The Sims 4 Spa Day

Be good to your Sims for a whole day with The Sims 4 Spa Day. Sims can visit now the brand new spa called ‘Perfect In Balance’ to get a revitalizing massage and find an inner balance by doing yoga. After a relaxing mud bath your Sims can forget the daily stress in the sauna. With a bunch of completely new objects and decoration pieces you can give your Sims’ homes a comfortable ambiance.

Brand new spa lot “Perfect In Balance”:
This brand-new lot has a calming and inviting atmosphere. Because of many activities and amenities even the most stressed out Sims recharge new energy. Choose between four pre-built spa lots or build your own one!

Do some wellness:
With the new wellness skill your Sims learn to control their spirit, body and feelings. Practise yoga or meditate to reveal the secret about teleportation and levitation.

Massage, Steam, Relaxation:
From the hotstone-massage to the reflexology-massage, your Sims can now get or give massages with some positive and negative effects. Relax in the sauna whilst mischievious Sims play smell-intensive pranks to other Sims.

Comfort from the top to the bottom:
Gentle hairstyles! Comfortable casual wear! You don’t have to sacrifice your style in the name of the comfort but it’s just a question of time until your Sims get used to their casual look!

Bring zen into your homes:
Build a mud bath and a sauna for the daily use! Equip your Sims’ homes with all the amenities and comfortable furnitures so they will never want to leave their house again.












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