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The Sims 4 Get to Work: How to cure your Sick Sim

Oh no! Did your Sim get:

  • Llama Flu?
  • Triple Threat?
  • Itchy Plumbob?
  • Burning Belly?
  • Starry Eyes?
  • Bloaty Head?
  • Sweaty Shivers?
  • Gas and Giggles?

Don’t worry! All of these diseases can be cured in an instant.

04-04-15_6-26 PM-2

Find a Computer nearby in your Household. Click on it and select Order > Purchase Medicine.

TS4 2015-04-04 18-30-05-04

There’s only one type of Medicine available, but it’s just enough to cure your Sick Sim (or Sims). You can order more than just 1 Medicine.

TS4 2015-04-04 18-30-13-14

After you’ve made your Purchase, you’ll be able to find the Medicine in your Sim’s inventory. Click on the Inventory icon, find the Medicine and select Take Medicine.

04-04-15_6-31 PM

The Medicine will cure your Sim and give you a 4h Energy Emotion boost!

TS4 2015-04-04 18-31-23-34

If the Illness returns just use the Medicine again, but don’t use it unless you notice any symptoms of illness. If you use the Medicine on your healthy Sim it’ll give you a +1 Dazed Emotion boost that lasts for 3 hours.

TS4 2015-04-04 19-00-05-12

You can also help get rid of the Illness symptoms and decay the Illness Buffs faster by Drinking Tea or Orange Juice!

04-04-15_7-12 PM 04-04-15_7-13 PM

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  • Thank you so much, I was tired of my Sim bringing diseases from the hospital!

  • Ingrid B.

    Is it possible to visit the hospital with a sick sim who doesn’t already work there?

  • Sarah

    How do you get your sim sick? I really want a sick sim,but I cannot find a way to do it ,if anybody knows can you please inform me ?


    • Stacey

      If you play the game long enough they’ll become sick on their own

    • not tellying you

      Or you can just feed them some spoiled food and they’ll throw up on the floor after an hour and a half.

  • Hazel

    What do the stars in a circle above the head mean?

    • Lili

      It means they are sick.

  • Lili

    My sim is sick, getting spots on her skin, and getting a moodlet that says giggly from her illness but THERE IS NO option on the computer that says order and the tea isn’t working… WHAT DO I DO?!?!?

    • ladie jane

      My sim family didn’t have a computer at the time so I took one to the library & tried to order there but there was no medicine option. I returned home & bought the cheapest computer & ‘Order’ was indeed there. I know this was probably no help, but maybe you could at least rule something out lol .. Sorry-I really hope you find your answer 🙂

    • HelperPersonxDD

      Have you tried orange juice?

    • Taking a nap also helps them to feel better often.

  • How do i get ill? Do i need any other packs? Like get to work

  • Agnes

    Thank you so much!

  • Ashleberry Pie

    So my sim just took medicine and it says it cured him, but right after he took it he got stars above his head as he was thinking about the med.

  • Minion285

    I don’t know if its a bug, but in my game it doesn’t come up with the option to purchase medicine using any of my sims, my toddlers are sick and I cant fix it, it goes away then come back again. I have all expansions and all game packs except vampires, could that be the problem??? I am really stuck please help.