims are in for a chance of becoming Spring King or Queen!
While Sims are dancing away, why not have a slow dance with that special someone. It’s romantic and perfect for those deeply in love.




New Objects

Buy Mode – 107 Items

TS3W 2013-06-16 11-42-57-96 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-47-54 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-44-65 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-41-64 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-39-01 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-36-38 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-33-84 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-31-26 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-27-31 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-24-76 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-22-09 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-17-96 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-13-49 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-09-96 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-06-12 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-02-49 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-59-60 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-56-86 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-53-86 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-50-61 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-47-77 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-45-11 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-42-45 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-39-28 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-35-56 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-32-66 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-30-14 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-27-11 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-13-24 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-10-01 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-06-98 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-03-87 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-47-01-03 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-58-12 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-55-21 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-51-87 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-48-75 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-45-66 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-42-28 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-39-74 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-36-89 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-34-14 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-31-21 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-27-48 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-24-87 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-22-29 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-19-74 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-17-17 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-14-17 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-11-33 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-08-64 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-05-36 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-46-02-69 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-59-24 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-56-15 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-53-26 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-50-46 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-47-46 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-44-69 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-41-79 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-38-85 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-36-16 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-32-60 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-29-71 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-27-01 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-23-24 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-19-84 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-17-18 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-14-13 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-11-15 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-08-02 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-45-05-00 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-58-51 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-54-91 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-52-07 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-49-39 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-46-30 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-43-23 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-39-95 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-37-31 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-34-53 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-31-60 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-28-67 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-25-39 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-22-28 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-19-12 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-15-89 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-11-91 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-07-97 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-04-87 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-44-00-73 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-56-83 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-53-89 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-49-60 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-45-39 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-41-82 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-38-71 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-35-71 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-32-86 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-28-63 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-24-98 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-21-34 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-17-88 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-14-81 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-11-82 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-05-18 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-43-01-60

Build Mode – 8 Objects

TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-50-38 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-49-10-44 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-49-07-74 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-49-05-20 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-49-02-44 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-59-75 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-56-44 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-48-53-56

Festival Objects – 16 Items

 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-00-70 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-53-53 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-49-73 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-46-74 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-43-79 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-40-94 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-37-89 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-34-98 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-30-55 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-27-33 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-24-53 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-21-87 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-18-17 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-11-60 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-07-78 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-50-04-34

BuyDebug Mode – 24 Objects

TS3W 2013-06-16 11-51-36-67 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-53-01-42 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-58-09 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-53-69 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-50-74 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-47-94 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-42-30 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-37-06 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-34-61 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-31-78 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-28-62 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-25-80 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-23-10 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-19-34 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-16-05 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-13-50 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-11-21 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-52-05-88 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-51-57-73 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-51-54-93 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-51-51-28 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-51-47-60 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-51-43-38 TS3W 2013-06-16 11-51-39-65


16:9 – 2560×1440

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