The Sims Livin’ Large Assets

The Sims Livin’ Large! makes The Sims twice the game it used to be! Now included as part of The Sims Deluxe Edition, we’ve added a bunch of new game elements and social interactions that create tons of cool new gameplay experiences.

A New Look

With the new furniture and architecture in Livin’ Large, you can create a whole range of environments, including rustic turn-of-the century houses, garish Vegas-style lounges, medieval castles and retro/sci-fi “Homes of the Future.” Combine these architectural styles with custom skins to create your own look and feel for the game!

New Friends

We’ve added several new characters — and not just skins, either! Plus, you’ll be able to interact with them in totally new ways.

A New You

We’ve added new career tracks, including Slacker, Paranormal, Hacker, Musician, and Journalist. And at home, there will be several new ways to develop your Sims’ personalities and skills.






thesims_doubledeluxe_lounge_singer thesims_doubledeluxe_rock_star thesims_doubledeluxe_genie_scene thesims_doubledeluxe_hypnotist


the_sims_double_deluxe_asian_theme_2 the_sims_double_deluxe_western the_sims_double_deluxe_tacky_house the_sims_double_deluxe_house the_sims_double_deluxe_crystal_ball thesims_doubledeluxe_hunting_lodge the_sims_double_deluxe_african_theme the_sims_double_deluxe_african_theme_2 the_sims_double_deluxe_asian_theme