The Sims Assets

In SimCity Will Wright gave you the power to build and control cities… with The Sims you’ll create and control people!


  • … the home of your dreams with powerful architectural design tools.
  • Decorate walls and floors in any style.
  • Create your own private paradise with landscaping tools.


  • … hot tubs, swimming pools, topiaries, pool tables, giant-screen TV’s …
  • Over 150 different objects to furnish your homes and keep your Sims happy.


  • Create an endless variety of characters and families.
  • Follow a wide range of career paths.
  • Make friends, have conversations, insult neighbors, fall in love, have children …




SIMS_ps2__E_ the_original_thesims_boxart THE_SIMS_NGC_ININ__E__jpg THE_SIMS_XBOX_ININ__E__jpg


Underwear_Man Punk_Girl Kissing_Couple Butterfly_Girl Bending_Woman


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sims_1_bmp_jpgcopy sims_9_bmp_jpgcopy sims_8_bmp_jpgcopy sims_7_bmp_jpgcopy sims_6_bmp_jpgcopy sims_5_bmp_jpgcopy sims_4_bmp_jpgcopy sims_3_bmp_jpgcopy sims_2_bmp_jpgcopy thesims_bathe thesims_copsparty thesims_cook1 thesims_cleaver4 thesims_cleaver3 thesims_cleaver2 thesims_business thesims_buildmode2 thesims_buildmode thesims_brag thesims_repairtantrum thesims_poolparty2 thesims_political_and_military thesims_pick_family thesims_party3 thesims_maid thesims_lawenforcement thesims_kiss thesims_creative thesims_createcharacter


2Player_6 Bar 2playergrave2 2Player_Friends Chatting2 electrocutengc Dancing1 createasimmalengc createasimfemalengc createamalesim2 createamalesim1xbox createafemaleNGC createafemale2 createafemale1xbox Create_a_Sim_Spike Create_a_Sim_Shelly Create_a_Sim_punk Create_a_Sim_female Create_a_Sim Cooler ChessFrat_House_2Player Guitar gothfamilyNGC Gift homeofficexbox1 House HotTub_Ladies Hot_Tub1 Interior indoorparty1ngc Living_Room Neighborhood Making_Friends lovetubladiesxbox2 lovetub1NGC Love_Tubngccasimm Outdoor_Party2 Off_2_School Night_Club_exclusive outdoorngc pooltable2xbox Pool_Party1 partyshot Rock_n_Roll screenshot08 screenshot07 screenshot06 screenshot05 screenshot04 screenshot03 screenshot02 screenshot01 rockindoorpartyngc screenshot10 screenshot13 screenshot12 screenshot11 screenshot09

Sims_PS2_shot1 simsgothmourningNGC simsgetalifeNGC Sims_PS2_shot4 Sims_PS2_shot3 Sims_PS2_shot2 strippokerxbox treeswingNGC twoplayerstripxbox twoplayerparkxbox twoplayerfrathousexbox