Surf’s Up Sun and Fun Collection Set Guide

surf set

Surf’s up! With the Surf’s Up Sun and Fun Wave Station you’ll be catching waves in no time. Want to look the part as well? New swimming suits, wet suits, and hairstyles will help you perform tricks in style! Now get out there and catch some killer waves!


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Surf’s Up Sun & Fun Wave Station

Dude! It’s totally time to catch some epic waves and carve ’em up. Hang Ten on some custom boards to make this even more off the chain. Just don’t be a baller if the seal destroys your surfboard.

500 SimPoints

Currently not available for individual sale


  • Prepare to be the ultimate surfer by learning tricks like Hang Ten, the Cutback, and a Handstand!
  • Beware of the Loose Seal in oceans and ponds! She may cause a gnarly wreck and break your board!
  • Proudly display your broken board so you will always remember the time when your Sim was Almost a Meal.
  • Spend some time practicing and your Sim will be able to attempt tricks on an easy wave, but becoming a master will allow for an even bigger wave while landing nearly every trick.


Moodlet_AlmostAMealAlmost A Meal

Moodlet_GetPittedNice Wave

Moodlet_MondoWaveMondo Wave

Moodlet_LooseSealLoose Seal

User Manual:


Wave Station 

  • Surf on the Wave Station
  • Perform Cutback Trick
  • Perform Handstand Trick
  • Perform Hang Ten Trick
  • Watch

Surf Board

  • View Surfboard


Wave Station

  • Sort by Room->Outdoors->Outdoor Activities
  • Sort by Function->Entertainment->Sporting Goods
  • Sort by Function->Entertainment->Hobbies & Skills
  • Sort by Function->Entertainment->Miscellaneous Entertainment
  • Build Mode->Create Pool->Pool Objects

Surf Board

  • Sort by Room->Outdoors->Outdoor Activities
  • Sort by Function->Entertainment->Miscellaneous Entertainment

New Animations: 



Male/Female – Toddler – Everyday

Screenshot-450 Screenshot-451 Screenshot-452

Female – Child – Swimwear

Screenshot-447 Screenshot-446 Screenshot-445

Female – Child – Hairstyle


Male – Child – Everyday – Bottom


Male – Swimwear – Outfits

Screenshot-435 Screenshot-436Screenshot-437

Male – Hairstyle


Female – Swimwear – Top

Screenshot-441 Screenshot-442

Female – Swimwear – Outfit

Screenshot-439 9423100212_9e07d6be94_o

Female – Elder – Swimwear – Outfit


Female – Hairstyle


Thank you @tazreentasnim for 2 screenshots!

New Objects

Buy Mode – 2 items

TS3W 2013-08-02 16-28-12-73 TS3W 2013-08-02 16-28-25-25

Surf Area

Surf’s Up Sun & Fun Wave Station is a new Premium Content that can raise your Fun need really quickly. It doesn’t require the Athletic skill for you to advance. In fact, there is a hidden ”Surfing” skill.

This object needs to be placed on water (Pool, Pond, Ocean…) so it can function. It’s the best to place it on the Ocean since it takes a lot of space.


There are 10 levels of hidden Surfing skill for your Sims to master!

  • Level 1-3 – Stability Improvements.
  • Level 4 – ”Medium” waves are unlocked. They will give you a ”Nice Wave” moodlet that lasts for 2 hours.


TS3W 2013-08-02 16-31-45-93

  • Level 5-6 – Stability Improvements.
  • Level 7 – ”Mondo” waves are unlocked. They will give your Sim ”Mondo Wave” moodlet that lasts for 2 hours!


TS3W 2013-08-02 16-32-45-51

Level 8-10 – Stability Improvements.

Surf Boards

You can ride Surf Boards with different Textures. You can choose between 6 different style, or you can add your own Pattern in Create-A-Style tool! To ride them, just drag them in your Sim’s inventory!



As your Sim’s Surfing level increases, he/she will be able to do tricks more safely and successfully. To do a trick, click on the Surf Station or on your Sim and select these tricks:

Hang Ten Trick


Handstand Trick


Cutback Trick


The Seal

The Seal is not such a friendly animal when it comes to Surfing. He will try to do anything just to keep you away from that Surf Board! As your hidden Surfing Skill advances, The possibilities for a Seal Attack are lower.

TS3W 2013-08-02 17-32-33-55

Sometimes, the Seal will try to eat your Surf Board. Don’t worry, your board won’t be eaten, but there will be few bite marks on it.


TS3W 2013-08-02 17-32-33-55


Screenshot-454 Screenshot-469Screenshot-462 Screenshot-460Screenshot-455