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The Sims 4 Challenge: Bufugly Sims

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Breeding Out The Ugly Legacy Challenge Guide

Created by pyratus

Tichery’s Take

This challenge is a fun one to experiment with the Create-A-Sim (CAS) interface with all the unique and detailed ways of creating your Sims features. Once you’re in CAS you will be able to go wild with the detailing of your Sims “beauty”. The idea here is to pull, pinch, stretch and create the most unattractive Sim you can. Reshape the face, make the head large or skinny, make your eyes big or small, just have fun here. Is your idea of unattractiveness being skinny? Give them a unibrow, give them freckles, moles etc.  Maybe find some custom content for skin textures, give them a unique walk, most importantly have fun. This will teach you the mechanics of the CAS details. Maybe make an Alien if you have the Get to Work Expansion. Here is a picture of my Sims, I decided to call her Penelope BuFuglies and his name is Xulton Klipnick. Now normally you would follow the regular Legacy challenge rules, but I have modified this challenge. Because I stream it live on, I have condensed it to take a much shorter time. This is not how the original challenge was written.

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First create your most unattractive Sim possible, remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder everyone will have a different idea of what is unattractive. I usually add a trait that will make it a little more challenging and fun. Like for example make your Sim a clumsy, snob, that is insane. Give them the goofy walk or make them very self-assured with a sexy walk. Be sure to save your Sim to your library.  Then add them to a lot. The great thing about modifying the rules here is I buy whatever house I want. I use the freerealestate on cheat to buy a lot that will accommodate several Sims.  This is actually about who we can breed with to create pretty Sims, so I play this as kind of speed run of a Legacy Challenge. The main idea is you begin with an ugly Sim and after 10 Generations see if you can breed out the ugly gene. What a great way to see the genetic mechanics work in the game. There is no scoring system for this challenge.

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You cannot cheat to adjust how the Sim heirs look. You cannot make custom Sims for your Bufuglies to marry. I ask my viewers to make me Sims as I will not have any say in the traits or how they look.  When I place the “pretty” Sims I simply place them in the library and then allow the game to randomly choose who will show up.  Make sure you have the fill empty houses feature on so Sims will randomly generate and live in your world. Once you have your Sims in their houses and ready to get into the dating scene go for it. Spouses can bring in money and you don’t need to reduce the amount of Simoleons in the household, with the modified rules. In my version of this challenge you do not need to be married to the Sim you are having a child by.  You will want to move the baby mamma’s into the home until the baby is born then move her out. If you have female heirs it’s up to you if the baby daddy moves in.


I rarely can wait for the babies and kids to grow up so as a Speed Run Challenge I usually age them up after I have at least two Sims heirs to choose from. I also age up the parents as I age up the kids. This way it’s a little more realistic, after all the kids can’t be older than their parents. I usually give them the Soul Mate aspiration and one trait as romantic. The other traits I decide as I go or use one from the parents. Then I decide who still needs the ugly gene bred out of them and move the other sibling(s) out. In my streams my viewers vote on this as a fun interactive part of the challenge. I don’t change how the Sims appear except for a few clothing choices, hairstyles and other funny things remain on the Sims, they tend to wear hats. As you can see below Star Klipnick still needs some “breeding out.” Full face she looks pretty but, her profile shows her chin is a little small and juts forward for a prominent underbite.

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As a fun variation on this particular challenge you might breed two “Uglies” and see how long that takes to get a “pretty” Sim. Or another variation would be to take a beautiful Sim and breed them with less attractive but not ugly Sims and see if you can get an ugly Sim. Have fun with this it can be very interesting to see how the genetics play out. When you decide who will continue the breeding you move the others out through manage worlds. From the screenshot of Penelope’s heir below, you can see this may take a while, anyway Happy Simming…let me know how you like this challenge guide.

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I am a gamer, and stay at home wife. I'm mom to 3 fur-babies. I've owned every Sims since Sims 1 was released in 2000. I live stream Sims 4 on for 3.5 years now. I love Sims 4 challenges.

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