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At Monte Vista you can discover a landscape rich with charm and money, where villas featuring sweeping views dot the gently rolling hills. Explore the vibrant community by visiting renowned museums, taking a stroll across the piazza, or learning the culinary arts on an authentic wood-fire oven.  Fill your Sims’ homes with the smell of fresh-baked pizzas, calzones, lasagnas and breads. Will your Sims find the inspiration to fuel their culinary fires?


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Recipes from the Beyond
Vol. 1

I know what you’re thinking. What does a dead guy know about baking? This dead guy knows it all. I’m Valentine Monty and the Montys have been a part of Monte Vista for as long as anyone can remember. Now that I’ve gotten my second chance I’m giving you all of the “to die for” Monty dishes in my new series: Recipes from the Beyond!

Now here’s the recipe for my world famous Pizza Margherita and it all starts with a fresh lump of dough and a wood fire oven:

  1. Pull a lump of lightly-oiled dough from your refrigerator.
  2. Lay the dough on the counter and knead it carefully and thoroughly until fairly flat
  3. Toss the dough in the air to achieve perfect flatness and perfect lift.Now for the hard part:
  4. When the dough is flat, sprinkle it with “Monte Vista Magic Seasonings”. This invisible magic seasoning is a MUST for any wood fire oven recipe.
  5. Once properly sprinkled use the paddle to place the pizza in the Wood Fire Oven. Safety First!
  6. Cook until nice and toasty.

What about the cheese and tomatoes you ask? What did you think we were doing with all of that sprinkling? When your pizza comes out of the oven, the toppings will be perfectly arranged making for a *perfect* pizza margherita. That’s it from me. Until next time, Buonasera!


The World

Monte Vista is a beautiful world, inspired by Italy! It comes with a brand new texture, which makes the world unique and special. There are lots of new Rabbit Holes/Venues for your Sims to visit, and 20 unpopulated houses look perfect for your Sims’ new beginning!

Check out SimFans’ Monte Vista Interactive Map!


Screenshot-488 Screenshot-503 Screenshot-502 Screenshot-501 Screenshot-500 Screenshot-499 Screenshot-498 Screenshot-497 Screenshot-496 Screenshot-495 Screenshot-494 Screenshot-493 Screenshot-492 Screenshot-491 Screenshot-490 Screenshot-489 Screenshot-510 Screenshot-508 Screenshot-507 Screenshot-506 Screenshot-505 Screenshot-504 Screenshot-518 Screenshot-517 Screenshot-514 Screenshot-513 Screenshot-512 Screenshot-511 Screenshot-525 Screenshot-523 Screenshot-522 Screenshot-521 Screenshot-520 Screenshot-519 Screenshot-531 Screenshot-530 Screenshot-529 Screenshot-528 Screenshot-527 Screenshot-526 Screenshot-537 Screenshot-536 Screenshot-535 Screenshot-534 Screenshot-533 Screenshot-532 Screenshot-543 Screenshot-542 Screenshot-541 Screenshot-540 Screenshot-539 Screenshot-538 Screenshot-549 Screenshot-548 Screenshot-547 Screenshot-546 Screenshot-545 Screenshot-544 Screenshot-555 Screenshot-554 Screenshot-553 Screenshot-552 Screenshot-551 Screenshot-550 Screenshot-561 Screenshot-560 Screenshot-559 Screenshot-558 Screenshot-557 Screenshot-556 Screenshot-567 Screenshot-566 Screenshot-565 Screenshot-564 Screenshot-563 Screenshot-562 Screenshot-573 Screenshot-572 Screenshot-571 Screenshot-570 Screenshot-569 Screenshot-568 Screenshot-579 Screenshot-578 Screenshot-577 Screenshot-576 Screenshot-575 Screenshot-574 Screenshot-585 Screenshot-584 Screenshot-583 Screenshot-582 Screenshot-581 Screenshot-580 Screenshot-591 Screenshot-590 Screenshot-589 Screenshot-588 Screenshot-587 Screenshot-586


Male – Hairstyles


Male – Outfits


Female – Hairstyles

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Female – Outfits

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Wood Fire Oven

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Is that the aroma of fresh baked bread cooking on an open flame? Nothing says culinary masterpiece like food freshly baked on a paddle with fire! Find your inner Mamma Mia while cooking an exciting variety of new recipes! Whether your Sims is cooking hand rolled breads, baking lasagnas like mom used to make, or achieving that perfect Pisano pizza toss, the Wood Fire Oven is your Sims answer to culinary delights!


  • Bring Italy to your backyard or kitchen while raising your cooking skill with the rustic Wood Fire Oven!
  • Bake a variety of new recipes including:
    • Three types of pizza
    • New calzones recipes, including the early morning breakfast calzoneA variety of new lasagnas, including special vegetarian recipes
    • An assortment of artisan breads
  • Trick a vampire with some garlicky grub (new Garlic Allergy moodlet), or treat a Werewolf to a meaty meal (new Calzone Carnivore moodlet)!


Moodlet_CalzoneCarnivoreCalzone Carnivore

Moodlet_FreshlyBakedFreshly Baked

Moodlet_GarlicAllergyGarlic Allergy

Moodlet_MammaMiaMamma Mia

Moodlet_UmmmMeatyUmmm Meaty

TS3W 2013-08-14 16-03-32-52 TS3W 2013-08-14 15-58-40-14 TS3W 2013-08-14 15-59-24-76 TS3W 2013-08-14 16-00-32-35 TS3W 2013-08-14 16-02-43-04

User Manual:


  • Serve…
    • Country Bread
    • Breakfast Calzone
    • Cheesy Bread
    • Country Bread
    • Garlic Bread
    • Forever alone Calzone
    • Meat Mania Calzone
    • Wood Fired Lasagna
    • Herbivore Delight Lasagna
    • Lasagna Sopresa
    • Extra Cheesy Pizza
    • Combination Pizza Margherita
    • Pepperoni Pizza


  • Sort by Room->Kitchen->Stoves
  • Sort by Room->Outdoors->Outdoor Cooking
  • Sort by Function->Appliances->Large Appliances
  • Sort by Function->Appliances->Miscellaneous Appliances

New Animations: 

Size: 1×2

Useable by: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Screenshot-609 Screenshot-612 Screenshot-614

You can buy the Woodfire Oven for 1,200 Simoleons! It comes with 12 new recipes (13 if you have  Humble Harvest Stands Premium Content). Most of the recipes don’t require a high Cooking skill, but if you don’t want to burn your meal, be sure to practice on your Cooking Skill.


  • If you have a Genie in your Household, he/she can summon all recipes from this Premium Content.
  • Werewolves will enjoy eating Meat Mania Calzone, while Vampires will react negatively to the Garlic Bread.

New Recipes

  • Country Bread
  • Cheesy Bread
  • Forever Alone Calzone
  • Wood Fired Lasagna


  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Breakfast Calzone
  • Extra Cheesy Pizza
  • Garlic Bread (Cooking Skill Level 2)


  • Herbivore Delight Lasagna (Cooking Skill Level 3)
  • Lasagna Sorpresa (Cooking Skill Level 3)
  • Meat Mania Calzone (Cooking Skill Level 5)
  • Combination Pizza Margherita (Cooking Skill Level 7)


  • Lemon and Eggplant Lasagna (Requires Humble Harvest Stands Premium Content – It’s not available as a standalone Premium Content yet, but you can get it with the Al Fresco Street Market Venue HERE)


New Objects

World Objects – 18 items

TS3W 2013-08-12 14-57-12-90 TS3W 2013-08-12 14-58-57-86 TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-02-19 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-00-09-19 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-00-16-64 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-00-30-28 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-00-37-65 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-00-45-31 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-00-54-06 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-01-04-88 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-01-13-15 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-01-20-53 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-01-27-93 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-01-36-86 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-01-47-31 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-02-04-85 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-02-11-89 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-02-20-67

Rabbit Holes – 13 items

TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-06-63 TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-11-18 TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-16-35 TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-20-81 TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-27-30 TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-33-55 TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-39-89 TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-46-61 TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-59-79 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-03-18-06 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-03-06-60 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-03-25-50 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-04-01-14

Buy Mode – 11 items

TS3W 2013-08-12 14-59-54-05 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-03-50-30 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-33-19-67 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-33-40-05 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-33-58-21 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-34-06-14 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-34-33-96 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-34-41-31 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-34-52-17 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-57-49-83 TS3W 2013-08-14 00-36-09-61

Build Mode – 7 items

TS3W 2013-08-12 15-33-10-28 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-34-26-35 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-35-04-58 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-35-24-30 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-35-38-68 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-35-44-31 TS3W 2013-08-12 15-35-49-73